Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review: Witches on Parole by Debora Geary

I really like her stories. How their is so many characters who we get to see again in each book. A lot of the characters we see are back in new way.  Plus we get to meet two new characters,Lizzard shows up for training at 2:00 am a couple of days early.  Lizzard has a mind of her own, she is a mind witch. She had a choice of prison or witchlight community service.  She is smart, good cook has lots of tattoos  and piercings.
Elsie is a good psychologist but she is dealing with a lot of stress so she took off 3 months to do community service with witchlight.  She is a know-it-all, uptight person thats hard to connect to others.  She refuses to be tested by Jamie.  She thinks she is earth witch. Jamie thinks she is also  a fire witch.
This is Aunt Jenny's first time with training for witchlight.  She figures she will get Nat to have Elsie work with her in her joga classes and Lauren to work with Lizzard in her real estate office and help build up her selfesteem.
Its fun to see Elsie and Lizzard meeting and being made part of the community. They make mistakes along the way and make lot of new friends.
really enjoy this series of books and look for more to come out.

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