Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review: Threads of love

Threads of Love has 4 connecting stories by 4 different authors. Four cousins are set to meat at a 5 star hotel one year anniversery of their grandmother's death. They needed to finsh thier quilt she started. That thier mother's would not work on because they are fueding with each other.
All the stories have a bible verse that is on one square of the quilt. This is a very clean and uplifting romances. I liked getting to know the cousins and how they all worked together.
Patterns of Love by Frances Devine
Carla Daniels is a waitress. When she was younger she was in skating competions. She was a pairs skater. When her parents moved away she had to give up skating. Carla takes extra time because she wants to look up friends and places she loved. Her boss back home kissed her before she left trying to tell her that he wanted her to come back to him.
Carla gets asked to come back to train again with her old partner who just lost his partner and coach. Carla is torn to what she wants to do.
Unraveling Love by Cynthia Hickey
Zoe Barnes left Colorado Springs the day after graduation with her mother. She left without telling her boyfriend that it is goodby. On her trip to Colorado her car breaks down and the person who stops to help is her old boyfriend.
He resents that she just left town without telling him he was waiting where they were supposed to meet with a ring in his pocket.
Zoe can not beleive her luck. First her cell phone gets ruined,her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and her old boyfriend is thier. Her car won't be ready for three days, which will be too late. The bus won't come through for three days.
One thing after another happens to Zoe. I like her and wanted things to workout for her.
Stitched in Love by Winter A. Peck
Danni Lindsay has flown in and instead of her mom giving her a ride to her family house, A old boyfriend flight got in around same time from the Army and thier two moms set them up.
Danni is a Pro Volleyball player and is dealing with a injury that she had surgery on and almost did not recongize him. He has six more weeks left before he gets out of the milatary. He suffers PSTD. He ends up taking Danni to his family ranch when he discovers her mother left town. He did not want Danni taking her pain pill and being all by herself.
Designed to Love by Marilyn Leach
Eve Kirkwood is planning to stay a week before meeting her cousins at the hotel. Her room was broke into and her quilting squares were in a antique box which was worth a lot while she was soaking in the tub.
The house detective did not want to worry about getting her quilting squares back and she complained to the manager. Eve was not going to leave it alone. She wanted her grandmothers work back. She figured out who it was. This story was more of a mystery and lots of drama and action.
All four cousins fell in love in a couple of weeks or recongized old friends were still in love with each other. I enjoyed reading them.
Publisher: Barbour Books (March 1, 2013) 352 pages ISBN-10: 1616267496

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