Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review: Wrangled by B.J. Daniels

4 STARS this is the first of the series that I have read and it kept me in suspense till the end. Lots of drama, lots of family connections. Good fast read. was one love scene that I skipped over. Zane Chisholm opens his door to see good looking young lady who was expecting him to be ready for thier date. All she saw was a guy dirty, worn cloths acting like he wasn't expecting her. Someone signed Zane up for a dating service and had been emailing Courtney Baxter pretending to be Zane. Zane invited her into his house to figure out what was going on. Zane said if she did not mind he could hurry shower and still take her out for a date. Next morning Zane was woken up early by his brother had the worst headache and scratches all over his face and no memory about what happened last night. He left for the day with his brother and when he got back into town town he found Dakota Lansing demanding after she slugged him where was her sister. They tried to piece it together found Courtney phone under Zane bed when it rang and it had blood on it. Zane had no idea that Dakota had a sister. Dakota just found out a few weeks ago after her dad died that she had a half sister. She knew her sister had stolen her diary as a teenager that she had a bad crush on Zane and planned to marry him someday. Even though he would not kiss or date her. She was a lot younger than him. They also figured out that two weeks ago when someone broke into his house they used a check and his computer to sign him up for the dating service and made him and Courtney match up. They went to hospital and had Zane blood checked for drugs and DNA off blood on phone. Went to room Courtney was staying and realized she only had one suitcase of clothes and found 10,000 dollar cash. Found name and address on the suitcase and left to try and find out more about Courtney. Were they really sisters. Who was setting Zane up. Who was trying to kill his stepmother? Was Courtney alive or dead? I wish I had read the other books before this one. I really enjoyed the story and the characters and would read more from BJ Daniels in the future. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 06/05/2012 Pub Harlequin Harlequin Intrigue

Fortune's Perfect Match by Allison Leigh

4 STARS Emily Fortune got trapped from tornado at an airport and after that she was changed from being a work hog to wanting a baby. Emily is an advertisment manager for her fathers business. She makes detail plans of what she is planning. Already looked into adoption but no one wants to give thier baby to just a single mother. Now she is trying her second time of getting pregnant in doc. office. Emily keeps coming to redrock to see her sisters and play with her new niece. She ended up having come up with ideas to help Tanner her brother-in-law's flight school attract more students and help with new web design. Max Allen is now working for Tanner's flight school. He loves to fly and worked part time thier for flight training. He does a lot of different things thier. Now he was supposed to do marketing too. When Emily meets Max to show him her ideas she realizes he is the one that helped pull her out of being trapped under stuff after the tornado last Dec. After working all day they end up eating dinner where her sister is working. They run into Max's sister at the restraunt. Max comes from poor background amd does feel like he cant date Emily because her family comes from big money. Even though is sister married Emily's cousin. Max did not even graduate from high school but later got his ged. and is taking online collage classes now. Thier are a lot of love scenes in the book which I skipped over. Just a nice simple romance novel that is a good escape into. This is my first fortune novel I believe that thier are a bunch of them. Would like to read them sometime. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 06/05/2012 PUB Harlequin Harlequin Special Edition

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review:The Barons Governess Bride by Deborah Hale

5 STARS I listened to this book on my kindle and it was really enjoyable. I hate to admit this today I realize right away it was a new twist on cinderella but it was along ways into the book before I realized the Name. Sometimes I need a wack on the head. I had to put the book down a few times when unexpected company came to visit. Then my daughter wrote her first email to me from the MTC where she is training for her mission. She has now been out a week. Grace Ellerby is a nanny but she has had three previous jobs and because of her beauty had attracted the wrong men so she had to leave. Grace decided for this next job she would play down her beauty by wearing ugly cap that hid all her hair. Her late fathers glasses. Lord Steadwell is having to find a new nanny for his three daughters after the last one eloped with a neighbor. So he plans to hire the most plainest nanny so she will stay untill his daughters no longer need her. Grace's father was a minaster and he remarried after his wife died. Then he died and her stepmother sent her away at 8 to a school for minsters children. Her stepmother treated her badly so did the teachers at her school because of how pretty she was. Charlotte age 13, Phoebe age 10 and Sophie age 6. It takes a while but the two youngest warm up to her the fastest. Soon they are all getting to know each other pretty well. Then Lord Steadwell decides that he needs to marry and does not want to fall in love again. So he plans to wed a neighbor widow who has just come out of mourning and has one son. I like the characters especially the children. I can just see where Grace is coming from where she has not known love expect for school friends since she was 8. No wonder she is afraid of how a new stepmother for her charges when their was no love between them. This book just hit the spot today. was fun to read and picture the scenes in my mind. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. Thier are no warnings about content of this book. 06/05/2012 PUB Harlequin Harlequin Love Inspired Historical

Reviews:Sheikh's Redemption by Olivia Gates

This is a nice romance but it has a lot of love scenes that skipped over.  I feel like a lot of the story I
have missed by not reading past books of this series. Also feel like thier is more to the story line in
more books coming.  In fact I just found out that Jamal's story is coming September 2012.
Haidar Aal Shalaan's and his twin brother Jamal are not close. In fact they have not been since they
were children. Haidar has been favored by his mother, Queen Sondosss of Zohayd.  She knew her sons were not in line for thier father's throne so she has scheemed to put Haidar on the throne.
Haidar & Jamal are princes of two thrones.
Haidar and Roxanne were lovers years ago and Jamal was like a brother to her. Roxanne heard the
brothers talking about her and she left Haidar because of it . Stopped being a friend to Jamal over it.
Jamal figured she must have over heard them.
Now the throne of Azmahar is up for grabs. Roxanne has been hired to come in and help them pick
a new king.
Haidar was asked by some of the clans to come be their king. Jamal also was asked and so was thier
cousin Rashid.
Haidar has come to talk to Roxanne and finds he is not over her yet. Roxanne does not want to let him
back into her life.
Jamal has come and asked Roxanne to forgive him and to help him get the throne but not to tell
anyone about it especially Haidar.
I think that if you have read the other books in this series you will enjoy it more and be able to follow
along better.  I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
06/05/2012 PUB Harlequin     Harlequin Desire

