Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wyoming Fierce by Diana Palmer


I admit to crying in this story a bit. Some issues hit harder than others. When a book makes me feel for characters and care about what happens to them. I also laughed in this story.
Cane Kirk lost is arm in the war and is not dealing well with everything that is happening to him. He drinks a lot and then breaks up a bar all the time. Cane pays for the damage or his brothers do. The only one that can get him to do anything is his young neighbor Bodie.
Bodie Mays only has one more semester to get her B.A. Then she wants to go on from thier. She comes home on the weekends to check on her grandfather. Bodie moved into his house after her mom died. She does not know what to do. Money is tight and with gas prices its even tighter.
Her stepfather watches a lot of porn and wants her to work with him and make money. He also inheirited her mother's house that has been in the family for generations. He is also wanting to raise the rent on her grandfather
While studying for a final at her grandfathers she gets a call from the Kirks asking her to go pick up Cane from the bar. She can get Cane to come with her without much problem where he wont come easy with anyone else. Thier is a truck outside already to drive her in to get Cane.
Cane can talk to her when he is drunk and tells her stuff that he won't talk to anyone else. He thinks of her as a kid. He is 10 years older than her and doesn't plan to get married. This time Cane kissed her and other stuff. A girl he picked up in a bar did not want to have sex to a guy who only had one arm.
Bodie has loved Cane but she knows that she is old fashioned and proud of it and is not have sex or anything close to it without marriage.
It deals with some real issues in this book. acholic,pron addiction, identy theft after war issues, choosing medicine over food.
I liked this book, cared about Bodie, hated some characters and really disappointed in others and thier actions.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
Harlequin HQN (October 23, 2012) 352 pages

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Valtieri Baby by Caroline Anderson


A nice romance. Thier are love scenes in the book that I skipped over.
Giovanni Valtieri is a lawyer who is about to go on vacation. Is car is packed and he is taking out the trash. A woman was out in the parking lot. She was the party who had been stealing from her business partner and finally realized that she had lost the case this afternoon.
She was shouting at him and then she used her purse and attacked him. Gio tripped over the curve and landed on his trash which had a broken bottle in it. He had a big piece of glass in his thigh. Twisted ankle and his hand cut. Gio took the piece of glass out of his thigh and it was the wrong thing to do.
Anita della Rossa is a wedding planner and is late with a last meeting with a bride. She is going with Valtieri ski vacation. Anita and Gio grew up together and were best friends. five years ago she and Gio had a short affair years ago. She never new why Gio broke up with her. Gio is driving her up.
After her meeting she was surprised to see all the miss calls from Gio. Anita listened to her calls and she started panicking about Gio.
When Anita got to the hospital she was able to give the hospital his name and who his family is. Anita was not let in for any updates so she called Gio's brother Luca who is a doctor at the hospital.
Anita is the only one around to help Gio after he was released from the hospital. Since his whole family is on the sking trip. Since his apartment was on the second story he good not go home. His family villa is closed because everyone is away. So Anita took him to her home.
Anita and Gio are having a hard time not remember what thier affair was like. Gio was hurtful because he thought it would be worse for Anita. Anita did not want to get back involved with Gio.
This is a quick romance as they are thrown back in close again. Thier is a little mystery about why Gio was attacked, why Gio broke up with Anita 5 years ago and why he is scared to be involved with anyone
I think Gio's family had been in previous books, but I have not read them. Would not interfer with this book if you did not read them either.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
09/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Romance

Monday, October 29, 2012

After the Storm by Amy Knupp


I picked the right day to read this story, since the East Coast is under evacuation orders for Sandy right now. It brings it to my attention all those who are risking thier lives to keep others safe or too rescue them. So Thank you all for the work you do everyday and everywhere.
Nadia Hamlin is still at work trying to gather up files that she might need away from the hotel. Her 15 minute job took over an hour with trafic. She is the last one out of the hotel. Nadia found that the weather had turned worse while she was inside. As she struggled to her car a sign from up a block crashed into the car. Nadia scared and realized what a mistake she had made called 911.
Penn Griffin was the first firefighter on scene to help her. She had one date with him and had to leave for work in the middle of dinner. Penn got hurt trying to rescue her and had to be rescued himself. Penn because of Nadia decision had to have back surgery and loose his job as a fireman.
Nadia feels bad at being the reason Penn got hurt. She visits him in the hospital and is thier when he was told he could go home. Penn refused to go home with her and waited in the hospital till a friend got off work.
Penn is struggling even to walk,can't bend down,drive a car,sit on a couch or recliner. He is angry,frustrated and trying to get over how he blames Nadia's obsession with work caused all of his trouble. He is still attracted to her but not wanting to see her again.
Nadia is so sorry and she wants to help Penn but he won't let her. Nadia is also fighting with her mother at same time.
I felt that Amy did a good job dealing with the hard emotions of blame,frustration and anger these situations can cause. I like the other minor characters in the book too and would love to see more of them in the future.
Thier are some love scenes in the book that I skipped over.
I would be willing to read more of Amy's work in the future based on this book. A nice story no real twists to it that were unexpected.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest reviews from Netgalley.
10/30/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Superromance 288 pages

One Winters Night by Brenda Jackson


One Winters Night is a Westmoreland novel. For a novel set in winter it is way hot and steamy. Thier is a lot of suggestive talk and love scenes.
Riley Westmoreland was 15 when is parents and Aunt & Uncle all died in a plane crash.
All of the children are close to each other and pulled together with the oldest puting thier own plans aside to raise the younger one and keep the business going.
Riley saw how his brother got messed up over a girl when her family broke them apart and he never wants to let a woman get that close to him. So when he met the party planner he was supposed to work with and was really attracted to he told her up front that he wanted an affair but only for six weeks.
Alpha Blake is from Florida but has moved to Denver to start her party planning business. Alpha last two serious boyfriends as ended badly because of her identical twin Omega porn star past. Alpha does not blame her sister and is still close to her. Her parents have disowned Omega. Alpha does appreciates Riley's open offer and asks for time to think on it. She agrees to the affair but tells Riley that she just can't jump into bed with him.
So the main plot is thier six week affair with lots of love scenes. Thier are a few little plot themes in this book too dealing with families and how important they are in your lives.
I love the big close Westmoreland clan and wish thier was more interaction between them. I want to ask Alpha's parents what were they thinking when they named thier girls that. I also tried to think of how I would react to one of my daughters dropping out of collage to be a porn star. It would be heart breaking and lots of worry about them.
This is a quick read and if you put yourself into the different situations it made me think hard about the choices I would make.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
11/01/2012 Pub. Harlequin Desire

Sunday, October 28, 2012

After Hello by Lisa Mangum


After Hello to me was a magical journey around New York that left me with a smile. It was a journey of meeting friends and being a friend, of helping friends and strangers.
A journey of looking back to trials of our pasts into the possible future ahead.
Sara is 17 year old and is alone in New York city. Sara and her father planned to be here for one day. Her father's business meeting was on going so Sara was on her own to discover New York City.
Sara has her camera and wants to discover some of the tourist attractions. She sees a man and takes his picture outside a bookstore. She decides to follow him and they have a discussion and walk together learning about each other a little.
Sam is a finder. He finds things that other people want and trades with them what they want to give. Sam after graduating early from school came to NY to live with his older brother Paul.
Paul works for a spoiled actress. When Sara meets her to hand over the book to her she is asked to find something for her. She has Sara take notes for what she wants on a back of her picture. If Sara does not find the art by the end of the day Paul will be fired.
Sara tells Sam about what she wants and what will happen to his brothers job if she does not find it. So they decide to look together for it. They go out to find friends of Sam's who's art might work and along the way they meet lots of interesting people that Sam Has met and traded with.
He once took a package of sugar and traded it for the waitress and got her two sold out concert tickets to her favorite show. Sam is a good friend to others and they are good friends to him.
I loved the characters we meet in this novel. The fun they have in trading giving something someone wants for what they have. That is fair to each person. Loved the different art experiences they have. The discriptions make New York come alive for me.
Though as a mother of two girls I have to ask what that father was thinking leaving his daughter alone to discover New York by herself.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
10/23/2012 PUB Deseret Book Imprint Shadow Mountain

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Midnight Heat by Donna Kauffman


