Friday, January 11, 2013

All Due Respect by Vicki Hinze


It was a nail biter. Lots of drama,action and dealing with abuse and overcoming it.
My heart was racing reading one part of the book. I really was into it.
Former Air Force scientist Dr. Julia Warner-Hyde has been hiding in small town teaching grade school. When her former partner finds her and asks her to come back and work with him. If she does not millions might die with the missle system that they had developed together being in the wrong hands.
Julia is afraid to go back to that life she ran from. But how can she live if millions are at risk if she does not? She also is worried about one of her students who's mother died and she believes that the father is abusing him.
Dr. Seth Holt has missed his old partner Julia since she just left 3 years ago without a goodbye. Thier missile system has been stolen and he is working on something that will defend against it but things are not as secure as it needs to be. He needs someone he trusts to lead the project. He has loved Julia for five years but has not let her know it because she is happily married to a cop. He needs her. It could be life or death if the work is taken and with the missile could be deadly to our country.
Julia has been hiding for 3 years ago because her ex-husband had abused her for years and three years ago she was almost killed by his hand. She does not want Seth to know and pity her. She finally tells him she was attacked just not by whom. Told him she was in coma and almost died 3 times.
Agent 12 working in security pretended he had not met her but actually helped her to be safe and how to hide.
Someone at the lab is trying to get the program they are working on. Setting up Julia and Seth as the ones behind the sabatoge. Mathew trusts both Seth and Julia. Seth and Julia almost trust each other but they have both been abused in the past and is hard to trust others.
Julia's ex-husband is out of prison after only 3 years. Even while in prison he would call and threaten her 4 to 5 times a week. She has had 14 unlisted phone numbers and her cell and new apartment are not even in her name. But Karl has had help finding her always.
Thier is a terrorist group inside the United States that has the missile and now wants the new technology they are developing against the use of it. Can turn the missile back to thier home. They want the power of having both and want to get back at the goverment. They are not afraid to use it.
I really enjoyed this novel. High suspense level. Like Vicki Hinze novels and plan to read more especially if they are as good as this one is.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
12/20/2012 PUB. Bell Bridge Books 258 pages ASIN: B00AV95HIA

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