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Days by Susan Mallery

Okay I am team Rafe. I have problems with  some of the people being mad at  Rafe in the book and blaming him for everything that goes wrong.  Especially his family , after all he has done for them. Okay I know its a book but it mak es me mad.
Rafe comes back to Fools gold because his mother May called and told him that the ranch she bought for 250,000. was sold to her by someone who did not own the ranch.
Heidi Simpson owns the ranch and raising goats, selling milk,cheese and fertalizer.  The ranch is worn down she does not have much money. Her grandfather Glen raised her in a carnival and now lives with her.
His friend was dying of cancer and had no insurance and he wanted to help him.  So he planned the fraud to pretend to sell Heidi's ranch.
Glen and a lot of people don't see the problem with that.
Rafe's mother worked as a housekeeper on the ranch for peanuts and the promise of inherting the ranch. They were so poor that Rafe went without food sometimes so his younger brothers and sisters could eat.  He tried to take care of the family since he was 8.  Rafe called the cops because his mother was being cheated out of the same ranch twice and now he could do somthing about it.
The judge order them to share the ranch till she could decide after some research. Heidi and May were willing to try and find a solution.
Rafe had ideas about the ranch that he thought he was buying with his mother. He was fixing up the place as he was asked to. Helped take care of Heidi animals when she was sick. Paid for all the repairs.
People were not happy with him when the others were the cheaters, lies and stealing.
Okay I got involved in the story and had strong reactions to the book. I want to read more about the town of Fools Gold.  Thier were a few love scenes in the book.
05/29/2012 PUB Harlequin   HarlequinHQN

La Desperada by Patricia Burroughs

The story kept my attention.
I was always wondered how they could resolve the problems. It seemed
the more I read thier were more problems to resolve.
Elizabeth Dougherty husband committed sucide in Cavendish,TX 1881
Her brother-in-law was sheriff and blamed her for it.  He intended to rape her that night, but she got away by knocking him out with a
In the jail was a gunman Boone Coulter she told him that if he would
take her away she would get him break him out. So Boone agreed.
Elizabeth put a drug in the coffee and when the deputy drank it she unlocked the jail.
As they were on the trail for a few days she learned that the men
Boone killed were the men that burned his whole family in the cabin.
He got his sister out, but she was hurt badly. His father ran into
get the baby and his mom but got trapped too.
Sheriff was after them both he knew that he had to kill boone before he could kill him. Plus he wanted his sister-in-law for himself.
Thier were a lot of love scenes that I skipped.  Story was long and I did not read the screne play at the end.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from librarything.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hunting Shadows by Reed, Alexia

I had guessed the killer right.  Thier was some sex scenes in it.
The goverment was testing on children trying to get super agents.  If they did not think
you could be useful they killed you.
J.C is a doctor and agent he is tired of his part of all that was going on. J.C. put explosives in his lab
to destroy it. He got some of the doctors to get the children out before.  The explosions did not go as
he planned. The four doctors who were going to get the children out were murdered  and found in JC
lab.  Also his friend that he was close to was found murdered and found down in the tunnels.
While JC was in a cell waiting to see what they were going to do with him he heard a voice in his head.
He thought he was going crazy.
Amy was raised in the center in the pysch ward she has never had freedom to go outside. She overloads
and hears so many voices and gets siezures.  She does not like like the doctors who try and do
tests on her especially Rick.
Amy had hidden all her talents. When JC was waiting his sentence Amy connected and talked to him in
his head.
JC punshiment was to have his memories erased and be a good agent without feelings.  Amy was able to go in and download his memories into her. Next she waited till they were finshed and he was back
into his old job but had no feelings or memories and Amy was able to give them back to him.
Amy was connected to the murderer and JC was working to find the killer.  He knew how powerful
Amy was and got her transfered over to his experiments than Ricks.
Amy enjoys things she has never had before JC was able to help her block the other minds around her. They got really close and Amy stayed in his rooms instead of her old prison room.
It was hard for me to care about these characters to much.  I hated the fact that they have been doing
experiments on children and those that grew up being experiments helped keep the children locked up.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
05/07/2012 PUB  Carina Press

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Against the sun by Kat Martin

Against the Sun is in the series The Raines of Wind Canyon.
Sage Dumont is planning to make a deal buying used drill platform from Saudi Arabia and save her company millions. Sheik Khalid AlKahzaz and his party where coming to make the deal.
Sage knows if she can seal the deal she could end up getting the run of the company from her grandfather Ian Dumont.
Their is protests in Houston against the Middle East so Sage grandfather has hired Jake Cantrell as her bodygaurd and his Middle East experience .
Jake was a sniper in the miltary and worked as bodygaurd and security specialist.
Someone leaked the story about the deal in the making and  now their were protests all around Sage.
The Sheik is bringing his son Roshan 26 and daughter A'lia 22 with him plus others in the party. Roshan is spoiled and thinks all females are beneath him. A'lia is beautiful and smart but wants more freedom and choices.
Sage is engaged to Phillip and thinks he will be a great partner and her grandfather likes him. Phillip is going out of the country for a couple of months. Sage is attracted to Jake.
Their are a lot of threats,protest and even a bomb scare to derail the deal. Jake brings a lot of his friends in to keep everyone safe and defuse troubles that come up.
Thier is plenty of drama and action. Thier are a few love scenes in the book.
I have read a couple of books in this series and like them and would be looking to read them in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
05/29/2012 PUB Harlequin   Harlequin Mira

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review:The Girl in the Clockwork Collar by Kady Cross

I believe this is the second book in this series but the first one I have read. I enjoyed reading it and had a
hard time puting it down till I finshed it.  I hope some day to go and read The girl in the Steel Corset.
Thier was some things the book hinted at that I would like to know more about. But I feel the book stands alone alright.
I had to look up what was Steampunk. I found it takes in the era of steam engines and blends in some
modern stuff and combines it.
Griffen King is the Duke of Greythorne and is rich but also an orphan. He has gathered a bunch of friends that have extra powers together to make a difference.  Right now they have come from London to New York riding in his private airship. His friend Jasper was brought back over to face charge of
With him is Finley Jayne she is very strong, can fight and heals fast. Finley now works for him.
She likes him a lot. Griffen likes her too but they are afraid to really show each other how much they like the other.
Sam is strong and part machine.  I gather he was hurt badly but Emily fixed him with machine parts in the first book.
Emily can control machines and talk to them.  She is really smart.
Jasper is a cowboy who met the others in England.  He is accused of murder in San Francisco.
Jasper is really fast and excellent shot with his pistels.
They are a bunch of talented teens working together.  When they get to the jail to help Jasper they
find out that it was not police who came over to England after him but crooks.
Dalton is in charge of the gang and wants the machine Jasper had stolen from  him.  He has captured
Jasper's old girl friend Mei and as a collar around her neck and if she leaves or does somthing he does not like he can make the collar tighten and can kill her. Jasper does not know what the machine does but he took it apart and hid it around New York.
Finley goes undercover and gets Dalton to hire her to work for him to see whats going on with Jasper.
Science was fun and different. Lots of action and drama. I would love to read more about these teens
and see whats happens to them next.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
05/29/2012 PUB Harlequin     HarlequinTEEN

