Saturday, January 5, 2013

If you want to donate to help with my sister-in-laws funeral expenses here is how it is done. You call Mountain America Credit union 1-800-748-4302 ask for the Jaimie Thomas Reid fund! It is on 24hrs 7 days a week thanks to you all.

We are having a fundraiser this Saturday at 5:30 for Russ and Jamie's expenses at the Backstreet club on 2600 south above spankys... please anyone that new Jamie please come and support her family...

Jamie Reid died this week leaving her 4 year old daughter Abbie and her husband Russ.
Jamie has gone through so much going from hospital to carecenter back and forth. lots of surgeries in 2012.

She had a heart attack this week and got her heart started but after 2 days ICU they said she was brain dead and they had to let her go.

Russ has been unemployed for a long time. Taking Jamie back to hospital for hours every other day while she was given food in feeding tube. Every night she was hooked up to a feeding tube through nose. and taking care of thier 4 year old.

If you can help we appreciate it. I know how expensive funerals are.
Thank you though for those who are putting together the spaggetie dinner sat night.
thank you for the ones going to the dinner.
Thank you for those who can help giving what they can. every dollar helps.

From my personal experience when my husband passed a eldery neighbor came over with a bag of popcorn and a dollar. I had just moved to a new small town with are family.
we had bought a fixer up home built 1890s. Sixteen days later my husband died. I had only met a few neighbors. Everyone was so helpful and kind. I was 28 disabled mother of 11 month old and 2 year old in a house with its own outhouse and coal heat.
Now they are 22 and 24 time flies.
May Russ and Abbie have all the wonderful support in thier time of troubles that I had.
Thank you. Rhonda Laney


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