Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: I Remember My Circus by Tom S. Figueiredo

It is a cute story for children. Too bad don't have someone to read it to right now.
It is about a circus about humans turning to animals animals to human. About going on when your world is pulled out on you.
I was given this ebook from the author in a librarything contest in exchange of honest review.

Review: Restless Highways by Melissa L. Webb

Restless Highways is a little scary. I made the mistake at starting at 12:30am Home alone. after the first four stories I had to stop and read something lighter.
One story is about a romance writer who starts to get a idea for a slasher type book and starts writing late at night than realizing what she is writing tears it up and slasher guy comes and murder her because she did not write his story.
a couple goes to garage sale out in the country down a driveway loaded with sale items but no cars or people around. finally owners come out and try to get male to go with him out back to see old  cars. Then gets the couple to see stuff inside as they go they shut garage doors. the couple feel uneasy.
also a short story that is a prelude to longer book about a guy who has been wandering for 500 years. His wife keeps being reborn different times but God of death wants her. He protects her now she is reborn again.  Good be a good book to read in the future.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review: Nightwatch by Valerie Hansen

This is the first book of Valeries that I have read but it won't be the last. It was a clean romance, mystery and suspence with a lot of heroes in it.
Mitch is a firefighter that takes on to much blame when he can't save everyone. Their was a loud explosion of a business and a house. They were able to save the three children but not the parents.
Jill is a foster parent. She was in foster care as a child.  Her husband died in a accident right after moving to a farm in a new area.  Mitch feels blame for not saving him. Mitch and Jill became friends because Mitch helped her out at the farm.
Someone set the bomb and murdered the parents, kidnapped the littlest child. Jill and Mitch are trying to protect the boys and get the baby back.
I really liked the characters, the children especially Tim 7 year old who was trying to protect and find his sister. So many wanted to help and protect the children. It is a book that I did not put down.
10/04/2011 PUB Harlequin Inspirational Romantic Suspense

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review: Beyond Bullets by Rafal Gerszak with Dawn Hunter

This is not my typical type of book. Can't say I loved it but I do understand a little bit more about Afganistan and it's people. I wish their was no need for any war.
Rafel Gerszak spent a year enbedded with American troups. He saw and photographed the war.  Then later he went back to Afganistan on his own to see how the life was during war and what they were like.
This book was filled with pictures he took. Also had his journal and what was going on. plus facts about the people,politics.
He showed the struggle the people with injuries from war. Doctors treating people without the drugs and supplies we take for granted.  Showed how the women are and told more because its hard to get photographs of women.  Showed some changes, somethings stay the same.
Told how after a year enbedded than comming back to see the everyday life than going back with same American troups how much he had changed too.
I was given an ebook of this book so it was a little hard sometimes to see all I wanted to see. These photos moved me and make me appreciate the freedoms that I and my girls have. Hard to see the suffering but it's good that we know the cost of wars and freedoms.
09/01/2011 PUB Annick Print

Review: Detective Daddy by Mallory Kane

thrilling suspense mystery. I read till 4 am.
Rachel is a criminolgest and DNA for the police department.  She did a blind DNA test that she was asked to do for DA and had no idea it was for her exboyfriends parents murder.
Ashton Kendall was a policeman who behind his back was called Ashnova.  When Ash was a kid his parents were murder on Christmas Eve.  Because of DNA the man he thought killed his parents is free.  Ash tries not to get attached  to anyone and dates women and breaks it off before he can fall for someone. He broke it off with Rachel when he found out how much he enjoyed and was breaking his rules with her,  Now he finds out by her fainting on him.
So who killed Ash's parents? His father shot and his mother strangled in their own beds. His little sister found them and all 4 children saw their parents dead before cops came.
It keeps you wanting to more and find out the answers. I was engrossed with the story.
 09/20/2011 PUB Harlequin  Intrique

Thursday, September 22, 2011

review: Enticed by His Forgotten Lover by Maya Banks

Entertaing story. Kept my interest till 2 am.
Rafael has his own company.  He is having a busness party for his investors.  He is surrounded by his partners Ryan, Devon and Cam.  He has been friends and partners since collage. He trusts them.  No one else knows that he has no memory of a months or so after his plane crash.
Bryony has crashed his party.  She is upset with him, because he flew down to her island and bought the property that has been in her family for 100 years. Promised not to develop it, became her lover and never got in touch after he left like he said. Now she is pregnant and he is planning on building a resort after all.
Will he remember  ? Did he love her or just took avantage of her to buy her land?  Rafael needs to know and understand what he promised her or what he had planned.
It has some sweet moments in the story. I liked it.  I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
09/13/2011 PUB Harlequin  Harlequin Desire

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: Montana Sheriff by Marie Ferrarella

It's a sappy romance, feel good romance. It made me smile while reading.
I would of thought their would have been more arguments and disappointment to find out you have a grandson or son five years after the fact.
Cole is the Sheriff of his small town. Has always wanted to live in Montana and be a rancher. Wanted to marry his best friend Ronnie.
Ronnie wanted out of the small town.  She wanted to graduate from collage and see what she could be and experience.
She left Cole out by the lake after they argued and made up.  Cole thought that meant staying and was shocked that she left.
Ronnie did not know she was pregnant till after she left. She did not tell Cole because she wanted more than living on a ranch. Did not want to see herself grow bitter over regrets. Or see Cole with regret.
Ronnie's father & brother got into a bad wreck two weeks ago, in fact her brother is still in a coma.  She came home with her son Christopher to help out for a few weeks. Hoping she would not run into instead the day after she arrived.
I enjoyed the book. Fast light read of a good romance.
09/20/2011 PUB Harlequin Harlequin American Romance