Midnight Heat is book 3 in the Three Musketeers series by Donna. It was oringally printed in 1996 in Loveswept books. Now as a ebook.
It is nice to look back at books that I had read long ago are now easy to read and store. Thier are love scenes in this novel that I skimmed over.
Adria Burke is a air traffic controller. She is waiting in a room after a collision in the air with airplanes that she was in charge of. She was waiting for the Predator
The National Transportation Safety Board invesestigator Dane Colbourne.
Dane came into the room dressed in a tuxedo from his twins wedding. Dane looks very
fine and serious. Looking over at the reports that he is thinking she looks to be at fault.
Dane notice that she had a excellent record except for last few months got 2 reports and she did not fight back.
Dane was surprised when adria is still is insisting that thier was a third plane in the air that was at fault. The plane came out of nowhere and than was gone again.
The tapes do not back up Adria testimony. But Dane tells her that he won't give up till he finds the truth.
Then someone talked to the newspaper and leaked that thier was more to the story.
Dane thinks Adria is the one talking to a reporter.
Adria then starts getting threatening phone calls in the middle of the night. Letting on that someone is watching her.
Dane is getting pressure to close the case. He believe Adria beleves that thier is a third plane involved.
Some drama and mystery. I like Dane and Adria character. Shows in thier background what made them who they are today.
Dane has two good friends from childhood. They called themselves the Three Musketeers. They still are good friends and when Dane needs some more information and help they are thier.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
10/08/2012 PUB Random House Publishing Group

Friday, October 26, 2012

the Professional by Rhonda Nelson

3 stars

The Professional had a range of emotions for me. I laughed,envied the seniors citizens nice community. felt pity Sophie O’Brien as a child. Mad at her parents. but laughter more than anything. Thier are a lot of love scenes in this book too.
Someone is stealing jewelry right out of the safe in the community. The only suspect so far is Sophie.
Jeb Anderson just got out of the rangers after he lost 3 men in ambush. He got a job with Ranger Security. His first job is to go undercover in the assisted living community as the grandchild of Foy.
Jeb is from a rich family but both his twin and himself joined the rangers. His brother is still in the service. They are very close and can feel each others strong emotions good or bad. Half a world away from each other. Jeb commander tried to get him to stay in the service because he knew he would probably lose both of them soon.
Ranger Security hopes to get them both to work with them when it does happen.
Foy is selling part of his viagra pills to others. He is also a ladies man. He also has no children so people are wondering about the grandson.
Sophie is massage therapist and sells her own soaps and hand lotion. She even has her own goats she milks for them. Her grandmother lived thier for a few years. Sophie is well loved around thier. The seniors are trying to matchmake between Jeb & Sophie.
Even throw a ball with a days notice and provide a dress, hair & makeup for Sophie.
Jeb is pretty sure that Sophie is not the thief till he catches her breaking into the manager's office.

The Player
is the first book in the MEN OUT OF UNIFORM series.
Jamie Flanagan and his two other friends want out of the army with thier security clearance cleared and agree to do the Colonel Carl Garrett a favor when he calls them.
Major Brian Payne, major Jamie Flanagan and Guy McCann were all on a secret mission they lost thier friend Major Daniel Levinson and feel guilty that he did not make it back alive.
They went into business together Ranger Security.
The Colonel called Jamie favor in. He was supposed to go to a stressrelease camp in Maine and protect the Colonel granddaughter.
Jamie is known as a player he goes out three times and then breaks up. He is goodlooking. When Jamie gets to the camp he finds that his real mission is to flirt with the granddaughter so she wont accept her boyfriend proposal. But Jamie is not to get to any bases with the granddaughter at all.
Audrey is beautiful. She worked a high stress job till she had a heartattack so she started her own stress relief camp for others that were like her.
Thier is a lot of sex talk and love scenes in this book and not a lot of plot.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
11/06/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint HarlequinBlaze 448 pages

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rancher's Deadly Risk by Rachel Lee


I think this book handled the issue of bullying kids very well. It made me go and rethink things in my life. I hope I was on the right side of it.
This is a romance of two teachers when they get asked to help get the school bullying system up and running after the one teacher catches 4 guys bullying 1 other weaker guy in the bathroom. Then those 4 guys pushed by her and did not do what she asked them to do.
Cassie Greaves is the new teacher in Conard County she teaches math & science classes.
One day she hears talk in the bathroom that gets her attention and she walks in and finds a boy on the floor and 4 bigger boys tauting him they even spit on him.
Cassie tells them to stop it right now. The boy on the floor told to go to nurses office and the others to the principle office they said no and bumped her out of the way.
Cassie did not know the names but took the matter straight to the princaple. She then recongized the one as a star on the basketball team. Cassie wants the kids suspended but agrees to lesser.
Calls into the office the football coach to help the two of them come up with ways they can discuss and stop bullying. The principle calls the parents of the boys and tells them they have detention because they ignored a teacher.
Cassis has thought that Linc Blair was good looking but that he resents her not welcoming her at all to the school.
Linc fiance had demanded that he sell the ranch that has been in his family for over a year. She was a new comer and did not like the country feeling of the area. So Linc was trying to stay away from Cassie he thinks she too will move away after winter season.
The following monday Cassie goes into her classroom and finds a bloody dead rat on her task that has been thier all weekend. She gets more bullying by others and things keep getting worse.
Thier is a few love scenes that I skipped over. It has been awhile since I have a read
a Conard Country book. But did enjoy the book and look forward to reading more books by Rachel Lee in the future.
This story tells some negatives of small community but also shows the good sides too and thier are always those who do not things through before acting.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from netgalley.
11/01/2012 PUB Harlequin Romantic Suspense 224 pages

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dead Man's Hand by Eddie Jones

3 stars

Dead Man's Hand is a fun teenager detective whose family goes on vacation in a Deadwood Canyon Ghost Town. He finds a billy dying from a gunshot but by the time he got the Sheriff to come the body disappeared.
Nick Caden is 15 year old whose hobby is solving crimes. Nick and his friends have got plots of detective shows on a computer farm. Then they take real cases and get the facts and the computer rates who likely the killer is.
Nick knows he saw a dead guy but no one believes him. But the Sheriff of the Deadwood canyon is letting Nick investigate but he can't talk about a dead body missing around the tourist.
Annie is 15 too. She seams to be around when the trouble happens. She just says her Uncle the sheriff asled her to keep an eye on him.
Everyone is a suspect in Nick's eyes. He asks for albies,about the missing actor,just tries to find out all he can.
The adults are getting annoyed by all of Nick's questions. Nick is having fun trying to figure out where the body might be and who did it.
Nick keeps everyone guessing till the end. The adults are ready for Nick to stop. People are laughing at him,No one believes that billy is dead because of messages being left on sheriff's phone.
Its a different dective idea. I also liked hearing about the ghost town. Would not mind reading some more books by Eddie Jones based on this one.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
11/01/2012 PUB Zondervan Imprint ZonderKidz 224 pages recomend for 9 to 12 year old boys.

Christmas Stalking by Margaret Daley


I got a bunch of book this afternoon and this one sounded good that I had to start
reading right away. It did not let me down. It has strong female characters that are tough but smart. A romance that doesn't make you blush, Mystery that keeps you guessing to the end. That leaves you smiling at the end.
Christmas Stalking is the fourth in the Guardians, Inc series. The first one that I have read but hopefully not the last.
Ellie St. James is a bodyguard but is in disguise as assitant even from the one she is protecting.Rachel “Winnie” Winfield’s is the 73 year old who is in charge of the company and she is also one of the chemists who is getting ready to bring out a new line. She is living on the ranch when she hears someone coming up the stairs that had got through the dogs. She gets her gun and finds a stranger coming up the stairs and thier is a tussle for the gun and he is on top of her when Winnie picks up the gun and points it at her.
Colt Winfield is supposed to be at sea for his job but came home unexpected. When Winnie had distracted Ellie she had to come up with an excuse to why she has a gun. Winnie's lawyer did not want to let her know that she had been recieving hateful letters. Harold brought her out another gun after hers got put in the safe.
The next night the dogs were barking and Ellie had another gun going to check the comotion and Colt saw her with a different gun. She told him she would explain later but stay with his grandmother. Colt did not listen.
Ellie found the fence had been cut and a mountain lion was about to come through and the dogs were quite. Colt was behind her with a speargun he grabbed after hearing the mountain lion. He stayed to guard the fence from the mountain lion. Ellie called the police,and lawyer and made sure Winnie was safe and no intruder was in the house. Winnie saw Ellie come out of Colt's room with a pair of shoes and another gun.
The action did not stop till the end. I guessed one part of the mystery but not all of it. Did not put the book down till I finshed it.
I would like to read the other books that Margaret has written.
I was given this ebook to read for free in exchange of honest reviews from Netgalley.
11/01/2012 Pub. Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense

