Saturday, March 3, 2012

Honor Redeemed by Loree Lough

I liked the story but not the ending. This is the second book of three book series. I have not read the first. But I do want to read more of the third book. I know Honor is in that one and might tell me what I want.
I liked the characters the humans and the dogs so much that I admit to crying in this book a few times.
Honor is a SAR and her dog Rowdy is very good at finding the missing. Something happened that causes a bunch of rumors and gossip about Honor. Don't know if that happened in first book of the First Responeders.
Honor lives alone with her two dogs. Does not want to get close to anyone.
Matt is a single father raising twin boys after his wife died.  Matt is a newspaper writer and used to be SAR too but gave it up when he became single father of two. He is ready to move on and wants to get closer to Honor.
This book really makes you think of all the volunteers who do put thuer lives on the line for the rest of us. Does talk a little about 911 and what changes that brought to their lives.
I was given this book to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
02/01/2012 Abingdon Press

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