Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: Against the Storm by Kat Martim

It was a great mystery,romance novel that I enjoyed reading.  Would not mind reading any more of her books.
Maggie is a Photographer and is making a name for herself.  While she was at lunch with a friend a celebrity couple was meeting with their lawyers,band members and a bodyguard to keep the peace.  But the husband was abuser and he was mad and started to reach for his wife and bodyguard stopped him and also took one other band member out. Maggie had her camera and started taking pictures of band members on floor when Trace the bodyguard took her camera erased the pictures. Then took her camera away till she left.
Maggie's friend told her that she might want to hire him to help her with her stalker. Maggie has red hair and everyone was already warning her about Trace liked red hair ladies.
Maggie called Trace's security company when she had another note left on her car. She did not call cops, because when she was 16 she said her boyfriend raped her and a  week later said , she lied. His father was a cop so no one trusted her or wanted to help her.
Then someone broke into her house and Trace had alarms put in plus security cameras on front and back. Then the stalker called and left messages on her answering machine.
Her half sister Ashley that she only saw a few times showed up with a baby asking for help. Ashley and Maggie started to get a long and know each other.  Ashley loves to cook and wants to go to chef school when she ready.
Maggie started seeing Trace apart from just working to find her stalker and she left his house to go home in the middle of the night and found her condo on fire.
Lucky Ashley and her baby got out safely and were going to stay with Trace.  Jason met Ashley when he followed Trace over their wanting to know if he had found out any new information on his father's sucide.  He could not keep his eyes of Ashley and their first date was the night of the fire.  He found a place where they could stay at a friends apartment who was away for weeks.  So Ashley and the baby stayed there.  Maggie stayed with Trace till her stalker was found.
Their was a whole lot more going on with Maggie and Trace besides trying to find the stalker and see if he was also had paid someone to destroy her office and all photos and memory cards.
10/25/2011 PUB  Harlequin  MiraBooks

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