Saturday, March 17, 2012

Review:Peaceweaver by Rebecca Barnhouse

I thought Hild was very couragous. She wanted to make a difference in her people's lives.even though she was only 16. Hild did what she thought was right even when it was harder path to take. I would like to know more about her and hope their will be more books.
Hild is the King's sister daughter. She is really excited because today was the day she held the horn filled with drink to the warriorers. She wanted to be more like her Aunt the Queen before she got ill in helping to bring peace to her people. Hild also enjoyed weaveing and could see her banner hanging in the great room. Her father taught her to use the sword before he was killed in battle. She practiced with her cousin Arinbjorn and helped him to get better at sword fighting.
One day she and Arinbjorn were out of the wall practicing and three men from a nearby land were visiting and they were on the way back. When Hild knew they were going to stab her cousin the next leader with a poison knife. Something over came her and to stop them she killed one of them.
Her mother told her that her grandmother and hers before were fareminded sometimes could see the future.
Her Uncle advisor convinced him that Hild was possessed and locked her up in her house with no visitors aloud. Then they hatched a plot to use her as a blind of peace but really attack the other kingdom and make sure she was killed too.
Hild was planning to escape with the help of her slave.
The story kept me interested in wanting to see was next. It was an easy fast read with 334 pages. It had conspiracy,dragons,monsters.and heroes set in Vikings era.
03/27/2012  Random House Children's Books  Random house BFYR

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