Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: The Last Cowboy by Lindsay McKenna

Slade McPherson is a rancher on his family ranch. The ranch has been in his family for over 100 years. Slade & Griff inherited when their parents died at 6 years old. Slade stayed on the ranch and is Aunt & Uncle raised him and ran the ranch till they died at 17.
Griff went with a different uncle to New York who was a stockbroker. Griff had lived the high life in New York. He made millions before he lost it all on the stock market collasp.
Slade has been riding endurance rides and is either #1 or #2 in most races. He trains other riders for endurance races. He had a bad divorce 4 years ago to a New York City girl.  His new student he does not want to train because she is a woman and her horse is a mare. Slade tells her double the amount for training and boarding her horse 2000. a month.
Jordana Lawton is an emergency doctor & has sport clinic. She had lost most of her money in the stock market and knows the 2,000 a month will hurt but it is her dream to compete at the top level. So she puts up with Slade attitude when she see's how gentle he is with her horse.
Griff comes back to the ranch after he lost everything. Their is hard times for both twins. Slade does not want him their, since a few years Griff  denied loaning him money to help the ranch and he has never put time or money into the ranch.
Slade gets injured and can't ride in upcomming race and he needs the prize money to save the ranch.
It is a modern story dealing with people losing their home's & savings with the down fall of stock market and banks closing. I liked the story and wanted more hopefully Griff will get his own story. I like Lindseys writings and will read more of her work in the future. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
11/29/2011 Harlequin  HQNbooks

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