Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang by Sparkle Abbey


Kitty Kitty Bang Bang is book three in the Pampered Pets Mystery.

Caro Lamont—pet therapist—and her cousin Melinda Langston—owner of The Bow Wow Boutique
pamper the kitties and pooches of Laguna Beach’s elites. Unfortunately, their human clients keep turning up dead.

The stories have been about one cousin then the next one is the other cousin so far.
Caro Lamont neighbor and friend Kitty Bardot asked her to take her cats Tobey and Minou home after their art showing a emergency had come up. Kitty's cats are painters they also are Bengal cats.

Caro on her way home see's a car wreck and she realizes its Kitty's car. She gets Sam to stop. As she hurries up to the car police detective Judd Malone stops her and then tells her to go home. Do not take the cats in Kitty's house and to stay out of her house.

Later Malone stops by Caro's house to tell her that she was shot and did not make it. To stay out of it. Caro got into trouble while she solved one murder of her human clients.

The next day while she is feeding Kitty's cats thier is a knock on the door. Kitty long lost sister has come to see her. They were seperated in foster care. April Mae Wooben has searched for 15 years and she finally finds her too late.

This is a clean read. I did not guess who the murder was. Thier is lots of action,drama and so much humor.
Caro and Melinda are fueding over a ugly pin that thier grandma left in her will to her favorite granddaughter. They both think it is them. They go to a lot of trouble to steal it back and forth between each other. Everyone around them know it too.
I have enjoyed reading the Pampered Pets Mysteries and will look forward to the next one. If you like humor,mysteries and animals you will love this series.
I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of the book by Netgalley.
12/20/2012 PUB Publisher: Bell Bridge Books 178 pages ASIN: B00AV95HI0

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