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A Cowboy for Kate by Debra Clopton ( A Four Weddings and A Kiss Novella)

It's 1885 and five preachers sit around a campfire out West, trading stories of unlikely couples they've seen God bring together. This is one of those stories . . .

In which Katie, who has chased off half a dozen suitors with her shotgun, hires a rambling ranch hand who's finding Katie may change his wandering ways.

Everyone in town knows Katie Pearl has no interest in getting hitched. She likes living on her own out on her departed Pa's big ranch, turning down suitors left and right—with a pistol by her side.

But when she needs a strong hand to help with rebuilding her house, Katie hires wandering cowboy Thad Rayburn, knowing he's just in town to make a quick buck and then he'll be off for parts unknown. But Thad's got a heart big as Texas. Their blossoming friendship may change her loner status and his wandering ways for good.

"A charming story filled with humor and hope that's sure to please her many fans." —Irene Hannon, best-selling author of the Guardians of Justice series (on "An Ever After Summer" in A Bride for All Seasons)
ebook, 100 pages

Published June 10th 2014 by Thomas Nelson Publishers

ISBN 0529102013

My review: A Cowboy for Kate by Debra Clopton


This novella is short and sweet. It has plenty of drama, action and romance for a short story. It is also a clean fast read.

Katie is mad at least the town thinks so. Katie was trapped in her house for three days after a tornado hit and destroyed her house. Men keep coming out to her ranch with the intention of marrying her now her father is dead and owning her ranch. She chases them off with a gun. I like the character of Katie.

Thad Rayburn's horse died. He wants to find work to help him get a new horse and stake. He wants to travel some more and see whats out their.

Katie hires him to help her build her a house again. She likes the idea of him not staying.

The setting for this is Midway, Texas 1871. Mostly set on a ranch.

Katie wants to be independent. She has a lot of issues to get over. I don't blame her what she went to would be tough.

I enjoy reading Debra Clopton's stories and will continue.

I was given this ebook to read by Net Galley and Thomas Nelson Publishers. In return I agreed to give honest review of A Cowboy for Kate.

Blog tour: ‘We Three Kings’ by John Pontius

About the book:

When the signs of the Savior’s birth appear, Nephi witnesses another miracle—the Liahona starts working again after 600 years of being idle! Determined to find and worship the King of kings, Nephi takes his brother Timothy and skeptic Cephus on a journey across the ocean that ultimately changes their lives—and the course of history—as they become the legendary Three Wise Men.
Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Bonneville Books (September 9, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1462114970
ISBN-13: 978-1462114979

About the author:

John Pontius was born on May 12, 1952 in Moscow, Idaho to wonderful parents, Robert V. and Ann Pontius. He passed on peacefully in his home on December 10, 2012, after a lifetime of service to the Lord Jesus Christ. John had the sweet and humbling gift of writing with the pen of angels. The Lord gave him an ability uniquely his to express the gospel of Jesus Christ in a simple yet magnificently beautiful way. Throughout his life, he has touched many thousands of lives through his published books and firesides. John’s passions also included music, playing piano and organ masterfully since a young boy, oil painting, woodworking, conducting choral and orchestra (his favorite being the Mat-Su Alaska Community Messiah, which he did for many years), Christmas, and anything that captivated his mechanical and technical genius.

My review: We Three Kings


This is a work of fiction with some real events and people thrown in. It is a good story and makes you think about the three wise men and their journey to find the Savior. I did not want to put it down.

The main characters is the Prophet Nephi son of Nephi, his brother Timothy, & Cephus they are going on a quest to take a gift to the Christ child. Cephus is a rich lawyer and skeptic.

This does have real people from the Book of Mormon, but we don't know if they ever left and came back especially Nephi. At the back he explains who or what events were real and what he based the story on.

If you saw the star would you have taken a trip to see the baby Jesus. I want to say yes but I probably would go back and forth on my decision to cross the ocean on a boat without maps. Scary! They had the power of God to guide them though with the Liahona now it has started to work again.

I was drawn right into the story. Their is plenty of drama, faith, history and imagination in this tale. It is also a clean read.

I was given this ebook to read for the purpose of giving a honest review and be part of We Three Kings book tour.

He's so Fine Blitz

Book Summary:

For Olivia Bentley, Lucky Harbor is more than the town where she runs her new vintage shop. It's the place where folks are friendly to strangers-and nobody knows her real name. Olivia does a good job of keeping her past buried, not getting too cozy with anyone . . . until she sees a man drowning. Suddenly she's rushing into the surf, getting up close and personal with the hottest guy she's ever laid hands on.

Charter boat captain Cole Donovan has no problem with a gorgeous woman throwing her arms around his neck in an effort to "save" him. In fact, he'd like to spend a lot more time skin-to-skin with Olivia. He's just not expecting that real trouble is about to come her way. Will it bring her deeper into Cole's heart, or will it be the end of Olivia's days in little Lucky Harbor?

Jill's Bio:
New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis lives in a small town in the Sierras full of quirky characters. Any resemblance to the quirky characters in her books is, um, mostly coincidental. Look for Jill's bestselling, award-winning books wherever romances are sold and visit her website for a complete book list and daily blog detailing her city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures.

You can learn more about Jill at:
Twitter @jillshalvis


HE'S SO FINE is available in mass market paperback, ebook and audio book formats wherever books are sold if you'd like to include retailers links in your post.

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1B0Lc5P

iBooks: http://bit.ly/1p1HaDH

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Kobo: http://bit.ly/1n3cobU

Google Play: http://bit.ly/1vUlsVJ

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1lkIft2

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Murder by the Seaside (The Patience Price Mysteries) by Julie Anne Lindsey

Armed with a new counseling degree, Patience Price is eager to move back home to Chincoteague Island to help folks with their problems. But she finds the streets awash in more than East Coast charm. There's been a murder, and Adrian Davis, the town golden boy who once stomped her heart into a zillion pieces, is the main suspect. Now he's on the run, claiming he's innocent. Patience finds this…poetic. Not that she holds a grudge.

Adrian's mom is sure that with her FBI background Patience can find the truth. Yes, she was at the FBI—in human resources. Still, she looks into it, but not everyone is happy with her snooping. Either that, or the welcome wagon has some bold new policies involving drive-by shootings.

