Friday, March 30, 2012

Review Get Fluffy by Sparkle Abbey

Get Fluffy is the second bookin the PAMPERED PETS MYSTERIES books.
Its funny and takes off right after the first one Desperate Housedogs ends. 
The setting for these stories is around the rich stars and their very pampered dogs.
Melinda is the main character of Get Fluffy and her cousin is main character of Desperate Housedogs. One gag that makes me laugh is the feud the two cousins are having about a jewel fruit basket pin that is worth a lot but ugly. Thier grandmother in her will left it to her favorite grandaughter.  So they both think its thiers and are breaking into each others houses or business and stealing it back and than wearing it in public.
Melinda gets in a big fight with two different society women at the big fundraising ball that Carol had helped plan in Desperate Housedogs. In fact Melinda through  tea on one of them.
Next day Melinda's business Bow Wow was busy with everyone wanting to gossip about the fight and buy what other society pets had that they don't have when Mona comes in her business and threatens to sue if Melinda does not apoligize.
Mona is a rich mean lady who pampered dog actually is a actor who has won an emmy. Mona and her ex-husband Cliff share the dog so sometimes they just drop dog off at her business. Which Cliff did and Mona won't pick up the phone to come and get her dog. Finally she takes the dog home and finds the house unlocked and in Fluffy room is Mona who was murdered.
So Melinda calls cops and her boyfriend who is undercover FBI.  Malone is the homicide detective who in Desperate Housedog was always upset with Carol trying to solve the murder. In fact did. He warns Melinda not to be like her cousin and interfer with his case.
When her bestfriend is prime suspect Melinda thiniks well Carol figured out and saved her friend so she will too.
Both mysteries are funny and keep you guessing about who the murders are till the end can not wait till the next book is out.  I was given the ebooks to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
03/31/2012 PUB Bell Bridge Books

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