Friday, May 25, 2012

Samantha Moon vampire for hire by J.R. Rain

4 Stars
Moon dance is the first novel in this series. I liked it in fact I even cried in one part.(but that could be
because my daughter left yesterday for 18 month mission so it hit harder.)
Samantha Moon is a vampire for 6 years after attack.  She is a wife,mother and a private detective.
In this case a lawyer who was shot a bunch of times and survived hired her to find his shooter.  He has
his own problems and guessed hers.
A police detective was guessing her real problem too.
Her husband was having an affair and she turned him off.  I wanted to hit him.
I really got into the story and can't wait to start the next one.
Vampire Moon book 2 Vampire for hire
Samantha is hired to protect a women whos husband beat her and after he got free attacked her again and killed her father and crippled her mother. Hes in prison but keeps hiring killers to kill her.
another case a man hires her to help prove a mob boss killed all the wittness in a plane crash.
I enjoyed it, left in a cliffhanger. But this collection I could just keep reading.
American vampire book 3 vampire for Hire
She learns who fang is and Samantha doesn't sure how she feels about him .
A five  year old girl calls her that a bad man killed her mommy and hurts her/ Samantha is determined
to find her and keep her safe.
Samantha son is very sick and Samantha has to make a hard decision.
Moon Child Vampire for Hire book 4
Samantha son Anthony was dying and the doctors could not to anything.  Samantha knew she could
save him by turning him to vampire and maybe turning him back with the medalion if she can figure
out how.
Another little boy who was moved into Anthony old room was kidnapped from the hospital by a very
old vampire who wanted to die and could do it with the medalion.
Samantha had lots of choices to make in this book. It is very compelling I dont want to put the book down.
Christmas Moon Vampire for Hire book 4.5 & Vampire Dreams  are really short stories that are at the end of the first 4 books of the series.
Over all I have really enjoyed the series. I have read the whole 4 books + in two days.  I will look out for more books by J.R. Rain in the future.
I was given this ebook to read and in exchange for my honest review by Netgalley.
06/5/2012  PUB BenBella Books

Thursday, May 24, 2012

From Across the Ancient Waters by Michael Phillips

I actually read the second book of the series first.  So a lot of the mysteries or decisions I knew the
answers and it answered the things they talked about in the second. I would recommend reading
Across the Ancient waters first than read The Treasure of the Celtic Triangle.
I enjoyed both books. They do talk about Gods Love and doing right. To me it just talking about
doing the right thing and being a good nieghbor.
The book starts with a pirate ship going down in a storm with two surviviors but not for long.
Gwyneth is a young girl who is small and people always thinks she is younger by a couple of years.
She has white hair and never knew her mother. Gwyneth has a love of God, nature and a way with
animals.  People treat her mean and she in returns offers them flowers on thier doorstep.
 16 year old Percy Drummond son of a rich vicar Edward Drummond was got stealing in Scottland. His parents did not know what to do with all his rebelling so they decided to send him to live with his Aunt in Wales.  Hoping that a change from city to country would do him good.
Percy's Uncle Roderick and Aunt Katherine welcomed him into thier home at least till summer was
 Courtenay 18 did not. He was a spoiled young man and would one day inheirit his fathers title and
land. His mother has the money in the family.
Florilyn at 15 was also spoiled and did not think anything of making fun or hurting people.
Percy finds that he is changing little by little with the help and friendship of Gwyneth.  He is also reading uplifting books and following his father's teachings much to his surprise.
When Percy goes home he has left a lasting change to himself and his friends and family he left in
Wales. Percy goes to collage and after 2 years absent he comes back to wales and its not the last time.
You can't help caring about the characters in this book and wanting to know if the problems ever get
settled and how did they.
Its a nice uplifting read and I look forward to reading more of Michael Phillips books after I finshed
these two novels.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
02/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing


Courting Justice by Brenda Jackson

The story is very hot! Thier is lots of love scenes and more sex talk around the story of Angelo and Peyton.
Angelo for the past two years have thought a lot of  Peyton is sister's best friend since law school. So he convinced his sister Sam & Mac another friend to send Peyton to a resort he is part owner of a singles resort.
Then he was going to follow her down their and see what happens.
Peyton is going to turn 30 and her two best friends since law school has sent her to a singles resort.  Thier has been lots of changes with her friends since they both have gotten married.
Peyton was on her way to getting drunk when Angelo showed up and rescued her.  Peyton wanted to be alone on her birthday but Angelo would not let her.
Angelo used an excuse that this other lady was after him and he need Peyton to pretend he was into her and not the other spoiled women.
Thier is not much plot thats not about the seduction or sex that they both want.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
05/29/2012 PUB Harlequin   Kimani Arabesque

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review:The Valley of Shadows by Mark Terry

This was a good thriller book. A little too much swearing is
the one thing I could have changed.
Intell from a raid on a terrorist cell where they came across a
computer that the bomb did not go off said they were
planning attack on voting day in 5 US cities.
A group of agents from FBI, Homeland security and
office of the Director of National Intelligence counterterrorism
will go to each of the 5 cities to try and stop it.
Derek Stillwater is not known as a team player.  He is
assigned to LA. Derek has quite a rep. for getting things
done. people around him dying and breaking rules.
Derek gets into trouble from everyone it seems and
thats on the good guys side. He is very smart and
does not take everything at face value.
This is the first Derek Stillwater book that I have
read and I have enjoyed it. I would love to go and
read the earlier  books.
I have messed up and not sure where I got this
ebook from.  I know that I did not buy it and the
file I put it under says Librarything but don't show
getting it from thier or Netgalley.  I do get emails
straight from Oceanview saying some books are
free at amazon right now. I did get it free and not
paid anything for my honest review.
06/07/2011 Oceanview Publishing   308 pages

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Review: Amazing Grace by Eve Gaddy

I liked Amazing Grace.  It had laughter, too much sex scenes,
Texas Ranger undercover as EPA agent. Female Sheriff, smuggling ring,
and dog fighting.  Lots of action was happening in a short fast read.
Max Ridell was new in Hell, Texas and already in a brawl. The
Sheriff Grace O'Malley arrested him and Jim Bob who started the
Max is a Texas Ranger working undercover as a EPA
agent because they recieved a tip that someone in the
Sheriff Office was involved in the smuggling of asian
and other countries from middle east across the Texas
Grace became the Sheriff after her father died as Sheriff.
Before he died he was being investigated for taking bribes.
Grace also takes care of a lot of stray animals that people don't
Max keeps getting in trouble and has to fight his temper.
  He hates looking like he needs rescuing in front of Grace.
  Max is drawn to Grace but tries to fight it because she is part of
his investigation.  I like Max and Grace and the town of Hell,
Texas population 892.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review
from Netgalley.
05/18/2012 PUB Bell Bridge Books

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Harley Rushes In by Virginia Brown

