Monday, July 30, 2012

Rodeo Rebel by Debra Kayn

4 STARS I enjoyed the fact that Florentine McDougal had a different job than I have ever read about for a woman. She is a bull rider. I have to say that it is hard for me to think about a women doing that job. Just how physical it is. I learned that I am not as well rounded on that profession as I should be. Florentine is named after a lace and all four of her sisters are too. Florentine is a twin too. She was raised on a ranch by her father after her mother died when she was younger. Her dad passed away last year. Florentine gets no respect from the other cowboys. They feel threatened by her as a female bullrider who is beating them. She has just a few rides left of the season and she is on her way to being a professional bull rider. Cole Reardon just bought Turner Grain Corporation and along with that he found himself to be sponsering a bullrider Florentine. Cole feels strongly that he does not want to be a sponser of someone risking thier live for entertainment. He wants out of the contract. Cole is a widower and is raising his daughter Sarah and he wants to be a good example to her. He is over the top protective of her. Cole takes Florentine to dinner after the rodeo and tells her he wants to buyout his contract. Florentine gets angry and tells him no. This is her dream and she has a tight contract. She wants to win so that she can help other girls to realize that they can be whatever they want to be. If she can make her dream come true with hardwork so can they. She is not leting Cole out. Right before her next ride Cole agains tries to get her to let him buyout his contract. Right after that she gets injured from her ride. Cole contract states he be responsible for her medical bills. Also feels guilty for distracting her before her ride. Florentine has a concussion and Cole thinks she will let him buyout his contract now that she is injured and can't ride. Florentine plans to be back riding the bulls in 10 days. The doctor wants her to take it easy for 2 weeks but agrees that if she rests should be able to compete in 10 days if she wants to. Cole is torn he wants her but does not want her risky behavor around his daughter. He takes Florentine home for her 10 days off. He also brings his little daughter with him. Florentine family always puts on a big 4th of July party with fireworks on her family ranch and this year her sister is getting married right before the party. Sarah is glad to be thier she wants a mother. She also wants more freedom than her father gives her. Now can Florentine cook cookies? It is on her wish list for a mom. Florentine has to act tough to be a bullrider. She is lonely out on the circut one day a cowboy wants to bed her and the next he wants her gone. She will not date a cowboy. I stayed up late because I had to see if she won or lost and how the book would turn out. Thier are a few love scenes in the book. I want to read more about Florentine family. I think they have had thier own story written. I would read more from Debra in the future. The rodeo action seemed so believeable you could almost taste the dirt. Too bad I missed my towns rodeo last week. If it was this week I probably would go after reading this story. Florentine's father did a fine job raising his daughters to go for thier dream whatever they wanted. Let them know how much he loved them and how proud of them he was. I liked her family. I was given this ebook to read in return for giving honest review of it from Netgalley. 06/15/2012 PUB Entangled Publishing Imprint Indulgence

Saturday, July 28, 2012

An Inconvenient Affair ny Catherine Mann

3 STARS love the story line. the characters are charming. This is a harlequin desire so thier are a lot of hot stuff in this book. Hillary Wright is on a airplane heading for Chichago where she will be working on identifing her ex-boyfriend's partner is stealing money from a charity to help with scholarships. She will be working with CIA and Interpol agents. This way she can prove her inocence. Troy Donavan at age 15 broke into the Pentagon computer and shown a lot of corruption going on. Because of his age he was sent to a milatary boarding school. When he turned 21 was approached to working with Interpol by he his boarding school general. He also created computer games and software to become a billionare. He was supposed to meet Hillary at the fundraser tonight to work with, but he wanted to meet her early so he got the seat next to her on the plane. He knew she was pretty but not that hot. They flirted the whole way but Hillary told him she was not going to date him. Before they could depart the plane Troy name was called out and he was handcuffed and taken off the plane. Which was a stunt for the charity and good cover for him. He played rich playboy to the press and did assignments about once a year. Did more work on computer for them more often. Hillary could not believe the guy she was flirting with was Troy Donavan the rich playboy who had got into trouble all those years ago. At the Black tie event the last item up for bid was Troy. He was now on stage in tux still handcuffed up for auction was this weekend as his date. He went for almost 100,000. The winner was his assistant and he told the audience that he was known for not following the rules and said this way he got to pick the date of his choice for the weekend and in the spotlight went up to Hillary and picked her. They both have issue with thier parents, and still have a lot of issues to workout. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 08/01/2012 PUB. Harlequin Harlequin Desire

Review: Something Blue by Dianne Christner

5 STARS I enjoyed watching Megan grow and change. This was a perfect sunday book to enjoy. Megan is a Mennonite. She is working for a small airplane company. They do private charters and charity flights. Megan's boss is Randy and he is taking off two months to try and save his marriage. His brother Chance Campbell works in Ecuador as a mission piliot and coming to run the company for him. Chance flirts right away with Megan and tells her stories about his work. Chance has a hard time understanding why Megan does not want to date him or even have lunch together as friends. Megan is very attracted to Chase and keeps saying no to him but she is worried about him. Megan's Preacher died and they are interviewing two men for the job. The first one to come is going to stay with Megan's family. Her father is an Elder of thier church and they have room for him. Megan is surprised when she comes home to find the preacher who has come first to interview and preach is Micah Zimmerman. She knew him at collage and in fact he asked her out time after time. She finally had to threaten to get him to leave her alone. She hoped he did not come here just to try with her again. Micah the moment he first met Megan in his last semester of collage he felt that she was going to mean a lot to him. He remembered how he kept asking her out. Micah was having lots of allergies problems. He felt like he was looking like a fool to Megan. Then he found that Megan had lots of allergies too. Megan got to know a little bit more about Micah and they became friends. Micah realized he still felt attracted to Megan but he was afraid of thier past would hurt him to get the job. Micah was asked back to stay for a three months and than the members would vote to offer him the job or not. Chance really wanted Megan to come with him to Ecuador when he left. He thought she would love it. He hid somethings to Megan. Megan confided to Micah about Chance. Megan was starting to think that she needed to spend more time with Chance. This story did have a lot of different scriptures and subjects of different sermons topics came up. It was all natural to the story. I liked the Characters. This is the third book of a series. I have now read the second & third books. I would love to go read the first one sometime. Look forward to reading more of Dianne's novels in the future. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest reviews from Netgalley. 08/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Treasure of the Celtic Triangle by Michael Phillips

This is the second book with these characters,but it stands alone.  I
have not read the first one but I am going to read it soon.
No bedroom scenes or swearing in the book.  Lots of caring for
The book starts in 1872 Courtenay is the heir to Viscount but he
will inheirit when he turns 25.  In less than 2 years he has come back
home because he spent almost all of his money.  Thier has been no
money added to his account since his father died. He is very spoiled
and greedy.
Viscountess Lady Katherine is the last wife of the Viscount.  She is
mother of Courtenay and Florilyn.  She is caretaker of the estate till
her son turns 25.  She has money of her own where their is not a lot
of money with the lands.
Florilyn is the younger than her brother.  She is engaged to her cousin
Percy is engaged to Florilyn.  Has been coming to Wales to stay with
his Aunt since age 16 when he kept getting into trouble so his parents
thought that might help.  He is just finshing collage and is thinking he
wants to go into law. Percy was with his Uncle when he was dying and
his Uncle asked him to look into a matter of his past for him.  If he can
find something or someone than tell his Aunt Katherine the truth but if
proof can not be found don't hurt his family
Florilyn and Percy are reading the same book and writing letters back and
forth to discuss it.  Florilyn soon see herself in the book along with Percy and Gwyneth.  She thinks that maybe they got engaged too fast and need to
pray and think if that is Gods will.
Percy is hurt but feels it would not hurt to slow down and make sure that they are right for each other.  He also has to look into his feelings of the
missing Gwyneth.
Stephen was a shepard but Viscountess asked him to manage the estate for her.  Stephen is a well read man.  He follows God and cares for the families
that live on the property.  He knows how to take care of the horses. Has been friends with Percy and Florilyn.  His cousin is Gwyneth and his family don't know where Gwyneth ,her father and Granny moved too.
Lots of secrets and plans that go behind each others back. It kept my attention in the book. I hated to put it down.
I was given this book to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
08/01/2012 PUB  Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Deserving of his Diamonds by Melanie Milburne

4 STARS I would have read this book faster if not for the tears making it hard to see the words. I feel like I have been in a emotional wringer with this book. It does have love scenes in the book. Gisle found her fiance did not trust her when he heard and saw her on line in a sex tape. He kicked her out of his house told her to never contact him again. Gisele was heart broken that he did not believe her. Two years later Emilio Andreoni read in the paper about her twin being reunited. Emilio who was building a perfect life found he was not perfect but made a big mistake. Gisele Carter did not know she was a twin. Her father did not let her know that he had an affair that resulted in twin girls. Each parent took one twin. Gisele owns a baby store with clothes and she will do personal needle work that the customers want on it. One day she looks up and her former fiance is thier wanting to say he was sorry. She did not want anything to do with him. He threw her away days before thier wedding. Since that time she had thier baby and lost her. She still has a hard time eating and sleeping. Work is all she does now. Emilio wants her back. When she refuses to even talk to her he buys her building than offers her a million dollars for a month of her time. She agrees for two months. She wants to make him sorry he let her go. They find out they did not know each other as well as they thought when they were a couple before. Thier were a few scenes that just it me hard. I like Gisele and would like to get to know more about her twin in a future book. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 08/01/2012 PUB Harlequin Presents

