Monday, October 31, 2011

Review: Marrying the Major by Victoria Bylin

I enjoyed reading Marrying the Major. It was a clean romance with humor. I liked how Caroline Bradley faced up to her fears, she was very independant.  Caroline loves children and she did not think at this late that she would remarry and have a family.  So she was going to be a nanny and borrow children to mother.  Caroline has some fears but she is also strong minded.
Major Tristan Willoughby Smith was a major in the British Army.  He is a widower with two small children living on a ranch in Wyoming.  Tristan wife died of Malaria and he has had it off and on for months. Tristan is also the third son of a Duke who does not want his kids to be raised by his father if he dies.
Miss Elizabeth Bradley is a nurse that Tristan also hired to take care of him.  She is the older sister and never been married.
Tristan has been waiting days for the stage that the sisters are on plus his quinine medicine that he needs.  He found that the bridge is out and  Jonathan Tate and the major ride out to see if they can find the stage. Find the ladies and his medicine.
He finds them when Caroline steps out pointing a gun at him.  They have their first disagreement than.
It is good to see how Caroline cares for the children even when its not how the Major thinks it should be. Caroline helps the Major to get closer to his children. Caroline has to learn to get over her fear of horses and how to be the future wife of a Duke and how to stand up to the Duke and his pears when they visit them at their ranch.
I would love to go read the other books in The Women of Swan's Nest. This is the last of the series but the first I have read.  I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley.
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