This is the second book that Harley has featured in , The
 Blue Suede Memphis Mysteries book 2. Harley is
named after Harley Motorcycle, she also owns one too.
Harley is a tour guide in Memphis.
This book starts a few days after the first one ended. In fact
Harley is reading the paper how she helped solve the crime.
Her Aunt Darcy called and asked her to meet her at a bar.
Darcy owns a decorating design store she has found a bunch
of illegal items that she thinks was smuggled threw her store.
She wants Harley to see if her business partner Harry is the
The day Harley goes to see the next shipment that has come
 in she meets Harry who was supposed to be out of town.
Harley comes back into the store after it is closed to try and
find out if more items were smuggled. Also look for records
about the items. She hears a bunch of noises and sees her
Aunts car drive out of parking lot and then she finds a
Harry murdered.
Harley Aunt is the suspect that the police think did it.  So
Harley is trying to prove that she was innocent.  Bobby her
friend the homicide cop tells her to stay out of it.  Morgan
her boyfriend of a week a undercover cop tells her to stay
Harley doesn't and in fact finds another dead body and gets into
lots of trouble while she tries to figure out who did what.
This is a fun murder mystery if possible.  Kept my attention
I will read more from Virgina in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review
from Netgalley.
05/01/2012 PUB Bell Bridge Books

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gasparilla's Treasure by Scott Clements

This story grabs your attention fast and holds it. It's a treasure hunt trying to find the pirate Gasparilla's treasure.
Trip always visits his grandfather in the rest home. Someday he is recongized
and others not. He even talks and plays game with some of the others in the carecenter. Trip is 13.
One day Trip's grandfather told him to find the trunk in the attic. his family
needed the money.
Trip tells his mother and she gets upset that his father and grandfather were
always wasteing time in the trunk.  That she won't have him waste the time away too. Finally she gives in and gives him the key to the trunk.
Thier is a new girl in school and Trip makes her laugh until the bully &goons
come to set an example by beating up Trip because he did not have money to pay protection service.  He also told Sarah Valentine that she was his new girl friend. Sarah threatened him with mace.
Josh is Trip good friend who is always on his game player. Josh,Trip and Sarah figure out where the four pieces of map are and try and find them together.
Eli and goons are spying on them trying to get them in trouble and get them
to  pay him.
Its fun to read thier adventure and see them get closer to the treasure and not give up because of hurdles in the road.
I was given this book to read in exchange of honest review by Librarything.
CreateSpace (2012  PUB

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tattooed by Pamela Callow

This is my first book that I have read about lawyer Kate Lange but it did mention events that happened before this book. Either Kate has the worst luck or the best luck depends on how you look at it.
Kate has come close to death two times already.  The one a year ago a serial killer called the body butcher was going to add her to his victims. But she killed him instead.
A client Frances who suffers LG wants to die and wanted to find a loop whole for assisted sucide but when thier is not she wants Kate to Lobby to change the law for her.
Frances was a busy mother 17 years ago and when she was out of town her daughter Kinsey had a party and invited Kate and her younger sister.  When Kate saw her sister do coke with Kinsey got her sister out of the party but then they wrecked on way home and Kate's sister died. Kate blames Kinsey and in some ways Frances for her sister death.
John McNally's just got out of prison after 12 years for manslaughter.  He has a obsession with Kinsey he loves and hates her for leaving him. He plans to find her and keep her this time. He gave Kinsey her first tattoe and he has given many prison tattoes even his own. 
Kinsey has come back to town after leaving 17 years ago in the middle of the night.  She is a famous tattoe artist. Her mother Frances does not have long to die. She blames her mom for her troubled past.
A missing girl's body has turned up in a bog with a gunshot and rope around her neck. She disappeared 17 years ago.
Kinsey cannot believe that John is out and found her the same time Heather's body has turned up.
Thier is a lot to this novel and part of it deals with assisted suciede and its slippery sloap.  Kate not sure where she falls on that issue she feels quilty for her sister's death and for killing the body butcher.
I would like to go back and read the other novels dealing with Kate.  I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
05/29/2012 PUB HarlequinMira

Monday, May 14, 2012

Review: Witch Book by Linda Nelson

I enjoyed the second book much better than the first book.
Three cousins live with thier Aunt Grecha in the jungle learning magic.
Monika is her favorite niece and is learning how to make a binding cloth
to bind an imp. It will be an important ceremony if she can do it right and
an embrassment if she cannot.
Wenda has already passed this level but chose to bind a hawk over an imp
Darmin was not taught how to make one.  She does not know why her Aunt
quit teaching her and Monika is her favorite. She watches in secret as Monika
makes her binding cloth. Then sneaks down at night and makes her own but thier is not quite enough of the silver thread. She finshes her and then trades
hers with Monika's cloth.
At the ceremony Monika fails to catch an imp and she is the last in the circlem
when a bigger imp appears. Everyone laughs at her and no one believes that
was not the cloth she had made.  In fact the next day her Aunt tells her she can no longer teach her magic at all.
Monika decides to leave her Aunt house and leaves following the jungle path.
The two books only talks a little about the humans from another world and that it is important for Monika to help Aaron.
Darmin dreams of being more powerful than Ky'debaul and wants to be his queen.
I guess the next book would have the characters from both books mix more.  Have to wait and see I guess.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest reviews from librarything.

Review: Leah's Choice by Emma Miller

Leah's Choice is a good, uplifting, fast read.
Leah is Amish and her family has lived  the plain and simple way.  No phones, cars ect. Leah has not been baptised in her church even though her little sister at 16 did.
The Menonites invited some of the Amish youth to hear a Daniel speak about his missionary experience and show powerpoint of the different folks and
places he served. Before he could start a call for help went out a six year old boy was lost out in a stormy night.
Leah was put in a group of three others Menonites who were not familar with
the aera. Two of her party had to turn back because of injury.  Leah was so close to another farm which the family was away for a few months. They found the missing 6 year old with a baby goat and mother goat in distress because the other twin goat could not delivered.  Daniel was a nurse so he figured what was wrong and the other kid was born.  It was when they had taken the boy home did Leah find out he was the quest speaker that she had really wanted to meet.
Daniel kept asking Leah to help with different service projects and she liked helping outsiders.  In her church they did service for thier members all the time but not others.
Daniel knew that he wanted to marry Leah right away. He was also waiting
for his next missionary assignment.
Leah knew if she chose to marry Daniel she would have to leave the Amish church and some would shun her.
Leah's mother had to make that same choice but in reverse she left the Menonites for her new husband and joined the Amish church.  Her family shuned her. They sent her letters back and has not seen or heard from them since.
This story is good but makes me realize that I need to do more service to others. I liked this story and would like to read more about their family.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley.
04/17/2012 PUB Love Inspired

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Review: Lily by Diane Ashley and Aaron McCarver