When Snow Falls by Brenda Novak

4 STARS This is moving story but thier are a lot of love scenes in it. Cheyenne Christensen is going through tough times. Her mother is dying of cancer and is mean to her. Her older sister is on drugs and parties. They had a tough time always moving and her moms new boyfriends. Not having enough to eat but mom always enough for boose and drugs. Cheyenne is not even sure her mom is her mom. She remembers a blond lady and having lots of toys and food. She guesses with her mom's history that she could have made it up to help her cope. Her mom favors her older sister too. Cheyenne is a 31 year old virgin she has always seen what happens to her mom especially when she sometimes hooked for money and boose. When she was high school age they came to whiskey Creek and her mom was diagnosed with cancer for the first time so they ended staying here. Which was the best thing that happened to Cheyenne she made a group of friends that are still tight and meet together every friday morning for coffee when they can. She works for her best friend at a bed & breakfast. Almost all of her friends are going on a two week vacation crusie that they have been planning over two years. Cheyenne has always had a crush on Joe. Her bestfriend decided that she was really into so after going to his gas station everyday finally asked him out. Eve has no idea that Cheyenne had a crush on him for years. After they are all gone on the cruise Joe for the first time stops by Cheyenne's house with a bottle of wine and play cards while she is taking care of her mom. He asks her out again but says she can't because of Eve. Dylan Amos sees her in the park and tells her if she ever wants to get to know what she is missing her to give him a call. Cheyenne ends up calling him and makes a excuse than he shows up and they have a booty call. She doesn't want anyone to know. sleeps with him a few times. Joe sister is also one of Cheyenne's friends and Joe calls her for help to get Cheyenne to date him. So she calls Eve on her cruise and explains whats going on and she calls Cheyenne to tell her to accept the date it wont hurt their friendship. Cheyenne is all mixed up over who she wants to see or be seen with. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. Harlequin MIRA (October 23, 2012) 448 pages

My Kind of Christmas by Robyn Carr

4 STARS If your a fan of Virgin River books you will not be disappointed. If your new enjoy this then go and read the rest of the Virgin River novels. I think they need to build a big building for family gatherings. With all the ties to each other. Patrick Riordan is the youngest of the Riordan brothers. He just lost his best friend and saw his airplain get hit. He is having nightmares so he has 6 weeks of leave before he can go back to flying planes if that is what he still wants. He promised his friend Jake that he would be thier for his family. Patrick borrowed Aiden's family cabin to spend leave in. He did not want to stay in Luke's cabin or with Colin at Jilly's farm with them. He wanted to have space when he needed it. He also did not want to wake either of them up with his nightmares. He planned to go visit Jake's widow for Christmas while his family all plans to get together in San Diego. Angie LeCroix has come to Virgin River to stay close to her Uncle Jack & his family plus her Aunt Bree and her family. She wants to stay at Jack's cabin so she can be alone to decide what to do next in her life. Angie was so involved in her schooling that she did not have much life outside of it. She finshed her first year of medical school. Then she was in a bad accident which almost ended her life and a brain injury. She is healed but she wants to do something to help others thinking maybe the Peace core or something simalar. Her mom was great dealing with her injury and healing but now wants her daughter to go back to medical school. She is a little too much bossy right now for Angie. So she got out of town and came to Virgin River. First night at the bar she meets Patrick and starts flirting with him. Things get hot and heavy between them fast. Patrick is so worried about being older than her. They know that they will only have this short time together. They decide to try and keep thier relationship private but right away people are guessing. Thier families keep getting involved starts with the ones in Virgin River but don't end their. Get to see and hear about old familar families how they are doing. I love how close those that live in Virgin River are. They still have thier Christmas traditions and helping those in need, Angie gets involved in the clinic with Mel. She meets a little girl who got injured and it was not bad but she saw her face and has a big scar that is older that is interfering with her eyesight soon. She wants to help. Mel told her all about the stumbling blocks to be overcome before she can get the help so Angie asks to take over and see what she can do for her. Thier is a lot of love scenes that I just skip over but thier is a full story line that is not part of the love scenes. I laughed, cried a little at this moving story. It was good to revisit old friends in Virgin River. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 10/30/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint HarlequinMIRA

Monday, October 22, 2012

Postmark Christmas byPaige Winship Dooly, Darlene Franklin, Kathleen E. Kovach, Paula Moldenhauer


I had a great time reading Postmark: Christmas as I was getting handmade Christmas gifts made. It fits the mood I have beem in. Has 4 stories in the book all around Thanksgiving and Christmas set in the town of Christmas, FL.
I love the idea of warm holidays and snow from a machine where you want it instead of on the roads & sidewalks.
All these stories are clean reads and does have Christian values and lessons in them but not too much to put anyone off the book.
Home For Christmas by Paige Winship Dooly
Stella Grant arrives in Christmas on Thanks Giving and plans to eat turkey sandwich and drink cranberry juice for her holiday meal. She plans to park at local RV for the holidays while she works on planning their event festival for Christmas.
She is startled while backing up and goes off the road and gets stuck in sand.
Brick Myers is the one that honked instead of warning her about going off the shoulder caused her too do that. As Brick is towing her RV back on the road finds out she is event planner he hired and she is alone. So invites her to his farm and to thanksgiving dinner.
Merry Christmas, With Love by Darlene Franklin
Randi Peterson is a widow with a 18 year old troubled son. Every year since her husband was killed in the war she has sent tons of Christmas cards to soldiers each year. A few write back.
Troy Brennan has come to Christmas to find the women who sent him Christmas card a couple of years back and he has writen her letters back and forth every month. So he is volunteering at postoffice stamping Merry Christmas on letters while he searches for her. He hopes to find her and have a future with her. But he keeps being drawn to
A Blessed Angel Came by Kathleen E. Kovach
Gabi Archer is really shy but she is really caring. She helps out a lot with her sister who is in a wheelchair. Gabi has a crush on someone at work.
David Preston is visiting his sister for holidays. Taking his nephew to Jungle Jim and gift shop he meets Gabi. He is drawn to her but she mainly talks to his nephew.
Gabi is asked to work at Christmas fair passing out flyers in costume. Gabi chooses a deer suit where she is totally covered. She has a pink tutu on the deer. Gabi breaks out of her shyness and teases David who is volunteering too.
This story was emotional to me dealing drunk driving and forgiveness.
You're a Charmer, Mr. Grinch by Paula Moldenhauer
This story is teaching patience and trust and can be funny and touching.
Rick Stanton is a retired policeman who has been trying to get Edie Hathaway to give him a chance. He has been at her for a couple of years. Rick volunteers at christmas dressed as the Grinch. He pulls over people and gives poems and then gift back of christmas items and coupons.
The town is trying to get Edie to go out with him too. When Edie has car trouble after a motorist honks at her when she has steam rising from front he passes by her without stoping. He was a member of her church. Edie can not believe that Tom did not stop.
Tom called Rick and told him Edie was having car trouble and where she was.
Then when he was on his way Edie's daughter called Rick too asking him to help her mom.
It is fun to watch the town all get involved with each other. I like how the stories connected to each other.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
09/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Prodigal Cowboy by Kathleen Eagle


The Prodigal Cowboy is part of the Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary series.
They are having wild horses that trainers take in short time train the horses for different things, then have a big show where the trainers and horses compete and the trainer wins a money prize and the horses are adopted out providing money for the sanctuary.
I have not read all of the series but I have read a few of them and have enjoyed watching the different trainers following what they do as they fall in love with the horses and smart women in thier lives.
Bella Primeaux works for a small t.v. station and takes the assignments she is given. Bella wants to do more so she writes a blog called Warrior Women. She is always looking for more in depth stories. She is at a bar and two cowboys won't leave her alone when Ethan Wolf Track steps in pretending he was late.
Ethan was captain of a lot of things in thier high school his senior year. Bella was a freshman and they had one class together. They both remember each other but its been years.
Ethan had spent two years in jail for car theft courtsy of a Senator's daughter who gave him the keys after a party when she went home with a different guy. She did not stand up for Ethan and tell the truth.
Now Ethan is training a horse and working at a boy's home for troubled teens. He likes the freedom of the job and teaching the boys different things.
Bella is looking for different stories that are surrounding Ethan,the boys home,wild horse sanctuary auction and winner of trainer,indian tribal property that the Double D Wild Horse is going to get they won the lease, but the last lease owner is a friend with a senator and things are looking fishy.
The more Bella and Ethan get to know about each other the more they fall in love.
I liked the story but I want some of the questions they raised answered. Thier were a couple of love scenes I skipped over. Had lots of characters back that were in previous Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary books. Plus a lot of new characters. Had some action but mostly character driven relationships.
I like how Bella was not just satisfied to be a t.v. reporter doing what she is given but going out to find different stories to make a difference. She was brave about some things and scared of others.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
09/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Special Edition 218 pages

