Wednesday, March 28, 2012

review: Just One Kiss by Isabel Sharpe

I love the story line and the characters a lot but too many sex scenes for my taste.
A group of collage friends get together and buy a building and open their business in it and each have a apartment on top floors. Each business deals in one of the five senses.
A Taste for all pleasures is a bakery owned by Angela who is divorced after a short marriage. She wants to have a European bakery but her pastries are not catching on but everyone loves her cookies, cupcakes,and brownies.
Seth Blackstone owns a music studio. Bonnie Fortuna owns Bonnie Blooms. She used to date Seth but after a year he broke it off. She still has lots of feelings for him. Jack has a photography and Physical therpy studio that Demi Anderson had bought from their other friend.
Angela has not really dated since her divorce but when a goodlooking sad guy comes in to buy white on white cupcakes she is flirting with him and sneaks a chocolate cupcake in the middle of the ones he ordered.
Daniel Flynn was engaged to high school girl friend who died in accident but made Daniel promise not to date till after the date of their wedding had past. He agreed. That date was two years in the future. He still had six months to go.
He went back to bakery next day they both were flirting and Angela asked him out and he explained that he did not date yet. Angela said she wanted to talk business with him.
I want to see what happens to all the other friends in the future books. Just enough information that makes you want to read more about them.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
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