Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review: Haint Misbehavin by Maureen Hardegree

Haint Misbehavin is okay book. I just have a hard time when I see someone picked on all the time. Heather  has skin problems,allergies and itches a lot.She is the middle daughter.
Audrey is the oldest and picks on,gets her into trouble and even her friends pick on Heather.
Clare is the youngest girl and is really nice.
All of a sudden Heather has a ghost talking, making her body do weird things and getting her in all kinds of trouble. The ghost name is Amy she is around 10. Heather realizes Amy was her pretend friend when she was little. Heather wants to help Amy leave so her life gets back to normal. Amy gets board easly and when she does she causes trouble that Heather gets the blame. Heather doesn't want anyone to know she has a ghost following her and causing all the problems.
I liked the last part of the book the best even when I cried at one point.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I enjoyed tara luna. Life would be much easier if she did not use her gifts to help others. Tara is psychic and she has two ghosts since she was little always hanging around. Millicent lived over 100 years ago and is always checking guys out. Henry hates all the moving from state to state. He also likes to hide talk things when he is upset. He doesn't talk.
Tara lives with her uncle Pat. Both of her parents died in a car accident when s he was little. Her uncle is her only relative. Tara is a senior and they just moved to a new city. She is always the new kid.
Her first day of school she crosses Prissy off. Prissy is a cheerleader and popular. She also meets Flynn who likes that she doesn't play prissy games. Lets her know she is laughing at her and facts like she is a cheater.
Tara learns that a teacher is being robbed by her babysitter for drugs. So she lets her know.
I will read more books about Tara they were funny and she always did what she thought was right. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

review: Tall Dark and Lonesome

I enjoyed reading Tall,Dark and Lonesome. I liked how Niki could laugh at herself.
We first meet Niki when she is riding a chuck wagon for a cattle drive her New York editor signed her up for in Wyoming. Niki was actually from this small area  and had only been back in 8 years for quick visits.
She was late arriving so she got first  dab at the chuckwagon but she got it stuck in the mud. She was trying to get it out when she fell in the mud and sat on her hair and was laughing when Zach first met her.
Zach did not tell her he was the trailboss or ranch owner or one of the Westons who owned a lot of property in wyoming and was thinking of a run at politics.
Niki did not bring a tent just bought extra warm sleeping bag. when Zach got back to camp and saw her not sleeping in tent he woke her and made her sleep in his tent, with him and his two cattle dogs.
It was fun to read about romance of cattle drives and cowboys. Watch them fall in love and Zach kept on chasing her telling her she can run but not hide.
Niki job and life was in New York. She hated wyoming and small town gossip especially about her. New if Zach learned about her history he would not want to know her.
Zach has a hard time trusting women that they won't leave him after his mom died when he was six and after his dad fourth marriage gave up on his stepmoms staying.
I was given this ebook from Netgalley in exchange for honest review.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Review: The Baron by Sally goldenbaum

4It shows how important it is to show love  your children and family. I enjoyed Halley character how she throws herself into her work and community,friends.
Her friend Leo who got her the job and donated the Throne library asked her a favor. To be a guest at a murder weekend. One of the guests came down with the flue and they need that character as part of the story. She was to play the part of a Countess Who long ago was lover with Baron and they relite their romance. So Halley borrows antique cloths from friends shop and goes to the party almost backs out when she sees the mansion.
Everyone knows each other except for the actors and Halley. No one uses real names for weekend, but she found out the Baron name was really Nick.
Nick was willing to play the romance of the story he was impressed with Halley. They had a fun weekend but Halley left early and did not tell Nick goodbye.
Throne library and estate were given to the community and Halley was in charge. She even lived in a cottage on the state. Halley had a lot of programs for different ages from preschool to senior citizens.
Nick followed and found where she worked and was around her family,friends and community where they all showed love that he had a hard time understanding but he was learning. but was it to late? What secrets did Nick keep from halley?
It was fun to be part of their world learning  about love. I enjoyed the book and will read more from Sally.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review from netgalley. STARS

review:The Cater Street Hangman by Anne Perry

I read the 2011 Open Road ebook edition of this book. This is the first book I have read of hers but won't be the last. I was into the characters I really like charlotte and her sisters.
Charlotte is reading the paper in secret because her father thinks that their is only a little on the news fit for women and he will read it to them. So she reads them when the servants put it away for them to read so at least its a day old by the time she can read it.
Charlotte has a crush on her sister Sarah's husband. She is very out spoken and not afraid to say things to others. She is also caring about others and trys to help when she can.
Sarah is married and she lives with her husband and her mother & Father, two sisters and grandmother in the same house.
Emily is the youngest of the three sisters and romance is very important to her.  She can manuver with the best of them.
Someone is killing women on their street with a wire around their necks. Soon everyone is questioning everyone else.  Pitt is the policeman that is in charge asking all the questions.
I did not guess the real murder till the end of the book I suspected a few but was wrong. I recieved this ebook from netgalley in exchange for honest review.
06/14/2011 PUB OPEN ROAD

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review:grey Mask by Patricia Wentworth

This book Grey Mask is still good. It has stood the test of time. Yes it is really dated but it still a good mystery with somethings that surprised me at the end.
Charles is back from abroad after he left England four years ago. He was engaged to Margaret for a real short time after being friends for years. Margaret just dumped him and would not speak to him before he left.
Charles was not planning to go to his home till the next day but his dinner plans cancelled on him so he decided to check how his house was taken care of. He found his gate unlocked and then the back door was left open a little so he went in quitely and saw a light in other room and voices. He had a whole he could look through into that room from a closet. He saw a guy with grey mask and a few others and heard them plotting to kill someone if needed too. Charles was set to find police when he saw Margaret and recongized her. He could not turn her in.
He went to Miss Silver and got her asking questions for him and between them figured a lot of stuff.
It kept me guessing along. I liked the way they told some facts about Margot by her writing all the time to her friend Stephanie.
I will read more books by Patricia Wentworth. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
06/28/2011 OPEN ROAD

Review: The Getaway Groom by Molly Liholm

I read the 2011 ebook edition. Don't know if different at all. I enjoyed it. Max thou I did not admire his thinking along the way. Meg was getting married in two weeks and did not have any thing planned for it. She called her college roommate Emma for help.
Emma started a business after she was left at the alter by Max. Have wedding dress, will travel. So other brides won't have to go through what she had to do.She takes what ever the worries are and solves them. Emma would be able to help Meg plan wedding in two weeks. No problems untill she met the groom Frasier, but she knew him as Max.
One other problem someone was stilling from Meg's family business and her brother Jay was number 1 suspect.  Meg was more worried about editing books and getting authors to finsh on track than planning her wedding. So a lot was left to plan between Max and Emma. They both kept rembering how their relationship went.
I liked most of the characters. Lots of couples had relationship in the book.
But I had problems with Max. Would read more of her books. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Review:Cowboy Like Us/ Notorious by Vickie Lewis Thompson

Their are 2 different stories in this ebook I liked the first one better. They are Harlequin Blaze so they have too many sex scenes for me.
In Cowboys like us Logan Carswell is a former catcher for Chicago Cubs. Logan is at the wedding of good friend Alex Keller in Shoshone, Wyoming. Logan is feeling down because he doesn't know what he will do in the future with his knee problems now, all he has wanted to be is a baseball player.
Caro Davis is up beat and positive attidude he likes right now. Caro all she does is bartending and drives to visit her grandmother in care center. Her grandmother raised her and is depressed that she had to sell her home and go into care center. Caro thinks Logan is hot and he will only be around a few days and she could use a break.
Caro gets Logan to go to care center and he visits and talks baseball they want autoghraphs and he has a good time. Caro tells her grandmother about a program to help turn boys thats going to start and she wants to make quilts for the bunk beds to help welcome them.
Her grandmother thinks that is a good idea and she could help and then looked around her and realized that a lot of people can help. Organizing and makeing quilts gets her grandmother out of her depression and back to her old self.
Helping out at care center has helped Logan to feel useful again.
I liked this story and would like to read the other books about chance. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
Notorious is the second book. notorious is all about sex with little else to plot line.
Noah Garfield is in Las Vegas for a friend wedding and he is the last single guy among them. Why his walking past a strip joint he sees Keely about to go in and thinks she their for job interview not a article interview for her job as magazine. Keely left his ranch ten years ago after she modle nude in magazine. Her father and sister still work for him and she has not seen or talked to them since.
Noah thinks she is homeless and offers her to stay in his room for weekend and he will help her find better job.
Keely has wanted him since she was 16 and he turned her down and lets him think he can help her. Keely plans to seduce him and he plans to not take advantage. So Keely is always talking dirty about sex and walking nude to tempt him.