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meant for Her by Amy Gamet


Meant for her is a spy novel,murder mystery romance all thrown in together to make a exciting story. It is also a clean read.
It is a quick read at 46501 words approximate 154 pages.
Hank Jared is a navy investigator who is called into investigate a burned body in a motel. One clue about the body is a key to bank deposit box that leads to Julie Trueblood. and a piece of paper with a code on it.
Hank flies to where Julie Trueblood office is and she has no idea who it could be. Then she realizes who and kicks Hank out of her office.
Hank has had to cancel his christmas leave where he was supposed to walk his sister down the isle at her wedding.
Julie runs back to her Aunt's house that she has not been back to since she left for collage. Julie tells her that her dad is dead. He had disappeared years ago and branded a traitor. Her mom was dead and her Aunt took her in.
Julie needs to break the code but somebody besides Hank has followed her there so they all leave together.
I liked this book and look forward to her next story.
I was given this ebook from Librarything in exchange for honest reviews.
Pub. 9/01/2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Karen Harper's Finding Mercy

Finding Mercy by Karen Harper

This is the third book in A Home Valley Amish Novel. It is the second one that I have read. I was not to impressed with the little I knew of Ella from Returning to Grace.
It is so easy to judge characters and real people with a little knowledge wrongly, like I did. I really grew to care more for Ella the more I got to know her and understand her better.
This novel was full of action and caring about others, and honesty on one side. Bad guys,traiters and murders on other side. Who do you trust when someone tries to kill you many times.
Alex Caldwell was making good money and then he found out his boss was selling secrets to China. He became a whistle blower, and agreed to testify. He did not want to go into the witness protection program so his lawyer hired a private security for him. When they tried to kill him he decided to go to the Feds.
They decided to put him in with the Amish as a cousin coming to visit.
Ella Lantz good friend Hannah was marring her brother Seth in a few days. So Ella was moving into Seth old home and going expand her business in the old house. While her new cousin Andrew was moved into her old room.
Andrew was really liking the simple life with the Lantz family, especially Ella.
Someone was stalking Ella footprints where all around her house and her' family house.
Then she was in a hit and run accident. Then a threat on her door.
After a failed kidnapped attempt Andrew, Ella and her grandmother run off and don't tell anyone in authority where they were going.
I really liked the grandmother. How the Amish did take Andrew in and welcomed him.
I liked how the three friends had problems and for awhile lost contact but even though they each made different choices they cared for each other still.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
10/30/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint HarlequinMIRA 336 pages

Candy Shop War Arcade Catastrophe by Brandon Mull


I was excited to read Candy Shop War Arcade Catastrophe. I admit that I do own Candy Shop War but have not read it, but I am going too. I loved Fablehaven series. If your a Brandon Mull fan you will enjoy this book.
In Candy Shop War Arcade Catastrophe its starts off by kids spending all thier money to try and get a prize stamp. No one knows what they do or why thier is only 4 of 4 different stamps. They cost the most tickets of any prize at the arcade.
Roman's two friends got the jet stamp while he was grounded from spending his life savings of 400$ at the arcade.
Nate, Trevor,Summer and Pigeon are back. They get told by these two twin dudes that thier friends John who is a police detective of mages and his boss Mozag are missing.
They tell them to ask thier friend at the Candy Shop to verify these facts.
All they know is it involves the arcade and that they can't go in they would be noticed right away.
The kids agree and accept money and camera to try and find out whats going on with the arcade.
Nate plays basketball arcade next to Roman and he makes bets with him. Nate loses two games. Then Cris Roman's friend gets on the bet too. Cris and Roman let on that they were trying to save up to get something and Roman already has 40,000 tickets.
Nate chews a piece of gum and wins the bet. Then Cris makes another bet at the bigger basketball court and Nate whens again.
They figure out that it has to be the stamps that Roman is trying to win. So they make plans to come back tomorrow and win as much as possible.
This book is full of drama,adventure,fun and tough choices they have to make. Nate, Trevor,Summer,and Pigeon have candy that gives them abilties. Like to be perfect.
They also run across more powers like flying.breathing in water,fast,strong.
Kids have to decide what is wrong and what is right. Who is the bad guy and who are the good guys. What would you be willing to do so you can keep flying.
I did not want to put the book down untill I finshed it. It is an exciting adventure that the whole family can enjoy. I will look forward to reading lots more books from Brandon Mull in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
10/23/2012 PUB. Deseret Book Co. Imprint Shadow Mountain 416 pages ISBN-10: 1609071794

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Snowglobe Christmas by Linda Goodnight and Lissa Manley


A Snowglobe Christmas is two stories together by two different authors in the town of
Snowglobe, Montana. They are both clean reads.
Yuletide Homecoming by Linda Goodnight
Rafe Westfield has come back to Snowglobe after being gone in the military for five years. He also left behind a ex-fiancee. Rafe still has nightmares about his experiences. He is joining his brother in the rental of snowmobiles.
Amy Caldwell has come back to Snowglobe to help her mom. Amy is going to run the shop so her mom can retire. Amy had her heart broken when Rafe decided to join the service and leave her behind. Amy does not expect to run into Rafe.
Amy and Rafe end up working on Christmas boxes for those in need through their church.
They find that they are still attracted after all and start to grow close again.
It is a nice story. Short story I wish it was longer. I was able to see the town of Snowglobe in the discription of the story. I would read more from Linda in the future.

A Family's Christmas Wish by Lissa Manley

I really liked the character in this story a lot. The two little girls joy at being together and bonding was sweet. I smiled a lot in this story.
Sara Kincaid inhierited a old house and she has turned into a bread and breakfast. With all the heavy snow she found her roof is leaking. Problem is she does not have the money to fix the roof.
Owen Larsen is coming to give a estimate of the roof and his babysitter had to go out of town so as he is a widower he brought his three year old with him. Turns out that Sara also has three year old little girl and is willing to play together.
Owen hopes it is a small job because he wants to leave Snowglobe and the memories behind.
Sara makes a deal with Owen she will babysit for him while he works. Owen is going out of way to help Sara because he knows how hard it is to be a single parent. His daughter is shy but Sara's daughter is not. They take to each other right away and soon all four of them were sharing Christmas traditions and growing closer.
I hope to read many more books in the future from Lissa.
I was given this ebook too read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Publisher: Love Inspired (October 16, 2012) 224 pages

Monday, October 15, 2012

Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan


I could not put the book down. Stayed up till after 2:00am to finsh and wanted more to the story. I hope that their is more coming because I was not satisfied with the ending too many questions are roaming through my head still.
The Lynburn Legacy #1 is giving me hope that they plan on more.
This is a clean read, lots of teen age drama, some humor, some attidude and lots of trust issues.
Kami Glass wants to start a school newspaper and tricks her best friend to be in charge of it with her. Lots of people think she is crazy because she is always talking to her pretend friend Jared Lynburn in her head. Kami and Jared have always been able to reach out and have conversations and whole background of thier pretend friends. Until one day a new boy moves into thier school with the same name Jared. Then they realize that they are real. It is a very confusing time for both of them to realize that the person that they shared so much was real. Thier bond was so much stronger.
Thier are so many whispers about the Lynburn family but noone will come out and tell Kami about them. They own a big manor and a lot of land around the town that they started. Everyone is scared that the Lynburn family is back living in town.
Ash Lynburn and his parents moved back to Sorry-in-the-Vale, England from America. Ash wants to join the school newspaper. Ash is goodlooking photographer. He seems real likeable.
Jared Lynburn and his mother move back into the manor too coming back to England. Jared's mom treats him badly and blames him for his fathers death. Jared is tough, likes to get into trouble, rides a motorcycle and has crashed it lots of times. His mom wants him to stop talking to his pretend friend Kami. Thier is a lot of secrets about his family that he does not know.
Holly Prescott rides a motorcycle and is pretty. She has had boys chase after her since she was 11 and not to many girls as friends with her. She really wants to be friends with Kami.
Angela Montgomery had moved into Sorry-in-the-Vale around age of 12 and became bestfriends with Kami. Angela is beautiful,lazy and sharp, does not like people she is always telling them to go away.
These five teens become drawn into the mystery after someone tries to kill Kami.
I liked the drama and hope to read more from Sarah in the future. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
Published September 11th 2012 by Random House Books for Young Readers 384 pages

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Window Builder by Kelly Hoose Johnson


This is a great short story. I wanted it to go on and on. The discriptions were great I was taken into the story. I could imangine the stained glass shop.
Jason is sixteen and he wants to give his mother a special Christmas present this year. Jason and his twin have saved up money all year to try and to make his mom happy.
They lost thier father and last year at Christmas his mom had a hard time and would not put thier special Christmas ornament up on the tree.
His friend at school knows someone that can help Jason get the window he needs to fix his mom's broken bedroom window.
I found the characters believeable and liked them. It is nice to read positive stories dealing with teenagers.
Like most Christmas stories this did get me emotional and I shared a few tears,smiles and wows.
I would read more novels by Kelly Hoose Johnson based on how much I liked The Window Builder. Hope she writes many more novels.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
10/09/2012 PUB Cedar Fort Imprint Sweetwater 80 pages ISBN 1462111130 (ISBN13: 9781462111138)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Look-Alike Lawman by Glynna Kaye