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review:The Wicked Day by Christopher Bunn

4 Stars
Now that I have read all 3 books of this series I have enjoyed it.  It was a little long,and slow in parts. In others I wanted more.  You have to read all 3 books to have the story finshed.
It's a tail about good versus evil. Light against Darkness.  Magic warriors, heroes.
Their is servants of Darkness that is creeping into the land. It only destroys never creates. Their are 4 guardians to stand against darkness. Earth,fire,water and wind.  The main character is Jute who becomes the wind but the power needs time for him to learn it and grow with it.
Levoreth is the earth guardian and animals are her friends.
Liss is water and she has compelled Knife to protect Jute and she will help through a pearl she gave the Knife.
Don't learn about fire till later on.
Severan is a scholar who helps Jute and protects him.
Their is a ghost who gets scared that Jute meets and follows him everywhere.
Their is a hawk that is teaching Jute he can also talk to anyone.
Their are lots of battles with one or two creature of darkness and then a major battle.
I am glad to have had the chance to read these books. I was given them in exchange for honest review.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review: The Hawk and the boy by Christopher Bunn

This is a 3 book series.  I was given all 3 books to review at one time.  I decided to review each as I read them 1 at a time.
The first book the Hawk and the Boy starts off strong and drew me into their world, but the story did not end. You have to read the next  book and if I would have had to wait I would not be happy. But since the next is just waiting for me to read I give the story 4 STARS.
I hate to wait to find out what happens next. Their is no smaller plot that finshed even in the first book. I would have rather had a big book than 3 seperate books.
Jute is a theif and works for the Juggler who works for the councel of theirs. Juggler is in charge of the children pickpockets,theifs. Jute is his best climber.
Jute climbs up to roof than goes down through the chimney and finds a box with a Hawk on it, but he must not open the box.  If he opens the box then Knife who is waiting on the roof will kill him. Jute does like he is told and finds the box and he opens it and the knife inside cuts him.  As jute climbs back up the chimney to Knife he hands over the box and says of course he did not open the box.
Knife than pricks him with a poison needle and he falls back into the chimney.
The house belonged to the wizard Nio who has spent 40 years to learn and find the box and knowledge about the four still points- anbeprun.  He has tried lots of ways and cant open the box.
The four points are water,earth,fire and wind are standing against the darkness. they are travelers with power that roam the land. They have animals the only one known is earth as horse.
Jute survives the poison and the fall. A voice in his head tells him to trust no one and don't let them know he opened the box.
Nio has Jute treated than questions him and he tells all the secrets except that he opened the box. the wizard creates a creature out of water and darkness that he uses as a weapon. Jute falls into the sewer river that runs out of the old building. Survives and learns the voice he hears is a hawk.
Severan rescues Jute and hides him in the old ruins. He discovered the wizards creature and tells Jute what Nio was looking for.
The water creature kills and tracks down about the box. Nio discovers that the boy must have opened the box to have survied the poison.
Their is a creature and someone who is killing whole households at a time no one left alive except a girl who is cant speak.
Their are a lot of characters and I suspect some are the different powers but need to read more. Have lot of unanswered questions.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review:.Classified by Debra Webb

It's another Colby Detective story. Good as always but leaves lots of questions unanswered for future books.
Lucas is worried about Slade Keaton and wants to find out more about him. Especially after Victoria and him where almost kidnapped down in Mexico. Victoria wants to let the investigation of Slade go, but Lucas can't.  So he asks his goddaughter Casey to go undercover in Mexico and find out what she can.  Casey has been a field agent for CIA for two years and is on desk duty so she is willing to get answers for him.  She can not let Victoria find out that he is still investigating Slade.
Victoria owner of Colby Agency is going behind her husband's back to protect him.  She asks Jim if he can go to Mexico and find this lead who might know something about Slade. He can not let Lucas know she is still trying to find out if Slade is a dangerous to her husband. Jim has a background in art so he can ask questions in the artist village in Mexico.
Casey is trying to ask her contact but he says she has a tail until she looses him he won't answer any questions.  Casey is furious and she gets Jim to follow her so she can ask why he is following her and they both pull guns on each other than. Why they are fighting each other two people get the drop on them, knock Casey out she comes too tied up in back of truck with Jim also tied up.  Casey can manuver her arms and gets her arms in front and than can get her switch blade that strapped too her leg under her skirt and unties Jim. Jim unties her. They get the one guy passed out and running from second guy why he tries to shoot them they fall in shaft loose the knife,gun and flashlight/
They keep getting out of trouble and than back into again again and again. They trust each other but still won't tell each other who they work for.
Its full of drama and action.  Its a fun easy read great for relaxing into a story.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Review:Burmese Refugees, letters from the Thai-Burma Border

