Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Perfect Storm by Lori Foster

I like Arizona Storm she is fiesty. Arizona has had a hard life her father was abusive and sold her to human traffickers. Arizona does not give up.  She escaped from them. Unfortunately she was got and to teach a lesson to the others. Arizona was tied up and thrown off a bridge into a river.  Arizona still struggled to survive.
Jackson was down by the river and saw her. He jumped in and grabbed her. Arizona thought he was one of the bad guys and fought him.  Jackson rescued and brought her into his family. Even paid for her to go to a finshing school.  Jackson,Dare,Chris and Trace all live close and work together to stop human traffickers and make good money.  Jackson was like her big brother and wanted to keep her safe.  They had her working the computers, backgrounds. Arizona wanted more.
Arizona on her 21 birthday broke into bounty hunter Spencer Lark's house and sat watching him sleep.  Arizona met him on another job and felt she could trust him. She found a bar that she thought was dealing in smuggling. She wanted to be bait and catch the bad guys and free the others that are like her.
Spencer agreed to help her because he knew she would do it on her own. Spencer has been fighting his feelings for Arizona. He was 11 years older than her.  He wanted to help her get over her fears and protect her.
Part of a deal he was making with her was everytime she swore she owed him a kiss.  He would help her and go to Jackson up comming wedding.
Arizona carries a gun in a ankle holster and a knife down her back and is willing to fight dirty & smart. She has some issues dealing with men and swimming in water. She was working to get over them.
This is a good story and I wish their are many more heros out their and less bad guys in real life. I want to go back and read other stories in this group of books.  I was given this ebook to read in  exchange of a honest review from Netgalley.
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