Friday, August 26, 2011

review: The Man She Loves to Hates by Kelly Hunter

Its always hard for me to see people that are so inocent suffering for no good reason. Jolie when she was 12 was hurrying to catch up with Hannah but Hannah was not waiting for her as usual. Hannah and her big brother Cole would not look at her or talk to her, infact Hannah got all their friends to dump Jolie too because her mother was having an affair with Hannah's father.
Now thier dad was dead 12 years later and Jolie was up to their ski  lodge and cleaned out all her mother's stuff from the cabin on a day of funneral so she would not run into Cole or Hannah.
The Gondal ride last of the day was only Jolie and Cole was up their she was warned. So Jolie borrowed someones goggles,hats scarf she was already in borrowed man's coat.
Jolie answered Cole in short answers in deep voice and always looked away from him and it was short ride but all of a sudden the ride stopped and they could not get answer from emergency phone and no cell service. They saw one avalanch but missed them but the second caused the gondola to fall. Cole had head injury so Jolie got him mad so he would keep going till they climbed back up and broke in kiosk.
Cole finally realized who she was after she saved his life. Cole for years had fought wanting her. He asked for one kiss and ended up too close. Finally they were rescued.
Cole realized how unfair he had been to Jolie and saw a lot of that he liked. Cole was now head of his dad's many businesses and trying to keep ski resort to reopen. Cole wanted to keep seeing Jolie and went and flew up to visit every weekend for a month. Cole wanted more. Jolie was afraid that their family and town would not let them.
I enjoyed this romance they had. Jolie was a strong woman and would not give up on herself or Cole. Jolie did not want any thing from Cole's dad will in fact she gave it back to him.
Would love to see Hannah story someday. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Review:Deep Cover by Sandra Orchard

I liked it the bad guys lost and the lost got help.
Rick or Duke was undercover working construction on a group home. When he had a accident and found someone had cut the beams. His bossLaud. pulled him up.
Rick thought Laud had some of his business burned up for insurance money  and his old partner Tom was killed in the last fire with two others.
Laud got his niece to do publicity for him but Duke knew her when he was on another case as Rick working with gang members and he broke off with her when a gang member saw them together.
Ginny was heart broken when she found out that Rick was a member of a gang and walked out on him. Ginny told her uncle that Duke was really named Rick and was a gang member.
Someone was targeting  Ginny and Rick did not know if it was because of her uncle or because of his past from different cases. Rick was determined to protect Ginny her sister Lauri.
It taught that we should not judge by appearances a lone and to have faith and lieing was a sin.
I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more from Sandra. Would love to see Zach have his own story.
I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.
5 stars

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: The Mogul's Maybe Marriage by Mindy Klasky

Its a  cute romance. Easy to read. Strong characters facing tough decisions.
Ethan is President of his family business Hartwell Genetics. They have come up with a lot of medicine to treat different genetic troubles, but not his own family problems.
His Grandmother his chairman of the board and she is tired of seeing name in the paper with different women all the time. She tells him that unless he is married by her birthday she is stepping down and donating all her shares of stock to charity.
Ethan does not want to loose control and have to fight over every decision he makes and keep his family problem secret.
The only women that he thinks about after seeing is Sloan that he met after a charity auction. He still remembers waking up at hotel and she was gone how they talked into the night about dreams.
He goes to her apartment and sees the vitamins on counter and asks her if he is father. Sloan says yes and he asks her to marry him and she says no.
So he starts over and they deal with her being pregnant and he tells her that their is chance the baby has a good chance dying by age 3 if carries this one gene but they can test for it in a month.
So they have to deal with the wait and mean while she had lost her job. He tries to win her over and be the guy she wants him to be.
I would read more books from Mindy Klasky in the future. I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.

Review: 1225 Christmas Tree lane by Debbie Macomber

Its sad to say goodbye Cedar Cove after all this time. I have read almost everyone of the books and never felt disappointed in them. I love how after thier story ends you still see most of characters in thier routine lives. With the addresses letting everyone know what order the books are in is clever too.
Beth 3 years ago divorced her husband and moved to Cedar Cove from california. Beth bought a Christmas tree farm. She also rescues animals and find them a good home. Started a program with dogs and senior citizens also started a program to take dogs to library.
In the last book she found homes for 4 dogs and delivered to her door was a basketfull of Puppies 10. Beth is overwhelmed too top off busy time of year for christmas tree farm her exhusband is planning to spend christmas with her two college girls.  Beth has not seen her exhusband in three years.
Thier marrage just drifted apart into seperate lives and they noticed when the girls moved out for college.
Beth is going sking with her daughters after christmas so she has set a goal to find them all a good home.  So talking  people seeing who wants a puppy, we get to see and get a update on how everyone is doing.
When Kent shows up at her home  beth has been thinking a lot about how her marriage ended also all the times in between. She has been looking forward to seeing Kent again and maybe to see if their is away back together. But Kent is not alone he has brought a young lady with him Daniel. Beth is very disappointed and her daughters are mad that he is ruining thier plans to get their parents back together.
Cedar Cove is a charming town. This book almost makes me want a puppie. But two dogs and a cat are enough for me. If you have read and enjoyed any of her cedar cove books you will want to read this one.
I was given this book in exchange of honest review.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

review: Catching Santa by Marc Franco

I enjoyed the different Santa story. Jakob was having a bad day at recess everyone laughed at him even his three best friends, because he said he still believed in Santa. Rick is the kid who started all the trouble at school. Rick's sister Tiffany was in middle school and she was trying to convince Jakob his three friends were cursed because they denied santa and so if they don't lift the curse by Christmas than no more presents from Santa forever.  Then things get really weird fast and they find out thats more than Santa out their.
Jakob can fight smoke thats attacking his friends. Jakob is made aware that he has to trap Santa on Christmas to set free Rick and his family.
Its about standing with your friends and trying to help each other and thier is consequences if you choose wrong.  I look forward to reading the next Kringle Chronicle book 2.

