Monday, March 26, 2012

Legacy- Book One of the Balancer by chris adonn

This is mostly told in a book about James life through the decades to Kat his future relative. James tells her a lot about different spieces of the supernatural world that he comes into contact with.
The only real problem I had with the book it was too long for me I was ready for this book to be done with a lot sooner. Plus I ended up crying in a few places!
James explains his normal life than to go on as he discovers that he is a Balancer and the different powers he has.  What he learns to do and how he feels about certain people in his life.
Wolf is his friend and who teaches him a lot about being a balancer and how the two of them are different from other ones like themselves.
Another good friend is a vampire Bas.
He also tells about his two different familys and what happens to them.
Because James lives long lives their is a lot to tell.  It is really easy to read and follow along in the book.
I would read more from Chris in the future. I was given this book from librarything in exchange of honest reviews.
2011 PUB

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