I had no idea of what happened in Burmeses and other refugee camps. That you have to wait months or years to get food numbers to get help. I am glad they have english lessons and internet. I can't imagine being in prison for 14 years because of a protest or having to flee because someone called me.
I am considered poor from U.S. standing on disabilty and a widow. But in real I am so rich. I have a old house,old beat up car shop at walmart for clothes, buy store brands. but I can buy food,clothes,bedding and even eat out at McDonalds once in a while. My girls are in collage trying to decide what they want to be and what to study. We have so many choices if we want to go we can. If I want to move I can maybe not afford everywhere but can afford more and do more than those refugees can. They dream of job,education and freedom are willing to risk lots for those and endure a lot.
Too bad that the math teacher can't teach math in refugee camp or doctor can't doctor. But they are inspireing letters and take their homework and do the best they can and know education and freedom can change their lives and maybe better for their homeland.
I was lucky to be given this ebook for free in exchange for review. Does open my eyes and heart to those refugees around the world.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fang Me by Parker Blue

This is the 3rd book in the series Demon Underground.  So far I have enjoyed it and look forward to reading the next book when it comes out.
Val is still looking for the stolen book. But because she worded a promise wrong she is now working for the good vampires till they are found.
There is someone new to the series from LA underground Trevor who is keeper of the books. His father was keeper before him and was put in the book with magic.  He warns that mage demon will want the books bad.  He can find the books if he is within 500 feet.
Everyone loves Trevor except Val.  She does not trust him, but Shade thinks she is jealous because he likes him, her friends like him even her mom invited him over for Christmas Party.
Val gets shot by an arrow through her leg durning a fight by her own side in the fight.
Lola gets out of control from Val.
It is a race to see who finds the book first.  Some want it to control the world, some want it to save their side from others and use the knowledge for helping. Val wants it safe and so she can quit helping the vampires.  Shade is helping trevor to find the books.
Fang & Princess are still cute and funny. It would be funny to here my own pets talking.
Love the series, its funny, action and romance in the demon & vampire  world. I was given the 3 books of the series in exchange of honest review.
PUB 03/01/2011 Bell Bridge Books 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Try Me by Parker Blue

Try Me is the second book in the series Demon Underground. It starts 3 days after the end of Bite Me. We learn a lot about their world and the different demons in it.
Val is still working with the special unit of the police dept. But now they all know she is part demon some accept her some don't.
Dan is having problems dealing with Lola.
Miacah tells Val that since the special book that told about the demons world was lost they don't know a lot about the different demons and their powers.
Val hears the name and told him that she has had the book since she was 5 and did not know it was the only copy. She never felt their power or even read it through it. So she takes them to Micah but that evening when the vampires and demons meet for a discussion about comming out the books are taken.
Their is a lot of tension between the vampires and demons and someone is poisoning the vampires.
Val is learning more about her powers and how to control Lola.  As she tries to find the book and keep peace between the vampires and demons.
This book was good and I read it straight through. I was given three books of this series and I have so far liked both and look forward to reading book 3 Fang Me.
PUB Bell Bridge Books

Review: Bite Me by Parker Blue

I liked it. It was a little different from other vampire books.
Valentine who goes by Val is part demon who feeds off of Lust. Val has never let her though so to keep her demon self Lola she hunts vampires.
val kills a vampire an all of a sudden her young sister is their. Jen had hid in the back seat of their father Rick's car.  Val yells at her sister than makes her help pick up the body and put in the trunk. After they get body in car before they leave a policeman asks what they are doing   and runs make on the car. Then asks to see whats in the trunk? Val does not know how to answer they can't take off he knows their address and names. Val asks,"What do you think is in the trunk?" and surprised answers she gets is vampire.
Turns out the city knows about them and has special department for handling them.  Finally she takes her sister home and mom's yells at her. Asks her to leave their home, leave job at family book store. Stay away from her sister. Val just turned 18 she hops on her motorcycle and goes to a park. Meets a dog who can talk to her a small fluffy dog who is part demon too. Fang is dogs name. I really like Fang.
Val eventually calls the cop she met and tells him that maybe she can help them. That she was 18 and kicked out of house. He calls her back in an hour and she goes to Police station. The other cops laugh at her so she takes the bigest one and fights him. Wins.
Her new boss knows what she is and makes Dan her new partner.
Their first assignment is to find out if this new group of vampires that was meeting and starting blood banks were on the level or dangerous. Mean while Jen is asking everyone she meets if they know Val and shows picture so they all know she is the one killing vampires. Then Jen is missing.
For a new series I do like it. The characters all have faults some good and bad. I hate the mother of val and Jen. Like the stepfather to Val. Lots of secondary characters that interact together. Lots of storylines I can see.
I was given this book in exchange for honest review. I also receieved the next two books in the series so I will read them next.
Bell Brooks Bridge PUB out now

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pack of Lies by Laura Anne Gilman