Texas Twin Series
I like this series but I think I would like it better if just one writer had written all of the books better. But have enjoyed them all so far and lookforward to the next book and can't wait to see what the answers are to why they were lied to and split up as a family and who sent them the bibles.
I fell in love with Cory and just want to hug the first grader. Cory is so loveable and sad at times.
Grayson has finally met his twin and his sister Maddie's twin. It is easier to love his new sister over his own twin. Grayson wants answers to thier past too. Grayson is on desk duty till his injury has healed all the way. He hates desk duty so volunteers to go to career day at the elementry school.
While he is going around to the different classes Cory comes up to him and tells him his daddy was a policeman but he was killed by a bad guy. He asks him if he knew his dad. Grayson responds that he did not know but that he heard that his daddy was a brave man that saved his partners life.
Cory is excited to meet Grayson and wants to be a cop too. His mom wants him to not be a cop. Does not want to be involved with a cop. But when Cory gets suspended when he is fighting she calls Grayson up and asks him to help her son.
Elise is now a single mom barely making enough to get by. When her husband was killed two years ago she found out that he gambled all the money they had. She had to sell everything and move into a apartment in a scary part of town. She has a lot of fears.
She does not want everyone back home know how bad things are for her. She is working full time, plus internet classes and being the only parent to Cory.
I would like to read more books by Glynna kaye in the future.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sign Off by P. A. McLinn

Book 1 in the Caught Dead in Wyoming Series
I was surprised who the killer was. It is a clean read. Lot of suspects, drama & good characters in this story. Victim no one liked.
Elizabeth Daniher is a big deal in reporting but getting a divorce from her T.v. producer. So she was sent to the small town in Whyoming to finsh her contract.
The manager & anchor try and sabatoge what little is left of her career.
Elizabeth is a consumer reporter and one day the grade school class was touring the T.V. studio when one little girl told her she needed to save her father. Her mom was going to stop her from seeing her daddy if he was sent to jail. She needed to help her thats what the tv show said.
Sheriff’s Deputy Foster Redus had disappeared for a week before they started searching for him. The day he had a fight with rancher Thomas David Burrell. Thomas admitted to having a fight and thier was blood found at his place.
Thomas ex-wife told everyone that he was jealous of her having a boyfriend. Thomas had the town torn into fractions of who thought he was guilty and those who thought he was innocent.
The sport annoucer wants Elizabeth looking into the story. Mike wanted to work with her and learn from her. Mike played professional sports till he had to retire from injury and he went back to small town to learn before going to national shows. Mike kept showing her different people who believe in Thomas. Even his Aunt who worked in sheriff office. Deputy whispered a trail for her to follow.
Elizabeth kept trying to find out about the deputy who was missing but everyone told her more about Burrell.
Tamantha Burrell is a charmer and she wants her daddy to get the help he needs. She is not shy about what she wants and that is Elizabeth making things right for her daddy.
I enjoyed this book and hope that more come in the series. I will be on the lookout for them.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review by Netgallet.
07/25/2012 PUB Bell Bridge Books BelleBooks 232 pages ISBN-13: 9781611941609

Against His Will by Trish Jensen


Trish Jensen's novels are entertaining and always laugh with them. Thier are some love scenes that I skipped over. Lots of Plot,humor,suspense and action in it.
FBI Agent Jake Donnelly just found out is beloved Aunt Sophie left her property and millions to her bull dog Muffin. Jake will inheirit after Muffin's long healthy life. But if Muffin gets put to sleep or a accident the place will go to Leanne Crosby pet shrink.
Jake is not happy that he has to take care of Muffin. Muffin is not a happy dog and now he has to spend two weeks at the pet spa that Leanne Crosby owns. Jake thinks she is running a con. So he had his partner check up on her.
Leanne Crosby is a widow who's husband left her a lot of money. Her pet spa used to be a prison with tennis courts,golf course. It has a hotel and cabins 3 restraunts, pool.
I have never thought of the idea of going to a pet spa but now I have different view.
especially about pet shrinks I could use one.
Leanne is beautiful and she does teach Jake a lot how to make Muffin happy and by thier playing together is gives them both exercise and fun. Leanne is ready to fall for Jake when Jake's partner drops off his fiance at the dog resort.
It is really his witness who keeps getting found by the bad guys. They can't tell anyone else who she is till she testifies they need to keep her safe thier must be a traitor in thier office. Because of the situation more humor, drama,action occurs.
Against His Will was first published in 2000.
I like to read novels of Trish and will be reading more of her work in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books (August 10, 2012) 230 pages

Monday, October 8, 2012

Beauty to Die For by Kim Alexis and Mindy Starns Clark


Beauty to Die For is a Spa Mystery.
It is a good who dun it mystery that kept me guessing till the end. I did not put the book down till I finshed it.
It is a clean read with a bit of a Christian flavor not much to turn anyone off.
Juliette Taylor was a supermodel who at the height of her career walked away from the money to choose a different path that made her happier.
Now she has a skin care company that sales mostly through spas. Now thier is someone
making fakes of her products and they are fighting back.
Juliette also does retreats and she has schedualed one that is for Christian women that give more and need to take time to take care of themselves too.
On her way to prepare the spa for her retreat thier she runs into a former supermodel she worked with years ago Raven. Raven saw her thier and yelled she will murder her if she thinks she can take it from her.
Raven treats everyone to rants but she does tip well. Only has one friend at the spa that she has been coming for decades always twice a year same time. Raven is found dead during a treatment with one of Juliette's products.
At the same time the FBI has found Juliette's name on a terrorist list with famous people. So they are wondering why it is thier. One member of the task force wants to warn and protect her. Marcus Stone met her years ago and that day changed both thier lives. He sees she is hosting a spa retreat and gets his mother to go with him so he can see Juliette again, warn her somehow without telling her about FBI taskforce and what they found.
I would read more mysteries with Kim and Mindy wrote in the future. It made the spa, the life of a supermodel seam real to me. I would love to go on a spa retreat like they wrote about without the murder of course.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
08/01/2012 PUB B&H Publishing Group 352 pages

Lana's Lawman by Karen Leabo


Lana's Lawman is a Loveswept Classic Romance now an ebook. Thier is some sex and swearing in the book.
Back in high school at a fundraising carnaval a Fortune teller showed up gave the high school girls thier fortune through a poem and gave them a little toy like out of a gumball machine than disappeared. Lana got a badge.
So far two of the girls fortune has come true.
Lana Gaston and her sob Rob were on thier way to her friend's wedding when her car had problems and it was raining. Lana was relieved when a cop pulled up.
Sloan Bennett once a tough guy in high school is now a cop. They had dated in secret for a short while till Lana broke it off.
Now Lana was divorced from her lawyer husband. She was verbally abused in that relationship. Having a tough time affording extras in her life. Now Sloan is back in her life.
Sloan gives them a ride to the wedding. He is going to handle parking for it. He was never good enough for Lana. He was surprised to still having feelings for her after all these years.
When later Rob has a accident with the roof of her garage collasping on him. Sloan recongized the address and came. He gave Lana a ride home from the hospital. The next day he showed up to fix her roof. He would not accept payment but did accept her dinner invitation.
Lana does not like to accept help because of how her exhusband responds and treats her.
Sloan keeps making excuses to stop by he wanted to try again with her.
Lana has not been divorced for too long and is still finding her way by herself.
It was a good romance story. Had enough drama in it to make the story.
I still feel like thier is something missing about the fortune teller even a reason really to having it in thier lives so many years ago.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
10/08/2012 PUB Random House Publishing Group Imprint Loveswept 320 pages

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Little Amish Matchmaker by Linda Byler


The Little Amish Matchmaker is charming. Isaac is still in school and he notices that his older brother Simon likes his teacher Catherine but he is too shy to asks Teacher Catherine for a date. So he tries to help him.
Isaac is a smart teen he notices a lot of things around him and tries to help in a lot of ways. Isaac also notices what he should not be saying him and teaches alot inside his head about Pride, worldly things and what he should do.
I really like Isaac and how he goes to his friends to reach out and help a girl Ruthie who stutters all of a sudden. They give up thier recesses to help her for the Christmas
program. He finds out why all of a sudden she is stuttering and let her know that
she was okay and not worry about people judgeing her because her mom had problems.
It makes me want to be better at seeing a need and reach out to help and not judge others because they were different or family member different.
Isaac sees his teacher at different places and lets his brother know where she is. Simon then heads over and talks to Teacher catherine. But Simon still won't ask her out.
Another thing I liked about the story it showed a lot about the different foods they serve. I want to go and look up some of the reciepes.
This story also tells a bit about the different Amish families some are stricter and others are more lax but they don't stop being friends. They respect what their families rules.
Also tells a lot about the different ways they cope without electricity. You can see
a difference that Linda Byler being and living as a Amish writer brings to her books.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. I have enjoyed reading Linda Byler's books.
Publisher: Good Books (September 4, 2012) Open Road Media 195 pages