Things really heat up when a hunky former coworker, an actual FBI agent, arrives to help. But he may be too late; the quaint island harbors deadly secrets—and Patience is running out of time.
File Size: 429 KB
Print Length: 214 pages
Publisher: Carina Press (October 7, 2013)

My review :Murder by the Seaside (The Patience Price Mysteries) by Julie Anne Lindsey


I had read Murder in Real Time today and enjoyed it. I love the characters, the mix of characters, mystery, humor and action.
Now I am reading the next book Murder comes Ashore.

Patience Price has been downsized from the FBI. So she came home to Chincoteague Island. She plans to open an office and council others. People don't think she will be able to council anyone because they will be seen. So people come up to her and start talking anywhere then leave her money or they pay something for her. It's funny to see where they will pop up.

Adrian Davis is Patience old boyfriend. He is accused of murder the day she came back home. Adrian's mother wants her to help prove him innocent. Adrian is single.

Sebastian is a FBI agent that Patience has had a crush on so she calls him to pick his brain and he comes to stay a couple of days. Sebastian keeps telling her not to someplace alone but she does and gets in trouble.

The day Patience comes home a murder happens and the accused is Adrian. He asks her for help too and says he is innocent.
Their are roomers that her apartment is haunted. The way people keep getting in I would not stay alone.

I liked this ebook I bought off of Amazon.

Murder in Real Time by Julie Anne Lindsey (The Patience Price Mysteries #3)

Book three of The Patience Price Mysteries

With the chaos of summer tourists and fall birders out of town, counselor Patience Price is looking forward to the quiet life she remembers. She longs for some peace. And an apple fritter. But the calm is cut short when a reality show sets up camp to film a special about ghosts on her little island. Now fans, reporters and crew have flocked to sleepy Chincoteague. Who knew ghost hunters had an entourage?

When two cast members are killed in a room at the local B&B—a room usually occupied by Patience's FBI agent boyfriend, Sebastian—she finds herself on the case. Sebastian doesn't want Patience ruffling any feathers but, as always, she can't help herself.
Patience promises to let Sebastian handle the investigation—he is FBI, after all—but after a drive-by shooting, her wicked curiosity gets the best of her. And with the TV show forging ahead with filming, the list of suspects (and the line of food trucks) only grows. But has the shooter already flown the coop? And how do you find a killer when you don't know who the target is?
File Size: 604 KB
Print Length: 228 pages
Publisher: Carina Press (September 29, 2014)

My review: Murder in Real Time by Julie Anne Lindsey (The Patience Price Mysteries #3)


I want to go back and read the first two books. I like the characters. The island setting. The mystery of what is going on. I like Patience's office of over the whole island. It was fun to watch them all try and figure out what was going on.

Patience Price has come home and going to council people her office is not built. She never knows when a patient wants help. They come to her buying lunch, drink no appointments. Patience dates a FBI agent Sebastian. Her landlord is Patience's old boy friend from college. Patience was let go from FBI.

Sebastian is FBI agent. He came to island to hideout because he has a hit out on him from mob boss.

Adrian Davis has come back to the island. He is running for Mayor of Chincoteague, VA. His campaign head quarters is below Patience's apartment.

Claire is Patience's friend. She works at FBI too. She took the week off and is staying at Patience's apartment.

Adrian has rented his house out for a reality show. He wants to stay in Patience's apartment. Sebastian says no and gives him his key for room he rents by the month. Adrian finds two dead bodies in Sebastian's bed. They are from the reality show.

Claire and Adrian want to help solve the murder. Plus their fans of the show. Their small island gets crowded with all the fans of the show and ghost hunters. Food trucks come over and line up. It makes you hungry. The sheriff and Sebastian tell Patience to stay out of their case. She tries.

Murder in Real Time is entertaining. It is full of action, drama and characters you want to see again and again.

would love to read more of Julie Anne Lindsey books in the future.

I was given this ebook from Net Galley and Carina Press. In return I agreed to give honest review.

The James Miracle by Jason F. Wright Blog tour & review

TITLE: The James Miracle

AUTHOR: Jason F. Wright

Page Count: 112 pages
Genre: Fiction
Format: Hardcover 5X7

RELEASE DATE: September 30, 2014

Fans of New York Times bestselling author Jason F. Wright can

now enjoy his first novel, never before released to the national


Sam and Holly Foster never expected the hardship that caused

their perfect world to shatter. It will take the miracle of their

young son James’s toy boat and a mysterious man to remind

them that heaven is not far and that love is never lost.

About the Author:

Jason F. Wright is the New York Times bestselling author of Christmas Jars and The Wednesday Letters. He writes a weekly column for the Deseret News and Northern Virginia Daily. His

articles have appeared in over fifty newspapers and magazines across the United States including The Washington Times, The Chicago Tribune, and Forbes. A popular speaker, Jason has been seen on CNN, FoxNews, C-SPAN, and on local television affiliates around the country. Jason and his wife, Kodi, live in Virginia with their four children.

My review: The James Miracle by Jason F. Wright


This is a fast read, but could have read it a lot faster if I could see through the tears. This is touching story, sometimes funny, sometimes sad. It makes you want to reach out and hug your family. Sometimes we get so busy and forget to slow down spend more time with your family.

Sam and Holly Foster seemed so real to me I had a hard time thinking it was fiction. I liked them. It starts out before they met and how they met. Then James they brought James into their family. Sam & Holly both worked full time and led super busy lives.

The setting for this book was VA, Washington D.C. area

I was impressed that this was first book. It was written as a Christmas present.

I don't think I will at sail boats the same way again. Miracles and prayers do come answered, just sometimes it is not the answer we want, but what is needed.
I like Jason F. Wright writing style. He writes characters that we want to see more of. Story is short to the point but filled with wonder and emotional up and downs. I will keep reading his works with a box of tissue handy.

I was given this book to read from Shadow Mountain so I could give an honest review and be part of its blog tour.

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DANG NEAR DEAD by Nancy G. West (Aggie Mundeen Mystery #2)



Sub-Genre Tags: Humorous Mystery, Amateur Sleuths, Women Sleuths, Southern Mystery

Aggie vacations with Sam and Meredith at a Texas Hill Country dude ranch with plans to advise her column readers how to stay young and fresh in summer. Except for wranglers, dudes, heat, snakes and poison ivy, what could go wrong?

When an expert rider is thrown from a horse and lies in a coma, Aggie is convinced somebody caused the fall. Despite Sam’s warnings, Aggie is determined to expose the assailant. She concocts ingenious sleuthing methods that strain their dicey relationship as she probes secrets of the ranch and its inhabitants. After she scatters a hornet’s nest of cowboys, she discovers more than one hombre in the bunch would like to slit her throat.
Series: An Aggie Mundeen Mystery

Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Henery Press (September 30, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1940976405
ISBN-13: 978-1940976402

My review: Dang Near Dead by Nancy G. West


I liked this second book of Aggie Mundeen mystery. It is full of drama, humor and action. The suspense is pretty good. I had no idea who the guilty parties were or there motive. Lots of suspects. It is a clean read.