I like this series. This is the second book in this series but the third one I have read in the last two days.
PUPI has now been open for 8 months. They are all working well together as a team.  Still a lot of people don't want them around afraid of what they might find.
Ian is excited about a case they just recieved.  It is new and the first one they actually get to the scene before the evidence gets smudged.  Unlucky for Bonnie she is the best of gleaning and remembering everything so she gets to the scene.  It was a attempted rape and a murder of the rapest and friend was hurt. The Ki-rin was the girl's companion and he killed and injured the attackers.
Bonnie has a hard time gathering the evidence for once and she keeps looking at males different for awhile.
The case should be a closed one easy but then the wounded said she provoked him. A case of she said/he said.
The Ki-rin is a member of the fae and a rare cousin of the unicorn. He cannot be around someone who is not vigin and just by being attacked loses her companion.
Their is already tension between the fae and the humans talents and the mood is getting worse and worse. They need to find out who is telling the truth and who is lying to them.
Bonnie and one of the Big Dogs Ben Venec are reading each other more. they are comming in with words not just the images the others get. If one of them gets their shields down a little the other is drawn in. Their is a stronger attraction building up that neither wants.
I really like the interaction of all the characters it seems real to me. It is a clean easy read that keeps your attention. I will read more from Laura Anne Gilman

Review:Hard Magic by Laura Anne Gilman

5 stars
I really have liked this series. Love how all the characters interact. Their is still a lot we dont know about them. Slowly builds what you know what you want to know.
Bonnie has just graduated from collage. She is living in a hotel that her mentor is paying for her. Trying to find a job but no one hires her.  Her resume looks good and she gets lots of call backs but because she can not use technolgy she doesn't get hired.
Then one day she gets a message on her answering machine from a business she did not apply for a job, time of her interview and address. She is curious so goes and finds a group of people waiting to be interviewed for a job just like her at same time. after a half hour no one comes into the office they get curious and knock on inner door and look in and find a dead body.
They don't rush to call cops but infact go closer to the body making sure he is dead. They all look around and keep noticing facts asking questions and answering them. Then the dead body gets up and tells them they are all hired.
After they all recover they find out about P.U.P.I. A company that looks into things that talents are doing not for councel but for truth and holding people accountable for their actions. They are all talent. Which means they have magic gifts that they can use to help them find the facts of a case.
They all have different skills. Bonnie is great at remembering details of things she sees.
One is computer hacker that is a very rare skill most can't use technolgy because their power is current so destroys things. One can tell when most people lie.
Ian and Ben are the Top Dogs who started the company because they saw a need. They spend a lot of time teaching them how to use their currents in different ways to gather evidence and find the facts. Forensic magic its never been used that way.
Their are people that don't want the facts comming out about what they might do and try to destroy the company.
Their first case a daughter does not believe her parents committed suicide in a car that know one knows who owns it.
its a well arounded book. I like Laura Anne Gilman's books. I have in last 3 days read 3 of them and plan to read more in the future.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Review:Win Win Proposition by Cat Shield

Sebastian Case is looking for his assistant Missy. She has been missing  for over 6 hrs. He has not seen her since they checked into hotel. Tommorrow meeting the first yearly convention since he was made president after his dad retired. He rely on Missy for a lot of things. He finds her in a bar but she has changed.
Missy told him that today was her 30th birthday and she quit. She wants a family and working for him at all the hours she won't find time.
Sebastian doesn't want her to quit. He finds out she was dumped yesterday for always being at his beck and call.  She took years of saving that was going to be for wedding dress and put it on red at roulett table and told her boss okay lands on black she won't quit lands on red she gets him for one night. Missy wins they celebrate all night.
Sebastian tries to keep her at company and says she already has a job offer so Sebastian wants to keep her since she won't be working for him.
Missy because of her past doesn't think she will fit in with his crowd. Sebastian because of games his ex-wife played has a hard time trusting again.
Its is a fun romance seeing them change and grow. I admit to skipping the sex scenes. I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sex, Gossip and Rock & Roll by Nicola Marsh

Charli loves her job taking care of rock stars while they are touring. See that hotels,publicity,thier special wants and needs are taken care of so its the best tour it can be. She doesn't baby sit. Her boss has his playboy grandson comming to take care of the money since he fired the accountant.
She goes to pick him up at hotel and he answers in a towel. Charli thinks he is hot but has not time for him. Especially since Luca has not been back to see his grandfather Hector in ten years.
Charli at 16 her mother kicked her out of the house and she lived on the streets for two weeks. She was actually sleeping in Hector shed 10 years ago. Hector took her in and gave her a home, helped her graduate and gave her a job. Charli is afraid Luca is back to take advantage of His grandfather.
Luca father never acknowledged him but when his grandfather found out he paid for Luca education and set up a trust fund for him. Luca father died 10 years ago and then two weeks later his mother. So he is afraid to get close to anyone. Luca found a lot of pictures of his grandfather and Charli at different events and thinks she is a gold digger.
Storm a ageing rock and roll star is trying to make a comeback. Storm also brought his 7 yr old son tiger on tour with him. So he wanted to see some fun places with his son and spend time with him.
Storm was a pain who drank a lot  but was a good father even with his past at sleeping around.
They went panning for gold, down into the gold mine. Sounded like fun. They went to a dragon museum. Tiger was proud of his father.
Luca and Charli both have a lot of issues with abandoned by thier parents and are afraid of getting too close, but they do.
This is the first time I have read a book by Nicola Marsh but hopefully not the last book of hers that I will read.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Review:#4 Under His Spell by Marie P. Croall