Review: An O'Brien Family Christmas by Sherryl woods

What a great story makes for a charming christmas.
The O'Brien family is all going over to Ireland taking Nell and all the extended family thier for two week visit.
Laila own brother is going with his wife and two stepdaughters. Her best friends are going with thier families. Even her exboyfriend is going Mathew. Laila has been staying away from everyone scince her fight with her father and quiting her job at the family bank. Her friends try and convince her to come so she won't be alone for Christmas.
Mathew would not mind he had wanted to propose to her in Ireland and even get married thier while on vacation. It was not his idea to break up.
Laila has gone through a lot of changes and she still wants Mathew but doesn't see away for them to be together. Especially with her older than him.
Finally Laila decides to go and Mathew promised no sex or pressure if she goes. Mathew wants to show her that their can be more to their relationship than steamy sex.
Nell at 80 is seeing her old boyfriend Dillion before she went back to America and got married.
Her three sons are thier with thier wives and children and grandchildren.
I have not read any of this series but I would love to go back and read them. It is a charming family with lots of issues and lots of love.
Its fun to see all the couples and hear little bit about what they went through and changes they have in thier lives now.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Review: To Touch a Sheikh by Olivia Gates

Maram Aal Waaked is in the middle of the deseret to watch a horse race put on by Amjad Aal Shalaan. Her father Prince Aal Waaked was invited but because of health reasons could not come. Also Maram has been trying to get his attention for four years since she first met him.
Amjad does not trust women his first wife came to him not a virgin and he forgave her since he was not one either. Then he forgave her that she was pregnant by someone else but he would not forgive her for putting arsnic in everything to kill him.
Amjad found out that Maram father was behind the theft of the royal jewels of Zohayd. With out the jewels to show his people on the annual ceremony. His family will loose the thrown and tear his people into apart.
Amjad had planned to kidnap Prince Aal Waaked till he gave the jewels back. Decided to just take Maram instead.
Maram had no idea she was kidnapped at all. Maram thought that They were got in sand storm and hid out at his place. Too busy falling in love with Amjad.
Their is a lot of flirting and calling each other names. Amjad is opening up to her.
I liked it skipped a few love scenes. I was given this ebook in exchange for review.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reviw: The Baby's Bodyguard by Stephanie Newton

In The Baby's Bodyguard deals with a tough subject of women and children trafficing. It is a emotional book when you know so much of it still happens.
But I did enjoy routing for Ethan and Kelsey and booing the bad guys.
Two years ago Ethan was undercover on women trafficing when is son and wife were killed. Now someone is using his son picture to get him to rescue a little girl they named Jane. Jane was all alone on a boat and her GPS was sent to Ethan to check and see about his son.
Kelsey his the social worker who meets Ethan at the dock to take care of Jane. They don't have any free foster parents so Kelsey keeps Jane with her. Jane has major health problems but before they can be taken care of someone breaks into Kelsey apartment and tries to kill them. Kelsey makes it a few blocks away to where Ethan boat is.
So who is Jane? Why was Ethan wife and son killed? Who is texting Ethan about his son? Who is trying to kill Jane & Kelsey?
Its a good suspense story. I think Jane and Nolan are cute Would like to see a story about Nolan. Would read more books by Stephanie Newton based on this book.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

review: Three for Avadar by Steven Drennon

In Three for Avadar its no surprise that three people meet up on the trail for Avadar. First Bengar is a warrior and hears sounds of fighting he heads over to where the fighting is. He sees Two soldiers on horse's fighting a group of seven thieves and trying to get to the lady they are protecting. Bangar steps in and helps defeat the thieves and is timing was great because the one soldier just died and by the time all the thieves are dead the last soldier died and  Ariadne faints.
Ariadne tells him her father is a merchant and will reward him for helping to get to avadar safely. Bengar is planning to go thier to join the army because who they are going to war with killed his brother and his family and he wants revenge.
They come to a tavern and  hope to spend the night but most of the people in their want thier money and Ariadne. Bengar ends up fighting most of the tavern but a person in cloak helps him to defeat them.
Mahri is a sorceress who is on trail of a powerful object called the heart of Omhri that gives a lot of power to a sorcer. King of Omhri to protect it sent it away before it could be stolen before he died.
So the three travel and when they to Avadar they realize who Ariadne is and they are each allowed to do what they want.
It goes from action to action and keeps your focus on the story. It has love, vengence, hero's and villians. Good over evil.
You care for Bengar,Ariadne and Mahri and want them to suceed in their goals.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Review: Misfit by Jon Skovron

I really liked Misfit. Everybody at one time or another thinks they don't fit in.
I have heard of halfbreeds before but never a demon and human halfbreed. Jael mother was a demon older than most churchs. Her father Paul was a monk and when he fell in love with a demon they became demon hunters
Till they became parents and than they tried to run to protect their daughter from the Grand duke Belial a very powerful demon who cant stand halfbreeds.  Astarte dies to help protect her daughter to hide her till shes older.
Jael goes to catholic school but they move almost every year this has been the longest almost 2 years. She has a hard time when they talk about demons because she is half demon.
jael has a good friend Britt and she likes a skaterboy Rob.
When she is sixteen her demon half is released back into her and her Uncle a demon starts teaching her about demons and how to use fire, water,air,earth and spirit.
Belial finds her too but wants her to suffer before he kills her.
I like how the story jumps back to the past so she sees her mom and her dad fight demons how they fell in love. Her uncle and mom relationship over the years.
I read the book straight through. Easy read and keeps you believing that it good be true. I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Review: Across the River by Christopher Buehlman

Not a good idea to read late into the night. It said horror book and it was a nightmare. Very well told nightmare.
Frank and Eudora moved into a house in Whitbrow that his aunt had left him. She also wrote a letter to sell the house dont ever go their.
Frank was a collage professor and had an affair with a student Eudora who was married to another professor.
Frank lost his job and Eudora just got her license to teach and had a hard time in  30's to get a job.
So Eudora got offered a teaching job in Whitbrow and Frank decided to write a book about an ancestor that owned a plantation across their that he was a slave owner and killed and torched slaves. His slaves ended up killing him. He also was a general in the civil war.
The town had a weird habit twice a month they met after church they called it the chase. They would get two pigs put garlands of flowers on them and ferry them across the river and chase them into the woods. Then take a collection plate for the farmer whose turn to donate the pigs. The town had been doing it for decades.
Times were tough all around and they voted and debated if they should quit it now or not and voted to end it.
Then something had attacked and killed a boy then ate him. Then they tracked his killer with dogs to the woods to a black man and they hanged him.
Then all the dogs that had tracked  where killed.
Then one of the Aldermans that voted to end the chase died.
Somebody had dug up all the dead and put them in the school house in the chairs. Some where the freshly dead but others where just bones. Written on the chalkboard was SEND THE PIGS.
Things started getting worse and worser. I can't say I enjoyed the book, but I had to keep reading to find out what was really going on. I prefer lighter books. So if you like to be scared this book should do the trick. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
09/06/2011 PUB Penguin Group USA ACE

Sunday, August 21, 2011

review: Promissory Payback by Laurel Dewey

This is a short direct to the point case for
Detective Jane Perry, is called out on a murder case.
Caroyln Handle age 62 is found tied up and dead on her bed by lifetime friend Laura Abernathy. Turns out she was stealing money 50,000 for people to invest in condos in Mexico that did not exist.
Jane interviews Laura and learns about her robbing investers of their money and how their is 3 investers who lost money.
Jane interviews relative that was in LA at time of murder and who benefits from her death. Figures out who the three investers were. and solves the case.
You don't learn much about Jane except she is recovering acholic,smokes and swears. She did yoga but got kicked out for having her gun by excersie mat.
I think you might have learned more from a previous book. I wish she had more interactions than just the suspects so we could care about her.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
08/02/2011 PUB STORY PLANT  80 PAGES

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review: Reign of the Nightmare Prince by Mike Phillips