The three main characters do a lot together Aggie, Meredith and Sam. They decide to go to a dude ranch for a working vacation. No one else knows that Sam is a cop. Aggie starts getting to know the workers on the ranch and they talk to her.
Aggie starts noticing a lot of things around the ranch and eavesdrop a lot.

When a expert rider is thrown off her horse and things don't look right Sam decides to stay at the ranch and not let anyone know he is a detective. Aggie sneaks out after things quite to look over the ground and bags different things. Then two others show up to look around too.

I liked that Sam and Aggie worked together in this book after the first lectures. I hope that Aggie tells Sam what she is hiding from them. I am glad they are getting closer slowly. I want to see more of Aggie and Sam work together again.

The setting for this book is Texas hill country on a dude ranch.

I look forward to reading the next book in the Aggie Mundeen Mystery series.

I was given this ebook to read by Net Galley and Henery Press. I promised in return to give honest review o Dang Near Dead.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thirty-Two Going on Spinster by Becky Monson $25 Amazon or Paypal cash Giveaway & review

Thirty-Two Going on Spinster

Julia Dorning is a spinster, or at least on the road to becoming one. She has no social life, hates her job, and lives in her parent’s basement with her cat, Charlie.

With the arrival of Jared Moody, the new hire at work, Julia’s mundane life is suddenly turned upside down. Her instant (and totally ridiculous) crush on the new guy causes Julia to finally make some long-overdue changes, in hopes to find a life that includes more than baking and hanging out with Charlie.

But when the biggest and most unexpected change comes, will the new and improved Julia be able to overcome it? Or will she go back to her spinster ways?

Author Becky Monson

By day, Becky Monson is a mother of three young children, and a wife. By night, she escapes with reading books and writing. In her debut novel, Becky uses humor and true-life experiences to bring her characters to life. She loves all things chick-lit (movies, books, etc), and wishes she had a British accent. She has recently given up Diet Coke for the fiftieth time and is hopeful time will last… But it probably won’t. Becky runs a large book club on Facebook called “This Chick Reads”.

My review: Thirty-Two Going on Spinster by Becky Monson


Thirty-two Going on Spinster is funny. It makes you smile. It is also a clean read.

Julia Dorning at first I did not admire her. Julia was a gossip, lazy at work and living in her parents basement. Then we see her having a crush on a guy at work and she grows up. The more we see of Julia the more I like her.

Julia thinks she is a spinster. She comes home from work and goes to her basement apartment in her parents basement. She wears two basic colors.

Betsy Brown is a smoker in sales. Julia does not smoke but goes outside with Brown and they gossip. About four times a day.

Jared Moody is the new guy at work. I like him what little we see of him.

Julia gets in some embarrassing moments around Jared. That you just want the ground to open and swallow you up.

Julia loves to bake and when she bakes she loves to share with others. Her one boss loves her cupcakes. I would love to try some of her baked goods.

The setting is Colorado working in a software company. Julia has been their for 10 years.

Thirty-Two Going on Spinster is Becky Monson's first book and I would love to read more from her in the future.

I was given this ebook so I could give a honest review of it and be part of its blog tour.

Blog Tour Giveaway

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A Child's Christmas by Kate James

There's a stranger at the door on Christmas Day…
Single mother Paige Summerville wants to give her seven-year-old son the Christmas of his dreams. Jason needs surgery to beat the illness that's plagued his young life, leaving Paige desperate to make ends meet. So she turns to a charity that grants the wishes of sick children…

Then a stranger arrives bearing gifts for Jason—and for her. He's Daniel Kinsley, a lawyer who's grown cynical about family. But his kindness in making Jason's wishes come true offers him more than he ever imagined. Is there room in Paige's heart for a man who could fulfill all their dreams? And not just at Christmas!
File Size: 395 KB
Print Length: 194 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Heartwarming (November 1, 2014)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

My review: A Child's Christmas by Kate James

4 stars

I love the cover it fits the book. I was afraid this might be too sad, but it was not. Sure parts were emotional and it tugs on your emotions. It is a good Christmas story. It is full of drama, joy, loveable characters and a clean read.

Paige Summerville is a single mother. She lives in a apartment with good neighbors. Her son's cancer is back and if the treatment and surgery is not done he won't live till next Christmas. Paige really wants to give him the best Christmas she can.

Daniel Kinsley is a lawyer who is asked to help give a seven year old his Christmas wish. Daniel is a divorce attorney. He decides to help give Jason everything he wants. The train he ordered was not ready till the last moment so he took it right to Jason's home against the rules.

Jason is seven year old battling cancer for the third time. He has not seen his dad since he got cancer the first time. He is a fun loving talented artist.

Daniel ends up sharing Christmas with Jason and Paige. He feels happier than ever. He wants to stay in their lives and asks Paige out.

Jason has the cutest personality. I laughed and smiled while reading A Child's Christmas. I am already thinking of ways I can be like Daniel and help where I can.

I would read more books like this one from Kate James in the future. It is really a heart warming story.

I was given this ebook to read from Net Galley and Harlequin. In return I agreed to give honest review of A Child's Christmas.

The Watchers: Knight of Light by Deirdra Eden

My review: The Watchers: Knight of Light by Deirdra Eden


The drama starts right off from the start and keeps going till the end. You find out about Auriella at the same time she does. She faces many foes, she is scared but does what she thinks is right. Along the way she has come across some good friends too.

The characters are a range of bad Shadow wolves and witches and pixies, dwarfs and dragon. It is basically a fight of dark and light too save mankind or to take over mankind.

You can see Auriella get stronger with each trial she faces as she learns about who and what she is. She is I believe 14 when we first meet her from a small village. She is a orphan. She risks her life to save some kids from a fire. Someone called her a witch and the village turned on her because of it.

The setting is 1270 England

This is a clean fantasy, I think this is a good family friendly book. YA

This a easy fast read. I did not put the book down till I had finished and I want to read the rest of the series in the future.
I was given this ebook to read for the purpose of giving a honest review and joining The Watchers: Knight of Light book tour.

