Tuesday, January 29, 2013

That Night on Thistle Lane by Carla Neggers


I enjoyed being back in Knights Bridge,Mass. The story is fun,hint of mystery,couple of romances going on,good friendships and community. Thier is one love scene in it.

Engaging plot and characters.

Librarian Phoebe O'Dunn has found a secret room in the library that is full of old dresses,materials just like the person left it 40+ years ago. So far Phoebe is enjoying the secret and as not told even her sisters about it.

Phoebe decided based on the old costumes that it would be fun to have a antique fashion show at the library.
Her friend Olivia's fiance Dylan has bought a lot of tickets to a charity masked ball that is to benafit neonatal intensive care unit at a Boston hospital. Phoebe tells Oliva and Maggie that she has the dresses that will be perfect for them. They both try and get Phoebe to come but she refuses to do so.

Dylan has made millions working with his friend Noah in his company that just went public a few months ago. Noah,Dylan and some of his buddies spent the last view days hiking and now they were going to a masked ball.

Noah Kendrick is smart, graduated early from MIT. started his own company and now that he was worth billions and his company has gone public is not sure what he will do in the future especially now his best friend is moving from the west coast to a small town near Boston. He is tired of people liking him for his money. Hopes he does not get recongized at the charity event that Dylan is dragging him to. Then he sees her at the ball.

Phoebe decides to go to the ball but does not let anyone know she is thier. Dylan asks her to dance and they do a few tims even kiss. Dylan sees someone he needs to figure who he is and why he has been following him. Dylan asks her to wait right thier for him. They have no idea who each of them is. Phoebe runs into her soon to be ex-brother in-law who recongizes her. Brandon agrees not to say a word to anyone that she is thier. When he finds she is leaving to drive back home alone tells her to call him if she has a problem on the way.

Phoebe on her way out over hears a conversation that she figures is about her mystery man and wonders what that is about. The more she thinks on it the more she thinks he should know about it.

Dylan is upset that his Princess is missing. He wished he had not left her alone at all. He is not going to leave it alone. Especially when he thinks that Oliva might know more that she saying about that.

I enjoyed this book and the book before it with Dylan and Olivia story in it. Would love to read more books from Carla Neggers in the future.

I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
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