4 I enjoyed most of the book, I did get lost and confused at times. Probably just me. I was thinking in ways its like when explores came to south america. Natives where killed and robbed of thier gold and jewels. Sacred places ruined. I saw in someone review they thought of Africa. Its amazing how same book hits different people different.
Rakam is on a journey traveling and learning about different groups trying to find what his path will be. He has the gift of sight. Those who have gifts train and then go on like a vision quest. He goes to see different animals that this one village use, but as he comes to it, it is completly destroyed. Even the rocks surrounding their fire pits is gone. He sees what happened in a vision. He heads for home to warn his people and finds village after village destroyed even their sacred places.
Rakam is bit by snake and he almost dies a riverdog saves him and brings him fish while he heals. After he realizes that his visions are gone but a new power has imerged.
He warns his people and shows them the armor they where that their arrows cant hurt. They flee to the marsh king to let others know of these enemys that kill and destroy everything and hope by joining can stop them somehow.
It is interesting story of natives having to fight for thier lands and beliefs.  Different groups having their traditions. Choosing good over evil. What fight is worth dying for.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.stars

Review: From Dirt to Diamonds by Julia James

Its a romance novel. Thea is hoping that Giles was about to ask her to marry him. Her dream that she has worked hard for.  Before Giles could get the question out Angelos's came up to their table and rudely gave Thea his card and said, "Call me"Then went back to his table. Giles said how rude and finally got the question out. Thea said,"yes"
When Angelos did not recieve the call next day he went to her apartment with his bodyguard, He bullyed his way in and threatened her with the name Kat. Angelos told Thea that unless she broke off with Giles he would tell him all about Kat and her real past.  Angelos wanted Thea to come stay with him at his hotel so Giles would believe that she chose Angelos from her past instead of Giles.
Angelos's is a greek tycoon who five years ago almost hired Kat to do a modleing job for his company.  Angelos never mixed business with pleasure so he dropped Kat from the modleing job so he could persue her.
Kat was excited to hear she got the job because she could start getting more work and get a real apartment. She was raised by the state after she turned 18 she found out that her mom was a drug addict was taken from her. Her grandmother was an acholic so state took her mom away and they both paid for their addictions with prostution and did not know the fathers.  Kat swore to not be like them so no drugs,sex or drinking.
Then Mike came and threatened her that he knew she was getting the job and she had to pay him what ever she got or he would cut her face like he did cut her friend.  Mike had been following her around and she had not realized it.  Kat was really scared and then she found out that after all she was not hired.  So Kat went to Angelos's hotel room to beg for her job back with Mike outside waiting for something. Angelos almost got her to say for job she would have sex with her but told her that she was a whore and he never mixed business with pleasure to get out.  He was angry. Kat was furious and scared and saw watch by her and took it to pay Mike.
Before Kat got out of hotel cops came and took her to jail.  Before Kat was thinking well at least she was safe from Mike now.  When other cops were talking about bad accident that killed the motorcycle rider Mike.  Kat than told cops that Angelos had given her the watch as payment than changed his mind and gave the cops the watch.  So because she had witness that Kat was in the room as a guest of his it was he said she said deal they were not arresting her.
Angelos was mad so he got her fired from modeling agency, fired from day job even kicked out of room she rented. He took what little she had away.  All Kats hope and dreams.
Then She started over as Thea and modeled out of Manchester instead of London and got more refined and learned more social skills and got some success. Almost Married and on her way to be next wife of a Viscount. Then Angelos came back. to take that away.
Thea did break with Giles and went with Angelos to switerland but she still did not drink,drugs or sex.  Thea tried to ignore Angelos, but they became closer and closer.  More misunderstandings till things resolved.
I was entertained with it. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Review; A Just Deception by Adrienne Giordano

It was good book, did not put it down till finshed. Too bad that their too many creeps out their in the world.
Isabelle is a lawyer working in her uncle law firm, when her cousin Kendrick comes in snd traps her in copy room. he has been back for years. Isabelle calls her friend in chicago and asks him to put security system in her house.
Peter is home in New Jersy on forced vacation when his boss calls and asks him to do a favore and see what system she needs.  Peter is instantly attracted to Isabella and falls in love with her house. He sees she is weary and tells her to call if she needs anything.
The next morning Isabelle wakes up with her cousin trying to rape her and she beats him up. She doesn't want to call cops so she calls Peter. He comes and they take him to his father and she warns her uncle to keep him away from her or she will kill him.
Kendrick had  sexualy abused her from the time she was little till 15 when her uncle walked in and got him. Her mom was talked into not calling cops and her parents divorced after that. Her father had a friend teach her self defense.
Well Kendrick is found murdered she is a suspect and so is Peter but they have alabies. FBI convince her that to go visit the compound where her cousin lived because they had a missing girl thier and new they were breaking some laws and thought she could get into the compound and see if more children were in danger. Peter goes too.
Isabelle has a lot of trouble trusting in guys. she turns off her emotions and has sex. Peter does not want her when she turns off and wants her when she can feel too.
Peter has issues with two friends died in the past year from work. He his not coping and they took his guns away till he faced his loss and quilt.
So Isabelle tries and finds out what her cousin was up too. plus trying to deal with her feelings. Peter is trying to protect her while falling in love and dealing with his past.
Their are a lot of tough problems they are dealing with while figuring out what her cousin and Seth were up too.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
09/05/2011 PUB. CARINA PRESS

Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: Jockeys and Jewels by Bev Pettersen

I was kept in the story. Good see the races and horses.
Kurt is a horse trainer and his horse is about to race when he gets a call. He looks at who's calling and finds his old boss Archer from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He quit 11 months ago to be a full time horse trainer. He was tired of going undercover all the time.
Archer said,"They needed him on this case as a horse trainer and not to take his good horses. His old partner Connor had been murdered. He had stopped to help a horse trailer and after followed him to the track.  He talked to a jockey named Julie West. The trailer belonged to Otto Laing."
So Kurt left his good horses and took a new horse to teach the gate too. and a Horse that looked good but had lost all of his races so far. Also took Cisco his work horse.
He is across the barn with his horses to Otto's horse but he cant see that horse because its blocked off so no one can bother it. Otto horse hates him.
Kurt offers Julie to ride his horse in the mornings and see how well she does at her first race before deciding who will be jockey for the race.
Kurt fits in because he is a real trainer and no one knows he is a cop.
It shows the world of racing. How hard undercover can be with all the lying.
I enjoyed reading Jockeys and Jewels and look forward to reading more books from Bev. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
PUB 2011 PAGES 338

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: Taken by Brock Eastman

I read a couple of reviews on this book before and said don't start till you have time to finsh. It was good advice. I really enjoyed it and hated that the book was done till the next book comes out in the series.
Oliver has finshed loading all the crates and is wondering where his parents are. He checks on his sister and twins they are asleep so he goes back home and finds a different ship and a whole bunch of soldiers surrounding his house. Oliver sneaks into the garage and before he opens the door to kitchen he sees his parents sitting and a leader is asking them questions. Wondering where the children are. He also lets Oliver and his parents know that he knows what they have discovered on previous trips to find man's orgin.
Oliver is discovered but his dad tries to help him escape and tells him to take the children and leave while he can. Oliver is 17 has been in academy for a year of training. twins are 11 yr boys. Tiffany is a teenager. Oliver is being chased by soldiers and he escapes because he knows the woods around his home.
Oliver gets back on the ship and takes off with the help of Tiffany and make it away to hyperdrive before the other ships can catch them. Oliver has just a little real training on flying the ship but a lot of hours in simalators.
They know where his parents where to meet their backer,but they don't know who to trust since someone has informed on his parents. The kids are all surprised to learn that their is a year supply of stuff on board and the kids were not going back to school their this year.
Tiffany speaks a few different lanages and is reading her mother journal to figure out where they might be taking thier parents, so they can rescue them.
While Oliver was trying to get rid of the ships that followed them he damaged the ship communications.
They land on different planet that every 3 years it becomes a ice planet and that time is comming in 4 days. Oliver & Tiffany head out to dome city to find parts for ship and their parents backer to see if he can help them.
Twins were told to stay in the ship but they don't and meet a blue boy. and he takes something that the twins will get in trouble so they chase him and think he fell off a cliff.
Than being lost they find a group of blue men with a wagon of supplies from thier ship and are taken prisoner.
Thier is a lot more action to the story and not sure who to trust. They all make different friends and still plan to rescue their parents and friends.
It is a story for all ages. I got lost in the story would love to swim in the blue mans pool. I will read the next book in series.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
07/07/2011 PUB  P&R PUBLISHING