The Watchers Book 1: Knight of Light

In England, 1270 A.D., Auriella (pronounced yurr-ee-ella) flees her village after being accused of witchcraft. Pursued by nightmarish creatures, she struggles to accept the truth about her humanity. Filled with fairies, dwarves, pixies, dragons, and monsters, Knight of Light is an enthralling tale that will capture the imaginations of readers young and old. The Watchers Series has been described as Braveheart meets Supernatural. The mythology for the series is based on many theological texts from dozens of sects with correlating themes. Ancient writings include The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Traditional Apocrypha, The Pearl of Great Price, and The Kabbalah. “The Watchers” are supernatural beings in human form whose duty it is to protect and guard mankind from the armies of darkness. Unfortunately, as the Book of Enoch mentions, some of these Watchers go bad. Although the mythology is based on these texts, Deirdra Eden’s The Watchers Series is written in a traditional fairytale style with a young girl’s discovery of incredible, but dangerous powers within herself, a cast of humorous side-kicks, a quest for greater self-discovery and purpose, and villains of epic proportions.
About the Author
"My goal in writing is to saturate my books with intrigue, mystery, romance, and plot twists that will keep my readers in suspense. I want to see fingerprints on the front and back covers where readers have gripped the novel with white knuckles! Aside from writing, I enjoy jousting in arenas, planning invasions, horseback riding through open meadows, swimming in the ocean, hiking up mountains, camping in cool shady woods, climbing trees barefoot, and going on adventures." -Deirdra Eden Find Deirdra Eden and The Watchers Series online on AmazonDeirdra's websiteFacebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Wattpad, and Pinterest. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Celebrity Cat Caper (A Klepto Cat Mystery Book 6) by Patricia Fry

Book Description
Publication Date: September 21, 2014
Rags, the kleptomaniac cat, opens up a whole new bag of tricks, when he becomes a therapy cat in a children’s reading program. A documentary film crew arrives to capture the cat in action and they get more than they bargained for. Find out how Rags handles his sudden celebrity status.
In this story, Savannah and Michael Ivey invite strangers into their home during a torrential rainstorm and learn that one of them has a sinister past. Someone is murdered, Savannah is stalked, Michael’s life is threatened, and Rags helps to uncover an old mystery that, until now, has everyone baffled.
The Iveys’ baby Lily is three-and-a-half-months old and, along with nine-year-old Adam, provides some sweet and warm moments throughout this fast-moving story with many twists and turns.
File Size: 802 KB
Print Length: 199 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Matilija Press (September 21, 2014)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

My review: The Celebrity Cat Caper (A Klepto Cat Mystery Book 6) by Patricia Fry


I like this fun cat mystery series. I laughed especially at Savannah chasing Rags when they were being filmed. Parts of the mystery I could see what would be coming soon. I love all the familiar characters that keep popping up through the book. This is a good clean murder mystery with Rags finding clues again.

Savannah and Michael Ivey are Vets, but Savannah is now a stay at home mom . They own a lot of animals, but Rags is a kleptomaniac. Rags stills lots of clues to help solve mysteries. So a documentary film crew is going to film about their animals but mostly they want Rags story. Soon trouble starts and a death occurs.

Savannah gets involved with a animals reading program for kids. Where they take pets for kids to read books to them. It helps the children to read out loud to the animals and gain self confidence in their reading skills. Sounds like a good program to me.

This is full of humor, drama, mystery and likeable characters. It is also a fast read.

The setting is northern California
I was given this ebook to read by the author so I could give an honest review of The Celebrity Cat Caper.

Pigeon River Blues: A Sam Jenkins Mystery by Wayne Zurl

Title: Pigeon River Blues

Series: Sam Jenkins Mysteries
Author: Wayne Zurl

Publisher: Iconic Publishing

Publication Date: May 31, 2014

Pages: 258

ISBN: 978-1938844027

Genre: Mystery / Police Procedural

Format: eBook / PDF / Paperback

Winter in the Smokies can be a tranquil time of year—unless Sam Jenkins sticks his thumb into the sweet potato pie.

The retired New York detective turned Tennessee police chief is minding his own business one quiet day in February when Mayor Ronnie Shields asks him to act as a bodyguard for a famous country and western star.

C.J. Profitt’s return to her hometown of Prospect receives lots of publicity . . . and threats from a rightwing group calling themselves The Coalition for American Family Values.

The beautiful, publicity seeking Ms. Proffit never fails to capitalize on her abrasive personality by flaunting her lifestyle—a way of living the Coalition hates.

Reluctantly, Jenkins accepts the assignment of keeping C.J. safe while she performs at a charity benefit. But Sam’s job becomes more difficult when the object of his protection refuses to cooperate.

During this misadventure, Sam hires a down-on-his-luck ex-New York detective and finds himself thrown back in time, meeting old Army acquaintances who factor into how he foils a complicated plot of attempted murder, the destruction of a Dollywood music hall, and other general insurrection on the “peaceful side of the Smokies.”

Wayne Zurl grew up on Long Island and retired after twenty years with the Suffolk County Police Department, one of the largest municipal law enforcement agencies in New York and the nation. For thirteen of those years he served as a section commander supervising investigators. He is a graduate of SUNY, Empire State College and served on active duty in the US Army during the Vietnam War and later in the reserves. Zurl left New York to live in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with his wife, Barbara.

Twenty (20) of his Sam Jenkins mysteries have been published as eBooks and many produced as audio books. Ten (10) of these novelettes are available in print under the titles: A Murder In Knoxville and Other Smoky Mountain Mountain Mysteries and Reenacting A Murder and Other Smoky Mountain Mysteries. Zurl has won Eric Hoffer and Indie Book Awards, and was named a finalist for a Montaigne Medal and First Horizon Book Award. His full length novels are available in print and as eBooks: A New Prospect, A Leprechaun’s Lament, Heroes & Lovers, and Pigeon River Blues.

For more information on Wayne’s Sam Jenkins mystery series see www.waynezurlbooks.net. You may read excerpts, reviews and endorsements, interviews, coming events, and see photos of the area where the stories take place.

Connect with Wayne Zurl:

Website: www.waynezurlbooks.net

Facebook: http:/www.facebook.com/waynezurl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/waynezurl

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/WayneZurl

My review: Pigeon River Blues: A Sam Jenkins Mystery by Wayne Zurl


This is a new series for me, Now I wish I could read all of the Sam Jenkins mysteries. This does a good job of standing alone, I don't feel I missed anything. The plot is easy to follow.

I like Sam Jenkins character. Sam is a retired NY cop who has moved down to Tennessee. Now Sam is a police chief of a force of 13.
He is funny to lighten things. He is also a flirt. He knows his job.

