Monday, March 26, 2012

Review: The Eyes That See by Chris Adonn

The Eye that See is a prelude to the Balancer Chronicles.  I now want to go and read it.  The eyes that see was good and wants you to find out more about their world.
Its a really fast read. Still the characters are ones you want to find out more about them.
Adam is young man that broke some rules and caught something on tape that he should not have. Adam is excited because he knows his mentor really wanted to find out about them.
Fredrick  has wanted to know proof of Balancers exist for years, but he is concened that Adam broke the rules and put him in danger. Jonathan Darcy is Fredrick boss and he is mad that the tape exists. He has always lied about them to Fredrick. Now they are all at risk.
Wolfgang Eriksson is a Balancer who protects humans from the natural world and know one is supposed to know a bout them. He has the choice to take their memories or kill them.
I am excited to go read more about Balancers in the next book of the series.
I was given this book from Librarything in exchange of honest reviews.
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