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review: The Guardian by Robbie Cheuvront & Erik Reed

It was a roller coaster of a book. Going from one country to another being chased by bad guys. It even got me crying in a couple of places.
It starts with John in Patmos Island Prison 60 years after the Crucifixion. When he got a scroll with a revelation on it that he had to hide from the world.
Then it goes New Orleans present day mardi gras Anna is with friends but she doesn't want to drink to excess like her friends so she is going to walk by herself to hotel. She sees a boy in ally and he calls her by name and tell her to go home now. Where she needs to talk to her grandfather who is in hospital. She knows her grandparents have been dead for years. But her father had lied to her.
When she gets to the hospital her grandfather had just died Father Vincent is their he is making plans to ship her grandfather to rome.
He convinces her to accept a ride home in a private plane that is hers now. He tells her that her grandfather has had a duty to protect the scroll and solve it. That she is direct decented from John for 2000 years her family has protected its where abouts. That only 4 people know where and what she will be doing and one of them is the Pope.
Anna has a hard time believing him but she had met the boy who knew so much about her.  She wants to talk to her parents and see why they have lied to her for all these years. While talking to her parents she makes up her mind to find the scroll and finsh her grandfathers work.
Turns out she is now rich and she is led on to many different countries to find the scroll and the key to unlock it.
Thier is a group with Satan at lead that wants the scroll for the power it will give them. One is a Cardinall who is over another group of ones who dont observe thier beliefs and want power. They even go so far as plan to murder the Pope and put one of their own in charge.
Anna has 3 people with her plane at all times that she can trust if she justs see one or two she not get on. She is also given 4 passports with different names on them to help keep her safe.
Thier are murders following where ever she goes trying to get the scroll everyone around her is at great risk but they know Its for a rightous cause.
Jason becomes her Protector who is supposed to keep her safe and help her find the answers she needs.
The angel Micheal even makes appearance to them.
It is well written plot with a different ending.
Did not want to put the book down till I had finshed reading it. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review. Highly recommend if you want action.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review:1105 Yakima street by debbie Macomber

I read the first six books and than I forgot about them. I still enjoy the characters and am sorry I missed a few in between. So next I will read the last book in the series.
Rachel has left her husband of less than a year of marriage. She is pregnant and the fighting of her step daughter and her husband not wanting to jump in just wanted peace.  Rachel had to leave for her health and the babys. She keeps loosing weight instead of gaining weight. Her blood pressure is way high.
Rachel had a good relationship with Jolene for years before she married Bruce. Jolene was jealous and glad that Rachel moved out and doesn't want her dad to have anything to do with her.
Rachel has no where to go and her old boyfriend said he was renting a room in a house and thier was one extra the owner was at sea at the moment. Nate said, "He had a girl friend so she did not have to worry about him wanting to get back with her. So Rachel moved into with Nate her room was on main floor and the other bedrooms where upstairs.
Bruce dosen't know where and who she is living with in fact no one does. Bruce is trying to get Rachel back and tries to talk at the salon but Jolene and friends show up and start yelling. Rachel boss does not like it. Finaly rachel gets a job where Bruce had no idea where she lives or works, she has blocked his cell phone number so he cant even call her.
Bruce finally goes to counsling when Rachel first wanted to go.
It also tells about whats going on in a lot of familar characters of past books and what they are up too.
It was good to read it all again. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review: Gifts and Consequences by Daniel Coleman

Well the last chapter took me awhile to read because I used a lot of tissue.  It was a good lesson did not agree with everything but made me think and care and feel,
Jonathan is almost a billionare shy a few million. When his wife got alltimers in her early 40's he sold all his property and closed down his busness at the peak. Susan asked him to always remind her that he was her husband. told Jonathan thier was so much good he could do in her name that she could not do anymore.
So Jonathan does not believe in giving anything without a return. So if he hears someone say they would walk across the US and back if thier was away to save his wife. Jonathan would give him a chance to see if he really would do it but if he agreed and quit thier would be a penalty.
Most kept thier promises and Jonathan kept his word always. He ended up with a lot of employees to help him keep track and to find those that needed help and where willing to do things  to get it.
One young woman cat needed surgery and offered to volunteer at vets office in exchange for it. The vet did not take her up on it, but Jonathan did. She volunteered at Humain society for a year and now works for Jonathan. The people who kept their word got what they asked for and learned life lessons in return.
I was touched by this story in so many ways. I would read more of Daniel work. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Review: Beyond the Grave by Mara Purnhagen

This was the seconnd book that I have read in this series. I would love to read the others. It stands alone, but does mention things from the other books.
The book starts with Charoltte saying,"I never should have sent my boyfriend to the electric chair."
Noah is strapped to a electric chair at Southern Penitentiary. They are are vidio taping at the closed prison to finsh the DVD for thier work.
Mr. Pate is the prison historian says it is not hard to sit in the chair. So they hooked him up but he could not spend even 5 minutes.
Charoltte's mom has been in a coma for over 3 months since the attack by a watcher. She is in a long term care center. It has been getting harder for Charoltte to see her mom. She has been getting panic attacks since the attack when she hears loud banging noises.
Charoltte's dad is spending even some nights at care center. So she has hid the panic attacks from him.
Shane and Noah's mom are planning their wedding. Shane is also trying to finsh the dvd since her parents cant do it by the time the contract says.
Shayne is her uncle. Noah is Charoltte boyfriend.
Noah has been sleep walking and lying to everyone about what he has been doing lately.
Michael is new guy Charoltte met who is a protector assigned to her and her mother to fight the watcher (is a evil spirit of someone that takes possesion of another and is hard to stop.)when he comes back.
The story keeps my attention did not want to stop reading last night but had to finsh it this morning.  I would love to read more books in this series. I was
involved in the story and wanted to find out what was really going on with Noah and If her mom ever came out of the comma.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Friday, August 12, 2011

review: Protecting pregnant witness by Julie Miller

I wish I had read the earlier books about the different swat team members. Don't need to its stands on its own. Its a nice romance story. I would read more books from Julie Miller.
Rafe was a rookie cop when his partner was killed trying to stop bank robbers. He promised he would help look out for his two kids. Josie 15 had a crush on Rafe and younger brother.
ten years later Rafe was on a swat team and a young boy died in his arms. He could not save him though he tried. Josie was comforting him and things got physical. Rafe felt he was failing Aaron again by making love to Josie. Her younger brother was in prison for drugs. after that night Rafe still walked her to her car after the bar closed each time she worked but emotionaly he closed off to her even more.
six months later while taking some stuff to her brother in prison she witnessed a murder up close. He was a serial murder that they had been trying to catch for two years. Now Josie was a witness and she cave cops what she knew. Rafe just found out he was going to be a father.  When killer kept trying to kill her and made calls to her. Rafe and his swat team drew her in and was protecting her at all times.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Review: The Sixes by Kate White