I like the characters and want to see more of them. I love all the secondary characters.

Sam is asked by the Mayor to be a bodyguard to C.J. Profitt while she has come home to be part of a fundraiser with Dolly Parton at Dollywood. C.J. has got 6 letters threatening her if she comes back to her hometown with her sinning ways.

C.J. Profit is a famous singer. She is very vocal about preferring women. She is also abrasive to the cops.

Another ex-cop from New York is hired to work for Sam. He needed to go back to work to make ends meet. He is staying with Sam.

The setting is Pigeon River, TN in the Smokies Mountains
I like reading Wayne Zurl Pigeon River Blues. Look forward to reading more of his books.

I was given this ebook to read for purpose of giving an honest review and to be part of Pigeon River Blues.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Sleigh bells, snow, and second chances . . .

Briar Creek's quaint shop windows, cozy homes nestled in snow, and neighborly residents are what Christmas dreams are made of--for everyone except Grace Madison. She left her hometown years ago to pursue a writing career. But when her father's death leaves his bookstore empty, Grace must return to face why she fled Vermont in the first place: Luke Hastings, who still heats her up like a shot of smoky whiskey on a cold winter's night.

Grace is back, and Luke is worried. How much has she changed as a bestselling author in the big city? What memories will she stir up? And was the choice he made five years ago the biggest mistake of his life?

Now, with their past, present, and future rocking around the Christmas tree, it's time for Grace and Luke to face the music . . . and the mistletoe.

My review:MISTLETOE ON MAIN STREET by Olivia Miles


Can you go back home again? Grace Madison is asking that question again. She wanted out of her town of Briar Creek to become a writer. Now her family needs her home. I like Grace. I want to go in and look at the bookstore and her family's home.

Luke Hastings is the one who stayed in Briar Creek and moved on and got married. He is now a principle and a widower. He feels guilt about his wife.

Everyone tries not to talk about Grace & Luke to each other but they keep running into each other. Everyone wants to know what is going on with them.

Grace has two younger sisters. Anna has her own business in town she is a cook. Jane is married and has a cute little girl. Their father had died six months ago. Everyone is having problems with depression. They have to give up the bookstore their father loved.

Luke & Grace have so many issues to work out. I thought it was going on too long but then problems in real life are not easy to solve all at once either. I did want to shake Luke a few times though.

Their is one love scene that I did skip over.

I want to come in Briar Creek and see what is happening next to the Madisons.

I was given this ebook to read by Net Galley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing). In return I agreed to give an honest review of Mistletoe On Main Street.

Seeing the Dead by Sheila Connolly (Relatively Dead Mystery Series#2)


The second book in the Relatively Dead Mystery Series from New York Times bestselling author Sheila Connolly!

Ever since her first ghostly sighting, Abby Kimball has been trying to unravel the mystery of her newly discovered ability. So when she sees the apparition of a Revolutionary War soldier in the middle of the town green—just days before the annual Patriot’s Day celebration, no less—she’s determined to figure out her connection to the man.

The ethereal soldier is not the only mystery in Abby’s life. She’s also trying to sort out her connection to Ned Newhall, the man who shares her ability and is playing a more serious romantic role in her life every day. But with plans for the celebration ramping up and her job becoming more chaotic by the minute, Abby’s finding it hard to catch her breath, much less come to grips with all the new turns her life has taken.

And when another eerie episode is followed by the appearance of a very curious young girl who seems wise beyond her years, Abby discovers she and Ned may have only scratched the surface of their special ability, and that Ned may hold the biggest surprise yet.
File Size: 618 KB
Print Length: 229 pages
Publisher: Beyond the Page (September 21, 2014)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

My review: Seeing the Dead by Sheila Connolly (Relatively Dead Mystery Series#2)


Wow! All of a sudden seeing ghosts would be hard to handle, especially if you could not tell them apart. That is what Abby is dealing with the last six months, plus living in a new place, new job and even a new guy.

Lots of drama, new discoveries, history and love made it hard to put the book down. I learned a lot more of the history that I should have known in a interesting way. I had never heard of Patriot's Day before.

Abby Kimball has had to deal with a lot of changes in her life the past year. She is trying to figure out who the dead people she sees were. She is dating Ned. House sitting and works for a museum.

Ned Newhall has lots of secrets about him. He used to see a lot of the dead but till Abby he had thought it he grew out of it. Ned has never told anyone about the people he saw.
I was drawn into the drama right off from the beginning and want more of Abby and Ned.

The setting for this book is Concord, MASS.

This is a clean read.

I want to read more of Sheila Connolly's work. This is the first of her books I have read I think but not the last one.

I was given this ebook to read from Net Galley and Beyond the Page Publishing. In return I agreed to give honest review of Seeing the Dead.

Good Music Brighter Children by Sharlene Habermeyer Blog Tour Giveaway $25 Amazon Gift card or Paypal Cash & review

Good Music Brighter Children

Good Music Brighter Children is written for parents, educators or anyone who wants to build a bigger, better brain using music. Scientific studies indicate that children introduced to classical music at a young age read earlier and perform better on achievement tests. Adults can also revive tired brain cells using music. This book gives you a step-by-step program that any parent or individual can follow. You’ll discover how introducing your children to good music can accelerate language development, improve math and science skills, enhance physical coordination, strengthen memory and reading retention, and benefit children with learning disabilities. Discover how to choose an instrument and music teacher for your child; how to get your kids to practice and how character traits such as confidence, responsibility, creativity and teamwork are taught when learning a musical instrument. Learn how to introduce your child to the music community and how to appreciate all kinds of music. Last, if you want to advocate for music in your schools, this book gives the ammunition and data to do so. Also includes a 35-page Resource Section on the best music, books, and DVDs for kids.

Author Sharlene Habermeyer:

Sharlene Habermeyer, MA has spent over twenty-five years researching the effects of music in the brain development of children. She is passionate about how people of all ages learn and how music is a catalyst for learning. She holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Art from Utah State University and a Masters degree in Education from Pepperdine University, Malibu, California.

In 1999, she started the Palos Verdes Regional Orchestra (now the Palos Verdes Regional Symphony Orchestra). It currently boasts over one-hundred members.

Sharlene’s initial inspiration for Good Music Brighter Children came from the extensive work she did with her severely learning disabled son, and finding that music was his strongest catalyst for learning she began passionately researching the effects music had on the developing and mature brain.

