Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Heiress's Homecoming by Regina Scott


The Heiress's Homecoming is book 4 in the Everard Legacy series. It is the only one I have read and wish I had read the others. You do not need to have read the other 3 books do enjoy Heiress's Homecoming. They do sound good though.

Samantha Everard is 24 year old almost 25. If she does not marry by her birthday she will not inheirit her father's estate and money. She does not plan to marry for a lot of reasons. She does have a few suiters that are chasing her. Samantha is a strong, proud and knows her own mind. She will not be forced into marriage. She has come from her London home to Dallsten Manor to help plan the yearly summer party that is tradition.

One of her suiters is a childhood friend Jamie Wentworth. She is older than him and knows some of her secrets. His Uncle had courted her but was murdered and she knows more about it than she is willing to say.

Another suiter as followed her from London. Pretending that he was invited thier. She does not want to hurt him again but does not want to marry him.

Jamie's father wants to know about his brother's murder and thinks she is hiding something. He was a broad for a lot of years after his wife's death in childbirth. He finds he is more drawn to her than he would like. He does not plan to remarry.

Someone had broken into Samantha's London house twice searching for something and nothing was taken. Now it is happening at her estate.

The story is good clean fun. It has a mystery,drama,action and romance set in England after Napolian war. I would like to read more of Regina Scott's works in the future.
I enjoyed Samantha's fiesty character. Like that she is good at fencing and is willing to protect herself and others.

Description taken off Netgalley.com

Terms of the Will

To keep her cherished childhood home, Samantha Everard must marry by her twenty-fifth birthday. Yet she refuses to marry on a whim, not even to save her fortune. When she returns to Dallsten Manor to say goodbye, the last person she expects to see is her handsome, disapproving neighbor William Wentworth, Earl of Kendrick.

Will is certain the scandalous Everard family is nothing but trouble. He shouldn’t care about Samantha’s predicament, but her feistiness and kindheartedness intrigue him—as does her refusal to wed. He wants to help, especially when he perceives the threat that surrounds her. Soon his greatest wish is to persuade Samantha that her true home is with him.

These cousins set out to claim their inheritance—and find love is their greatest reward

03/05/2013 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Love Inspired 288 pages ISBN 0373829566

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