I'm new to manga and feel a little lost in the story for me. Could be because I started out with #4 and if I had read the others would not be lost.
Bethany Farmer is a high school soccor player. She is focused on school and soccor not boys.
Allen is the new student from a different world. He is Fae you do notice his ears right off. I don't know why he had feathers trailing him and how he started looking in Bethany window. He tries to talk to her at school and she tells him he is wasting his time. Her friend tells him that she likes soccor.  So he shows up at her practice and walks her most of the way home and then takes off.
Allen has 3 cousins who are trying to kill him so they can be King next. They are bigger than Allen and one is a tracker.
Bethany ends up helping Allen fight his cousins.
Its a fast read because their are a lot of simple drawings. This makes 2 I have read and I like more words in my stories. So not for me. I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.
10/01/2011 Lerner Publishing Group  Graphic Universe

Review: A Texan Promise by Shelley Grey

I enjoyed reading a Texan Promise. It was romance, western, & Christian book all in one. It dealed with everyday problems that unfortunately happen all too often.
Clayton has been the forman on the circle Z ranch for the past 6 years.  He found Vanessa in the barn in a stall crying and upset. Finally he noticed the bruise on her face and her dress torn and three big Whip marks on her back. Her stepfather Price had whipped her and hit her because she did not want him in her room. He raped her and her brother stood out in the hall and did nothing.
Clayton told her he was getting her away from the ranch after he gave her first aid. Told her to gather food in his room, blanket and he would pack stuff for her out of her room.
Clayton came to the ranch after General Lee ended the war. 13 year old Vanessa started to follow him around then and told him all her troubles to. Soon after Clayton hired on her father made him foreman and when he was dying Clayton promised to look after them. A short time after her mom married Price and his true colors came out. He was drunk and spending all her mom's money but he let Clayton take care of ranch.  Miles came and asked Clayton where he was taking his sister and was told away.  That if he was a man at all he would hinder Price from following them.  He knew Price wanted her and wanted her money that her father left her in the bank.
They rode hard and a few different times they ran into men that Clayton served in the war with or helped in the past. Because he was always reading the bible and trying to live its teachings, those who he helped in the past were willing to help him.
One was now a preacher and married them so Vanessa would have some protection.  Clayton told Vanessa he hoped someday to have a real marriage together but he would give her time.
It had a lot of scriptures quoted. In the right places. It showed the struggle to do what he promised and their struggle to get to a safe place.
I would read more of Shelley's books in the future. Recommend the book.
10/01/2011 Abingdon Press

Friday, September 9, 2011

Review:All That Remains by Janice Kay Johnson

What a nightmare to be in labor and first trapped in car and getting out of the river finding a house thats empty. Lighting a fire in wood stove than waking up to water in house putting fire out. Finding a attic in dark and still having labor pains and being alone. Wren hangs a sheet out of the attic window. she got abunch of cloths and bedding and stuck what she could get in a hurry before to much more water got in the house.
Alec Harper is a police detective and has been rescueing people for a couple of days. and he is in a boat and decides to check the house and sees the sheet so he gets boat as close as he can. Wren yells that she is in labor and alone. Alec knows without someone to help her getting in her in boat would be to hard so puts anchor and puts water and emergency bars,first aid kit in the window. Then starts to climb up and the boat tears off with Wrens help he makes it to her.
Alec gets to deliver her baby and they talked for a few days. He catches rain in bottles  that was left up in the attic. No cell service. almost run out of emergency bars. Abby they rig diapers out of old clothes. keep her warm in between them in the quilts.
Wren has run away from Abby's father who is abusive and had isolated her from her friends, family.
So Alec is looking for him once they are rescued and keeps Wren at his house so she will be safe.
It is a good story and shows how abuse starts in phases. How hard it is when flooding occurs. People can lose everything some even their lives. It seems real that it could happen in real life. I will read more from Janice. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
10/04/2011 PUB Harlequin Superromance

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: Cowboy to Marry by Cathy Gillen Thacker

Libby Lowell has decided to sell her husband family business and leave town. She is afraid if she stays here she will never have a family of her own someday. Also do something else besides sell farm equipment.
Holden was with Libby's husband on a white water rafting trip when he died. Holden promised to take care of Libby. At the time of the trip they went to help Holden get over his divorce and loss of the baby.
So neither one had been on the dating scene for awhile. So they decided to be each others rebound dates and get through the holidays as each other's date.
Of course its starts out a lot different before they start dating and having feelings for each other. Right of way there is someone wanting to buy the dealership. Community Library is closed town for a year or so unless they can figure away to get the repairs needed sooner.
I enjoyed it probably more because I did not enjoy last book I read today as much. this was a quick read started and did not stop till I had finshed. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
10/04/2011 PUB Harlequin American Romance

Review:Tempted by his T3arget by Jill Sorenson

For some reason I could not get lost in the story. I picked it up and read for a bit and then did somethings  and come back to the book a few different times. The story was fine.
Isabella was on the run from US authorities and mexican drug cartel. She was rich party girl who spent to much time of drugs and drinks.  She woke up one day with friend dead in bed. She realized her one pills were empty she could not remeber if she gave the pills to him or what. She took his bag of drugs and money and ran. Isabella had been on the run for two years.
Brandon was a U.S. Marshall undercover to find her and bring her back. Because he could surf and she was known for surfing and written articles on surfing.  When he found her on the beach she pulled a knife on him in fact she pulled a knife on him a couple of times.
Maybe I did not like Isabella  character not before when she was spoiled party girl or now when she was to ready to pull the knife.
Brandon and Isabella are running around trying to stay ahead of bad guys while trying to get to different country. The bad guys catch up to them a few times.
I was given this book in exchange for honest review.
09/27/2011 PUB Harlequin Romantic Suspence