A college instructor, a popular speaker, and a consultant, she is the mother of five boys and lives with her husband in Torrance, California. She has spoken at parent conferences around the United States including the Parents as Teachers Conference (PAT) and the Crucial Years Conference in Missouri. In August 2014, she will be speaking at BYU Education Week.

My review:Good Music Brighter Children by Sharlene Habermeyer


I feel like I should have music on while reading or writing this review. Good Music Brighter Children is full of facts, case studies and personal stories about the importance of music in the lives of children. Now for me my two girls are in college and I feel I should have done more with music when they were young. I can also see what I did right about getting good music for them. Though I have told them they need to listen to classical while they are studying for tests. This is one book that I wish I had read a couple of decades ago.

I like how it explains why music helps with children be better in math and science. How young you get music in children it actually helps the brain to get bigger. That exposing your baby even before you meet them to singing so your baby recognizes your voice.

The one section that I will go back to again and again is a resource that has lots of information about what music is out their and composer, dvds, books about music and composers, plays. That we can use to expose ourselves, children and grandchildren to music that will enrich their lives.

The section on starting an Orchestra I do not seeing me using that chapter in my life.

So I can prepare me to be a better grandma, better myself in the future. Music has not been a big deal to me. My daughters both learned to play in school bands. I know that art and music are easy things to cut back on but I now have greater appreciation of how they help students to learn and grow.

I did enjoy this book much more when I got over my guilt at what I did not do to too bring more music into our home.

I was given Good Music Brighter Children so that I could review it honestly and be part of its blog tour.

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For Love & Country by Elizabeth D. Michaels (Horstberg Saga #3) Giveaway $25 Amazon Gift card or Paypal Cash & review

For Love and Country

When A Man Is Torn Between Honoring His Country And The Woman He Loves, The Best Option Might Be To Choose Both.

When Maggie du Woernig willfully ignores her parents’ admonitions and entangles herself with Nik Koenig, she is certain he’s the only man who will make her happy. Blind to Nik’s real intentions, she throws herself recklessly into a situation that could not only destroy her life but compromise the safety of her country.

Han Heinrich has resigned himself to working in the castle stables, mostly as an excuse to have contact each day with Maggie. His aspirations for a more fulfilling career seem fruitless, in spite of his father’s position as the duke’s highest advisor. But when Han learns about Maggie’s precarious situation, he is willing to sacrifice everything to protect the woman he loves, and to save the country he would die for. He only hopes that someday Maggie will forgive him.

Author Elizabeth D. Michaels

Elizabeth D. Michaels began writing at the age of sixteen, immersing herself ever since in the lives created by her vivid imagination. Beyond her devotion to family and friends, writing has been her passion for nearly three decades. While she has more than fifty published novels under the name Anita Stansfield and is the recipient of many awards, she boldly declares The Horstberg Saga as the story she was born to write, with many volumes in the works. She is best known for her keen ability to explore the psychological depths of human nature, bringing her characters to life through the timeless struggles they face in the midst of exquisite dramas. For more information, please visit her author page on WhiteStarPress.com.

My review: For Love & Country


This book is a Saga that you won't want to put down till you have finished reading it. For Love & Country is book 3 in the Horstberg Saga. It is the only one I have read and I thought it stood alone fine. Of course now I wish to have read the first two books in the series sometime.

The setting is 1840 in Bavaria.

The Duke is ruler of the land. His eldest daughter is Maggie du Woerning. At first glance she is a spoiled princess. She has agreed to a Royal Wedding. The Duke tries to get her to marry for love but she is determined to have her way. Then she meets her cousin Nik
and wants to break her engagement.

Han Heinrich is a a castle stable hand. His best friend is Erich heir to the Duke. He was raised with them and schooled together. His father George is the Duke's highest advisor and best friend. His mother is the Duchess maid and friend. I really liked Han.
He has loved Maggie for years. He is honorable and funny.

The Duke asks him to take a risky mission and he accepts it.

Hans uses humor to hide his true feelings at time, he also uses it to make others feel better.

This is one long drama with lots of action, romance and sacrifice. It is also a clean book. I laughed, rooted for Han, laughed and cried with these characters. I do want to see more of them. I will be on the lookout for the next two books.

I thought this was the first book I have read of Elizabeth D. Michaels till is saw about the author and realized I have enjoyed many of her books.

I was given this ebook to read and agreed to give it a honest review and be part of its book tour in exchange.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Lawman Returns by Lynette Eason



Deputy Clay Starke has come home to Wrangler's Corner for one reason only: to solve his brother's murder. Denied the official resources that will help him unravel the case, Clay is forced to rely on his wits—and on the help of beautiful social worker Sabrina Mayfield. But Sabrina's willingness to assist him soon draws her into the troubles of Clay's past. Now both Clay and Sabrina have targets on their backs, and Clay is at risk of losing not only his heart, but also his life. Will finding his brother's killer cost him the woman he has come to love?

Wrangler's Corner: Family comes first

My review: The Lawman Returns by Lynette Eason (Wrangler's Corner)

4 stars

The Lawman returns was a good suspense story. Though I had guessed early about who the boss was. The rest kept me guessing.
I liked the characters. Lots of drama, action, and family.

Clay Starke has come back to town after his brother Steven was murdered. He even took the job Steven had. No one new who had killed him. Clay comes from a big family.

Sabrina Mayfield is a social worker who cares about the kids. Someone is trying to kill her. Steven was a good friend of hers.

Clay and Sabrina are working together to find Jordan. A 17 year old kid who thinks he knows who killed Steven now is in danger too.
Clay can't investigate on his brothers death.

Their is a lot of drama going on with Clay's family besides his brothers death. His uncle Abe hates Sabrina because her mother left him at the alter before she was born.

Tony and Maria are Jordan's little brother and sister. They followed Jordan. Jordan risks a lot by drawing attention so they can get away, They are cute kids. You just want to hug and feed them.

I would read more of Wrangler's Corner to see what happens next. Can the ranch be saved?

I was given this ebook to read and in return agreed to give honest review. Received the ebook from Net Galley and Harlequin.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

UNLIKELY TRAITORS by Clare Langley Hawthorne

Unlikely Traitors
(Ursula Marlow Mysteries Book 3)
Historical Cozy Mystery
File Size: 588 KB
Print Length: 203 pages
Publisher: Open Road Distribution (July 8, 2014)



Ursula Marlow thought she was done with death, but when her fiancé, Lord Wrotham, is arrested on charges of treason, her world is turned upside down. It is the winter of 1913, and the British Parliament, unsettled on the question of Home Rule for Ireland, is shaken over allegations of a plot to sell naval military secrets to Kaiser’s Germany and liberate Ireland from English rule. For the first time, Ursula must work together with Chief Inspector Harrison to uncover the truth about Lord Wrotham’s involvement, as well as his mysterious past.

