Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Christmas Witness by Susan Sleeman

Morgan brothers series book 3

The Christmas Witness kept suspense going all the way to the end. Megan testified 12 years ago against the bank robber who robbed the bank and kept her hostage for three hours. Now she sees him while she is getting gas. Then he leaves the parking lot heading toward the hospital where her little girl is fighting cancer. She sees him by her hospital room and screams loudly for help.

Reid Morgan is at the hospital with his daughter doing therapy with her dog in childrens ward. He used to be FBI Agent so he ran towards the scream. Megan tells him about the guy and that his truck was parked. He goes to check to see if he sees someone. Their is no truck where she said she saw it parked.

No one saw the guy and it was not against the law to get gas and to be in the hospital. Hospital security can't do anything. When Jack gets back to childrens ward. Megan tells security that Jack was with FBI and heard the threats at the trial.
Jack was working close with her for 6 months till after the trial. After the case he started dating her but was told if he wanted to advance as a FBI Agent he could not date a witness not even after the trial. He picked FBI and hurt Megan.

The police or FBI can't provide Megan and her daughter protection. Jack feels bad at how he treated Megan and tries to help her. With the help of his brother, sister-in-law and his ex-partner help to keep a lookout. Things keep getting worse, more threats, Ella health.

It is jam packed could not stop reading till I finshed it. drama,suspense,mystry,love in one good story. I would like to read the rest of Morgan brothers series.

I won the book from the author and had a great time reading it.

Discription taken off of Goodreads.com

"Don't say a word."
When a criminal threatened to kill Megan Cash if she testified against him, she didn't back down. Years later, he's out of jail and ready for revenge against Megan and her daughter. The only one who can protect them is the former FBI agent who broke Megan's heart. But Reid Morgan isn't the same man—he's now a widowed father with a harrowing past…and a heart more guarded than ever. Still, he's the only one who believes Megan when she says she's in danger. Because someone wants to make this a Christmas she won't live long enough to forget.

Published November 29th 2011 by Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense

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