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Flash of Death by Cindy Dees

3 STARS This is a steamy read. I admit I skipped a few pages of the love scenes. I was wanting more of a story. I guessed pretty early who the bad guy was. I wanted more action with his team too. Chloe Jordan was leaving her sister's wedding and when she was crossing the road she almost got run over. Someone knocked her out of the street. Trent Hollings is very fast super hero fast. He saw the car aim for Chloe and was able to knock her out of the way. Then he escorted her to her room and got her drunk. They had a night of passion and then Trent left her. Chloe woke up and could not belive what they had done with each other and was glad not to see him thier. Trent went and reported her accident with his group, they thought that because her sister married one of them it might be aimed at them. So Trent a rich trust fund was assigned to watch over her and protect her. Chole is working with the FBI right out of collage she was asked to go work at a company as a accountant and find what they were hiding. She had just graduated from collage as forensics accountant. When she got home from the wedding a another worker asked to meet her at a bar. he snuck her a flash drive with all the records of the company and asked for help with somethings he found he was really nervous. The next day on the news said he was murdered. Chloe was so shocked she dropped her glass and went pale. Next thing thier was a knock at her door and it was Trent he had been watching her and saw her drop the glass. She thought he was a stalker. After calling his boss agreed that he could watch over her. Thier was attempt to kidnap her but Trent was able to rescue her that time. This was a good book and I will try more books from Cindy in the future. Just not what I wanted right now. If you enjoy lots of love scenes you will like this book too. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 09/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Lady in the Making by Susan Page Davis

4 STARS I have enjoyed this series. This is the third book in the Prairie Dreams series that I have read. Thier is nothing to worry about reading this series. David Stone is on his way to England to accept his heritage and claim the family home and title. He gets on stage coach to start his journey and finds Millie who was part of the plan to swindle him. He was not happy. Millie who saw David shot and fall in the river, went to his room and took ten dollars, his cuff links and his bible. Millie has been reading his bible and it changed her ways. She is glad to see him so she can say she is sorry and pay him back the cuff links and his bible. The stage coach was robbed and it was Millie brother and friends. Her brother was killed. David decides to ride a different stage from Millie But make sure she has some funds. She runs into him again and needs more help when the cousin she was hoping to stay with had died. While they are traveling again by stage coach had a accident and rolled over. Millie was okay and got David to doctor and stay for 2 months and help take care of him. Millie earns her way by taking a job at hotel cleaning the rooms to doing laundry. Millie and David were getting closer. Millie kept reading the bible and become friends with the preacher and his wife. Back in England we find out who has hired someone to stop David and keep him from returning to claim the title and estate. A New person is going to America to stop David. I loved reading this series. Its really been nice to read on sunday afternoon. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 10/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing

Review: The Curse by Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love


The Curse is book 3 in the Belador series. This is a complex story and is hard to follow if you have not read the other books. You could read it but would be confusing.
This is a clean read to enjoy. I hated to have put it down like I did.
Most of the story takes place in Atlanta. Some in different world.
A group of Belador warriors are fighting for Viper to protect humans. The Belador also have to protect thier warrior queen.
The Alterant shift into a beast but thier are a lot of secrets about them. Thier are a lot of different groups that want the knowledge about them and to trap or kill them.
Evalle is a Alterant but she does not shift and can controll her beast. She fights with Viper. She can not go out during daylight and has to wear dark sunglasses all the time. She was abused early in her life and has only been kissed a few times.
Two of the Belador warriors are in a special friendship and they trust each other and have thier backs. Evalle does not know anything about her race.
Storm is a skinwalker and can change into a panther but most do not know that. He really likes Evalle and knows when people lie around him.
Sin is a powerful being and no one really knows what he is or how he is forced to deal between Viper and the Council of Gods. He hates Evalle dont know why.
Thier are so many other powers and beings with different abilties all going around Atlanta.
Thier is even a private black ops that has weapons to kill nonhumans and hates Alterants. Isak Nyght is a leader of them. He likes Evalle but does not know what she is.
I like this series but its a lot to remember the different names,powers and who wants to kill whom in between the different books. I want all my questions answered and they are trickling in where I want the flood of answers.
I will be waiting to read the next book in the series.
10/2012 PUB Pocket Books Simon and Schuster 390 pages

Review: Accidentally Amish by Olivia Newport

4 STARS This book is a little bit different as it followed almost 3 storylines in one. I liked it even though I cried in parts. Thier was no sex scenes or swearing. Annie Friesen was scared of her lawyer and boyfriend. He tried to sneak extra papers for her to sign. He wanted to go to a meeting with her and she kept saying no. In fact she planned not to go but to leave town and go to where a rental car would be thier. But Rick followed her and when it was clear she was not going to the meeting kept calling her,texting her and was getting closer. She was figuring another way to get around him and parked in a hotel and threw the woods she could hear him shouting at her. She saw a truck in a different lot and it had a tarp she crawled in between the lumber and went where ever the truck was going. She heard a lot of the talking between the two men when they stopped. She snuck out when one men dropped off the other. Annie saw a barn it was night time and dark really dark. The horses made noises and when Rufus came to check found her. Annie told him she stowed away and asked where she was at. He told her she was close to small town and she could spend the night. He went and got her blankets and she slept in the straw. The next morning Annie was still thier when Rufus little brother and mother saw her so was invited in for breakfast. Annie with her cell phone could get the internet and she also got it on laptop but after a day she needed to plug in soon. She moved to the motel and stayed thier till a accident left her with concussion and hurt back. Rufus took her back to his family home. Annie was really attracked to Rufus and she loved the peace but she had a hard time with some of his beliefs of turning the other cheek. It Flashes back to when Rufus ancestors came to this country and some of the experiences they had. The choices they all made back then and how it affects the ones Annie faces now. The other story is Ruth and the choices she made to go to school to be a nurse. The story did not end with everything wrapped up. Would love to read more about Annie journey as she learns more about the Amish and want to know more about Ruth. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 10/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing, Inc.

The Yellow Packard by Ace Collins


This book has so many twists and turns in it. I have to admit to shedding some tears in it. The Yellow Packard some believe its cursed with bad luck. Before it was even all put together it caused a death in the factory. After that it caused havoc and mayham to the owners. Also some good luck to them too.
Its a mystery of who dunit books,kidnapping case,murder mystery all in one book.
Abigale Watling was the owner of the bright yellow Packard when she was murdered. Thier was no proof that she was murdered but she had over 100,000 in cash that disappeared and never showed up.
The car was sold at sale and the money to go to a orphange but nobody wanted the car because death seemed to follow it.
George Hall and his wife have a new baby and his car died. He hears about the car at auction and makes a low bid. People warn him not to get it. That he has a new family to take care of. George is thinking he needs a car to bring Rose home from the hospital. He is the proud owner of the car.
People start to shun the family because they don't want to have anything to do with the car. They were almost killed by a big gravel truck but the brakes were so good they were able to stop in time.
George and family had some good luck for awhile. His daughter even found 5,000 dollars. When they could not find the owners they used it to buy a flower shop.
Then Rose was kidnapped and they wanted 5,000 $ and leave the money in the packard and walk away for 30 where she was told to park the car. Then turn around and walk back and her daughter would be in the car.
The car and money disappeared and then they finally called the police in.
Helen Meeker was a experiment working out of white house to see if women could bring something different to the FBI. Helen and her partner looked into Rose's kidnapping and they were not having much luck with it.
FBI Agent Henry Reese was looking at another case when William Landers backed his car into him. William was driving a blue packard and the accident showed the car was yellow underneath it.
So they had new leads on finding the kidnappers.
This story has so many strings that tie all together to find the kidnappers. Thier was a few places the story lagged but over all I liked the story. I did guess one of the bad guys but not all of it.
I really liked Helen and Henry but Thier boss not so much. Helen wanted to make a difference because of what happened in her younger years. She fought hard to be considered for the FBI where they did not think women belonged thier.
This story brought to me a slice of what life was like before WWII and right after Pearl Harbor was bombed.
I would read more books by Ace Collins in the future. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest reviews from Netgalley.
Barbour Publishing, Inc. PUB. 10/01/2012 320 pages

