Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: Solo by Sarah Schofield

I love getting to read new authors work and the surprises that are in store.
Solo is a well told story that I was lost in.
I love the town it was set in. My in-laws are from that area so I could picture the area pretty good.
Eliana two months left in the school year gets told that her dad is called to deploy for a year and that she and her mom where going to move in with her parents for that year in Oregon.
Eliana is having a hard time with the move to small town and doesn't want to get involved with anything.
Casey a junior is very welcoming to her and they have 4 classes together.  After gym class Eliana goes to change into levis and can't find her clothes.
she is upset that her last class she has to wear short gym shorts. She ends crying in study hall. Cute guy gives her tissue.
Sasha is popular cheerleader who is Casey's friend who took her cloths, thinks she so special.
Eliana after a week sitting with Casey and her friends for lunch decides not to eat with them and make Casey have to choose.
Eliana loves to run and One day as she was running a truck almost ran her down she fell aways down a hill. It was Lucas the cute guy in study hall. He felt bad and was shaken gave her a ride home. Lucas was trying to be her friend.
Eliana at a view point saw a meadow and mapped her way to it one day and after that she would spend a lot of her time alone dancing and doing gymnastic tumbling for her own pleasure. No one knew she went their.
Lucas asked her to prom and she agreed to go with hijm as friends only and tried to not to get attached to him.
The relationships are pretty intertwined with most of the people living in the town most of their lives.
Sasha and her boyfriend continued to spread trouble and rumors about Eliana. Eliana took the high road but decided to show her up on the talent show,
I cared about the characters and wanted to know more about them. I would more stories by Sarah.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest reviews from librarything.
12/22/2011 PUB M.O.I. Publishing

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