The Diamond Secret by Lenora Worth

4 STARS I liked it but sad to because of the bad guy. The Diamond Secret is a treasure hunt for a famous diamond that was last seen in Louisana with a pirate. Has lots of drama trying to figure out the clues of where the diamond is and who is the real bad guy or is it gals? Esther is running her father's antique shop she inheirited after her fathers death. She sells antique jewelry,furniture,weapons and clocks. Also in the shop she has her art that she makes using different broken pieces. One evening as she is about to close a guy comes into the shop and is looking for something that her father had. Esther tells him to come back tomorrow and look around. Cullen tells her that he also brought her father's letters to him for her to keep. As Cullen is leaving he sees two guys and pushes Esther back into the shop saying they were there. They go toward the back and hear the breaking of glass. As they are running and hiding out they have shots fired. Cullen uses a blow torch from her studio and a gun to give Esther a chance to get away. Cullen goes back with her to her apartment with her after the cops are through. They can tell someone has been to her home too. Esther reads the letters her father wrote to Cullen and remembers all the treasure hunts he made up for her. Also the stories he would tell her when she was younger. Her shop is broken into and this time they took stuff from the safe and some papers were gone too. Who knows that Cullen is after the chocolate diamond and has clues that her father had left for her to find where it was. Was her father murdered? Or was he going senial? Did her father know where the diamond was hid? If he did how did he figure it out? Thier are a lot of mystery surrounding the famous chocolate diamond that Cullen is looking for. This is a good story and nothing to worry about in this story. No sex, No swearing. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 08/01/2012 PUB Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense

Phantom Marauders of the Bermuda Triangle by R.C. Farrington

5 STARS I made the mistake of picking this book up right before I was planning to read just for a bit and bed early. Well its after 1:00 am. The story is told in a easy clear manner. Thier is lots of things blown up and people killing in this drug war. Now I want to read more books from Farrington. an ex-cop who worked undercover in drugs now searchs for wrecked boats. Finds an empty boat with a cabin full of cocaine they take and dump it out into the ocean and plan to turn the empty bags over to authority. Instead of a warm welcome he is met with former fellow cop that says he is now running drugs. He is taken away instead of police he is taken somewhere and then down secret tunnel and surprised to see the Govenor of Bermuda. Then an FBI Agent comes in the room too. They want him to destroy the drugs,disable their ships and do it only in the Bermuda triangle. They can come ashore in this one secret base but only at night. He will get a few new members of crew and big boat that can't be tracked by radar whem its on. It is a war and thier is a cost to what they are doing. Some get wounded and others disappeared. I kept wishing somehow they woud all make it. Turk Black is the captain, ex-cop and has a glass eye. He hates drugs. This is a book you won't want to put down and has lots of action, lots of heros. I could definately see this as a movie someday. I was given this book to read for free and asked in return to give my honest review of the book when done from Librarything. CreateSpace PUB 03/25/2012 219 pages

Thursday, July 26, 2012

That Thing Called Love by Susan Anderson

3 STARS It is a good romance but it had too much swearing and sex for me personaly. I like the characters,the town, storyline. Austin is 13 years old and his Grandpa that raised him died a few months after his grandma died. He is staying with who Jenny Salazar has been almost like a sister to him. The lawyer says he needs to contact Jakes Austin's father before she can be made permant guardian. Austin never remembers meeting him. Jake Bradshaw is a photographer for National Geographic and was on a photo shoot in the back of beyond and did not get back to Razor Bay for 3 months after the funeral. Jake now gets to be a father and wants to take him back to New York city to live with him. He always wanted to get out of Razer bay. His senior year in high school he became a dad and a widower left with a crying baby. His in-laws suggested that he accept the scholarship he earned and they would raise Austin. Jake took the scholarship and did not look back. Jenny came to town at 16 to work at the hotel that Austin's grandparents owned. She was supporting her and her mother after thier father was sent to jail for a ponzie scheme. She worked up to manager and they became like grandparents to her. She did not let them spoil her like they wanted to. She was missing them too. She was also left with 7% of the business and to manage Austins till he was ready for it. Jake had a half brother he met for the first time on the playground at school where he was bullied because Max believed his father would have stayed with him. By that time his father had left Jake & his mother to move onto another family. Once he left he ignored the previous children he had. Austin did not want anything at first with his father. Jenny was unselfesh and wanted them to grow closer for Austin sake. She could not deny that Jake was good looking and hot. Thier are a lot of different relations that are being worked on slowly and I was really into the story. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest reviews from Netgalley. Harlequin HQN (July 31, 2012) 384 pages

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: Rough Waters by S.L. Rottman

5 STARS Rough Waters made me feel! I was so invested into Scott. Got really angry at Roger. Wanted to tell Greg off and to grow up. I cried in a few places too. I did not put the book down till I had finshed reading it. In the end I wanted to go on a rafting trip again. The book starts with Scott and Greg trying to go through all thier possessions decide what they wanted keep, sell or donate. Thier parents having both died in a car crash. They had no seatbelts on and no money left by the time all the expenses and loans are paid for. Greg had 3 months before he turned 18. Had enough to pay one year of collage then he did not know what would happen. Scott was 15 he had good grades and time to earn scholarships for collage. They grew up in california. Now they had to go to Colorado and live with a Uncle they never knew they had. Thier neighbor was helping them pack and was willing to store somethings for them. Scott would rather stay with her. But thier parents made a will 15 years early and made thier Uncle thier guardian. Thier Uncle said they could come live with them but not to bring much because he has a real small house. No one was thier to meet the plane and when they called collect he refused to take the call and said someone would be by to pick them up soon. When they got to thier Uncle Rocky's he stopped by to welcome them and told them that they could work for him. He would train Greg to be a river guide when he was 18 he would get paid more. They would share a bedroom and with two twin beds and two dressers was pretty much all the room. Greg resented having to live by Rocky's few rules. He did like the river runs and got along great with Roger who was training him. Scott was willing to give Rocky a chance. Greg not so much. I would read more books like this one. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 05/01/2012 PUB Peachtree Publishers

See Lynn Chased by Melissa Blue

4 STARS See Lynn Chased is a fun romance, But does have a few love scenes in it. The whole town likes to bet on different wagers. Its a short novel read it in one session. Liked Lynn character, her drive not to give up and not everything is for sale. The day she finally owns her store a businessman enters and wants to buy the store at a great profit for her. Lynn refuses the offer and tells him and he threatens back that he always get what he wants and the price will never be as high as it is now. Lynn won't sell because she bought it from someone who treats her like family. Nathan Craine wants to buy this store because of his dads plans for it when he was killed. Both are stuborn and fight hard. I liked the second love story too that was going on. I now want to go back and read Megean story. I was given this book to read in exchange for honest review from Librarything. 5/8/2012 PUB. Confessions of a Romance Author 698kb file size

Review: Celtic Run by Sean Vogel

4 STARS A Jake McGreevy Novel Celtic Run is a fast paced adventure, treasure hunting tale. It is good clean fun entertainment. It starts out on airplane from NYC to Ireland some students are having a long field trip.They are going to stay with different host families. Some even in different cities. Julie's father pulled string so the three of them would be in the same town. Jake has been friends for years. He really likes her and can't see what she sees in that bully Zach. Jake is smart and handy around tools and gadgets. He is really short. Zach plays football and likes to tease and torture Jake. Zach & Julie's host families we never see about them besides they have money. Zach & Julie's family have money too. Jake's host family has a daughter about his age Maggie. They are in am older car but it works. Mrs.O'Connell runs the pub. Mr. O'Connell is unemployed but still looking for work. The O'Connell family and thats the important part. They parked at a viewing point and all got out to look at the water they were only 15 feet to the water. Jake noticed a little tolder chasing a butterfly and wemt over the side. Jake ran and jumped right after. He almost gave up finding her but he did and the second time they both went under he did not let her go. When Jake gets pulled out he had spanish coin and a clue tp a treasure. The four teenagers decide to work together to find the treasure. They have a lot of drama. Someone else is trying to find the treasure. They are dangerous and want the clues to the treasure. In the pub Jake finds a uncle who says he is in the milatary and call if he needs anything. The bartender does not believe the older gentleman story. I would read other books from Sean Vogel in the future. They drew me into the story and I wanted to be there. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 05/24/2012 PUB. MB Publishing, LLC Imprint Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members' Tities ISBN:9780962416699

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kanas City Cowboy by Julie Miller

4 STARS Sheriff Boone Harrison gets told that his little sister was raped and murdered in the big city. He is still in his hometown the only one of the 5 children and as the oldest he feels he let down his sister. He plans to make sure her killer is found. Forensic psychologist Kate Kilpatrick is on the red rose rape task force, she is also the police media rep. She gets to talk to the reporters and help calm the city. Now this rapist has now upped his violence to murder. She is at the scene where the body was dumped talking to reporters when A cowboy with a gun pulled her away and started to demand answers. Kate helped Boone with some answers and when her car was defaced and blood used to threaten her he is thier to help her. Both Kate and Boone had spouses that cheated on them so it is hard to trust for both of them. They both are attracted to each other. Boone plans to spend time helping to catch his sister's killer and when he finds out that Kate is getting text threats he lets her boss of the task force know and he agrees to help protect her. I liked it but have problem of the next book in the series not coming out till 2013. The problem i have with the story is he should not be in with his sister's body while the medical examiner is working on her. Thier were some twists that I guessed right and some I did not see coming. I liked Kate character and would love to see more of her in upcoming books. I was given this book to read in exchange of honest reviews from Netgalley. 08/01/2012 PUB. Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Intrigue 224 pages

The Knight (The Dark Elf of Syron, #2) by Laura Lond

4 STARS I liked the Knight book 2 as well as the first. Did not want to put the book down till I finshed reading it. I hope book 3 is out now or soon because I want to read it. The Govenor after his two visits with the dark Elf scares him and when he is drunk opens his mouth to his brother and tells him he did not win on his own. Sir Fredric comes back when his brother Malgrid is sober and asks him what he meant. Malgrid refused than Sir Fredric will go to the prison and ask the Dark Elf himself. Sir Fredric has honor,bravery and courage. I like him. its full of drama, fantasy and moral codes. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest reviews from Librarything. 47 pages.