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart by Donna alward

Megan Briggs was away from the ranch for a year getting treatments for breast cancer. Now she is home and wants everybody to treat her normal but she has changed and people around her are aware of changes in what they feel for her.
Clay is best friends with Megan's brother and has the ranch next to theirs family ranch. Clay spoke harsh words to Megan about her running away last year. He came over to tell her sorry and see how she was doing.Clay has a hard time when dealing with cancer. He saw his dad die of lung cancer and his mom left them both when he got sick. His Aunt Stacy came and raised him.
Megan wants to help bring money to the ranch her idea is to build a indoor riding arena teach barrel racing and riding lessons. buy some more horses plus board up to 14 horses. The bank turned her down but Clay was willing to give or loan her the money.
Also Clay's Aunt Stacy is getting married she just got back with old boyfriend from high school. Clay asks Megan to be his date so all the women wont ask him to dance and he can have her back so people won't worry about her. But Clay realizes that that Megan is all grown up. She has had a crush on him for years and he had no idea.
It deals a lot with the breast cancer and how their are emotional and physcal parts even after the treatment is done.
I thought it dealt with the issues in a good way. That it is okay to be scared but to let people in to help too.
I liked the How a cowboy stole her heart and would read more of Donna's book in the future. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
09/20/2011PUB Harlequin Romance 192 pages

Review: One Brave Cowboy by Kathleen Eagle

In One Brave Cowboy you meet Cougar first when he almost runs over a little boy but he sense him and is able to stop. Cougar is going to adopt a wild mustang and train him and enter this contest. Cougar got out of the service with a purple heart and has flashbacks he is trying to get back to a normal life and get off the pain pills. He knows horses and was in a therapy with them in VA Hospital.
The Double D ranch has a lot of volunteers to take care of the wild mustangs.  They get trainers to train the horses for a cash prize and sell the horses after trained.
One volunteer at the ranch  is Celia banyon who is a school teacher and her son Mark. Mark lost one eye in a accident and since then he does not hear or speak. But the animals and time is starting to help.
Cougar after saving Mark takes a liking to the boy. Cougar is wounded to. Cougar lives in truck and horse trailer. So he ends up fixing Celia house and corral and parking using her water and electricty.
Mark names the Mustang Flyboy same name thats on his little airplane. Its a sign that he is hearing some and understanding now.flyboy and Mark are connecting nonverbally. Flyboy eats out of his hand after he went over the fence before any one could stop him.
It was a good book. Made me want a horse though I can't ride. I believe animals can make a difference in our lives if we let them. As my dog sitting on my foot right now. I will read more books by Kathleen Eagle. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
09/27/2011 PUB Harlequin Special Edition

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Review: Night Strangers by Chris Bohjlian

It is hard to rate a story thats is not a book I enjoyed. It is a horror story that is scary and doesn't help tonight was storming and raining hard. So if you like scary well told stories, this is your book.
Captain Chip Linton is a pilot is co-pilot was doing the take off and they hit flock of geese, both engines were destroyed. Captain took over and they could not make it back to airport and decided to land on lake. He knew it was risky and it had to get pitch right. But a ferry turned around to go help and the wave came at wrong time and plane broke in half. Captain got out and 8 others survived.
Chip was found not at fault but it was hard for him that he survived when so many did not 39 died.
His wife Emily was a lawyer and they had twin ten year old girls. Hailey was more out going. She was named after her grandmother. Garnet was named after her red hair she was born. She has seizures where she just turns off.
Chip is now afraid of flying. They decide to move to new England to a small town town. Emily works for a smaller firm. They ended up buying in a old house that had 4 levels. The basement has a mud floor except square of cement that water heater,furnace, washer & dryer. In one spot behind some coal is a door with 39 long bolts.  The top floor had two bedrooms,bathroom and walk in closet that the twins shared also blocked off was part of attic. Each hallway was in different widths with main floor the bigest and third floor the smallest. also had old barn and greenhouse. They found lots of weird stuff left behind like knife hidden in heater vent,axe and crowbar.
The town had lots of greenhouses or more than any other town around them. Most of the females had plant names. They also had shamans. People were fasinated by the twins.
Chip was dealing with lots of issues and was not the strong guy anymore. Emily was also going through depressions.
The story gets darker and darker and for the ending not one that I would choose. I doubt I will read more of his books if they are in the horror or thriller versions. Would rather have happier books personaly.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
10/04/2011 PUB Crown Publishers

Review: Heart of the desert by Carol Marinelli

Georgie had a troubled youth she ran away from home many times and they always sent her back. Her father was a drunk and emotionaly abused. So she could only change what she ate and had to get treatment for she got to thin and died.
Georgie went to Zaraq for her sister's wedding to a prince. She met Ibrahim who she thought was handsome they had a serious talk and they started to have an encounter but Georgie stopped. Harsh words were exchanged she did not tell him she was married and getting a divorce.
Ibrahim hates the desert because his brother died out there. His mother because of desert laws was exiled to England and could not even come back to bury her son or see grandchildren born. So Ibrahim stays mostly away from Zaraq. There is no divorce in Zaraq.
Ibrahim as a Prince is supposed to marry a virgin.
Georgie is proud of her past because she learned from her mistakes and grew from them.
Everyone told Ibrahim to stay away from Georgie but he could not. Her sister tried to keep Georgie away from Ibrahim. They knew they could not be together in Zaraq.
I liked the story but felt a little lost in a few places. I would read another book from Carol. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Review:The Mighty Quinns:Riley by Kate Hoffmann

