Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guardian by Gerald N. Lund


This is a great story. It is full of enchantment,drama,action and humor too.
The main characters are three children with two of them teenagers. Danni McAllister
at age 13 gets a birthday present from her grandfather that is an old purse or bag that has been passed down in thier family for over a 100 years. She tries to hide her disappointment in it.
Her best friend for years has been Ricky Ramirez he has to help babysit his sisters and even works with Dani's father part time. He is a year older than Dani.
Cody is 10 and Dani's sister. He is smart with numbers.
Dani & Cody's family is being held hostage for 20 million dollars that thier family is selling a mine for that price. The kidnappers know a lot about thier family and what they are up to.
Dani is a tomboy,stubborn. She gets a rifle for her 13 birthday too and her grandfather,father,Ricky and her go camping and Ricky and her get taught how to fire the rifle.
Dani gets teased about the pouch that is called the Guardian because her mother makes her take it to school in her middle school everyday. One day some interesting things happen to Dani and she learns a little more about what the pouch can do. She learns some important lessons along the way.
When thier family is kidnapped Dani and Cody get away and caught again and escape. Every time it looks bleak for them something happens to help them out of trouble. But when things are looking like they will workout something goes wrong so you are on your edge of the seat waiting for what happens next.
It is a well told story and I hated to have to put it down. The characters are exciting with flaws and good points. This is a book that a lot of different ages can read and enjoy it. Or even read it together. I loved it. Would like to read more by Gerald N. Lund.
This book makes me want to go camping and explore some of the places that the book takes place in more. Dani lives in the small town of Hanksville. They talk about a few different canyons that are close by thier. Even Lake Powell which I have not gone to for years.
I wish I had a purse that made wishes come true for me. I recommend that you read this book and be carried away with its enchantment too.
I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it when I had read it by Netgalley.
Publication Date:December 26, 2012 Publisher: Deseret Book, Shadow Mountain Publishing File Size: 769 KB ASIN: B00A6FELP4

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