Book 1of the Dark Elf Series, "The Prisoner by laura Lond

4 STARS This is a novella takes place around a Prisoner. The Warden is scared of him really bad. He makes the prisoner as comfortable as he can. But he is worried because of a visitor that is coming to check on the Prisoner. He needs a favor from the Prisoner but the Prisoner demands a favor from him too. I liked the slow steady build up to who the Prisoner is and why he acts the way he acts. I liked the characters. I would read more of the Dark Elf Series in fact I will read book 2 of the Dark Elf Series next. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest reviews from Librarything.

Review:Colton: Rodeo Cowboy by C.J.carmichael

4 STARS We are back at the Hart's of Thunder Ranch. Colton Hart is back from another rodeo but he missed his brother's wedding. Then being in time to carry rest of wedding cake inside the ranch house when the raim started coming down hard. Colton and his mom then had a fight over missing the wedding and Colton left to go too a bar. Leah Stockton is back home staying at her mom's with her two little kids till she could get into the house she rented. Leah and her mom had a fight after her kids were a sleep about trying again with her ex-husband. So Leah went to the local bar. Colton sees the attractive women at the bar and then realizes it is Leah. He has known Leah as long as he can remember. They went to school together, she barrell raced with his sister. Lots of times at different rodeo's he would run into her but he has not seen her for 5 years. That night things changed for them. They were now attracted to each other and thinking of sleeping together in the future when Colton found out she was a mother and backed off. Colton has been hiding secrets from his family for over 12 years. Why he still chasing rodeos instead of being around to help more with the family ranch. Colton has debts that no one knows about and he needs the money from the rodeo wins. Colton and his brother Aiden are always fighting over things. It did not help that the younger Hart brother did not come home from where ever he was for the wedding of Aiden & Flynn. Colton wants to put thier expensive horse Midnight they got recently, now that he is better after being abused. back into the rodeo. Aiden says no way they are risking Midnight getting hurt they have to much invested in him now as a stud. Midnight does not want to be gentle and fights all of them. I liked how Colton now figured out what he wants in his life. He is going to work and fix the things he does not like. He finds out that being around little children is not that hard to do. Thier are no warnings about the contents of this book. I want to see the characters again in the future. I fell for Leah's cute kids and would enjoy Seeing some of the singles in the older generation find love again. I enjoyed seeing the Hart family again and will look for the next book in the series. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 08/01/2012 PUB Harlequin American Romance 224 pages

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Man in the Mountain by Doug Lucas

4 1/2 STARS I believe this is the first 1/2 star I have given. I kept on debating between 4 or 5 stars so split in the middle. At first some of the characters did not really like but the more you know the more I liked them. Thier were some I could never have come up with. I did wonder about all the authors everyone was talking about and did guess right on some. Did not want to put the book down once I started reading it. Had to wait and see what would happen next. It is very entertaining novel. Lots of drama,action and little romance thrown in. I would love to live in a mountain like that but could never afford it. A lot of good guys in the story but so many rotten apples were in it too. Yeah for the good guys that were good. This is a novel that anyone can enjoy and I recommend it to those who like suspense,adventure. Hooker, DEA & FBI Agents,drug dealers, drug cartel & assasin and lots of authors & books thrown into the mix. Deanna Flores is FBI Agent who is in isolated cabin guarding Marcie is a hooker who saw the only cop who treated her respect murdered by a drug dealer. Deanna hates being stuck in the back of beyond with no cell service. While her partner leaves to run errarnds. Marci sees a photo in the paper and reconizes three of the men who were thier the day the cop was killed. They are DEA & FBI agents and one of them is best friend of her partner they decide to grab what they can and take off. Looking back they see cars and truck at the cabin. They are running now for thier lives and arguing about books and authors they like. Aaron is with the drug dealer and a couple of other cops working for him. Aaron is not trusted completly by the drug dealer. They know he is a DEA agent but dont know that he is undercover with his bosses knowledge. Aaron thinks either his boss or someone higher up in another agency is on the take. because the cabin that is the safe house is owned by the same drug dealer who wants to kill the witness. Aaron knows Marci saw him right after the murder chasing her. So instead of guarding the clearing like the drug dealer told him he is following the women and hope to guide them and cover up some of the trail they left behind. He knows that if he just appears the agent could kill him. He also mentions different characters in novels that he likes. Thier are different levels of drug dealer who are involved in the chase of the women. I was given this ebook to read from the author on Librarything in exchange of honest review. Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing; 1 edition (February 6, 2012) 188 pages

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review:Seduced by Blood by Laurie London

This is the last of four books in the series but the first one I have read.  It does feel like a stand alone but
I feel that if I had read the other 3 books and see their story line continued would be richer.
Thier are a lot of sex scenes in the story.
Tristan Santiago the region commander likes everyone to jump when he says jump.  But thier is a new
tracker in town to teach other trackers and Roxy Reynolds does not jump but walks away from his orders.
Roxy has come to teach the class so that Lily the  one who was supposed to teach can go on a
pre-wedding trip.  On the way thier she sees a wounded stranger out in the boondocks so she stops to
help and realize he was attacked by dark bloods for all his sweet blood. Before she can help him get
away two rangers come and then 2 dark bloods so Roxy unarmed calls for help.
Tristan has judged her by her tattooes and just wants her to go away, but ends up needing her help
to find the trator who is causing his men to get hurt.  Roxy goes undercover as his girl friend and
thinks it way to cozy fast.
The Head dark blood  in that area is a strong smart female who you love to hate.  Laurie has strong
female characters who are tuff and sexy.  Even some of the humans females are brave.
The male characters run the gamit some you want to slap and some you want to kiss.
If you love books with lots of sex and fighting you will like Seduced by Blood.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
07/24/2012 PUB Harlequin   HarlequinHQN

Review: All Summer Long by Susan Mallery

It was nice to go back to Fool's Gold and visit old friends and meet new ones.
Charlie in collage was raped and no one believed her, even her mom.  So Charlie has a hard time even being close to a guy. She wants a family or at least children and does not want to pass on her fear of guys.
Clay wants to be close to his family and get them involved in a business plan for a haycation. Clay has made lots of money with his butt modeling and movie double work.  Clay has even graduated collage but did not tell his family. He has bought 200 acres by his family's property. He wants to be part of a small town again. Even volunteer as a fireman.
Charlie gets the idea to have Clay help her to be normal and be able to have sex again.  Plus as a fireman trainee help him get a fair shot and help him with his dream.
A lot of women stare at Clay and treat him like he is meat market.  Clay was married once before and she died. He does not want serious relationship but he does not want one night stands.  Clay takes Charlie serious and does look
up information how to help. So Clay starts to seduce her slowly getting her to trust him and tease her .  Thier is a lot of sex talk and foreplay in this
story.  Plus a lot of family drama Charlie's famous mother comes to town and now wants a relationship with her.
May mother of Clay,Rafe and Shane finally talks about her daughter and we get to meet her.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley.
07/24/2012 Harlequin    HarlequinHQN

Review:The Ghosts of Nagasaki: Silence by Daniel Clausen

3 STARS I believe this is a short story with a longer book to come later. It's a little confusing at times. It takes place in Japan. It involves a foreigner that teaches english and he sees ghosts. He believes a ghost left him a novel written in Japeneese on the bus for him. He also brings home a skinny ghost who likes to shout mainly one phase. Lots of drinking going on. we don't know if he really sees ghost or is he going crazy. this first story is 45 pages long. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest reviews from the author.