I liked the story but some parts were a little jumpy from time to time. I went back to see if I missed somthing and than forward and it went back to what I thought I missed.
Phoebe was celebrating her a new book being on New York best seller 6 weeks. Thought everything was going well and then the bottom droped. Her guy dumped her. She was accused of using another writers work. Turns out a researcher for her put papers in wrong folder and she did not catch it. Media was all over her. They were holding off from publishing paperback book. her blog was dropped.
A friend who now was President of a small college Lyle she needed someone to teach writing classes. She could get away from all the media.
A female student went missing Lily. Phoebe realized that she had a conversation that looking back might be important. About mistakes she made and how she wanted to start over.
Phoebe friend asked her to look into Lily disappearance to see if thier was a secret group of girls called the six. If they did exist what was purpose and were they harrassing other students. Because of Phoebe past and how she gets people to tell her things.
Lily turns up drown in the river and a year earlier her boyfriend went missing.
Someone starts breaking into Phoebe house and causing her problems like dead Rats in freezer. Trying to scare her off. Even when she changed the locks they kept getting in.
Someone thinks thier is a serial murder around drowning students. Thier is drug use on campus, The more Phoebe asks questions the more problems are found at college.
The story was good but thier were a lot of different story lines about bad stuff at college. As a mother of two girls in college did not like that. But I know its all out thier. It kept my attention. Would read more books written By Kate White.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: An Angel for Christmas by Heather Graham

Posted 8/11/2011: Its a charming family in an old family home they have had for two hundred years, The family always come together for christmas. This time thier is added tension. Shayne is now divorced doc. with two kids that wasn't supposed to be with him this Christmas. Conner age 9 and Genevieve age 6. Morwenna is thier but her boyfriend is in Mexico with co-workers She is work acholic supposed to be using her art but now in management. Bobby is the youngest and keeps changing colleges and what he wants. Now he wants in Juliard even though his father keeps telling him he cant make money on singing. Mike is a proscuter and see's lot of bad people. He wants the best for his three kids. Stacy is mom and grandmother and is a homemaker.
This year they all got to cabin okay and surprise Shayne has his kids. Cindy wanted them to have a family christmas. So they had already most of presents mailed to them. The internet was out and so was cable and no cell phone coverage. Which would not have been bad but they found a wounded man outside with head injury. His name he said was Gabe and he was a police officer chasing a bad guy who hit him over the head and stole his uniform.
They could not call to get him help but at least Shayne could take a look at him and offer first aid.
Mike was not trusting him at all.
Too entertain the kids Morwenna told a story with old art pictures while bobby played some music. Shayne with a mop on head face cold cream became aboniable snowman gabe became a christmas elf. Which they acted out the story for kids and had a great time.
The next day was Christmas an another man showed up in police uniform but no id. Saying Gabe was crook.
So they handcuffed both one in garage and one is shed till they could walk down to tavern and see if they could help. Gabe was understanding that they where trying to do what was right but Luke kept telling them they could be arrested for aiding Gabe.
Genevieve was sneaking out of house and fell down a mountain. Morwenna was in tool shed gaurding Gabe and started running before she slid down and Gabe ran past her and slid down was able to stop Genevieve before she fell further he was using his body and holding on tree. Morwenna was above them aways and was holding on somthing. Right away Genevieve was missing so grandmother and bobby saw and got rope. Shayne was in back and bobby in front of rope got the rope down to Morwenna and she got it over Genevieve and thay pulled her up. then pulled up Morwenna than Mike came and helped pull up Gabe.
The family was grateful all where okay but still did not trust either man.
They had more adventures before they figured out who was telling the truth. Prayers where answered and the family all got closer and closer even Cindy the kids mom showed up.
It was full of Christmas and angels. It was a nice Christmas story you felt good at the end. I would read other books by Heather Graham.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: This fierce splendor by Iris Johansen

I now want to go read all of the delaney's stories again. I enjoyed most of the book to many sex scenes for me but love the rest of it.
Elspeth is on a stage comming to the town Hell's Bluff from Ireland. She has come to try and get Dominic Delaney to guide her to fable lost city Kantalan in south america. She knows he had a map telling how to get there, she wants to study and find greater knowledge of atlantis.
Dominic is a gun fighter, gambler and has some stake in some claims around the gold rush of Hell's Bluff. He does not believe the city is really there. He told her father he was not interested in taking them.
Elspeth follows into a cathouse to show him that she was determined. When that did not work she stood across the street till he came out and followed him till dark. Then she went into the saloon and told him she was not giving up.
Dominic kidnapped her and took her to a cabin outside of town with the idea of taking her innocense. But she got away and was badly injured. Dominic was afraid she would never come too. His cousin Sliver was brought to take care of her.
Eventually he took her back to his family home and married her and right after someone tried to kill him.
So they went to see if the lost city was really their.
Along the way they realized that they loved each other. Thier was gunfights, hanging and adventure along the way.
I have read lots of her books and real read more of them. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: Mr. Right there all along by Jackie Braun

I liked it was cute romance.
Chole is working part time at a job she likes and the boss keeps telling her the next full time job is hers.  Chole in the mail gets her ten yr reunion notice. Three girls made her life miserable in high school just thinking about it drives her crazy. Sh she is eating comfort food and Simon  calls and comes over. He got the invitation a week earlier. they have been best friends scince grade school.
Simon was a nerd but not he owns a company thats doing great and  he is in great shape. Though his girl just dumped him.  Simon dad is getting married for the sixth time. So he doesn't see a lot of people sticking around in his life. So he doesnt want to let Chole know he is attracted to her and loves her because he doesn't want to loose her friendship.
Chole decides she is going to wow at reunion. She starts dieting and goes running with Simon. She gets her teeth whitened so she wont drink red wine, coffee or tea. She tries to get a fake tan but it turns her orange.
Simon keeps telling her she is perfect and it drive him nuts that she is changing for people she doesnt even see. He is glad that she is getting healthier with exersize and eating healthier. He doesn't think she needs to loose weight fix the gap in her teeth. Become any more perfect than what she is right now.
Its fun to see the trouble Chole gets into trying to get ready for reunion and watching them try to hide how much they love each other.
Its a fast read entertaining book. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
08/02/2011 PUB HARLEQUIN

Monday, August 8, 2011

Review: Wyoming Tough by Diana Palmer

I enjoy Diana Palmer's books.  I have read a lot of her stories and some of the names spoken seem real familar.
Morie has run away from home because she wants to learn ranching and her father and brother won't teach her.  She is pretending that she is down and out to get hired on a ranch in Wyoming. Morie is tired of guys wanting to marry her because of who her father is a very rich texas rancher. Morie wants to marry someone who loves her not her money.
Mallory is one of three brothers who own the family ranch and they are makeing it pay off. All 3 have served in milatary at one time. Tank got his nickname because he took down a tank with a granade. Cord is the 3 brother.
Mallory has final say on ranch matters. He has a girl friend that he hangs around who has set up and got one cowboy fired for theft. She wants Morie fired is telling lies about her.
Morie is learning ranching from the forman is taking the time to teach her. She loves the work. Likes Mallory as a boss tease him and was amazed when she threw some cattle dip on his white shirt she was not fired.
Morie causes a fight with all 3 brothers when one was tring to learn part on piano and wants to borrow her ipod to hear it again. Morie says she can show him on the piano and plays it for him. Tank and Cord want her to quit ranching and take to playing piano when they realize she so good. They yell at Mallory she should not being doing that hard work.
Mallory thinks she is trying to play him when she mentions durning some kissing about children. Mallory is tired of women to take him for money.
its a good romance Morie makes a lot of new friends in Wyoming. When she helps the cook make food for rich guests at a party, Her uncle a judge in Texas walks in kitchen and finds his niece thier keeps her secret from her father where she is at.  But because she is talking to the judge outside and later calls him late at night.  Mallory thinks she is making a play at her uncle but she can't tell him who he is.
I enjoyed reading this book and will definately read more from her in the future.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
10/25/2011 PUB  HARELQUIN