Friday, October 5, 2012

Own the Night by Debbi Rawlins

4 Stars
This is a Hot Blaze book. Lots of warnings.
Sundance Dude Ranch is in Blackfoot Falls, Montana. When they opened part of their ranch into a dude ranch it saved the ranch. Now others are thinking about doing something like it too. It is bringing lots of females to town. They know what they want.
Sheriff Noah Calder is glad that his close friends saved thier ranch and its been good for the town. But he is running ragged dodging women. He wants them to change thier web sites, especially the remarks and pictures of him! Some women have been making excuses to meet him.
He gets a bullitin that two conartists are coming his way. One is pretty tall women.
Alana Richardson is changing her office and moving upstairs so for a week she needs to be gone. Her mom wants her to go with her for the holidays. Alana tells her house keeper that she is going to an island. Really she booked into a dude ranch. Her assistant is also on vacation for a week.
When Alana plane lands she finds that thier are no taxies so she hires someone to drop her off in Blackfoot Falls. She is thinking to make excuse to see the hot single sheriff. while walking she stops and talks to a old man in an alley and while her back is turned someone robs her of luggage,purse and laptop. The old guy says he saw nothing
Alana goes to sheriff office and reports everything was stolen he does not believe her and offers her a cell. Then he offers her his guest room. If she is conartist he does not want her staying at his friends dude ranch.
She can't believe someone stole all her stuff and camt get to bank till monday.
Someone is stilling small stuff around town. Neither Alana or Noah or trusting each other but they are attracted.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
Harlequin Blaze (September 18, 2012) 224pages

A Home for Nobodys Princess by Leanne Banks

4 STARS I liked Coco's story. She is all alone now that her mother is dead from cancer. Coco knows she is adopted and when she tried to find out more her birth parents did not want too. When Coco found out that her father was a Prince and had lots of children, She was not interested in them because of thier title. She always wanted brother or sisters. Coco Jordan has a year & 1/2 left of collage she had to quit to take care of her mother but she does plan to go back in the future. She has gotton a job as a nanny out on a ranch in Texas where she is from. Benjamin Garmer runs a cattle ranch with over ten thousand acres but he is scared of his daughter Emma. Emma screams when he gets near her. So he likes to avoid her right now. When a weekend fling ends in a pregnacy he offers mairrage but she doesn't to give up her party life. She had died a few months after giving birth. Benjamin took Emma right away to live with him but she hates him. He hired Coco to be her nanny and Emma loved her right away. She is really happy now except when her father is around. So when the media and everyone makes a fuss over Coco now being a daughter of a Prince Coco can't go anywhere without someone bothering her and scaring Emma. She is also getting tons of mail,calls,gift baskets of fruit,proposals from men who want to marry her. Her royal family wants her to sign a paper she won't talk to media. They want her to come to thier little Kingdom. Coco wants to meet her family but she does not want to leave Emma. Benjamin does not want to loose Coco and is willing to do anything to keep her. He is attracted to her but does not want things to go wrong when she is taking care of his baby. So Benjamin idea that they pretend to be engaged and not even his housekeeper is to know the truth. He also plan to go with her and take the baby with them. Coco is very agreeable to that plan. She loves Emma and does not want to leave her when she is getting her to accept her father a little more in her life. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgally. 9/18/2012 Pub. Harlequin

The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan


I was excited to get the mail today The Mark of Athena came finally. I preordered it over a month ago. So today I just read and read. I was not disapointed except now I have to wait for the next book to come out.
The Mark of Athena combines the heroes of the Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune and starts thier journey or quest.
Its fun adventure and also learn more about the differences of Greek and Roman mytholgy and some history in fun and exciting ways.
The seven heroes together have to face many trials and foes, stop a another civil war the Greek and the Roman camps. Stop lots of Giants from raising Gaea's and destroying the Gods of Greece and Roman. Overcome fears and personal weakness.
Did not want to put the book down till I finshed.
Fans of Percy Jackson will be glad to see him back and will enjoy this adventure for teens and adults alike.
10/02/2012 Pub. Disney Imprint hyperion books 586 pages

Thursday, October 4, 2012

review:The Assassins Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke

5 STARS I was very interested in this story as I listened to it on my kindle. When all of a sudden I thought my kindle had run out. I hope thier is another book coming soon because I was not ready for it to end. It's adventure,magic,pirates,curses and a little romance. It all starts when Ananna of the Tanarau parent's arranged her marriage to another son of a pirate family. Ananna did not want to marry the good looking Tarrin of the Hariri. Ananna used Tarrin to buy her a piece of jewelry and why the merchant was showing Tarrin she stole a camal and took off. Ananna's father had taught her a lot of pirate skills. Her mom tried to teach her magic but it really did not work for her. She tried to change how she looked and dressed got rid of the camal as soon as she got away. When she was looking for a shop to sell her wedding dress. A women paid her and said that when she found herself in trouble to come straight back to her and she would help. Assassin had found her she got away and went to the shop and the women told her to go into the deseret and when he came to throw these potions on him. Ananna finally decided to trust her and left for the deseret and when the assassin found her she threw the bottles and said the spell. It did not work. As she was fighting she saw a sand snack and killed it before it killed the assassin. Naji stopped fighting and asked, "why she saved him from the snake?" Ananna said,"It seemed to be the thing to do." Because he was cursed years ago that when an enemy saved his life he had to protect her. Naji had no choice except to help keep her safe. She could not go far away from him. Naji wanted to break the unbreakable curse. So he figured out where to go for help. In the mean time he had to keep Ananna safe from others assassins and from Tarrin and his family. They are both strong willed and go to many places to try and break the curse. Ananna does not want to be helped but than she helps him too. I liked this novel and really want to read more about Ananna and Naji. See what happens next to them. Thier was no sex scenes in the story and I don't remember any swearing so if thier was some not much that I noticed. 10/02/2012 PUB Angry Robot

Huber Hill and the brotherhoood of Cornado by B.K. Bostick


Huber Hill and the Brotherhood of Cornado is sequal to Huber Hill and the Dead Man's Treasure. I also think thier will be more to come. I have not read Dead Man's Treasure but would like too. Brotherhood of Cornado can stand alone.
Huber Hill gets an email from Yesenia Ferrero who is 14 from Salamamca, Spain. She says her Grandfather Carlos Salazar knew his grandfather and he knows also who stole the Dead Man's Treasure. He can help them get the treasure back.
So they arrange for a contest abroad and three winners are picked. Huber, his sister Hannah and friend Scott won the contest. Everyone thought they cheated and of course it was rigged to get them over thier to get the treasure back.
Thier Spanish teacher Mr Mendoza has decided to come with them, The school and parents insist on it.
With the help of thier new friends Carlos & Pincho (inspired by Don Quixote and Sancho Panza), Alejandro, and Yesenia. They are on track to find out where the Brotherhood has the treasure and what their plan is.
Fausto, Matón, and Susurro are the three Kings of the Brotherhood of Cornado. They always wear a mask so they can't be identified. Thier are a lot of men in the Brotherhood of Cornado. They have kidnapped people and hurt them to find more treasure and keep them in the dungeon of a castle.
This novel is funny at times, its a adventure. They have to solve some riddles and go find some hidden keys before they can find the treasure. They have a hard time telling who is friend or foe at times.
Carlos the grandfather sometimes is very smart and tough then he can't remember what is going on. Sometimes he fakes being crazy. After a bull fighting contest he jumps in the ring with oxygen tank and takes shirt off and fights the security guards like they are the bull and he is matador.
Thier is a spy who is giving some information to Carlos and Pincho. He is the one that sends the teens all over Salamamca. The group stays in the University library break room at night after Carlos is in jail and the Brotherhood have kidnapped Mr. Mendoza.
It keeps your attention and I want to read the next novel in the series.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
10/09/2012 PUB Cedar Fort Imprint Sweetwater 288 pages

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just One Night by Eve Gaddy


Just One Night is a quick romance drama heavy on the love making scenes.
Bomb Unit Detective Alexandra “Alex” Sheridan was speaking about bombs awareness at a San Diego convention architects. She met Luke Morgan in the bar after her speach.
Three weeks later Luke can't get her off his mind. He did not even get to tell her they were from the same town as she left his hotel room before he awoke.
When a building he designs as a bomb go off Alex is surprised to see Luke again. He is a major suspect and the more she investigates the more leads lead right to Luke.
Luke has had a few years of slow business due to his ex-partner criminal doings. Things are just turning around for him when the building he designed is bombed. He can't believe that it is happening to him. Someone is setting him up for the fall for it. He can't think of anyone that is alive that is his enemy.
Just One Night is a quick read. Lots of love making, drama and action in this story.
Plot line is good. I would have liked a little more about the characters lives. Would love to see Alex brother more in the story maybe.
It is entertaining to read when you only have a little time to escape at 140 pages.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Bell Bridge Books PUB.(August 29, 2012) ASIN: B0093O7SFO