I had fun watching  Nan & Riley fall in love in 10 days. Nan came over from Wisconsin to Ireland to find Carey who had for years wrote letters back and forth to her mom. Nan's mom died when she was 8 and was sick two years before that. Her father died last year.
So Nan thought she could learn about her mom through Carey. Nan is a librarian at University.
Riley runs the family bar in summer while his parents travel. Riley is also a songwriter and singer with his own band.
Nan found out why she had so unusual name Tiernan. She did find a picture of her mom in Riley's pub.  Ireland does sound fun to visit.  Nan learns and grows a lot and thinks it will be so hard to leave Ireland.
Even though it has a lot of the same things in them that a lot of books set in Ireland do family pub. family of artists of one kind or another, cemetary and sheep ect. It still was a good fast romance and a lot of making love scenes.
I look forward to reading about Riley's brothers. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Review: The Marriage Betrayal by Lynne Graham

I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would because I knew it was two books to complete the tale of Sander Volakis and Tally Spencer. Now I can go get the next one and read it.
Tally is almost done with college when her father asks her to go to a house party in the country with her half sister. ( The father she has only seen less than 10. and doesn't acknowledge her.) Her sister does not want anyone to know they are sisters so she plans to say she is her assistant. Tally is 20 and a virgin and does not have the wardrobe of everyone else.
Sander father asks him to go because the people having the party were going to be family. His brother was engaged when he died in car wreck. Sander is not close to his parents they gave most of love to their firstborn. Sander went out on his own in business and made it rich. He is used to having women throw themselves at him. They are all about the same type of women.
Sander is attracted to Tally because she is different. Tally does not drop things because he says he wants her. Tally for first time is really attracted to someone. They have sex but it is painful for her and when Sander finds out she is virgin the mood is over. He finds her back in London and can't stay away from each other.
After Tally breaks up with him she finds she is pregnant. Sander thinks she set him up. When her father blackmails him to marry her, he is angry.
I was so not impressed with Tally father and half sister also with Sander's parents. Even Tally's mom. Their is no one around either for their example on loving relationships.
Well going to down load the next book and see how it all turns out in the end. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Review:Zombie Cows! (Agent Amelia) by Michael broad

Her next case happens after she has missed a week of school from illness. Their is a new music teacher that when she plays her pipe all the kids react the same, but when the bell rings they act normal. Amelia notices and takes actions again.
The third case is the new bakery in town. Their baked goods are all much bigger and a lot cheaper than the other bakeries in town.
Twin sisters that are really thin and dressed like fashion models on runways. So Amelia takes a look to see what they are up too. Saves the world again.
These stories  are short that the young readers will like. The drawings are cute and tell half the story. Amelia takes notice of things around her. Uses her different costumes to not be noticed. I think the books will get kids interested in reading.
I was given this ebook in exchange of honest review.

review; The Rescue Pilot by Rachel Lee

Its been years since I have bought a new Rachel Lee but I still rember most of the characters. It was good to see a few old friends. I felt cold reading this book.
Chase has his own plane and business flys private business men around usually.
Chase just picked his plane up from being maintained they went over everything. So as he was going back he picked up  Billy Joe Yuma and Wendy after he took them home he was going to take Cait to Minnosata for experimental treatment for her cancer Rory her sister arranged.
All of a sudden they were loosing all their fuel too fast. Chase fought the plane and made a landing on mountain safely. They were in a major blizzard and everyone was safe.
Rory had only brought 4 days of Cait's medicine with her.  Cait when she found out that her cancer was back and worse kind, her husband left her and moved in with girl friend. Cait had given up and Rory just found out her sister was really sick she was working down in South America.
Yuma was a hellocopter pilot that did search & rescue and his wife Wendy was a nurse. In fact years after war he live with a bunch of G.I.s on this mountain when they could not cope with regular life.
The plane was in one piece so they had shelter and Chase had a lot of emergency stuff on his plane. lot of survivor blankets, plenty of candles,food and water.  So they were okay to hold out till after the blizzard except for Cait's health.
They all worked together to take care of Cait and each other.
Chase and Rory were attracted to each other. Seeing the good things. how caring for others, hard work.deteramined they were. They took turns together to watch over Cait and keep eye on candles that they did not use up all the air or tip over and cause a fire and they had to keep hot drinks for Cait.
I don't think I would be able to cope in plane crash as they all did.
Now I want to go find my other books from Rachel and reread them sometime.
I was given this book in exchange of honest review.