A nice read for a sunday afternoon. No bedroom scenes. Deals with
forgivness, independant, freedom, choices, gambling, drinking, slaves
and even the Under Ground Railroad.
Lily is the eldest of three sisters, who have been raised by her grand-
parents.  Her Aunt Dahlia & Uncle want her to marry a man their age.  She is not
as pretty as her younger sisters.  She does not want to be forced to marry someone she does not love.
After her grandfather dies she talks her grandmother to let her have her & her sisters dowery to put in the bank and let the money earn interest.  Lily knows
her Uncle has accepted a proposal for her. She goes to a businessman that owns a lot of boats and wants to buy one and run gargo a long the river.
Blake owns a gamblers table and is known for having honest games when a
young man home from Europe comes aboard to gambles and he throws his ownership of a boat in the pot and looses to Blake.
Jean Luc Champney is home from Europe and his family throws him a party on one of thier riverboat Hattie Belle. He meets all the young ladies that are from the best homes. His father later gives him 49 % ownership of the boat.
Jean Luc is disapointed but feels at last his father is trusting him.  He goes out to celebrate and ends up gambling away the boat.
When  Blake finds he only owns part of a ship and not all of it.  He decides to bring a business plan to his partner to keep the ship docked and open it for gambling.
Lily plans to take her sisters and live on the boat Mr. Champney sold her
and take cargo down to New Orleans and up the river as she can get cargo.
So she and her sisters won't have to marry against their will. When she finds Blake at her ship she finds she only was sold 51% not all of it. She will not have gambling on her ship.
Jean Luc's father is disapointed in his son gambling away the ship and he does not want to do business with Blake.  So when Lily comes to buy a ship he agrees to sell the Hattie Belle.  Jean Luc figures that he can marry Lily and get his ship back. He also arranges things to go wrong for her so that she will turn to him.
Blake figures Lily will get tired of being on the river and he just has to earn enough money to buy her out.
Things get interesting as they learn how to work together. Some surprises happens that add conflict and interest.  I enjoyed reading Lily and look forward to reading more from Diane and Aaron in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
06/01/2012 PUB  Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review:The Werewolf's Wife by Michele Hauf

I liked the story line but I felt I was missing a lot by not reading any of the previous books.  Plus it had way too much sex scenes for me.
Ridge Addison is the leader of his pack but thier is only four members.  To
get more he needs to find a wife so he can have a family and give his wolfs a family to be a part of.
Ridge is already married to a witch for one day. That had ended in a big fight that almost cut off the family jewels but it did stop him from fathering children.
Abigail was being burned at a stake when Ridge saw and rescued her.  They both got drunk and ended up married by Elvis in Las Vegas.  She freaked out when they were making love he started to shift and lost control of her magic and hurt Ridge.  Abigail had no idea he was a werewolf until then.
Now she gets a phone call that her son was kidnapped and she had to rescue a vampire and exchange him for her son. She can't call the councel. 
Right after that Ridge knocks on her door wanting divorce papers signed.  Abigail being desperate makes him a deal help her find and rescue this vampire from other wolf pack. So she can rescue her son from his kidnapper.
Some werewolf packs kidnap vampires and make them fight to the death. Even though its against thier laws. That stopping is pack from doing just that is how Ridge became the new pack leader.
Ridge finds out that their is a chance he is Abagail son father but only a slight chance.  He was willing to rescue him before he thought he was a father but that is his dream to have a family and belong to one.
Thier are a lot of fights and a lot of death and sex in this story.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
04/03/2012 PUB Harlequin    Harlequin Nocturne

Review; Bronte & Frank go to Moscow by Megan Worthy

This is a cute childrens book about two kids
going to Moscow. It has quite a bit of little of
The story is simple and can be colored part of it.
It shows some special places in Moscow.
Also has a page with english and Russian words
Has Russian alaphabet, map. place to write
about your trip, some pockets for to keep memories
in. It also comes with cd. Some russian songs &
music,story of Nutcracker.  It is a good sample
of Introducing Moscow to kids. The songs are
catchy to listen to it. I have listened to cd and good
listen to it over and over.
I was given this book & cd from Author through
Librarything in exchange of honest review.
It even has emergency numbers and websites
in Moscow for you.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: Do you believe in Magic by Susan Squires

I recieved an email telling about a new series about Merlin's children and thought it looked good.  So I bought it and read it yesterday.
It was good but thier is a lot of sex scenes and violence in it.
Maggie O'Brian is a woman bull rider also gentles horses.  She lives on a rundown ranch with her father a mean drunk and sick with it. Her mother
left her with her father when she was 8. Her first love left her and even her dog left.
Maggie is going to wild horse auctions and take 8 horses and half go to CA to
a ranch who teach disabled children to ride horses.
Tristram Tremaine comes from a big rich family and he is second oldest and does not   feel like he fits in at all. His dad is a very powerful and successful man and does not relate to him and judges him.
Tristram left his home and has been on the road for about a year. when he
meets Maggie and decides to follow her to horse auction on his motorcycle.
He sees her gentle the horses fast but she gives him cold shoulder even
when she is attracted to him.  He knows she is coming back to give the other trailer full of horses so he decides to wait for her. She is late so he gives up and heads to her hometown where he met her earlier in the day.
He has not cared about anything in a year and can't get her off his mind.
Maggie on the way back sees a semi behind her and move to pass her but
all of a sudden she can't see the semi. She does hear it and see a motorcyc le in other lane and knows she is going to see a bad wreck.
after she hears the wreck and sees things fly in front of her she see's the semi just going down the road.
Maggie is an hour away from ambulance and it would be another couple of hours to hospital so when she sees Tristram is alive and can walk a little they get him in truck.
Thier is a group of people trying to kill Tristram's whole family before they
come into thier powers when they fall in love with someone else with the geneHe does not believe he has powers..
I look forward to reading more of this series in the future.

Review: Aaron & Keja: Time Dragon by Linda Nelson

I listened to Aaron & Keja on my kindle and admit I did get
lost a few times and had to go back and read.
Thier was a lot of different characters in this story Aaron is one
of the humans in this story.  She can hear and talk to different
animals. Keja is her dog.
Orc's are the good people. On thier world it is against the law
to kill dragons.
Elves want to kill a time dragon and harness its power so they
send it to a different world where they plan to hunt and kill'
the dragon.
Orc's follow the elves and the dragon to save the dragon.
Thier is a prophecy and both the elves and orc's think its about Aaron.
I am not sure what the prophecy was about.
Aaron and two human friends were kidnapped by the elves. Lots of animals work together to help them.
I was given this ebook and asked to read it and give honest review from Librarything.

the Siren's Song by Bray-Weber, Jennifer

Gilly McCoy was broke and was stowing away on a ship that is now sinking. She bribed a sailor for passage  and he locked her up in the dark. Luckly she got up to the deck before she got stuck.
Captain Thayer Drake and his men saw her and rescued her. Thayer and his pirates were mad at the  Captain Mott for not helping her in one of the life boats.
Both boats crew were mad at Abel for sneaking her on the ship and leaving her locked up on sinking ship and lying to his captain. Abel got caned.
Someone was chasing Gilly and killed her lover, manager. She has no idea why. Gilly tells Captain Drake it was a groom she was running from.
Gilly pays for her passage by singing for Drake and kissing him when his bell was wrong.
Its a pirate chase and lots of people get rescued and then caught. Thier are a few love scenes but plenty of plot and characters in this pirate adventure.
You see a few minor characters back from the A Kiss in the wind. If you enjoy pirates you will like this book. Its the second book of the series that I have now read and look forward to reading more of Jennifer's work in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
05/14/2012 PUB Carina Press