Dragon Justice by Laura Anne Gilman

Well this one was a rollercoaster of emotions. I enjoy this series of books and it will be a book that I will reread in the future.
Bonnie has been a PUPI now for two years. They have expanded and have a lot of new trainys. She would rather be out if the field working or trying new spells than training.
Bonnie and Ben are still circling around the merge.  Ben knows he is finding it harder to not caring about who she is seeing.  Ben is not needed right now
on any cases so he is working on something that is not PUPI business but his own.  So he is going out of town.
Bonnie comes across a girl a little younger than her that has no idea what talent is and untrained.  Bonnie gets the idea that Wren would be a good mentor for her.
Bonnie is told to take some time off and is not sure what to do. Ben pings her and tell her to come to him.  So Bonnie takes off to be with Ben and take time to see if they want to take their relationship to the next level. Then the musuem that Ben was doing a new security for and had a break in
but it works and stop the thief.  Then They get called to work on two murders.  They find out that thier will probably be more.
They never do get the vacation alone in fact more and more people they know end up out of town with them working.
Bonnie keeps getting visions of dragons and tries to figure those out durning stressful days. I think I lost something about them.
I look forward to reading more books about the PUPI in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest reviews from Netgalley.
07/24/2012 PUB Harlequin    HarlequinLuna

Friday, July 20, 2012

Review: The Kindling by Braden Bell

5 STARS The Kindling is a fun,nail biting adventure. About three middle grade students that weird things are happening around them. Thier teachers are stalking them. Everywhere they go the teachers follow them. Conner Dell is 13 he is worried about passing pre-algebra. trying out for the lacrosse team. His twin sister Lexa and thier best friend Melanie. The three hangout a lot together. Thier mothers are good friends since collage. Connor hates that the bullys are picking on his friend and wishes something bad would happen to him like his pants would catch on fire. Then they do. Other things happen around them when they think things. They can see this guy stalking them but no one else seems too see him. In thier part of town all the dogs die at the same time. It does not matter if they are outside or inside. Lexa thinks its the stalker. They are noticing other things around them that are wierd. They fear that the teachers and stalker are working together. When one of them hears part of the conversation she thinks the teachers are going to kill them after school. The three of them are never in trouble and all of a sudden they get 7 demerits each in one day and after stay for detention. But they figure out how to get away from them and take off running after the bell rings. Connor gets seperated from the girls and two teachers are chasing him when others appear in front of him and trap him or do they? This is a classic fight light against darkness. They have different gifts that happen when someone is about to Kindle or come into power. The teens have to decide if they want to join the battle and fight for the light side or not. Other teens thier ages are turning up missing all over thier town. Also in that part of town weird robberies are happening. No one is saying anything. I liked the storyline the characters, thier disneyworld vacation is ont they will never forget. I would read a sequal if one comes out in the future. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 7/10/2012 PUB Cedar Fort Imprint Sweetwater 304 pages suggested ages 13-17 (or 49)

Review:Somebody to Love by Kristan Higgins

4 STARS I had fun reading this novel. Its one that I thought would be a little bit different than what it was. I like the characters. They have dreams,fears,faults and love. Parker Welles lives with her little boy in a mansion all alone. She writes little childrens books that she hates. Parker donates the profits to Save the Children Fund. She does not need money and if she did she has a big trust fund and so does her son. That is till her father Harry comes down to the house and says the money is all gone. Even thier trustfunds. The goverment is taking everything except what she has bought for the house in the last 5 years. her car, thier clothes and personal items. She has around 10,000$ left and a house in Maine that she forgot she inheited from a great Aunt. Her father's personel lawyer James Cahill offers to go with her to help her but she turns him down. She calls him thing 1 and her fathers other aid thing 2. Everytime she sees her father they are both thier and have been for years. Nicky is Parker's 5 year old son. She never married his father, but has a good relationship with him and his wife Lucy. Nicky is going on vacation with them to the west coast for 3 weeks. When Parker goes up to Gideon's Cove and see the house she inheirited she finds a rundown shack. Her great Aunt was a horder and stuff was everywhere. The town is small so she slept in her car. James shows up the next morning to offer help again reminding her he did construction to put himself through collage. He tells her all that needs fixing so she agrees he can stay. Parker think her father's still paying him to help her this summer. Parker is jealous of James and her father's pet snake. They are closer to her father than she is. I really like the supporting characters of the book they added to the charm of it. I laughed and smiled a lot while reading Somebody to Love. I want to go and read more books about Gideon's Cove. Parker has a good attidude and is not afraid to get into doing the work even though she has to be shown how to do it. She also ends up getting a dog because the dog is going to be killed that day. After we find that was a lie. I was given this book to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 04/24/2012 PUB HQN 432 pages

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Homefront Hero by Allie Pleiter

4 STARS I started the book and before long I did not like hero at all. Then things began to change as I got to know him longer the more I grew to like Captain John Gallows. In the end I was sorry to see them go. Homefront Hero takes place in 1918 during World War 1 at Camp Jackson Army Base Columbia, South Carolina. Leanne Sample has just graduated from nursing school at University of South Carolina and is now working at base army hospital. Leanne is also signed up to teach knitting classes. The army needs socks badly and they are trying to get more people involved into making them. Captain John Gallows is a hero but he doesn't think he is a hero. He risked his life and saved others but if he did not do anythink they would all crash and he would be dead too. So he risked his life to save his life. The army is using him to help with the support the war at home. He really wants to get healed enough that he can be sent over seas again. The Doctors don't think he can be made well enough. John is a good looking and smooth talker and does really well to get people to support the war effort. He tells the General he will do anything to be considered again for a chance at active duty. The General takes him up on anything. He wants Captain John Gallows to be in the Red Cross sock knitting campaign. Have his picture taken of him getting lessons on how to knit so other young men and women will learn to do it too. Leanne is the one to teach him how to knit. John wants Leanne to teach him some knitting before he gets photographed learning how to knit socks. Leanne is wondering if that will be cheating, but decides to go ahead and teach him first. John has a hard time learning how to knit. John tries and get Leanne to do some of the knitting for him. John is very spoiled but then he is going through a lot of pain and still wants to get better. John also gets Leanne assigned to help with his physical problems. While he is getting his leg iced down and staying still she can help him with his knitting. John also makes a side deal with her. He wants her to dance the waltze with him at one of the Generals ball so that he will look more healed than he really is. Leanne agrees if he gets his sock so far along by the dance. Leanne was praying for ideas to help John with his exercises to help him and got the answer to waltze with him. His doctor thought that was a good idea for him. It is one of the harder things for him to walk side ways. It does get him motavated. Leanne wants to share her testimony with him. At the same time as World War 1 thier also comes wide spread Spanish Influenza that kills millions around the world. John and Leanne have to cope with that too. I will read more by Allie Pleiter in the future. I love Harlequin Love Inspired novels. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 05/01/2012 PUB Harlequin Love Inspired Historical 288 pages

Tycoons Secret Daughter by Susan Meier

4 STARS I like how the characters are trying to deal with thier past troubles. They are trying to do whats best for thier daughter, not what they want. Thier are no warnings about the content of this book. I look forward to reading about Max's brother story that is coming soon but not as fast as I want. Max Montgomery had it all but then through his drinking he lost a lot of the good things in his life that he had. Max has been sober for seven years. He has tried to make up for all his past offenses when he was a drunk, except his ex-wife. Max was coming out of the elevator at the hospital and ran into his ex-wife he has not seen for 8 years. Kate Hunter was planning on telling her husband but the night she was going to he came home in a drunken rage. He broke a lot of things, even the front room window. Kate knew she had to protect her baby from Max and his family, so she ran that night. Max went up to Kate and was telling her that he was sorry he ruined thier marriage when another elevator opened up. Trisha came out and called her mom. One look and Max knew she was his daughter. Kate knew she could not afford to fight Max's family,money and all the judges that they helped get into office. Now seeing Max was sober and wanting to be a father Kate agreed he could see her but not alone for now. Kate was not ready to believe him that he was not a drunk any more and so angry. Max wanted to blame her for keeping his daughter a secret for so long but he knew it was him that made those troubles for his marriage. Kate planned to stay with her parents for 3 months and help while her dad was recovering from a stroke. Max had lots of money but knew he could not buy his daughter with expensive presents. I enjoyed reading this book. Seeing where Kate and Max dealing with the past and learning about who they were now. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 06/05/2012 Pub Harlequin imprint Harlequin Romance

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Promise of Home by kathryn springer

4 STARS The Promise of Home was charming novel. Love the kids and dogs. Thier is nothing to offend someone with swearing or sex scenes. They do quote a couple of scriptures and bring up church and a church activity. It was part of the story and not just thrown in. Jenna Gardner has not seen or heard from her sister since the birth of her nephew over 7 years ago. Now she gets a call that her sister is in rehab. after a fire in thier her home. The social worker told her to come Mirror Lake and take care of her neice and nephew. She did not even know that tori existed. She has not seen Logan after her visit when her sister left the hospital. Jenna takes the kids back to were they were living before the fire. It turns out to be a rundown cabin close to a lake. Jenna is a city gal in fact that is what her news story are about the good life in the city. As she is getting Tori out a big dog comes and scares them. When the owner hears the scream and comes running he looks scary too. Devlin McGuire had just come back home from camping when he hears screams and runs into a women sitting on her car with his dog enjoying her shoe. Once he confirms he is not a wolf the kids get out of the car and loves the dog. Devlin left the city with his good job in the company his father owns. His fiance who wanted the rich life style to enjoy nature by staying in his grandfather's cabin. Devlin is a hermit now days. Next day Devlin is fishing when Logan comes to join him and he lets Logan catch a fish. When Jenna and Tori come looking for Logan . Tori names the fish that Logan was going to eat Fred. So they let Fred go back into the lake, because you can't eat Fred. Logan looks out for his little sister. Jenna is worried about her sister and her kids. She has not had much experience with kids. Jenna is trying hard to do whats best for them. Mirror Lakes sounds charming I would not mind reading about the characters in the town in the future. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from netgalley. 06/05/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Love Inspired

Big Sky Mountain by Linda lael Miller

Madison stills the book.  You just want to hug her and spoil her.
In the last book that I read of Linda Lael Miller I did not care for Hutch
much.  First chapter still not much of a fan. After that I got to see more
sides of him and I would be on his side now.
Hutch calls off his wedding as the bride is coming down the isle. Though it is
embrassing to call of the wedding its better before than divorce and even
more hard feelings.
Kendra is back in town with a four year old Madison who she adopted.  Madison has been in foster care most of her life. Her father was Kendra's exhusband and he is dying and asked her to find his daughter and raise her.
Kendra  used to date Hutch back before she was married. When they broke up she married  Jeffery and was hoping that Hutch would come after her.
Madison falls for Hutch right away calling him cowboy man even asks in her prayer for him for a father.
Hutch falls for Madison too.  He wants Kendra still and he thinks she broke up with him. Kendra thinks it was Hutch who broke up their relationship.
Thier are a few sex scenes in the book.  Like the characters and can't wait to see whos story is next.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
07/24/2012 Pub Harlequin   HarlequinMira

