Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review: Real Men Will by Victoria Dahl

Okay this book was uncomfortable for me.  Their was way too much sex everywhere for me. Not only love scenes but Beth managed a risque business  that had clothes,sex toys. Wrote articles about sex . Even had sex talk classes. So much was revolved around sex.
Beth even though she managed the store she was not as free with sex that everybody thought she was.  She taught the classes because owner thought it would be good.  Her co-workers were willing to talk about their experiences with the subjects of the week. Even took writing some of the articles that were on the wild side.
Beth though six months ago had a one night stand that was just supposed to be the one night only.  Though she could not stop thinking of him.
Erik (Jamie) managed a brewery and since the age of 24 raised his brother & sister and managed  a business that he did not want to do.  So when beth thought his name was Jamie he did not correct her, because he wanted to be free like his brother.
Their two business were close by even though they met at a business conference.  Beth found out he used his brothers name and came to his brewery and yelled at him. Jamie was mad at him so was his sister.
Erik and Beth started meeting for sex.  They both were trying to decide what direction their future career path they wanted.  Both had family issues to resolve too.
I was given this ebook too read in exchange for honest review.
10/27/2011 Harlequin  HQN books

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