Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: Measure of Darkness by Chris Jordan

It was a well plotted book, with a whole team set in place to work behind the scenes to help when authorities can't. I don't know if their have been books before with this group but I can see where many more can come from it. I will read more from Chris Jordan if I get the chance.
A little boy named Joey who is 5 year old genuis with music is kidnapped.  His father is a genuis in his field but socially does not work well with others. He has been murdered and the chief suspect is his own P.I. Randall Shane former FBI agent.  When his wife and daughter were killed in car wreck he left the FBI and started to find missing kids. 70% of his work is for free.
Shane knew he was being framed when he found the dead body and his gun was missing. He called friend Jack Delancey who was working for Naomi Nantz.
Naomi lives in a mansion and remembers everything she reads. She is in charge but we never know who their backer is that provides the mansion and the money and connections to get things done. Alice Crane is recording secretary and chief factotum. She is the voice of the story.  Mrs. Beasley is the cook of considerable talent. Teddy Boyle is computer guru between 16-21 age. Dane is their lawyer who vets all the cases first except this one. Jack although has room in mansion he does not live their only stays when he is working in the area. Dane has place a few blocks away and the rest live in.
So Jack brings his friend Shane into the mansion in the trunk of the car and he is explaining about the frame of murder he is sure to be arrested on and about Joey being kidnapped when their is explosion  and wall of office is blown men in milatary black on ropes from helicopter scoop in and in two minutes has Shane shot with dart and leave without a word.
So their first thing is to find out about Joey and rescue him.  Find Shane and rescue him and find out if he is innocent.  Find the murderer of Joseph Keener, MIT Collage professor and scientist.  Who is running the black Ops that crashed into the mansion and took Shane.
Because Joseph is shy and doesn't interact much no one really knows he has a son. That the son is missing.
Their are a lot of facts and information that they dig out to find the answers to the questions that they have. Lot of spy stuff, lots of different agencies. lot of action and not a romance in sight which is different for me from Harlequin. Their is torture of Shane and others. Lot of good guys and gals. Their is also more bad and greedy people.  Not all the ends are nicely tied up which is what happens in the real world but the ending does not disapoint. Did not want to put the book down and it was a problem at 425 pages had to a few times.
Hope their are many more cases with Naomi and friends.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
11/29/2011 PUB Harlequin MIRA books

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