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review: The Summer My Life Began by Shannon Greenland

This book is full of charm,family problems,romance and food.
Elizabeth Margaret had just graduated from school as valedictorian
Plans have been made for her to intern at her father's law
practice. Go to Harvard in the fall.
One graduation card is from her Aunt Tilly who lives in the
Outer Banks, North Carolina offering to have her come and
stay with her.
Elizabeth & her sister Gwyneth had no idea they even had
an Aunt or who's sister she must be.
Elizabeth really wanted to go have a break and some fun but
did not want to let her father down, so asked her parents if
she could go for a month.
Elizabeth found out she had a cousin Frederick 15 and her Aunt Tilly
was a lot more laid back than her mom and grandmother.
She was allowed to help with the cooking at the bed and breakfast.
At home she was caught helping to cook at age 10 and was not allowed
but she did when she could get away with it.
They started to call her Em the nickname that only her little sister
called her.
Thier were two boys that she liked their and was really feeling at
home and comfortable with her new relatives but still had no
idea why they had not known about her Aunt and cousin.
Em changes when she is allowed the freedom to do what she
wants to do. like cook buy her own style of clothes.
I figured out what the secret was early but thier are other things
that I did not guess correctly.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of my honest review by
05/10/2012 PUB  Penguin Publishing

Between The Land and the Sea by Derrolyn Anderson

I was really into the story and cared about what was happening in the
characters lives. The characters where believeable.
This is the first of four books in the series.  I look forward to see what
happens in the rest of the books.
Marina has traveled around the world with her father.  She has never
gone to school just had lots of tutors.  Now her father is going to
Afganastan and thinks it is to dangerous to take her with him. He is
sending her to live with her Aunt Abigail and cousin Cruz for a year.
Cruz is six months older than her, a senior in high school.  He loves to
design womens clothes.  He is a outcast in high school as one really
good friend.
Marina is going to her first school as a senior and taking most of the
same classes as Cruz.  Marina with her tutoring is a head of most of her
classes but her father wants her to go for the social life of a school for once.
Marina mother died in child birth and her father never talks about his
wife. In fact has no pictures of her but tells Marina that she looks like her.
Marina has never lived by the ocean and doesn't know how to swim.
She almosts drowns from a sneak wave and a mermaid saves her and looks
a lot like her.
I really liked this book that I was given in exchange of honest review by
03/30/2011 PUB

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shades of Desire by Virna DePaul

It was a good story.  The characters all had flaws, some worse
than others.  Thier was too much sex in the book for me.
Natalie Jones was going blind.  She new for years that she
was like her mom had inheired the desease that ended in blindness
Natalie was a photographer.  When she came home one day
she heard someone in her house and he attacked her.  She
was able to get to a different room and lock herself in and
call 911.
Her attacker left behind somthing from a girl who's body had
just been found. He also left fingerprints and he had a record.
Lindsay the dead girl had runnaway from her home a year ago.
Because her family had politcal power she got a special favors her
case special agents CA. Department of Justice.
Jase Tyler and Liam McKenzie drove two hours to interview Natalie
and see if she new Lindsay or new anything to help them.
Liam was attracted to Natalie even before he met her and did not
notice at first that she was blind.
Natalie just wants to be left alone.  She does not know who or why
someone was in her home and attacked her. She doesn't want to need
anyone.   Natalie just wants to be normal and she pushes everyone a way
before anyone can let her down again.
Liam is divorced mainly becuase he put his job ahead of his wife.
He does not want to get serious with anyone.
You know pretty soon who some of the bad guys are. But the cops don't
know for awhile.
It is entertaining book for a few hours. I was given this ebook to read
in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
05/22/2012 PUB HarlequinHQN

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Consuls of the Vicariate: A Mages of Bloodmyr Novel: Book #2 by Brian Kittrell

The Consuls of the Vicariate is the second book in the Mages of Bloodmyr. I have read them back to back, so I hope I don't confuse the two at all.  Both books are very good and make me want to keep reading to the end.
Laedron, Marac and Brice are now in the Heraldans stronghold.  They are at
the Shimmering Dawn hideout with their new friends & alies Jurgen, Piers,Caleb andValyrie.
They want to stop war that Tristan IV started but the people of the Heraldan church think its the Sorbians who started the war.  Jurgen was almost the new leader of the Heraldan Church before Tristan came and got in favor.  Jurgen is targeted for murder, but he plans to go into the Church Chamber and to work against the Grand Vicar Tristan.
Laedron and Marac plan to join the militia so they can be around if Jurgen
needs help.  Jurgen is going to right a letter to the militia captain who will take them on from his say so.
Tristan tries to get the Chamber to vote him into more powerful leader but with Jurgen their to speak out against it he does not get the vote to give him
more power.
This second book is better than the first but both are worth reading and I look forward to learning what happens to them next.  Thier is lots of drama and action as they try to stop the war and show the truth that Tristan is hiding from the people. Laedron learns more about using his magic but he
has a lot more questions about the magic he wants to find out.
I was given this ebook from Librarything in exchange for honest review.  I love to find new authors that I have not read before especially the good ones like Brian Kittrell look forward to reading more of his work in the future.
2011 PUB Late Nite Books


The Circle of Sorcerers by Brian Kittrell

 The Circle of Sorcerers is the first book of A Mage of Bloomyr
Novel. The second book is now out and I plan to read it next.
I enjoyed reading it and had a hard time not finshing it last night.
Laedron is 16 year old mage, who is from a small village. Laedron
is planning to go to get more training to be a mage.
Laedron's Mother is a mage and his sister Laren is practicing so she to can go to mage school.
Marac is his best friend, 15 and broke up with his sister who wanted to
get married but the parents wanted them to wait.
Mages get along and are welcomed in  the land   till a new Leader for
the church wants them all killed.
In just a few moments their world was changed and they went to war.
Laedron had only days training with his teacher.  Their is so much he
does not know.
Its a exciting story but  I am glad the next book is already out so I can continue
the adventure without waiting.
I was given this ebook from Librarything in exchange for honest review.
2011 PUB Late Nite Books