Review: The Sherrif's Daughter by kay Stockham

I wish I had read her other books. You don't need to for the story, but it would be fun to read them now.
Zane boss the sheriff has gone a 2 week cruise and left Zane in charge. He also told them to keep his daughter out of trouble.
First night he is out patrolling when he sees a women walking alone on back road. Usually its either someone with broken down car or prostute. He realizes it's Carly right off. Carly does not want to tell him why she is out thier alone walking in high heels. Carly admits her date got out of hand and she took care of it, not to call her father. Carly is 27 years old.
Next night she is waiting for her date at the movie theater when Zane shows up. He arrested her date and he had drugs in his car bragging that they were ruining his date that night.
Carly is just becomming a foster parent and starts with a 8 month old. Her father doesn't want her to do it. Zane warns her. She wants to see if she will be a good mother since her mother abandoned her.
Zane was a foster kid and he has lots of issues still from childhood.
It's a good story about family. Children dealing with being a foster kid and parent. I would read more from Kay Stockham. I was given this ebook in exchange for a honest review.

Review: Caleb's Bride by Wendy Warren

4 stars
For some reason I had put this book off for awhile. But I totaly enjoyed reading Caleb's Bride. I like that Gabby's family is close and they open their hearts to Caleb so easy  when he need them in his youth.
Gabby had taken over her grandfathers barber shop. She was now ready for a change. Gabby signed on to a cruise line to be a barber. For years Gabby has had a crush on Dean but he just got married. She realized that she need to change her life so she selling the barber shop and got new job.
Caleb's family were drunks and in fact he was the first to graduate from high school and go to college.
Caleb first went to Gabby's family farm when he was 12 and was invited over by her brothers to play. He  was so impressed with their mom. She made them a stack of sandwhiches for a snack and made them wash their hands. Caleb was lucky to have one meal let alone snacks. He was over to their house a lot during those years. That was where he learned that he wanted a family and what kind of one.
In high school he sat with Gabby and ate lunch with her and her friends. One 4th of july at park Gabby decided to tell Dean how she felt. But Dean home from college brought a girl to the park. Gabby was so upset she went off by herself and cried. Caleb went to her and was comforting and they made love and after Gabby avoided Caleb and would not talk to her.
Now Caleb was moving home and bringing his ten year old daughter.  He was still attracted to Gabby and her family too. Was surprised to learn that one night experience was all that Gabby had.
Caleb started courting Gabby and he knew she was moving in a few months time. Gabby was a big help with Caleb daughter.
It was a cute romantic story. I liked the characters. I just enjoyed reading it. I would read more books by Wendy. I was given  this ebook in exchange for honest review.
10/04/2011 pub Harlequin Special Edition

Thursday, September 1, 2011

REVIEW:The Black Stiletto by Raymond Benson

I thought it sure a different way to hear about super hero. Martin Talbot mother's lawyer gave him a letter and lockbox and it he learned that his mom was the black stiletto. She was famous back in the 60's and he had no clue. In the box was blueprints of their house and it had a hidden room in basement.  Their house has been up for sale for two years.
Martin found the hidden room their house and in it was
 a bunch of journals two costumes, the knife,gun and other things. So Martin reads the journal and puts the rest in safe deposit box.
From Judy diary he learn about the changes in her body when she 12 better hearing, didn't need glasses anymore and could tell if someone was honest or tellings  lies. Tells how after her stepfather raped her she ran away to New York and her life . She learned boxing, karate and then how to use a knife. How after the murder of her friend she became the black stiletto.
It also contains chapters of Roberto and his getting out of jail and what revenge he is planning.
I like that Judy seamed like a real person with faults. Liked how she stopped crimes. Did not agree with revenge killings.
Still have more questions I want to know, so I hope their is  going to be more books about the Black stiletto. I will gladly read them kept me interested through the whole book.
I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.

Review: The Invisible Order book two The fire King paul crilly

This is book 2 and it does stand alone. I wish I had read the first book. They do talk about things that had happened in it. But I followed everything alright. I read the Fire King and could not put it down till I finshed reading it. I liked it and good see the the great fire of London in fact I went and looked it up on the internet.
Emily wakes up alone in a tanning shed in 1666 and wonders where William is her little brother 9 years old. Jack and Corrigan are. She remembers escaping through the fairy gate and landing back in time. Emily realized that she fell asleep and everyone had left.
Jack is an older boy who is a pick pocket and he went with them and helped them in this book and the first one.
Corrigan is a fey pixie a short old man who is dishonest but has helped them in the past and really likes William they can and do get into trouble.
With the disappearance of their parents Emily has taken the roll as the adult and William resents all her orders and wants to prove that he can plan and be brave too.
They know that in 1966 sometime their was a great fire that burned a lot of London. That same time a war broke out between two groups of fae and fae & humans too. Emily thinks if she can find out whats happening maybe they can stop the fire and wars.
Jack comes back with some food but he doesn't know where the other two are but he is going to look for them. When they are all back together Katerina turns up and a gang of street kids that can see the fay are wanting to kill them because of the fay with them. Before that can happen a bunch of bad fey come and try and take them all Emily knows that they can't kill the hounds with iron like most fey and warns them.
Katerina shows them her part of London and their leader Puck who is teaching them to fight fey. Puck is supporting their Fairy Queen and doing what she cant do right now fight the opposition who want to be rid of humans.
Emily thinks if they can find Merlin he can save London at the same time William thinks they should find the raven king and he can save London but Emily won't listen to him so he sneaks off to find him but Corrigan catches him and figures that William will need his help more than Emily. Spying on them is Katerina and since she does not trust the fey she follows them and they don't have a clue till she lets them know.
It is an adventure ride well done. I would read more from Paul in fact I want to go read the first book sometime. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
09/27/2011 PUB EGMONT USA