Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: Chomp by Carl Hiaasen

This was a good name for this book. It had animals, humor, adventure,damsel in distress. and guys in distress. I laughed, smiled & felt sad, hated bad guys and loved the good guys.  It had a whole range of characters.
Derek Badger was the star of a survival animal show.  He was a spoiled brat. His shows were faked and he always killed and ate some bugs or animals he said for survival but he slept in hotels.
Raven was his producer and scoutted for animal wranglers and places to shoot. Made Derek happy.
Mickey Cray was an animal wrangler and had lots of animals in his back yard.  Including Alice a big tame aligator, monkeys, raccoons,pythons, smaller aligators and lots more snakes. In the winter a frozen iguna fell out of tree and gave him a concosion thats left him with bad headaches, double vision and not being able to work.
Wahoo was his son who lost a thumb to Alice when he was younger not paying attention. He fed the animals and helped his father. School just let out for summer.
Wahoo mother trains business men in chinese language, but because they were hurting for money took a two month job in China to teach bunch of business men their instead of having them come to her.
Ravan called to hire Mickey for the job and since they were willing to pay so much more Wahoo excepted the job instead of referring them as they had all winter.
Derek not willing to listen to others when they say he can't do somthing got his nose bit.  Then he decided to lay down on top of Alice in the water and hug.  Then almost drowned when she twisted and turned in the water and Mickey jumped in and rescued him and it was all got on tape.  So it was so good footage that he wanted the rest to be all wild animals instead of tame ones that different animal wranglers used,.
While shopping to get ready to go with the show Wahoo and Mickey were at Walmart and he ran into Tuna a classmate who had a blackeye.  Who lived in parking lot of Walmart after they lost their home. Her dad drinks and hits her so they invited her along to go camping with them in the everglades where they were going to be filming.
Things keep getting wilder   and more happens to Derek and others while they are trying to finsh the show. I would read more books from Carl based on this book.
I was given this ebook from Netgalley in exchange of honest review.
03/27/2011 Random House Children's Books  Alfred A Knopf BFYR

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