Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review:Mystery of the Tempest:A Fisher Key Adventure by Sam Cameron

Denny Anderson was joining the coast guard after graduation. Denny was also gay and hiding it.
Steven Anderson was Denny twin. He told everyone he joined the Navy and was going to be a seal. Steven lied he did not pass the physcal for seals because he was color blind.
Denny and Steven have solved mysteries since they were 12. Their father sheriff. After graduation party Steven went to Kelsey father boat to be alone. Denny gave a ride in his boat to Brian because he got left by his boyfriend without a car. Going by water to were the party they saw a boat on fire so Denny was swimming over their to see if anyone needed help when it blew up knocked him under. Threw Brian out of the boat. He was going under but a swimmer in the water rescued him and helped him and got Denny in the boat as well and got him breathing. Turns out Carter used to be a seal and said he was training for a triathalon.
The twins want to find out who blew up the boat and what was happening around them. What were they going to do about their secrets?
Their is a lot of action and the twins make mistakes but they also do some good things.
I would not mind reading another book about them. I was given this ebook from Netgalley in exchange for honest review.
11/16/2011 PUB Bold Stroke Books

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