Saturday, October 1, 2011

Holiday Hideout by Julie Kenner/Jill Shalvis/Vicki Lewis Thompson

This is 3 stories about Jill and Kens cabin that brings couples together,rekindles love,put single people together. I enjoyed all 3 stories.
Thanksgiving Fix by Vicki Lewis Thompson Owners Jill and Ken made a leak under the sink at her cabin, so Beth would call their handyman Mac.  They were both single and she thought they would make a great couple.  Plus Beth was in no hurry to get married and would be great for their experiment paper on the magic of the cabin to strenghten couples.
Beth is a 30 years old Manager of a Reno hotel.  She decided to spend Thanksgiving by herself than go to family and be set up with a blind date again. She planned to write down her arguments so that her family would stop fixing her up.
Mac is 31 year old handyman who fixes a lot of cabins in the area. He is in no hurry to get married only if right women comes along. His family already has a blind date fixed up on Thanksgiving for him.
when Mac gets call by owners of cabin to check to see about a leak they forgot to tell him earlier about. When he gets their finds out Beth had fixed it already,  he checks it and she offers him a glass of wine and they really hit it off. Mac figures out that they were set up, but figures out he would still like to know her cancels his trip to Reno for Thanksgiving dinner and stays to have a small one with Beth.
The Christmas Set-up Jill Shalvis
Jason and Zoe are co-workers that are very competive architects in their firm.  Their boss wants plans for a bid from everyone.  Jason's brother and a few other co-workers are matchmaking.  Mike told Jason that he rented a cabin for christmas but they had to cancel and his girl friend would stay at Jason & Mike's apartment.  So Jason went to the cabin to get away from Christmas.
Mike stole stole Zoe memory stick and made it look like Jason had taken it.  Sent to cabin for it. Zoe is mad, but when she finds Jason at cabin with injury she stays.
The New Years Deal by Julie Kenner
Josh and Cleo have dated their whole four years at collage.  They plan to go next Harvad, Cleo law school.
But right before graduation Josh's dad died and Josh knew he had to stay in Nevada and run mining company for his family and knew Cleo still had her dream. So they broke up while and said in five years they would meet and even if its only to catch up. The hotel they were to meet at burned up but Josh ran into his professors and friends and was invited to stay at their cabin. I was given this ebook to review by Netgalley.
10/25/2011 PUB Harlequin  Halequin  Anthology

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