Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: City of Chaos by Nathan Pennington

I believe this is the second Ray Crusafi Mystery, but the first one I have read.
I would like to read the first and learn more about Ray.
Ray Crusafi is driving across to wear his wife has been staying with family. He is nervous about telling his wife about his past and how she will handle it. He pulls off into a little town of Eris to get something to eat at the grocery store.
But he walks into the store being robbed and gunman shooting up the store.
The grocery store owner seeing that he was P.I. hired him to find out who was doing this to drive him out of business. He thinks it is the Mayor.
Thier are many suspects that Ray finds.  His wife meets him i n town to find out what Ray has to say.
Ray finds himself in a lot of trouble and keeps getting hurt. It is nonstop action as Ray tries to find the bad guys who want the grocery store to go out of business.
It kept me guessing the whole time. The story was given to me from Libarything in exchange of honest review.
PNC Publishing 09/10/2011 PUB

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