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Review: A Season of Love by Amy Clipstone

4 STARS I liked this book. Now I would like to read the other books that Amy Clipston has written. A Season of Love is the 5th and final book of the Kauffman Amish Bakery Series. In this book starts with Lizzie Anne and Samuel have decided to get married. Lindsey has decided that she does belong in the Amish church and she is going to be baptised. Katie Kauffman is feeling left out with her friends new life starting. None of the Amish guys are right for her. Katie runs into Jake Miller and enjoyed thier talk. Jake is a Mennonite and after Katie been baptised its not right for her to be alone with Jake. Jake and Katie's grandfather are building new cabinates for the Kauffman Amish bakery that Katie works in. Katie,Jake and a couple of the bakers are eating lunch together outside of the bakery. The next day Katie makes Jake something for lunch and her mother tells her she can't just make something for him. One after work Katie comes out from the closet and finds everyone has left work. They all travel together by hired car service. Jake offers her a ride home because its raining so hard. Katie is forbidden to talk to him. Her parents don;t believe that it wasn't an accident that she was left behind at work. Katie and Jake both watch each other and try to stay away because they know what happens if Katie gets in more trouble. Lindsey now that she is baptised a member of the Amish church dates Mathew. So both her friends are always talking about thier boyfriends. Katie is more alone then ever. The story lines are good. I wanted to shake Katies family sometimes. Other times I could see thier point. They had a lot of reciepes in the book as you go. That if I wanted to make them would have to search this ebook. I should have saved them. I like the book club questions in the back make me think of things that I did not pay attention to at the time. I don't think I could live without my electric appilances.phones or car. That would be hard to change. But is you feel thats what Heavenly Father is leading you then thats the path to take. Thier was bible verse to help the girls when they were facing hard times and talk of prayer helping. It fit the storyline. Thier is nothing that should offend anyone from reading this novel. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 07/01/2012 PUB Zondervan 304 pages

Review:Reckless Heart by Amy Clipston

5 STARS I gave Reckless Heart 5 stars because it made me envolved in the story so much. I cried in it. I wanted to say things back to the characters. I was so Lydia Bontrager side except for one thing. Lydia Bontrager was 16 and wanted to be like other teens in her church. She was hoping that her good friend Josh would ask her to go on dates. She worked as a teacher assistant and in her families bakery. Her little sister was really ill and she was concerned and worried so much. One evening at her youth group her best friend and her cousin Amanda was not thier. neither was her neighbor and crush Josh thier. She was lonely and worried. When Mahlon Ebersol invited her to come join him and some friends into the barn with him. Lydia went and they got her drunk. She knew it was wrong and vowed not to do it. Her little sister Ruthie was diagnosed with cancer and had to go to bigger hospital. Her mom and grandma will also go to be with her. Lydia now had too still work her two jobs and give her father both paychecks to help the family pay bills. He would work extra long if he could. Lydia had two take care of her other two siblings and the house. Lydia agreed to help. She cooked breakfast, made sure her brother & sister were ready for school and come straight home to cook and clean. Her church neighbors helped her with some cleaning and meals. No one really appreciated how much stress she was under. How tired she was from all the extra jobs she was dealing with. She had new nieghbors and met the cute 4 year old and her puppy. When her older brother came to get her she met Tristian. Who was easy to talk to. The next day the three Bontrager childen took box of bakery items to welcome them to the nieghbor hood. Tristian was a new friend he told her about school, his girl friend and family. Lydia told him about her sister illness. Lydia kept getting lectures about her friendship with a english. Mahlon was always flirting with her at church and she was not interested in going to drink with him after the first time. Her friends told her that Josh was interested in another girl at youth meetings. Lydia had a lot of trials. She tried to do all her family wanted her to be. She kept praying. I read last night till I could not keep my eyes opened and finshed first thing this morning. This is my first book of the series I have read but not the last. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. Thier are no warnings about reading this book except you might want some kleenex in case you need them. I did! 05/01/2012 PUB Zondervan

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lakeside Family by lisa Jordan

4 STARS Lakeside Family has a mother's worst nightmare, Her nine year old daughter has cancer. Her remission is over and now needs a bonemarrow transplant. So far cant find a match. Josie Peretti has been a single mother since her Junior year in high school. Now she has to find Hannah's father to see if he is a match. She has not seen him since he left for collage and broke up with her. Not a word about his daughter or gift for 9 year old Hannah. Nick Brennan did not recongize Josie when he saw her again for a few minutes. He was glad to see her. He was in a hurry to get to a meetimg but he did promise to call her when he was done. Instead of calling he came to her work since the address was on the card she left. Nick was sorry to hear that she had a daughter who had cancer. He wanted to know how that made her want to seek out him. Josie could not believe how he could not see why she needed him again. She said because he was a father and might be a match Nick was surprised and angry she kept that from him for 9 years. Josie had not kept it a secret. She went to Nick's mother and asked for his address at school. His mother would not give it to her but agreed to tell him. Nick had no idea and is mother died 8 years ago from an car accident. He was driving and blames himself for ruining his family. Nick wants to be active father to Hannah. He taught collage two hours from them and Had to move his brother to a group home in that city after his old one needed to close. Nick might lose his jub because he did not marry and had a nine year old daughter (hich I don't think its right that he lose a job because he found out he has a nine year old who is fighting cancer. I don't believe its right to have to have sex without marriage, but he is trying now that he knows to do whats right) Isn't funny how we can be so envolved in a story that we want to say something to a character or that makes you cry or laugh. Lakeside Family got me envolved in the story. I wanted things to work out for everyone. Quick read, no sex scenes or swearing. I will read more from Lisa Jordan in the future. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 07/31/2012 PUB Harlequin imprint Harlequin Love Inspired

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review:Our First Dance by Judy Lynn Hubbard

4 STARS Our First Dance is an enjoyable story. Good see the dance in my mind. Thier were a lot of love scenes in the book that I skimmed over. Natasha Carter has been asked to audition for Johnson Ballet Company for the role of Juliet. She has audition for so many leads and never got them yet. She was not prepared to sleep for the parts. Or else because she is a African-American and her family is wealthy. Damien Johnson was in a wreck 10 years ago that stopped him from dancing. So he switched to directing and mangement of his own company. He has invited a view to audition for him for the leads. He had personly gone and seen them dance before he asked them. Damien thought Natasha was so beautiful and he could not take his eyes off her. Damien did not date ballerinas especially ones he hired. He had a bad experience 10 years before. Natasha is a hard worker and so badly she wants to dance the lead. She can't keep her eyes off him. After her solo he asked her to dance with him on stage and she did. He told her after that she was the best he had danced with. Natasha had not heard back yet if she got the part or not. She decided to order pizza with everything on it to settle her nerves. When she went to the door to pay the pizza delivery it was Damien at her door to tell she got the part. Then stayed and ate the pizza when it came. Natasha was an hour early to start so she could warm up and settle down. Damien wondered who left the light on in one of the practice rooms and saw Natasha thier hard at work. He was glad that she came early to get started and She even had her coach come who has been teaching her for twenty years. Everyone kept warning Damien and Natasha that it would be wrong to get involved. Even Natasha and Damien told each other and themselves. They ended up dating in secret denying any personal relationship between them. Thier secret relationship is steamy. They are able most of the time to keep thier relationship at work seperate from thier private time. Thier is a lot of dance background for the story that I liked. I also enjoyed all the minor characters. This is a quick read. I hope she does do another book with thier siblings in the future. I will be on the lookout for it. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 06/26/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Kimani Romance

Friday, July 13, 2012

Tombs of Terror by T. Lynn Adams

5 STARS I had read the Lost Curse and I loved it so much I went and bought Tombs of Terror. I was excited to recived it in the mail yesterday. I have always wanted to see Machu Picchu ruins. The jungle not so much. Jonathon Bradford is spending a couple of weeks in Peru with his dad, while his dad works. He is not happy to spend so much time in musuems. It was his mothers idea that they spend this time to bond. While he is wondering around the musuem with headphones on a man comes up to him and talks to Jonathon. first Jonathon ignores him then he fakes being able to speak spanish. The guy just keeps talking and following him around the room. Jonathon keeps going back to the mummy. The guy starts finally to speak good english and knows Jonathon speaks spanish. Juan is an old friend of his father who was at university with him. Juan tells Jonathon about the mummies would be kept in the houses with the people. He also explains about the Incas and how they disappeared with thier mummies,gold and left no trail for the Spanish to follow. Juan also tells him how the nataive boys would bet the tourists they would race the bus down the mountain. It would only take the boys 20 minutes where the buses from Machu Picchu took a half hour if things are working right. While his dad is taking pictures of walls and measurements that his school sent him to do he wants to hike up to the other ruin above it. Is dad says no and he means no. So Jonathon decides to ride the bus down to the train but the driver says no ticket no enter. Then Jonathon remembers about the old Inca road the boys would race and he sees it. After walking awhile he realizes that he is lost that he doesn't know if he should go up or down. He decides down and ends up falling guite aways then he falls into a whole and blacks out. David Bradford and Juan meet up and realize that Jonathon is missing at the bus they found out he did not go down on any of the buses. David rides the bus down and Juan looks around for a bit and will wait till he hears from David then he will walk down the old trail and look thier. No one can find him. Jonathon is hurt and in the dark and everytime things look up for him more trouble finds him. It keeps your attention. I have liked both books that I have read of Lynns and look forward to more in the future. 2010 PUB Cedar Fort 195 pages