Review: The Surgeon Secret Baby by Ann Christopher

Lia is a single mom of 8 yr old Jalen and is FBI computer specialists. She is getting tour of hospital that she is going to upgrade there security because she had hacked into their systom to find who is Jalen son.
Dr. Thomas Bradshaw is chief surgeon and the youngest one too. When Lia bursts into his office and says she needs to talk to him. Thomas had been going to find out who she was after thier clash earlier in the day. Lia tells him he his the father of her 8 year old boy. Thomas knows he had never met her but than explains how she broke in hospital records to find the sperm donor she had used, because her son is in kidney failure and she is not a match. She shows him a picture of Jalen and it is like looking at his picture when he was that age.
Thomas is shocked than he realized that he wanted to be a father and in his life if the DNA test came back positive. Of course it does and he is a match for kidney too. Thomas soon loves Jalen and cares for Lia too. Then Thomas dad shows up the Admiral. Admiral and Thomas dont have a close relationship. He cares for jalen too and gets close to him and works at being closer to Thomas too.
Its a good romance novel. good relationships and trying to make better ones. I would read more books by Ann Christopher.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

review; Lone Defender by Shirlee McCoy

I realy enjoy reading lone defender. Its a clean romance and survival story.
It starts out in the deseret with Skylar Grady she has been trying to get out of the deseret the last 6 days. Skylar woke up alone in a jeep somewhere in a deseret. She has walked and walked she wants to live to find out who is trying to kill her. She is in bad shape.
When at night she sees someone else and he calls her name she tries to run from him and fight but then he names her boss Kane and that he had got him to look for her. Jonas Sampson got a call from a college buddy to go look for her. He thought he would find a body but he was willing to track her so he would have closure.
Jonas has been a tracker and border patrol up until 4 years ago when wife and unborn child was murder as payback for jonas  stopping drugs and guns smuggled in. He is now a contracter.
When he realizes that someone brought her out in the deseret to have her die so it looked like her fault not murder. He realizes that the group he has seen out thier is up to know good. So they try to get somewhere for shelter out of weather and they can have protection someone else pops up and tries to kill her but  they get gun away and skylar at the end of her rope but somehow she is able to get strengh and they climb up a mesa to a cave he knows and rests thier.  Till the group following them gets to mesa and they finsh climb and keep going till daylight when rescue chopper gets them out.
Jonas tries to get Skylar on a plane back home to her boss, but Skylar is determined to find out who is trying to kill her.
Skylar used to be a cop till her partner shoots her in order to protect the bad guys and with three wounds she is left with only desk job so she becomes a private detective and the only case she is working is a guy who owes back child support. Skylar relies a lot on prayer and her faith keeps her going.
Skylar and Jonas start to look into her missing guy to find out  whos trying to kill her. She has more attemps to take her life. Jonas starts to get his faith back and realizes he ready to get back to his old job that he is good at. They fall in love and keep trying to protect each other.
I would read more of Shirlee McCoy's books. It was a mystery ,love story,survival, good over bad,faith and action story. I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: Dream Lover by Adrienne Staff

Dream lover opens on Carol dreaming of a man running on a mesa than an old man says, "To Fly with the eagle is to reach for the stars" Then he reaches a hand out to push her off the cliff. Carol has this dream in Atlanta right before she moves out to southwest to be a assintant new manager of a hotel.
The first night thier she sees a display that draws her attention when she is told not to touch it. Dr. Cody Briggs startles her.and goes back to setting up the display.
Dr. Cody Briggs has had a hard year. He feels he has lost everything he cared about. People he trusted betrayed him. he was fired from his job that he loved for not being a team player. So now he is giving jeep tours out in the deseret working with the hotel.
As Carol  learns the new hotel she staffs the concierge desk while the regular one is on vacation. She is getting rave reviews about Cody jeep tours. how he does chants, holds bugs and she wonders if it is safe for thier visitors and wont use him till she finds out what is so different about his tours.
Cody really wants to keep giving tours because he can teach them about the deseret he loves. That way he doesent miss teaching so much. Cody is attracted to Carol but feels she has had worst time than he has.
Carol keeps dreaming and seeing Cody in dream and she wants to stay alone. She has a hard time sleeping at nights.
Cody sees a vision in campfire of Carol and at a sweat lodge is has another vision of her. That same time their is a sing for sick baby and Carol wants to help so she is staying outside and praying for the baby. An old Indian who is late to the sing stops and talks to her. Tells her to forgive herself and after the sing to ask for a eagle prayer feather. But he was not really thier.
Carol wants to be left alone but Cody fell in love with her and wants to help her and be with her and share her trails.
It is a nice romance but not a great one. easy fast read. After the story thier are a bunch of excerpts from other loveswepts that are comming out again this month.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Review: Legends by Deborah Smith

 remember reading this book years ago. I still like it and enjoyed reading again. Now I wish I could go back and read other books by her again.
Douglas Kincaid is a selfmade billionare. He collects things and puts the Kincaid name on everything including the dog. He thinks its time for a wife so he is sitting behind a one sided mirror being told about the different women at his party. When a big beautiful woman peers at the mirror and gives him an eyefull.
Elgiva MacRoth drew his attention and got him to show her his garden on the roof than shot him with a tranquiler gun. Kidnapped him off his own highrise building and put him in a cell in highlands of Scottland. Elgiva is a widow and plans to keep Douglas in the cell for a month till his agreement to buy option runs out. He plans to buy her home and village and kick everyone out turning it to a tourist village. He plans to help them find new homes but they have been thier for generations.
Elgiva is also planning to teach him about his own history of the Kincaid clan, She plans to take care of him feed him well and promises he won't be hurt.
Kincaid believes he will be rescued by his security long before his option to buy runs out. He is furious with her tries to embrass her, hurt her and he is attracted to her.
They are both stubborn and determened to have thier own way as they fall for each other.
I have read a lot of her books and plan to read more of her works. After Elgiva story is a lot of book excerpts from different authors that will be available again. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review: White Tiger by Kylie Chan



