Wednesday, March 27, 2013

All A Woman Wants by Patricia rice


All a Woman Wants is a historical romance. The plot is simple Mac sails from America to London to sell his cargo and look into how his sister his doing. His family has not heard from her for months. Mac is surprised to find that his sister died months ago in childbirth.
His nephew and niece are not being taken care off. His nephew has a broken arm and the children are being drugged. His brother-in-law
is a drunk. The nurse maids are not taking care of the children.
Mac decides to take the children and sail back home and letting his parents raise the kids right. He goes to the country to find the nanny he is told and finds she has died too.

Bea's father died and left her the estate but she was never taught how to take care of everything. Plus it's in debt. She is shy and hardly ever leaves the estate. She needs someone to teach her how to run it right and read the account books.

When Mac his guided to her estate they make a deal. He and the children can stay and Mac will teach her what he can till his new ship is ready to sail and he finds a new nanny to sail with him to take care of the children. Mac would rather do than show Bea how to run the estate. He yells a lot but is turning things around slowly.

The children's father regrets that he signed away his children and is looking for them. His father is a powerful Earl and if he does not have the kids won't recieve money for their care.

It is a nice story. Too many love scene details in it. I like that Bea wants to learn things not just let people around her make the decisions. She also wants to help her people. Mac is big,rough and loud. But he cares for the kids and his willing to go to jail for the kids safety.

I was given this ebook to read as part of Librarything early review program. The contents are my own opinion of the story.
Publisher: Rice Enterprises (January 6, 2013) 306 pages ASIN: B00AXQAFWY

Discription below taken off of Amazon.

“Mac” MacTavish impulsively steals his late sister’s neglected children, only to discover it’s easier to handle a clipper in a hurricane than steer two ornery brats. What he needs is a nanny until he can take the children back to his parents in America.

Knowing herself to be too plain and large to attract a husband, Bea Cavendish has settled for a quiet life of feathering her father’s nest—until he dies, and she’s left with an estate she doesn’t know how to manage. Alone and terrified, she doesn’t know what to make of the very big, very angry man appearing at her door with two adorable hooligans in tow.

Does she take in this ill-tempered stranger and his children in exchange for learning what she needs to know? Or is she in danger that this recklessly ambitious man might teach her more about life than which fields to plant?

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