Unspoken by Heather Graham

3 STARS This is good but over the top makes it funny some how. Thier is some sex scenes that I skipped over. This is a story with Texas Krewe unit for the FBI. It also features one member of the original Krewe of FBI agents with extra powers. In Chicago on lake Michigan a diver found the ship that had all the Egyptian artifacts that sunk years ago. Thier Musuem had the rights to salvage the ship. Brady did not want to wait to see if his figures where right. So he broke all the rules and went diving by himself. Brady saw somthing besides the ship and he ended drowning with 5 min. of air left. Because of favors in the past Logan sent Katya Sokolov sent into the case to look at the body of Brady autopsy. Kat is a forensic pathology. Plus she sees dead people. Will Chan is already in Chicago so he is asked to stay and look into this case too. If thier is a case than the rest of the texas Krewe will come out when they finsh the paper work for thier last case. Brady death is from Drowning but he has some suspicous bruises on his arms and around his mouth. While they are in thier hotel rooms each one hears like someone is trying to get in thier rooms. They don't see anyone but thier is a piece of mummy cloth on the wall by thier rooms. The Texas Krewe last case was in Hollywood and surrounded the remaking of a mummy Amun Mopat movie now this one they might actually find Amun Mopat on board the sunken ship that killed everyone that people called it cursed. While they are trying to find more about who might be after the Egyptian artifacts they find another dead body. It looks like a heart attack in a 80 year old. They find another piece of mummy cloth and Kat talks to the ghost and he says the mummy did it. Kat & Will join the diving crew and the documentary of the dive and while Kat is in one part of the ship she sees some of the ghosts at the time before thier death. It was good and a fast read. If you have liked her other books than you will like this. I guess I could not take seriously all those bright people believing in mummys. Now ghost of the mummy I can almost believe. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 07/24/2012 PUB Harlequin HarlequinMira

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: Timepiece by Myra McEntire

4 STARS I have not read Hourglass by Myra McEntire. I would recommend reading it first. I got confused in some parts and feel Like I missed something. Timepiece is fine by itself though. With Timepiece and Hourglass being books that jumped into the past and things that happened once but was changed things get confused in the timeline. Kaleb Ballard is one of the key players in the book. He can feel what others feel. He drinks to escape but he is only a teenager. His family is messed up. His father was dead but now he is not 6 months later. His mother is laying in a comma her memories stolen from her. He goes to a club called the phone company and flirts with a girl and makes a fool of himself. Then he sees a rip in time and Jack appears in the club and disappears. Jack worked with Kaleb father. Was the one who stole his mom's memories. arranged for his dad to be murdered. Got Emmerson out of mental hospital. Most of that happened in Hourglass. After Kaleb missed Catching Jack, someone else appears and has jumped and grabbed Emmerson and takes her into the vail tells Kaleb to tell his father to find Jack and stop him or else the timeline will be too far gone. Slits Emmerson throat after she is dead goes back into time and she is alive for now. Kaleb loves Emmerson but she has chosen Michael. His father seems to trust Michael over him. Does not want Kaleb in danger. Kaleb stays away from his mothers side. So Jack is searching in time somewhere he wants events of his past changed. He keeps stilling memories. Lots of others want Jack stopped so all the problems with the rips will be fixed. Thier is another group searching for something else that works sometimes with Jack that his father used to be part of. Its a fast paced journey with lots going on in the book. I want to go back and read the hourglass and look forward to another book that I am sure is coming in the future or is that in the past. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 06/12/2012 PUB Egmont USA

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review Guardian of the night by Linda Thomas-Sunstrom

4STARS Guardian of the Night has werewolves,werehunters, vampires and one of seven Guardians that are part vampire but stronger they were made to destroy vampires and keep thier blood pure. Faith James from Florida has come to France to find her sister that left her tour bus in the wilds of France. She crashes her car when she sees her sister and chases after her. She finds a animal trap that broke the bones and cut deep into her leg. She uses her shirt as a bandage to slow the bleeding. She knows she is in serious trouble because she is surgeon. Mason LanVal finds her and knows that others will be coming for her. He is undecided how best to help her and keep others from looking closely at him. he takes her to her car but realizes that he can't use it to take her to hospital. He can give her a drop of his blood that it would heal her but years ago he comitted to keep from giving his blood to humans. He realizes that she is not fully human and maybe that will protect him with his vows. He was a Knight long time ago and was invited to a castle and given a quest. To become like a vampire to stop vampires from spreading. They chose seven Knights these three vampires that lived in the castle. They only fed from each other and will end thier life after the seven are made. They put some of thier blood in the Challace and drink from it. Causing thier death and by the power of the Challace awake reborn. One of the seven was to take the challace and hide it from everyone else because of its vast powers. He can destroy the vampires in this area he has done it before but he belives that one of the seven guardians did not keep thier vows and he is waiting for him to show up and then get rid of them. He takes Faith after giving her a drop of blood to the werewolves he believes they will protect her till she can heal. Finds out that she is one of thier kind. Mason is drawn to Faith and can talk to her mind and she can talk to him too. Tells the wolves to protect her even from him. Its a good storyline. Thier is one love scene at the last of the book. Has a few twists. I wonder if thier will be more books coming about the other six guardians. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 06/05/2012 PUB Harlequin Harlequin Nocturne

Garden of the Lost Souls by Erik Olsen

4 STARS This series Flin's Destiny series has 5 books in it. Garden of the Lost Souls is book 2. I have only read Garden of the Lost Souls so far and think I would have enjoyed it more if I had read the first book first. It can stand alone but I have a feeling it will be better if you read the books in order. A bus load of students are trapped in a world under the ground. The princible thinks they had better start school up and she had a manual with her to study on the field trip. Flin 14 and Flowell get seperated from the rest when they get trapped in the lake. Everyone thinks they have died. Flin and Flowell are in a different part of the underworld and don't know how to get back to thier friends. Things are always happening to them on thier journey and then in the dark they get seperated. Flin meets Skip who tells him the fork of the river that he did not go but Flowell went on a little farther then over a waterfall that no one survives. Skip is a lepercaun but he was thrown out of home. He told Flin that you don't trust anyone even he does not trust himself. To get rid of Flin he shows him how to get out of the area he is in. Flin gets caught and trapped but when an earthquake frightens his capters away he is able to get out. When he sees the lepercauns wrisking thier lives to save the women and children from the lava that starts coming and soon will all be trapped and killed he gets an idea how he can stop the lava and runs back and tells them to get more water as he hurrys with buckets full and starts to build a gully with water the lepercauns are helping and Flinn uses magic and turns the water into a ice wall that saves everyone. The next day the Jadestone that protects Clover Cavern was stolen that Flin's own great grandfather gave to them. So he goes with two lepercauns to find it and return it before others can find Clover Cavern. On thier quest Flin finds out that Flowell is alive but a prisoner he splits off to find her. Everytime something is going right than another thimg happens to someone. It keeps your attention. I look forward to the next book in the series. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 07/10/2012 PUB Cedar Fort

Monday, July 9, 2012

review: Unraveling the Past by Beth Andrews

4 STARS Jessica Taylor is 15 year old troubled teen who sleeps around gets drunk. Sneaks out of her Uncle's house. She wants to be wanted not just used. She ran into the woods after Nate had sex and started to walk away like she did not matter and the other kids back by the fire were calling her names. Her Uncle and Nate and another cop find her. Her Uncle police chief Ross Taylor the new guy in town. Assistant Chief Sullivan who thought she should have been hired to Chief of Police. While Jessica is looking for her phone with her Uncle flashlight finds a skull in the woods. Layne was asked to take some evidence into be proscessed and reconizes the necklace but does not say anything. Layne mother left with her lover years ago while her father was at sea on a fishing boat. She was in denial that it could be her mother. The next day Ross sees Layne argue with her sister and he stops the fight and escorts her sister out of the station but sees the charms on her key chain. Realizes Layne has been holding information from him. Especially when he figures out that the chain she is wearing is copy of the other necklace. Layne admits that her mom has been gone for years since she was a teenager. Took a DNA test and told what denist her family used. Layne and her family are at a birthday party for her nephew when Police Chief Ross comes to tell them that it is her mothers body that was found in the woods that day. Layne gets in fights with her sisters over her mother. Jessica works at a restraunt that Layne's fathers girlfriend owns and her sister works at. Jessica has met another boy she likes he is 21 and she has lied to him about her age and what school she goes too. Layne helps Jessica and has sex with her uncle her boss and is messed up about her mom. She resents that her mother left them and never came back but now knows she is dead. Thier is book 2 that comes out in Aug. 2012 On Her Side. I can't wait to read that and see what is happening next. Thier are a few sex scenes in the book and underage drinking and sex in it too. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 06/05/2012 PUB Harlequin Superromance

Sunday, July 8, 2012

quakers of new garden by Claire Sanders, Ann E. Schrock, Jennifer Hudson Taylor, Susette Williams

