Saturday, January 5, 2013

Scandalous by Patricia Burroughs


Scandalous was first published 1991 in Loveswept. I recongized that I had read this book years ago. Could not remember much of the details but it was fun to back and read it again. I probably still have the paperback in a box somewhere.
There are love scenes that I did skip over.
Paisley Vandermeir spent her first seven years in a hippie commune and then to high society after that. Her Aunt Izzy was wild in the 20s and took Paisley and taught her to be free and daring. The rest of the family looked down on her. Paisley loves her Aunt Izzy and all her vintage clothing. Which she wears all the time. Her Aunt is giving everything to charity.
In the Vandermeir thier is always one person that causes a scandalous scene. Her Aunt Izzy fell for a married man and had an affair with him. So Paisley thinks if she picks her scandalous affair than she can get on with her life. First she needs to give something back from her Aunt to her lover.
Christopher Quincy Maitland is at his sister's debut and his grandfather was unwell so Paisley gives it to Christopher and asks him to secretly give it to his grandfather.
Christopher has been engaged for 11 years while he waits for his fiance to finsh school.
Paisley thinks that if she publicly tries to win Christopher that he would be safe because he must really love his fiance to wait so long. She thinks it is the perfect plan. Then things don't fall in the way she thinks. and how strongly she feels for Christopher and Christopher's feelings in return.
Some humor scenes in this book. Lots of love scenes. I think it would be fun to dress up in fancy old clothes but I would be afraid of ruining them.
I was given this ebook to read and asked to give it a honest review of it when I was done from Librarything.
Publication Date:November 21, 2012 Book View Cafe publisher 180 pages ASIN: B00AB9GZKY

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