Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Vampire for Christmas by Laurie London,Caridad Pineiro,Michele Hauf, Alexis Morgan

Enchanted by Blood by Laurie London.
Trace is a vampire and he used to be a guardian. Like a policeman for vampires, but he quit. His father died last year and he was a council member. The seat usually pass from father to son, but the council keeps puting the vote off.
Charlotte got ditched at a dance club by her friend. As she is walking to her car alone she falls and see shadow of a man.  She is scared and then a third guy who is bigger comes from the other direction and tells her to get in car lock it and wait for him. Charlotte does that.  Trace gets her to have coffee and takes her home and spends the night.
But Charlotte does not remember that they were lovers last year but she found out about vampires and had erased her memories of him.
Trace hires her to decorate his mansion and help with a party.
she feels like she has  been their before and thats how they met as she decorating for Christmas last year.  They became lovers again and does have lot of sex scenes
When Herald Angels Sing by Caridad Pineiro
Damien was a vampire and twice in his life on Christmas eve a hundred years apart Angelina his lover was killed because of him. Angelina was an angel sent to him to change.  Damien has not killed in all his years as a vampire. But the devil wanted his soul. Captain Pedro Ramirez the vampire turned him and promised to get Damien to kill him. He trapped Angelina and took her wings she would die if did not get back.

Monsters Don't Do Christmas  by Michele Hauf
Daniel started fighting with 2 werewolfs till a women broke up the fight and invited him into her apartment.
Oliva could not believe she saw 2 werewolfs and a vampire. She kissed the vampire and invited him to ice rink the next night promising him another kiss.
Daniel discovered she was the star singer performing.  They became lovers.
Oliva found out Daniel was helping a homeless mother of 2 girls who drank was bitten that if she could hold without biting and drinking blood for one month she could stop turning into vampire.
All I Want for Christmas by  Alexis Morgan
Eagan is a undercover cop and a vampire.
Della was working at a diner she owned and lived above it in apartment.
Their are a lot of boys disappearing some found dead.  Eagan was walking around the 8 block area and trying not to be noticed. Della noticed. Eagan went to diner to drink coffee and warm up. Their was a werewolf in their.  Two punks tried to rob the tip jar and wanted the money in cashier drawer. Eagan stopped them. He decided to keep comming back and use diner to help search for who ever was killing boys. Eagan noticed that the dishwasher Daniel was in the company of young vampires.
My favorite one is the last one All I want for Christmas.  I like that their was more than vampires. Plus I like that Eagen was a cop who cared. I had a hard time getting into these shorts stories.I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
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