As the investigation continues, Ursula is drawn into the shadowy world of the Irish Republican Brotherhood and a web of espionage and betrayal. She must race against time to clear Lord Wrotham’s name and thwart a plot that threatens not only British national security, but also her life

About This Author

Clare Langley-Hawthorne was raised in England and Australia. She was an attorney in Melbourne before moving to the United States, where she began her career as a writer. Her first novel, Consequences of Sin, featuring the Oxford graduate, heiress, and militant suffragette Ursula Marlow, was published in 2007. The second book in the series, The Serpent and the Scorpion, was published in 2008. Consequences of Sin was a San Francisco Chronicle Bay Area bestseller and a Macavity Award nominee for best historical mystery. Clare now lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband, twin boys, and collie, Hamish.


My review: UNLIKELY TRAITORS by Clare Langley Hawthorne

3 1/2 stars

This is a complicated plot. I was not sure who did what till the end. I feel kind of lost that I have not read the first two books in the series. It deals with build up to the first World War, traitors, spies, Irish home rule, murders. Their were some twists and turns I did expect but most I was surprised.

The setting was 1913. From England, Germany, Ireland and other countries.

I am not that familiar with world events around that time, so was more lost.

Ursula Marlow is engaged to Lord Wrotham. She is very rich but has to have someone oversee her money till she is older than 30 or married. She wants women to have more freedom and the right to vote. She is bright.
Lord Wrotham is her fiancé.

Lord Wrotham is a lawyer. He inherited family land after brother's death and debt to go with it. He is arrested for treason of British government. He makes Ursula break there engagement and announce it in the papers. He won't defend himself to anyone. He does not want Ursula to visit him in prison.

I was never sure where police stood, especially Chief Inspector Harrison. He thought Ursula was innocent and then accused her. They leaked stuff to her.

It had a good suspense, lots of suspects. Lots of drama, some action, history and a clean read.

Parts of it were slow build up.

I was given this ebook to read so I could give honest review of Unlikely Traitors and be part of its blog tour.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Bible Bands by Katreina Eden

Rubber band jewelry is the hottest new craze, and now you can try these designs! Based on scriptures from the Bible, these projects are easy to follow and fun to wear. Show your faith and inspire others with the uplifting jewelry found in “Bible Bands.”
Paperback: 64 pages
Publisher: Plain Sight Publishing (September 9, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1462115055
ISBN-13: 978-1462115051

About the author:

Katreina Eden grew up in the Midwest, eventually landing in California, where she went to law school and then ran her own law firm for a number of years. She currently works as the Executive Vice President of Cedar Fort, Inc., in Springville, Utah. Katreina also owns and operates Organiwic, LLC, an all-natural candle company, with her sister. She enjoys being out in nature and spending time with family. Aside from being published in various legal journals, this is Katreina’s first trade publication.

My review: Bible Bands by Katreina Eden


I have heard about rubber band bracelets before but I have never made one or even seen a loom before. I love all the step by step instructions which include the picture of the rubber bands on looms for every step. They also show picture of the finished project.

It also starts right at basic first step and from there to most complicated designs so there is something for anyone to make. It also shows you hints to make it more special along the way. Like adding charms instructions.

There are 13 loom designs which each one comes with scripture on the side. Then also a paragraph or two about the scripture and project. My favorite one is Mathew 5:14-16 Let your light shine. It is bright and cheery.

These all look fun and remind you that God loves you. If you don't want your kids to read the scripture they can still make the bracelet, necklace or earrings in different colors.

I was given this book so that I could give a honest review of it and be part of Bible Bands book tour.

Bible Bands” blog tour schedule:

September 9: Connywithay • The Magical Slow Cooker • Deal Sharing Aunt
September 10: June McCary Jacobs • Queen of the Clan • Compass Book Ratings
September 11: Jen’s Journey • Coffee for the Brain • Read For Your Future
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The Things I Love Most
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My Book Addiction and More
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September 23: Literary Timeout • Someone in Mind • My Book a Day

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Dangerous Witch by Debora Geary (Witch Central Series: Book 3)

Publication Date: September 16, 2014
It's the end of an era. This is the final release in the world of A Modern Witch. If you haven't met my witches yet, this is not the book you want to read :). Go find A Modern Witch and begin where it all started.

I figure the final book doesn't need much introduction. Take one last journey with your favorite witches as an oversized marble calls another member of Witch Central on a journey...
File Size: 389 KB
Print Length: 165 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Fireweed Publishing Ltd (September 16, 2014)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

My review: A Dangerous Witch by Debora Geary

4 stars

First off if you have not read the books in order it makes a big difference. I have loved the series. Major dislike of A Dangerous Witch is it is the last one. But if you change your mind we will all be happy to read more. If your a fan of the series you will want to make sure you read the last part of the book.

I love the characters. It is always good to see how they are. I like Moe. The cast is all old friends. The orb is talking again to Lauren.
A new witch is coming into power bringing some new troubles with it.

The setting for this book is Witch Central California & realm world.

You don't want to put this down even when the book is done.

This might not be my favorite book of the series, but I really enjoyed devouring it. I will read it again sometime when I will savor it.

If you have not tried this series start with a Modern Witch. It is good clean fantasy series set in California in modern times. It grabs your heart and does not let it go.

Thank you Debora for some favorite books of mine. It is a series that I have read more than twice each.

I was given this ebook to read and in return agreed to give honest review of it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blog tour: ‘Visions from Beyond the Veil’ by Lee Nelson

About the book:

For those who believe, it’s no secret that this life is not the end. Learn for yourself what awaits us all in these inspiring true accounts from Latter-day Saints who have been shown a glimpse through the thin veil between this life and death. Sure to uplift any reader, this beloved book, compiled from the previous Beyond the Veil series, is a must-read—a true testament to the eternal nature of God’s plan.
Paperback: 464 pages
Publisher: Cedar Fort (September 1, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1462115020
ISBN-13: 978-1462115020

About the author:

Lee Nelson was a public relations and advertising copywriter before his first book was published in 1979. Lee is best known for his Storm Testament series historical novels (nine volumes), and his Beyond the Veil series (four volumes). Lee is well known for his authentic research, which includes killing a buffalo from the back of a galloping horse with a bow and arrow, crossing the murky waters of the Green River many times on horseback, and riding with Mongolian nomads while gathering research for an upcoming book.

