Thursday, January 31, 2013

Trouble With Air and Magic (California Malcolms)


Trouble With Air and Magic is book 2 in California Malcolms. I want to go and read book 1 now. I like the
characters. They are quirky,fun and likeable. Dorothea has so many sides to her, because she tries to hide herself.
Conan is terrible with communication with people. He is smart,slob and cares about his family.

The book is full of action,drama,paranormal and mystery. It also contains a lot of sex scenes which I admit to skipping over.
Dorrie does not feel like her brother is dead. She did not feel it. She lives in her father's house but it is slowly sliding down a cliff. She has a job running her father's foundation that she hates. She also has a dog name Toto.
Dorrie has someone after her it starts out slow and grows. She also thinks someone is stealing money from the foundation.

Conan runs his own computer security company he actually set up the foundations computer saftey. His brother died in the same accident that Dorries did. He is suspicious about the accident too. He is also recieving warnings from someone called the librarian. He is
looking into the foundation computers to see if someone was stealing the money from the foundation through the computer or if it is a inside job. After Dorrie's tires are slashed he takes her to his home to protect her.

I hope book 3 is coming soon I want to see who the librarian is. I will read more of Patricia Rice's work in the future.
I was given this book by Librarything early review program and asked to review it in exchange.

Book Description taken off Amazon

Publication Date:January 2, 2013
Romance and Danger are in the Air...

Dorothea Franklin’s life is sliding toward disaster just as surely as her house is crumbling into the Pacific. Her unusual talent for feng shui can’t bring harmony to her invalid father or prevent her brother from dying in an experimental helicopter crash. Or has he?

She turns to computer genius Conan Oswin, whose brother also reportedly died that day. When Dorothea informs Conan that she didn’t feel the vibrations of her brother’s death, he wants to dismiss her illogic... but his instinct for trouble is already on full alert. His attraction to her is almost as distracting as her nonsense about chi and harmony -- nonsense that plants doubts about the deadly crash. If only she would quit twisting his head with temptation, he might be able to save their brothers and her life.

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