Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Xenofreak Nation by Melissa Conway

Xenofreak Nation grabs your attention right off in the first chapter and keeps it. You are never sure who you trust or what will happen next.
Bryn is watching her father speech as he rails against all Xenofreaks and on her way back to her car she is kidnapped by 4 Xenofreaks and taken to a place where the lot of them live.
Bryn I liked and wanted her life to be better.  So many things happen to her in this book. She has a wide range of emotions but does not let her stop or give up no matter what.
Xenofreaks have grafts of animal parts on them and circuts. Cougar had parts of his fingers taken off and replaced with cougar paws & claws.
some have small parts like part of mouse or wings and one has a wolf face. It is a whole bunch of underground surgeries and society.
The worst group XBestia also has a bunch of illeagal activities. Like smuggling drugs,animals ,cloning,kidnapping and bank robberies.
The animal rights group are too extreme too.
Thier is so much violence as people are predjudiced.
Would not like to live in this time and place. I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review from Librarything.

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