4 Stars Hope by Jennifer Hudson Taylor In the first story Ruth Payne fiance Josiah want to postpone their wedding for the second time. Ruth is hurt that Josiah does not want to marry her. Josiah is a Federalist and wants to put off the wedding till the election. Ruth thinks that Josiah really doesn't love her she is just a habit. Josiah can't believe Ruth won't marry him. Ruth's father cousin comes to visit with her husband. Molly Madison and James Madison. Crossroads by Ann E Schrock Slavers are chasing some runaway slaves. It was storming most turned back but one slaver wanted to check and make sure the slaves were not dying in the stream but he got washed over the bridge and hurt himself. He was brought into the house saying all are welcome. Nathaniel does not know if he can rejoin the society again and turn the other cheek. He does not want to join for the wrong reason. Deborah has changed her opinion of Nathaniel but she does want to marry in her faith. Inspiration by Claire Sanders Leah is about to be married to Caleb and minutes before the wedding meets him for the first time. Leah is hopeful to be finally wed and to have a family. Caleb is going to fight in the civil war and needs someone to care for his two kids his aunt has been helping with that but her health is slowing down. Caleb was not planning on getting married but Leah's Uncle says that if he marries her she would be a good mother for his kids. Leah is shocked to find out that it is to be a name only marriage right before her wedding night. After crying herself to sleep she wakes to find her groom already gone. Conversion by Susette williams Conversion by Susette Williams Jaidon Taylor is a lawyer but he gives a lot of time to a youth group in a bad part of town. He comes to the hospital when a young man is shot that he is trying to help and meets nurse Catherine Wall. Catherine decide to go help at the youth center after hearing about it from a young man she is nursing. Jaidon asks her out right away even when she tells him that she won't date marry out of her church. Jaidon invites her to his church and agrees to go to hers to see what each other belives. Shows good amd some not so good points about both as they try and help the youth. I liked all four stories but they were too short for me. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. At the back of the ebook is a survey questions that I thought I would answer here for me. 1, Did you enjoy reading the Quakers of New Garden? yes I did and would read more books like this. What influence me to buy this book. I did not buy but got it free because It looked good to read. and it was. 3. which is favorite book? I guess Inspiration was my favorite. 4 age 49 5 hours read each week? I can't count that high. I read between 7-14 books a week usually. Some of them I do listen to them on my kindle too. rhonda I am disabled and cant do a lot and reading helps me to cope with pain and uplifts me. Fairview UT 04/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Review: Barefoot Season by Susan Mallery

4 STARS Barefoot Season is the first Blackberry Island novel. It is a complex storyline with a little romance in it. A couple of love scenes. I like the questions about the book in the back. Michelle has been away from her home on Blackberry Island at the hotel thats been in her family for a couple of years. She has been in the army and deployed over thier 3 times and come back wounded. Her mother has died three months ago and really blamed her for everything. She finds her former bestfriend Carly running the inn and living in her apartment with her daughter at the inn. Michelle and Carly were close until thier senior year when Michelle's father left her mother to runaway with Carly's mother. Carly and Michelle's mother both blamed her for thier running away. Both Michelle and Carly loved the same guy who two days before the wedding slep with Michelle and Carly walked in on them. Carly pregant still married him and Michelle ran away and enlisted. Michelle is suffering physcally and emotionly from the war. She also finds that the hotel has grown and now as two morgages on it. The day she got back she fired Carly when she found her living in her former room. Carly is scared for the future. She found out that Michelle's mother had lied to her for years telling her that she will be earning up to half of the hotel. It was never hers to promise that. She had been working for peanuts because of that promise of a better future for her and her daughter. Her husband Alan had left before the baby came and took all her money with her. she would lose her job and her daughters only home. So she did not leave as Michelle told her too. The bank officer is making Michelle keep Carly on for two years to run the hotel and if Michelle can't bring the morgages current will have to forfit the hotel. Thier has already been an offer for the hotel. The characters were complex at least Michelle and Carly are. They have real problems to work through. The romance of the book seems rushed and could have had a bigger part of the story than it did. I was surprised at some of the developments in the story. Like Gabby and Chance a lot. Wonder if I missed exactly why Michelle really hates daisies. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 03/17/2012 PUB Harlequin Mira

Spirit Fighter by Jerel Law

5 STARS I found myself lost in the story and had a good time reading it. Spirit fighter is angels versus fallen angels and this battle is being fought by a 13 year old boy and a 11 year old girl. They have to go and save thier mom who was kidnapped by the fallen angels. Jonah 13 is excited because today was the start of basketball tryouts. He has been practicing for a long time. Its three days long. But the first day of tryouts the coach told him that it was not his game and don't come for the other 2 days of tryouts. Jonah was upset and said a prayer then kicked a ball in frustration and it flew along ways. Jonah told his father what happened to him. Jonah Mom and Dad after his little sister and brother were in bed that his mom was not all human. Her father was a fallen angel so she was a halfling and he was a 16th part angel. It is easy for a halfing to take after the fallen side if not careful. She did not know why Elohim answered his prayers right not but that he would have a reason for it. Eleanor a few days later was kidnapped by fallen angels. Warrior angels and the family guardian angel came to tell them what happened. That a lot of past histories dark side was caused by halfings. The mission to save thier mom is for Jonah an Eliza job to do. They needed to trust in Elohim to know all things and trust in him. Jonah has strength and speed are his gifts and they don't know what her gifts are but they are willing to go and rescue thier mom. Of course the fallen angels dont want to have thier plan ruined and take measures to stop Jonah and Eliza. This book has some bible versus and some history from the bible in this uplifting adventure story. I hope more books are in the work for this series. It will be one that I will read in the future. Thier is nothing objectable in this book unless you don't belive in Faith, Trust and Elohim power and knowledge. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 04/03/2012 PUB Thomas Nelson

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: Gilded Secrets by Maureen Child

4 STARS The Highest Bidder is a continuity with six different authors. Gilded Secrets is the first book. It is a Harlequin Desire so thier are love scenes. The story was good and I look forward to next in the series to see where it goes. Gilded Secrets takes place in the auction house Waverly's. On the day news about the CEO Ann Richardson hits the paper that she had an affair with their competer Dalton Rothschild. Vance Waverly the senior board member and one of the last Waverly still at the auction house, secatary is being blackmailed. Charlotte Potter had only been Vance's assistant for a week now. She has been at Waverly's since she came to New York. She wants to move up and provide for her baby boy. She loves how they have daycare in the building. She feels that Vance is waiting to fire her. She knows that he gave her this position when the board member she was working for retired. She gets an email that says he wants her to get him files from the company or he will tell all about her history before she came to New York and get her son taken away from her. Charlotte has no family left. She does not want to steal from the company but feels if her past comes to light she will be fired. How can she pay for a lawyer to protect her son. She does not even know who the father is. He lied to her even his name is a lie. She tries to stall as long as she can till she can figure out what to do. Vance regrets hiring Charlotte because she is beautiful and young and she draws his attention away from work. With all of the media attention he wonders if some one is spying on them. He notices Charlotte is acting guilty always jumping when he comes into her office. His half brother suggests he romances her to find out quickly if she is spying on them. It does not take him long to go along with the idea. It does not answer all the questions the book asks we will have to read the others to know them. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 06/26/2012 PUB Harlequin Desire

Review: Uneasy Fortunes by Mandi Ellsworth

5 STARS I kept having to put the book down and do things when I just wanted to read more. I liked the characters. That the two main ones had serious problems to over come. Thier was no swear words or love scenes in detail to worry about. I laughed ,cried and wanted to punch a couple of guys too. Pete Faralay's father was a drunk and gambler. When he died Pete lost everything except clothes,and his mother's ribbon. Too pay his fathers debt he had to work for 5 years without wage.(Which I don't think thats fair} Pete had a stutter so a lot of people thought he was dumb. So when he got to Ridgemoor he did not talk just shrugs and comunicate quite well. The daughter Miss Rosalynn Richie of the house rode her horse daily when Pete did not tell her his name she named him Mr. Boots. Pete developed a crush on her and was glad that he paid off his dads debt sooner. Pete was really close to the head of the stable and his wife. They were close. Clarke heard Pete speak and asked why. When it was only the two of them around did he talk with him quitely. After he left working for the Richies he was wandering around looking for work. He was hired for Harvest betteridge. He was given a small room next to the kitchen and ate with the family. William Betteridge has two daughters and a cute grandson. Will has a lot of land but they all worked on the land hard. June did all the cooking and most of the garden by herself. Shates men and has good reason but is working on the anger. She has a cute boy Gabe who likes to work outside with his poppy and soon cares a lot about Pete and follows him around. Margaret at first seems spoiled brat but then we get to know a little bit more and more I knew I got to like and understand. Seeing how the church folks were turning away from June I have to wonder if I have done that or do I try and make people welcome. A lot of everyones problems is lack of comunication over the important things. Thier is a little talking about scripture mainly with forgiveness should not offend anyone with it. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 06/12/2012 PUB Cedar Fort Sweetwater

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review:Midnight Promises by Sherryl Woods