Monday, May 7, 2012

Lady Drusilla's Road to Ruin by Christine Merrill

Lady Drusilla's chases after her sister Priscilla who has eloped with
her dance instructer.   She is determined not to let her
sister bring shame to their house.
Priscilla also took her money. Drusilla does not want everyone
to know that she is a Dukes daughter.
 So she is traveling as cheep as she can is riding a mail coach w
with two strangers. One is John Hendricks he is drunk after
quitting his job, got on the wrong carriage.  He wants to be
left alone.
the second was a merchant who was crowding her on the
carriage and asking if she is being met, had money looking
to take advantage of her.
Finally Drusilla told him she was traveling with her brother John
as she kicked him. 
John played along and they ended sharing a room at the inn and
he agreed to help her stop the elopement.
As they race after the pair who are going across the broader to
wed.  They get closer but misunderstanding happens.
This is a nice romance that is a fast read. Thier are a few
love scenes. Its a typical regency romance.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review
from Netgalley.
04/03/2012 PUB Harlequin   Harlequin Historical

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cupid's Dating Disasters by lacy Maran

This is a cute funny story of Cupid wanting a girlfriend.
His man friends don't want him to find a girlfriend because they like hiding
from their wives and watching sports in his man cave. So they sabatoge him.
Snow White tries to set him up with her friends like sleeping beauty.  Who has woken up from a coma and is on the phone the whole date.
Cupid's friends are Frankenstein ,Casanova and Tom.
I was given this ebook from librarythings in exchange of honest reviews.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Colby Law by Debra Webb

Another Colby detective agency novel. It has intrique,romance a fun read.
Rafe and Clare Barker where known as the Princess Killers.  Clare was just released from appeal that she won. Rafe finally will be put to death in a month.
Rafe has not spoken to anyone much since arrested but now he wrote a letter
that got Victoria to visit him in prison.
He wants her to find his three daughters that everyone asumed he killed the day they were arrested. but their bodies were never found just the eight of the little girls that they believe killed on their property.
He says he was inocent but did not expect her to help him he was ready to die and His wife will find his girls and kill them for revenge.
Victoria does not know what to think but in case he is telling the truth the girls need to be found and protected.
Lyle McCabe found that the person who hid the girls was killed the night before he found her but the proof of the where abouts was handed to him. He found out that one of the girls he knew and loved seven years ago. He was going to protect her with his life if needed.
Sadie Gilmore loved Lyle seven years ago when she was only 16 and never got over him leaving her. She demands he leave.
Someone broke into her house and they let all the horses out and one that she was fighting with her father over was missing.
A lot of bad things are happening around Sadie is it her father or her real father pulling strings from jail. Or her real mother who was released and disappeared. Sadie had no idea she was adopted till Lyle let her know.
I enjoyed reading Colby Law but now can't wait to see what happens next to her sisters and have the answers I want to know. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
05/01/2012 PUB Harlequin Introgue

A Callahan Wedding by Tina Leonard

This is my first Callahan story but it makes me want to go back and read the ones before. I enjoyed reading it. Its a quick read.
Jonas comes home from Ireland where supposedly he is looking for his aunt and uncle. He brings back a fiance with him on the day his brother is tying the knot for the second time. He sees the bridesmaid Sabrina his old girl friend who he thought had left him for someone else and had his baby. Sees her baby and realizes he is the father.
I guess the running story through out is what actually happened to their parents years ago.  They were told they had died but months after that a baby brother was brought to the ranch.
Their Aunt and Uncle raised them at the ranch and the boys scattered around and Their Aunt Fiona schemed to bring them all back to the ranch to settle down with great success.
Jonas is a heart surgen and the oldest brother. Also the last single brother. When months ago he saw Sabrina pregnant and thought she found someone else he left the country and was out of touch for months.
Jonas demands Sabrina marry him and give little Joe his name.
Sabrina keeps saying no to him and threatens to go back to Washington D.C.
where she works and has an apartment their.
I liked the story it kept my attention and read it straight through.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
05/01/2012 Harlequin  Harlequin American Romance

Rainbow's End by Valerie Comer, Annalisa Daughety, Nicole O'Dell, Cara Putman

Kirk is a collage Humanities professer who used to challenge christians in class. Now he is in town to help his brother open a shop. His brother just lost his wife to cancer and is bitter.
Lyssa is shy but she is helping her church sell advertising for their GEO treasure hunting fundraiser. She walks into the store and starts to back out when she reconizes Kirk as the professor who always picked on her friend in collage.
Kirk tries to date Lyssa now does not know she was in his class years ago but Lyssa has walls up.

BENEATH THE SURFACE  by Annalisa daugherty
Madison is unemployed and her sister Brook wants her to come and stay with her for the summer. She signed them both up for treasure hunt.
Grant and his grandfather signed on for the treasure hunt for something for both of them to do together.
When Brook & her husband have to leave for a family emergency. Brook and Grants grandfather said let Madison & grant work together.
Madison wears mostly dresses and famous brands and hopes to get a job in NY.
Grant just retired from professional fishing. Right now he is a guide and drives an old dirty truck.

Noah is the one who is in charge of the geocache hunt. He is the minister.
Hadley in the past year lost a 100lbs and is doing the hunt help her feel healthy. She has not seen Noah for 13 years since she saw him kissing her friend. She is angry with Noah but keeps embrassing herself in front of him.
Noah can't forget her. They were friends in thier youth.

Love's Prize by Cara C. Putman
Reagan is an accountant who was being stalked. Her cat was poisoned. So she was going with her brother and his roomate for two months and entering the geocaching contest. Reagan took lots of pictures of the two guys and the scenery but she would not sign the logs and have a record of her their.
Colton was asked by his law school roomate if he would go with them and help protect Garrets sister from the stalker. He was willing to do it and have a two month relaxing outdoors till lawschool started this fall. 
Garrets is protective of his sister but he does take off at least one night a week. It was his idea to spend the summer in little town away from the city they lived in.
All four stories were good but feel like a bit was cut out. Thier was some mention of a couple of scriptures that fit in with the stories. No sex or swearing that I noticed. I just wish the stories were a little longer.
05/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing

Brotherband: The Invaders by John Flanagan

I really enjoy John's books. They are hard to put down
till your finshed. I got the book in the mail yesterday
and stayed up till 2:00 am.
This is book 2 and starts just a few days after book 1 ended
The Herons Brotherband are racing to find the Zavac
the pirates that had stolen the Andomal and brought
thier disgrace.
They are also fleeing from Erak the Oberjarl of Skandia's
who had given them orders to turn all their weapons and
even the Heron's ship. But they sneaked away and
plan to get the artifact back.
Oberjarl Erak sent his own ship and crew after the
boys and the pirates, but not to bring the boys back
but to help them get the Andomal back and fight the
The Brotherband Heron had only 3 months training so
while they are waiting out the bad weather Thorn the
only adult with them is training them more to fight.
Getting them back in shape.
Hal is busy also trying to think of antway of giving them
an edge against the pirates. Hal is still the leader when
they are not training.
This has a lot of characters who I liked and it was full
of adventures. Now I have to wait for the next book.
If your a fan of Ranger apprentice this series you will
like to around the same time but different country
Skandia's. course a couple were set their and we are
familar with Oberjarl Erak and his boat Wolfwind.
05/01/2012 PUB philomel books 429 pages