Wow I have never heard anything about the mythology of China. Just a little bits here and there. It was confusing for me to get it straight but sounds like others do to or they mean different things in different regions and different names. I enjoyed reading about them.
Emma is a kindergarden teacher in Hong Kong from down under. Emma has one private student she teaches english to Simone. Simone father is Mr. Chen a rich powerful man. The owner of the school Miss Kwok wants Emma to spy on Mr. Chen. Emma resigns and is offered full time nannie position, which is a livein job for 5000 US dollars a month. Emma wants to know what his work is and is it legal. She is told that it is and after you have been here awhile he will tell her.
Simone is a 4 yr old girl, who is charming and loving. Who is excited to have Emma full time nannie. Emma has different lessons she is learning,piano, violin,horseback riding, english, martial arts and demon fighting.
Leo is called a black Lion he is over 6 foot a big black body gaurd. He will protect Simone with his life he feels quilty he could not save Simone mother life.
Mr. Chen you learn about him the whole book a little at a time. He is a shen. He is a general lived on the mountain thats not on this plain. Till he got Married and stayed humane to take care and protect Simone. He is part turtle and snake. He is dark Lord. Because he cant go to the mountain he is getting weaker and weaker thinks he has two more years left before he will have to leave this plain and has no idea how long it will be before he is strong enough to come back to earth. He is god of martial arts infact he invented most of them.
Emma fits right in as the nannie but it is driving her crazy not to know who or what John does. Who are the badguys. Why are they trying to kidnap Simmone. About 6 months after she is fulltime she learns the main secrets. She asks to learn martial arts to help protect Simone and herself. She is falling in love with John but can never be with him without killing herself.
The story draws you into the world of Chinese gods. They come and visit John and to be trained by him. It feels real and natural how the story unfolds it goes in great detail of life everyday and training of martial arts and demon fighting. It has a lot of love between the characters, family bonds, friends bonds and even romantic love. It has a lot of demon fighting and killing. Rich lifestyle, full of mythology of China.
Its a nice size book of 528 pages. Their are two more books in this series cant wait to read them. Would recommend this book. I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.
09/01/2011 PUB Harper Collins Voyager

Friday, August 5, 2011

Cooking the Books by Bonnie S. Calhoun

5 STARS I would read more Sloane Templeton mystery books. I enjoyed Cooking the Books. Felt her taste in men was not great.
Sloan was working in a bookstore but not happy to be there. Her mom had owned the bookstore, but 3 months ago she died. In fact Sloan owns the whole building all 4 floors of it. thier are inside stairs and outside stairs. Sloan apartment is 3 and 4 floors. Her mom is on the second floor and bookstore on the ground floor.
Sloan exhusband abused her so she left and got a divorce and now he sueing her for part of what she inherted. Her next boyfriend Trey beat her and runs the neighbord gang. Now she dating dr. Andreas. Trey does not like Sloan is dating someone else especially a white guy. Trey wants Sloan back. Sloan tries to keep Andreas and Trey away from each other.  She hides that Trey is bothering her or that he beat her up again.
Sloan is being pestered to sale the building without her building the major rebuild project won't go through. They won't take no from her.  Sends Robbie over again and again and finally with someone else over.
Someone is threatening her over the internet. Sloan aunt  Verlene is threatening her with her cooking. Verlene keeps on starting fires and then gets robbed at gunpoint. Verlene new boyfriend is a cop who fixes all her tickets. We here a lot about him but don't meet him, just his partner Justice. Who investigates the robbery of antique book worth a lot of money. Also the death threats and the dead rat with knife in it.
the group of senior citizens meeting at bookstore is not about books.  The senior citizens all are carrying guns and go to target practice once a week. Trey does not like her dating Andreas.
Their is a lot going on in the book and not everything was answered so leads to another book hopefully. Good clean fun mystery book. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
ISBN: 9781426733888

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


01-Foxy's Tale by Karen; Gschwandtner Cantwell  LT
The Choice by Lorhainne Eckhart           LT
02-Erekos by A.M. Tuomala LT
 Domina: Society's Ilk by Edmund Alexander  lt
The Ultimate No-No by Tamika Newhouse LT
 Bad Vibrations by Christine PopeLT
8/03Taken Hostage by Ranae Rose
8/06Cassie Draws the Universe by P.S. Baber  LT
8-07Stray : Touchstone Part 1 by Andrea K Höst LT
8-08Restless Highways by Melissa L. Webb LT
Woodcliff Anthology by D. A. Blankinship LT
8-09Kings & Queens by Courtney Vail LT
Children of the Elementi by Ceri Clark LT
8-11The Schliemann Legacy by D.A. Graystone LT
Two Graves by D.A. Graystone LT
8-12Willowtree by Mike Bove LT
8-13eFiction Magazine by Doug Lance  LT
Harbingers of Mortality by Steve Thoma LT
8-15Fast-Tracked by Tracy Rozzlynn LT
 The Traveler's Companion by Christopher John LT
Blood Duty by CRDaems JRTomlin LT
The Society of Sinners by Charity Parkerson  LT
8-16RIPPLER by Cidney Swanson lt
Color My Horse by Bev Pettersen LT
8-18Strangers On A Plane by Emma Shane LT
The Story of Solomon Bear by Phillip Laird LT
8-19American Nightmare by T.K. Murphy LT
8-20WIRED by Douglas E. Richards LT
The Old One by Todd Brabander LT
Playing with Fire by Chryse WymerLT
Ten Typewriter Tales by Mobashar Qureshi LT
Sea Change by Francis Rowan LT
8-22 Maya & Filippo Make Friends in Auckland by Alinka Rutkowska LT
Daughter of Dreams by Marshall  LT
Energy by MJ Schutte LT
 Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep LT
The Full Moon Bride by Shobhan Bantwal LT
Together Again by Mimi Barbour LT
8-24 Run From The Reaper by Cristian YoungMiller LT
8-25Wayward Son by Tom Pollack LT
26The Patriot Paradox by William Esmont LT
8-27 Hal Spacejock Second Course by Simon Haynes LT
8-28 Blood of the Dragon by Samantha Warren from LT
8-29 5 NETGALLEY BOOKD total 79
i'ma reader not a writer win , Acadia, Book I: The Lost King and the Goddess of Time
The Bound Soul (Halcyon #3) by Joseph Robert Lewis LT
My Summer Blog by Jessica BartlettLT
The Mosswoods byAstrid Yrigollen LT

A Lawman's Christmas by Linda lael Miller

It's been awhile since I have read a book by Linda Lael Miller, makes me want to dig out my other books by her and reread them. Definately read more books of hers.
Clay McKettricks want to start his own ranch so he moved away from his family to texas. Clay plans to mark time over winter as a new sherriff in town. Thier is a small house that comes with the sherriff job, but the last sherriff widow and two daughters still live thier. Soon as Clay gets his horse of the train Edrina comes up to hold his reins so he can help the train conducter shut the car up. Edrina is up on the horse bareback when Clay turns around. I love Edrina she is smart,nice and funny at age 7. She tells Clay that now he is thier they will have to go to poor house.
Clay tells Dara Rose for now he will bunk at jail. The mayor tells her she needs to be out after Christmas if the new sherriff does not want it the town will sell the house.
Dara Rose does not know where to turn. Her choices are to be a ranch housekeeper and cook than after a year the ranger might marry her, but girls are not welcome. The other choice is work at brothel and girls cant live her. Thier is no way she is leaving her girls.
When Clay hears what the Mayor says he proposes marriage to Dara Rose right now it will be in name only and hope that one day will be a real mariage.
I like this good christmas story. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
09/27/2011 PUB HARLIQUIN

Monday, August 1, 2011

The House at Sea's End by Elly Griffths

5 stars
Thier are a lot of things in this story I liked and some I did not. Personally all the different affairs dont like.  I have not read the other books that are before this one, But I want to now.
Ruth is a brand new mom. Her daughter is Kate. Kate father is Nelson, but no one knows that. Nelson is a Policeman and happily married man.
Ruth is a professor teaches archaeologie and helps the police when old remains are found. Ruth is struggling the whole way through the book with being a new mom. Feels quilty when she leaves kate to go to work. Finding baby sitters.
Thier are 6 bodies buried by the ocean  ane once they start moving the rocks they have only till the high tide comes to get everything out or be lost to sea.
They have to find out how old and where they came from.
Its a good mystery and good insight to her friends and coworker's. A little hard for me with the English meaning of some of the police terms like DCI. I would read more of her books.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
01/12/2012 PUB Houghton Mifflin Harcour