Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Collateral Damage by H. Terrell Griffin


Collateral Damage is a Matt Royal Mystery.

It is full of drama,action, mystery. Matt is starting to really like J.D. Longboat's only police detective. Something is going on Longboat killing people. Thier is 4 murders on the same day.
The characters are still loyal and strong friendships tying them together. Doc. who served in Vietnam and saved Matt's life comes asking for help in solving his son's murder. Matt starts looking into them and then he is attacked. Logan and Jock start looking into it with him. Matt for being a retired lawyer and now a beach bum sure gets into a lot of trouble.

Collateral Damage book discription taken off of Netgalley web site.


Matt Royal is in trouble and probably in love, but he's not sure. His buddies, Logan Hamilton and Jock Algren, come to his aid and together they try to figure out why a young bridegroom was killed on the beach of their southwest Florida island and what, if anything, that murder has to do with other murders that took place aboard a dinner cruise boat the same day. Fun in the sun becomes a deadly chase when Matt and his friends run into some very bad guys who seem to have no compunction about killing people.

Collateral Damage has a bunch of strings that they are having a hard time untangling to find what is really going on. What is Doc. not telling Matt and J.D. It is fast paced story. You don't want to put down till you are through. At least I have not wanted to. This is the 5th Matt Royal story that I have read in the last few days. I think I have missed two of them that I will have to go get them.

I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley.
12/05/2011 Pub Oceanview Publishing

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