4 STARS This is the second book of A Sweet Magnolia Novel now that I have read and like them. I had put off reading this for along time for some reason. But I really got caught up in the story. I like the group of women and the men and how supporting they are all to each other. Thier is one main couple the story follows. But thier is a whole community that are part of the story. Elliott Cruz is married to Karen. Elliott is from a strong catholic family whos family does not believe in divorce. Karen is a divorced mother of two little kids and has some hang ups from her first marriage when her husband got her into debt and than left her with it. The story starts with Elliott and Karen getting married and then jumps forward a couple of years. Elliott is keeping secrets from Karen till he has everything worked out so she won't worry. A few people want to open a men's gym and have him run it. Before Elliott has a chance to tell Karen someone else at her work knew about it. Even her boss knows about it before her. Karen does not want to wrisk her baby fund or morgage thier house. She does not handle the idea of more debt easly. Karen is also not wanting to deal with Elliott wanting to adopt her children. She is afraid he is being too much like his father. They are having real issues told in away that makes you want everything to work out for them. You also want good things for the rest of the characters in thier lives. I sure like Francis and the other supporting cast. I look forward to reading more Sweet Magnolias story in the future. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 06/19/2012 PUB Harlequin HarlequinMira ISBN 9780778313489

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

It took me a long time to get to the point where I did not want to put the book down.
Seraphina had secrets and was a secret even from herself for a while.  She climbed out her window one day after being locked inside her room by her father.  Thier was a parade to celebrate the treaty that ended the war between the dragons and humans.  Durning the prade things got out of controll and she was almost trampled when one of the dragons rescued her.
Orma was the dragon.  Dragons are logical and are not supposed to care and have emotions.  When they are in human form for too long they can get them.
Orma rescued Seraphina and when he did memories of him and her mother started to come to her.  She would have fits and be out of it for awhile.  Some of the visions and voices she heard in her mind seemed to be the same ones over and over but saying and doing different things.  Orma taught her to make a safe place to keep them in her mind in a statue garden.
Orma was her Uncle her knowledge of her mother was all wrong. Her mother really was a dragon, who hid it from her husband till she was dying in childbirth.
Seraphina was a lover of music and ended up in the royal court as assistant
music director.
The time was almost on hand to celebrate the 40 years anniversery of the peace treaty. The dragon leader was coming for this celebration.
Someone killed the Queen's only son Prince Rufus. Thier are different
groups who do not want the peace and are working to break it on both sides.
Seraphina knows a lot about the dragons from her teachers and her father that helped draft the treaty years ago.  She ends up in the thick of it over and over and has to lie because she is illegal. She is trying to figure out what is
going on around her and who killed the Prince.
Prince lucian is engaged to his cousin Princess Glisselda age 15.  He is also
looking into the death of his Uncle and is Captain of the Queen's Guard.
You do not know who are all the bad guys till the end.  I bet thier will be another book after this but who knows.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
07/10/2012 PUB  Random House Children's Books

Monday, July 2, 2012

Aidan loyal Cowboy by Cathy McDavid

4 stars
Thier is really two stories in the ebook I was given to read by Netgalley.
The first is Aiden Loyal Cowboy.  Aiden is a hard worker he is a Vet. and helps runs his family horse business. Aiden broke up with Flynn in collage after his dad died leaving the ranch in a mess.
Now Flynn is living back at the ranch next to Aiden after her divorce.  They ended up eating dinner at same place and ended sleeping together. After Aiden made excuses and left. He did not call her but after running into 3 weeks later apolgised.
Flynn was pregnant but she was not getting married just because she was having a child. Flynn wanted to be first with Aiden and wanted his love.
Aiden did not want Flynn to move to another town. He wanted her to marry him. Aiden wanted to be with her but was too busy to spend all his time with 'Flynn between his  Vet practice and running the ranch. Something had to give.
I liked the characters and could understand both points of views. Want to also know what Aiden's brothers are up too. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
07/03/2012 PUB Harlequin American Romance

Family Plan by Cathy McDavid
Family Plan is the bonus book included in the ebook I recieved.
It was copywrited 2008.
I enjoyed it. Great strong women characters.
Jolyn Sutherland has come after being on the road for 9 years in the Wild and Wooly West Equestrian show. she rode bareback and jumped a wagon full of mock settlers. Till the last show when they missed and she almost lost her leg.
Jolyn while she was having surgery after surgery and physical therapy got her contractors license and is going into business in her own small home town.
Chase Raintree is the town vet. He is an old friend of Jolyn and even kissed once. He married her best friend from high school. Now divorced and single father. He hired Jolyn to build his new vet clinic.
Mandy his Chase's 8 year old daughter well their is a chance he wasn't but he did not want to have DNA testing done to find out.
Jolyn mom has been trying to push Chase to get the testing done because their is a chance that Mandy is her grandaughter. Steven Jolyn brother had a affair with SherryAnne after she was only married three months.
This was a animal friendly story.
I admire Chase willing to raise his daughter by himself and not wanting to take an easy out.

Catching Fireflies (The Sweet Magnolias) by Sherryl Woods

5 STARS This is the first Sweet Magnolias book that I have read. Wow what a hard and important subject to cover. Their was some information I did not realize. I could have done better at parenting. I like how the members of Sweet Magnolias are thier for each other. But I don't like the message that to be thier you have to drink. Laura Reed is worried about one of her students is missing only her class. She knows that Misty knows her subject and thats not why she is sluffing. Laura warns after trying to get Misty to tell her that if she is not thier monday she will have to go to the princable about it. Misty is a junior and is being bullied at school and on the internet by one of the cheerleaders. Telling lies about her and name calling. Misty is afraid of her parents thinking its true. Plus her mom is in a depression over her father wanting a divorce. Misty makes her friend promise not to tell her mom and stepfather or thier teacher the problems. Misty gets the idea to go to her doctor and ask for a note excusing her from school period. Dr. J.C. Fullerton tries to understand why Misty does not want to go to school. When she won't tell he tells her okay but you have to talk to another adult about it and have them call him by certain time or he would go talk to her parents. J.C. is single and does not date. He is always telling his nurse that to stop trying to fix him up. JC and Laura try and figure out how to find out what is going on with Misty. They team up for Misty and start dating. The whole school and town start taking sides. Lots of good information is brought up about bulling. This novel was rivoting and I cant wait to read more about the Sweet Magnolias. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. Harlequin MIRA (July 31, 2012)PUB 384 pages

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Review:Sorcery & Cecelia by Patricia C. Wrede

4 STARS This is an interesting background to writing a novel. They played a game called a letter game and would write letters back and forth in character and not mention plot. Now days if kids did that it would be short texts. I enjoyed it but would have been better if I read it instead of listening to my kindle. It broke and I could not look at screen if I was lost.(did not handle evacuating very well.) Thier is nothing in hear that is objectional unless you believe magic is wrong. The story two main characters never come in contact with each other except by letters. Kate and Cecelia are cousins and quite close till the summer of 1817. Kate was sent to come out for a season in London and Cecelia at home in her small country home. The two cousins tell each other everything that is going on. Thier is a world of magic that exists. This story is different and as an air of uniqueness to it. As they both battle in thier way against evil and find love along the way. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 05/22/2012 PUB Open Road

Review: Unearthed by Lara Stauffer

5 STARS Well I did not put the book dowm till I had finshed reading it. It was a good story than it got even better. No swearwords, no sex scenes. A good adventure made me want to go thier if it was a real place. Mexico had a earthquake at the start of the book. It uncovered something out at a dig sight in the jungle where a group was coming to work in a couple of weeks. Matt Staubach had just graduated from high school and in the fall he is going to Duke on a full basketball scholarship. His mother woke him up and asking him to help his father today and remember he was going to eat dinner with the family tonight. Matt has not been close to his father since his sophomore year when he was sent to the hospital and his dad did not even come home to see him. Matt also stopped going to church at the same time. His dad is going to spend the summer down in Mexico on a archaeology dig. He is a professor at BYU. He wants Matt to go down with him. Matt has no intention of going and spending time with his father. One of his dads student that went to school with Matt since they were five bribed him to go down to Mexico with his dad for a month. Taryn will tutor him in his classes all freshman year via skype. Also would he teach her about football. Taryn does not spend time with her father all he is into is his sons football games. When Matt tells her all his dad is into his work and not his basketball games. He did not go to any while his mom went to all of them. Taryn is a nerd and starting collage as a Junior. The kids in high school teased her and call her names.Matt included. Before they go Matt's mom cuts and styles her hair and plucks her brows and she looks a lot different. Because of the earthquake in Mexico and the telaphone call about the fisher that opened at the site they left the next day. Matt's dad was excited that Matt had changed his mind about going with him. I really got lost in the story. Liked all the characters and how they worked together. It also had a second part a different story in the middle of the book. I don't want to give that away here though. I would read more books by Lara based on Unearthed. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 07/10/2012 PUB Cedar Fort

The Legendary Playboy Surgeon by Alison Roberts

4 STARS I hope i got the right author for this on my ebook and amazon it says Alison Roberts. Netgalley says Patricia Thayer. This book has a lot tender moments and makes you want to hold your kids and glad that they are healthy and protected. Dr. Kate Graham who works in pathology department. She likes rules and tries to be else where when young children needs to be autoopsies she makes excuses not to do them. She lives alone and likes it. She does not date much. She had a tough childhood but she survived. Connor Matthews is orthopaedic surgeon who specialised in child cancer cases. He dates a lot of the nurses and other women at the hospital. One day he rode his motorcycle right into the ward of sick children and then he put a little boy on it and rode a little bit with the mother holding the iv line. They took picture of the little boy with big helmet smiling on top of the bike. Kate is telling him off for the rule and health violations when the mother came up and thanked him when Kate realized why he was willing to bring his bike into the hospital. Bella Kates niece came to live with her and work at the hospital to save money her goal is to work outside the country. Bella is open and cute she attracts a lot of guys. She starts to change Kate. this is a fast read. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 08/01/2012 PUB Harlequin Medical Romance