Sunday, October 23, 2011

review:Ecstasy Untamed by Pamela Palmer

4 1/2 stars
This book is the 6th in the series, but the first one I have read. I want to now read the first 5. I liked most of the characters really one I did not like but he was evil.
Faith is imortal but she can die. She was born in Belgium before the world war 1. She looks like a teenager, blue hair and all.  Faith realized long ago how many teens are out their lost on the streets, needed help.  She right now is trying to work to save two girls age 13, & 15 who no fault of their own are prostitutes.  When she runs into Maxim.  They feel a bond right away and think they are mates. Maxim is the new feral warrior and he is leaving poland for US tommorow.
When Faith and Maxim arrive at feral house and meet the other warriors, Faith is drawn to Hawk.  Maxim does not fit in, in fact he offends most of his brother warriors.
Hawk is wounded badly and has lost control of his animal side and if he doesn't get back he will die. Hawk is drawn to Faith too.
The Warriors protect the world against evil daemons and the mage.
Their are a lot of sex scenes that I wish were not their.
 Very well drawn characters and world. I liked the story and wanted to read more. I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.
11/01/2011 PUB Harper Collins Publisher   Avon books

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