Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review: Heart of a Killer by Jaci Burton

Last night did not want to put book down by 1:00 AM had hard time keeping awake, so I cheated and went and read the last chapter than I could sleep and not think this guys bad oh maybe this is what happens.  Than first thing this morning read the rest of the whole book.  Still not guessing all of it even though I knew ending. So it has a lot of suspense, mystery that keep you guessing all the way to through.
The story opens with Anna Pallino just closing the ice cream parlor she works
at. Anna is 16 and her boyfriend Dante not quite 18 comes in as usual with his 3 foster brothers to get ice cream. Some happens and Dante leaves that night and disappears.
12 years later he is back because foster mom Elene asks him to come for her 25th wedding anniversey.  Dante has only kept in touch with his foster parents not even asking any questions about his brothers or Anna.
Dante. Gabe, Roman and Jeff had been best friends and foster brothers till that night.
Now that he is back a crime has happened  at the same place just like it had that night. Dante has a lot of secrets and does not tell anyone where or what he has been up too the last  12 years.
Anne is now a police detective in charge of the scene. But they never reported about the crime 12 years ago. She still has panick attacks and hides them from everyone.
Roman is a cop too. Gabe is now working for the  Mob rides a motorcycle  with lots of  tatoos. He left the same night as Dante been back 2 years. and Jeff is a insurance agent. They all are still protective of Anna
I hope Gabe gets his own book and we learn more about him later.
The Characters are good and you care about them and want to know a bunch more of their lives. It is emotional and I cried a few places.  It is good story their is some love scenes and viloence.  But it keeps keeping you on edge.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
10/25/2011 Harlequin Mira Books

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