My review: Visions from Beyond the Veil by Lee Nelson


I liked Visions from Beyond. I remember reading other books from Lee Nelson that made a difference in my life decades ago. It helped when a couple of years later I became a widow.
These are different experience with life beyond the veil or when people have died and come back. These are very personal stories. The different stories have some of the same experiences of being met by relatives. Some people were sent back because they have something left in their lives to do.
Others were given a choice of staying or going back and facing trials but their families needed them.

Most of these stories are from Latter-day Saints. They know that death is not the end of life. That the family members they saw were alright and had a busy life. They share their stories to help others cope with the loss of loved ones.

Their are so many stories. I would love to read this just a few stories at a time and enjoy them instead of having to rush through the book like I have.

It is so difference to read these than when I first read these stories. Mainly my life experiences and trials I have gone through.

I know that their is life after death. That family is so important in this side of the veil and the other side of the veil.

This book is not preaching but does show what people believed and why they had these events happen to them.

I was given this ebook to read from Cedar Fort so I could give a honest review and be part of its blog tour.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Unexpected Honeymoon by Barbara Wallace


A holiday to remember…

Widower Carlos Chavez manages La Joya del Mayan, the most romantic resort in Mexico. On good days, the romance passes unnoticed; on dark days, it only reminds him of his loss.

But the honeymoon suite's latest guest, Larissa Boyd, has rocked his steadfastness. Stunningly beautiful, she seems lost. And no wonder…she's on a honeymoon for one!

The chemistry is instant—and their similarities run deep. Could it be that the two loneliest hearts on the island have found love…in the most unexpected of places?
File Size: 288 KB
Print Length: 256 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Romance (October 1, 2014)

My review: The Unexpected Honeymoon by Barbara Wallace

4 stars

I would love to visit at this resort. I loved the setting of the resort in Mexico. Barbara wrote a very believable setting with her words.
This is a romantic books. It also has some good humor thrown in. It left me smiling after reading.

I also loved the characters. The secondary couple in the book also got to me. I admit to shedding a few tears while reading this.

Larissa Boyd went on her honeymoon by herself when her fiancé jilted her. Larissa spent a lot of time and energy picking her ideal wedding in detail. Larissa is kind and caring. She admits she went overboard in her wedding plans. Larissa is also brave to go by herself to the place she planned to get married.

Carlos Chaves is the manager of La Joya del Mayan. He has spent the past six weeks cleaning up problems left by the last manager and wedding planner. Carlos is a widower with bitter feelings about marriage. He has a hard time stepping into the wedding planners shoes.

Carlos is attracted to Larissa and curious about her coming by herself to the romantic resort. Larissa is drunk when she meets him and draws his concerns about her.

The Unexpected Honeymoon is a great escape between the pages that takes you right into the story.

I would read more books by Barbara Wallace in the future.

I was given this ebook to read by Net Galley and Harlequin and I agreed to give honest review of it in return.

An Event to Remember… or Forget by Melissa Baldwin Giveaway $25 Amazon or Paypal Cash & review

An Event to Remember… or Forget

Sienna Harris is a girl with a plan. Her days of slaving away at Carrie’s Classic Events and More are numbered as she is on the brink of launching her own event planning company. Her relationship with Luke Price is headed in the right direction and they are approaching their one-year mark. The future is looking bright and she knows that life could not get any better . . . That is until her perfectly planned world is thrown upside down by the unexpected arrival of someone from Luke’s past.
She receives the shock of her life on the night of the biggest event of her career. Sienna will now have to pull it all together without a list or a plan. The question is, can she do it?
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Melissa Baldwin; 1 edition (June 2, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0692226656
ISBN-13: 978-0692226650

Author Melissa Baldwin

Melissa graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications; she has always had a love for writing. An avid journal keeper, she fulfilled her dream with her debut novel, An Event To Remember . . . Or Forget.
Melissa resides in Orlando, Florida, with her husband and young daughter. She is a master at organization and multi-tasking. Her daily jobs include mother, chauffeur, wife, PTA President, Fitness Trainer, and now Author.
When she has free time, she enjoys traveling, fitness, decorating, fashion, and taking a Disney Cruise every now and then.

My review: An Event to Remember… or Forget by Melissa Baldwin


An Event to Remember… or Forget by Melissa Baldwin is a romantic comedy or chick lit. Some places the book took me I could see where it was taking me others was a surprise. The ending was a surprise but fit the book and had a good message and attitude. This was a clean read. I liked Sienna and her friends and co-workers for the most part. Some of the characters we were not supposed to like what they did.

Sienna Harris is a event planner. She is almost ready for her to take a risk and start her own company. I like that she is not working on her company while she is still at Carrie's Classic Events. She is waiting till after her biggest event goes off. Sienna has been dating Luke for ten months. Her friends don't like him.

Sienna and Luke are both tempted by different things. It is their choices what to do with the temptations. There always choices to be made about how we will act with good or bad events.

Sienna is making excuses for Luke's behavior with everyone. She ignores the red flags. Everyone had opinions about Sienna's choices. I like how she calls her parents as sounding board. I was rooting for things to go right again in her life.

You get drawn into Sienna Harris life and what is going on with her friends. The cookies her roommate makes made me want to try some.
I would read another book by Melissa Barton in the future.

I received this ebook for free and In return I agreed to give honest review and be part of An Event to Remember or Forget blog tour.

Excerpt #2-

“Sienna, I want you to meet some of my co-workers. Ladies,

this is Sienna Harris. She is the genius behind all of this,” says Abby, coming

toward me.

“Do you have any business cards?” asks the first woman.

“Yes, I do! I am still with Carrie’s Classic Events and

More, but I am launching my own company very soon,” I say as I hand out a few


All of a sudden, I feel like I am being chased by the

paparazzi. They all start talking at once; questions are flying at me from

every direction.

“You work for the Carrie Anderstone?”

“Is it true what they say about her?”

“Does she still run that company?”

“I have heard some crazy stories.”

“I heard she had an affair with the mayor at his son’s

graduation party. Were you at that event? Did you see anything?”

“How much plastic surgery has she really had?”

“Do you get along with her?”

“Where does she travel to so much?”

I’m not sure how to answer their questions. This is not the

first time I’ve been asked all about the sordid details of Carrie’s life. I

quickly decide to handle it in the best way I know how . . . I lie and change

the subject.
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