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review:Not Just Friends by Kate Hoffman

It has adult content being a blaze book. I enjoyed Not Just Friends.
The characters are all good friends from thier youth all having gone to camp for years and then being camp counselers for years.
Julia McKee first went to camp Winnehawkee when she was 10 years old.
Julia kept a journal and during the story it reads some of her entries about camp and her crush on Adam.
Since her first year of camp she became good friends with Kate Carmichael and Frannie Dillon. They have always kept in contact. They spent many of summers together at camp.
Kate married another counselor Mason Gray. They have just bought Camp Winnehawkee it has been closed for years and the owners only sold it on condition that they reopen the camp and not sell to developers.
Kate and Mason sunk all their money into it. But it needed more capital to fix it up and to open it. They plan to offer it to inner city kids and not to just rich kids.
They called their fellow camp friends and asked them to come up and help them get it ready to open. Julie came to help and after spending 12 years at camp had lots of memories. Julie had a crush on Adam for years and wrote about it every summer hoping that he would like her and had hidden the journal every summer under a loose board under a bunk.  Julia had left it thier.
Julie owns her own bakery in Chicago. Mason is a high school history teacher. Kate is a social worker.Frannie and Ben Cassidy both live in Minneapolis and have come to help to. Derek and Steven are a couple now and own a construction fir in Green Bay. Adam Sutherland lives in Chicago and works for his fathers venture capital company. They have all come to help fix up the camp so it can open.
The bank who loaned them the money to buy the camp won't give them a loan to fix it up. A lot of people want Mason & Kate fail so they can buy the property and develop it.
Adam and Julia meet up when Adam gets to camp at 3:00 am and thinks that cabin is where he is supposed to sleep and crawls in the counslers bed and scares Julia who is already thier.
Adam has liked Julia for years but thought she hated him. She would not even talk to him for years unless she had to and was the one girl he could not charm. Adam had a lot of first experiences at the camp through the years.
Adam and Julia are even more attracted and acted on it and tried to not let anyone thier know that they were hooking up a lot.
Its a fun story with lots of flashbacks at life at camp through the years along with them all working on the camp. Lots of things are found at the camp that brings memories back. Even Julia journal was found but no one knows its her she uses just first letters for everyone especially Adam and does not tell her name in it. The group reads parts of the journal out loud not knowing for awhile that Julia wrote it about Adam.
I enjoy Kate Hoffmans books. Could have done without the sex scenes though.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
05/01/2012 PUB Harlequin   Harlequin Blaze

The Rancher's Runaway Princess by donna Alward

This was a fun romance to read with cowboys and royalty and dances. In my ebook of the Last Real Cowboy had both stories but am reviewing them seperately.
Lucy Farnsworth has become Princess in the last three months. Found out her father was a King and at same time her mother was dying. She just wants to be herself again so she is not telling them that her father the King sent her to judge the horses at the ranch.
Brody Hamilton wants to make a deal with the king of Marazur and the fameous Navarro royal stables. In the seven years he has taken over the ranch he has tried to make it better after the trials he faced.  Brody is angry inside and doesn't trust Lucy because she is young and reminds him of his exwife.
Lucy wants to prove to her father that she does know horses and can take care of his stable and make good choices. She fits in with horses and not feel like a princess.
They both have to get through their anger and grief before they can go forward but they both help each other as they spend more time together.
05/01/2012 PUB Harlequin Romance

Last real Cowboy by Donna Alward

In the ebook I was lent has two stories but I am going to review them seperate. I enjoyed seeing what Angela Beck was able to accomplish after her trials.
Angela Beck is a social worker with a dream, she wants to make a home where women who have been abused can get on their feet again. She is going to call it Butterfly house and shes sees not just one but many around the nation.
One of the major backers has been Molly Diamond they have donated the land and money to start one. Only ask for a member of the Diamond be on the board. When Molly,s husband got sick she asked her son to step in and take her place on the board. Sam Diamond had to take over running of the ranch when his dad got ill, He is also planning to expand with new program but his dad is fighting him over it. He shows up late to board meeting.
Molly and Sam clash and she wants Sam to put in more help than just money.
Sam starts caring about the project and ends up helping Angela with Butterfly house.
05/01/2012 Harlequin Harlequin Romance

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review: Gypped by Carol Higgins Clark

I really like Regan Reilly P.I. who married Jack Reilly no relation except by now being married.
Jack is a police Detective in New York where they now live. He is in LA for a conference. Regan had lived for years in L.A. but moved back to New York after they got married. Regan wants to show Jack some places and meet some of her friends after his conference is over.
Regan out shopping while Jack is busy with the conference runs into an old friend she made while they were on a game show together. They both lost.
Her friend tells her that she was now rich a neighbor who lived in her apartment that she sometimes walked her dog when she was sick left her to her surprise 8 million dollars.
Regan was invited to a party she was having this evening in a rundown mansion she bid on a charity auction and won for a week. After the party she asks Regan to help her find out about her father's new wife when she finds out they eloped.
Before Regan finds out much her friend gets really sick so she stays the night to keep watch and help her.
Earlier in the day Regan saw a suspious guy trying to get into multiple cars and reports it to security at the mall. She doesn't realized that she is followed to her hotel or the party.
I liked the story it was not her best but it was good. She usually comes out in the spring with her books. I read some of others reviews until then I did not realize that Gypped was a racist title until it was pointed out. Maybe they did not realize or think of it in that context either. Sorry some people got hurt I will try not to use it now that I know.
04/03/2012 PUB Scribner

Edge of Passion ( Cloak Warriors) by Tina Folsom

I liked the storyline, the characters,plot and would like to read more about the cloak warriors. But it had too much sex talk and scenes that I skipped over.
The Cloak Warriors protect the humans from demons.  If the demons gain more power by getting controll of more human souls they can rise and cost the world more trouble. The Warriors can be invisible when they want and cloak other people so the demons can't find them. They can even walk through walls.
Aiden is a Cloak Warrior and he just had to kill one of the humans he was sent to protect but the demons had her in their controll and she killed a little boy when she was trying to kill Aiden.
Dr. Leila Cruickshank is working on a cure of Alzheimer's Disease and the clinical trials are promising.  She wants to finsh it fast because both of her parents suffer from the Disease. She is in charge of a lab and other researchers and keeps the majority of information top secret.
The demons have found out that her drug is letting them take over human minds easier and faster. They want the drug and want it to work faster.
Council members are judge, jury and excutioner for the cloak warriors and what they vote on is final and secret. They have found out about the drug and how badly the demons want control of it. Some want to protect her others want to kill her and protect them all. They vote to protect her and Aiden is the one with the responsibilty of keeping her safe.
The story deals with the greater good over one person, loyalty,power,greed and who to trust. Has lots of fights, Too much sex and some swearing.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
03/7/2012 PUB Tina Folsom