Silver Coin by Andrea Kane


Silver Coin is book 2 in the Colby's Coin Series. It follows Gold Coin.
Breanna has been starting the construction of her cousin's house while Anastasia is on her honeymoon. She has drawn pictures of what she thinks the house will look like and the building is coming along.
Wales the butler in the mean time has been planning a party to celebrate both girls being 21 now and welcome home party for Damen and Anastasia.
Breanna and Anastasia have always been close even though thier fathers hated each other. Anastasia was living in America for 14 years they still wrote long letters to each other. They look like identical twins. Thier fathers were twins and thier moms were sisters who look like each other close.
The assins who tried to kill Stacie but Breanna shot the gun out of his hand. Is now back in London ready to finsh the job. First he plans to terrorize Breanna and then kill her cousin right in front of her. Then he will kill Breanna one shot each to the heart.
Breanna has blossomed since her father was put in prison. She is speaking her mind more and visiting others. One day she opened a package and inside it where two dolls that had thier coloring with red paint on the heart with a letter threatening both her and Stacie.
Stacie and Damen have been on a three month honeymoon trip back to America to check on thier bank. Stacie has a tough time crossing back to England because of morning sickness.
Damen when they get home and hears that the killer is going to try and kill his wife again goes to a friend and hires him to catch the killer.
Royce Chadwick agrees but also says he has to finsh a case he has been working on too.
Royce can not keep his eyes off Breanna. He tells her to go on with the party they are planning that will keep the killer wanting to get more reaction from her. If she can do that it will give him more time to figure out who he is.
Thier are a lot of love scenes in this book.
The suspense is good and did not let you know who the killer was till the end.
Breanna has really grown so much with her father in prison. She and Stacy are still really close and are living in the same house till their own house on the grounds are built.
I do enjoy reading Andrea Kane's novels and will continue to read them in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
10/02/12 PUB Open Road

Bella's Impossible Boss by Michelle Douglas

4 STARS Bella Maldini has come to help her father build his dream restraunt. She wants to make her father so proud of her. Bella knows she let her father down time after time. She knows she can do it. Things are not getting off to a great start though she is running late. Left some papers down in the kitchen and the file of information she needed to make a plan was not sent to her till last night and to top it off the meeting started 15 minutes earlier than she was told. Dominic Wright was put in charge of the new hotel. Now he is told that the boss wants his unskilled daughter to be in charge of the restraunt. She has had no experience working to make it work. Dominic had overcome his dads acholism and his many marriages. he owed Marco Maldini so much he does not want to let her father dream down. He does not want to work with Bella and tries to show him that she is not up to heading the restraunt. Both Bella and Dominic have emotional issues to workout at the same time they have to work together. Instead of having their own apartment they are in a love nest suite together. One room bright pink and the other so bland. Bella also brought her friend's spoiled cat with her to take care of. Bella and Dominic are oposites she is a virgin and he sleeps around and does not get involved. Bella is full of life, Dominic life has gotten dull, bland. I like Bella that she is willing to work hard to make her father's dream happen. Dominic has some great qualties too, when he realizes that he was wrong about something he tries to make up for it. This is a nice quick read, some tempting scenes but they do not go to far. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review by Netgalley. 10/02/2012 PUB Harlequin

The 13th Day of Christmas by Jason F. Wright

5 Stars
Warning don't forget the tissue. This story touched me in so many ways. I shed tears for bad news, for good news & most of all for the Love of God has for us all.
Our family has had the twelve days of christmas given to us. We have had fun giving and trying to runaway without being caught. I wish I had thought about giving the 13th Day then but I will in the future.
Marva Ferguson collects aprons she has over 150 of them. She is a lovely widow, who's only son died in the Vietnam war. They used to have lots of land but they sold most of it to the city and trailers have moved in. She loves to hang up clothes to dry on her line through out the years she has shared the chore with lot of different friends.
Charlee is a little girl who is close to her father and he tells her wonderful stories at bedtime. Then things started to change and her father was sad and tired to tell stories very often. They had to sell thier house,car and lots of thier possesions. They were moving to a new town and starting all over in a trailer park. Charlee was having a hard time making friends and one day out in the field she was dancing on a tree stump she heard clapping. Saw thier neighbor hanging clothes and was invited over by hand jesters.
Charlee and Marva started a good relationship and became best friends. Charlee got to help her decorate for christmas even if it was only Oct.
Marva likes decorating early so when the trick or treaters came they would see her decorations and that way she could share them.
Zach is 15 and got suspended in his last school. He met Mrs. Ferguson when he went to pick up his sister. Mrs. Ferguson was really interested in Zach's life too.
Mrs. Ferguson invited Charlee's whole family over for Thanks Giving and planned a big dinner. She was excited to have company come.
Thomas had to file for bankrupty. He has a hard time finding fulltime work now. His wife Emily got a job working at Walmart. They both fought and worried over money trying to keep thier kids that things were alright.
Then Charlee got cancer and thier family really got more worried. Charlee after surgery to remove the tumor got to come home but could not to much and could not have friends over.
Marva got walkie talkies and she kept hers on all the time and carried in her apron. Charlee could talk to her when ever she wanted now. Charlee loved that she could talk to her best friend. Asks her everyday what apron she was wearing and what it said today.
Then Charlee got a letter on the front porch that told her that they would be sharing the 13 days of Christmas with her and she could share them with her family.
each day the traveling Elves shared with them what the song really meant because they wrote it.
The first day they were traveling and wanted to buy the best Pear tree and picked it up when a big bus pulled in and teen girls surrounded it and David Cassidy made a run for it and hid in the tree. So they had a Partage in the pear tree. So they sent her the last fruit of that tree with Charlee.
The stories that came with each gift was charming. I loved it.
But I admit to crying way to much in this book. I have a feeling this will be a favorite christmas book to read every year. I loved the characters and the little details of the characters, the lessons in the apron sayings and Marva sharing her love with a little girl who brought joy back to her.
If you read one book for Christmas read this one but read it before the 12 days of Christmas because it might give you ideas for your own special Christmas Season.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of a honest reviews from Netgalley.
10/09/2012 PUB. Deseret Book Imprint Shadow Mountain

Review: The Golden Door by Emily Rodda

5 STARS The Golden Door is a exciting adventure. I did not put the book down and can't wait till the next book comes out. In the wall City of Weld its the season for Skimmers. The skimmers are great big winged monsters that will eat anyone or animal it finds. People hide in thier homes in the dark. Every crack is filled in. No noise to draw them in attacking. Lately thier have been more and more deaths. The Warden of Weld annouced that they are willing to take volunteers to go out of the city by themselves to hunt for whoever is sending the skimmers to attack them. The widow Lisbeth has three sons . Only the oldest Dirk was old enough to sign up. Dirk was brave,strong and usually good natured. He was tired of the Warden not doing enough to stop the skimmers. He works like his father did before him building on the wall higher. Sholto was the middle son he is thin, cautious and clever he works with the city healer. Learning how to heal broken bones and potions. Rye was still in school learning. He has dreams that show him different things that are happening. Dirk volunteered to go out of the city and find who was sending the skimmers into thier city. Until the notice went up no one believed that they could even go out of the city. I was going to say a little more of the story but realized it might give away part of the storyline that you will want to read. This is a fantasy book with magic, monsters. in different lands to meet. Friends to meet and plenty of bad guys too. It is a good story. The characters are likeable unless they are the ones you hate. They have good and bad faults. No swearing or sex scenes in the book. Just a good entertaining story. I was given this book to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 10/01/2012 pub. Scholastic Inc. Inprint Scholastic Press

Second Chance in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad

I like that Gracie was willing to sacrifice her freedom for her sons. Don't agree with her but admire the sacrifice. I wish I had read the other books in this series.
Janet characters are likeable and seam real to me.

Gracie Stone has been home from prison for a while. She is living in the family home on the ranch. Her sons all have houses built on the ranch too.
One night Gracie can not sleep and she sees headlights coming down her road. She figures one of her sons saw her light was coming to check up on her. When she hears the soft knock on the door realized it can't be them.
Its a strange female who has fallen at the door.
She is bleeding and says Calen name. Gracie calls her son that knows some first aid and Calen.
Calen realizes it is his daughter Renee and she has been shot, and abused. After the ambulance leaves they realize the dog wants them to follow him and heads to the car.
Thier is a little girl crying in the car. Her name is Tessie and she is scared of males, but trusts Gracie.
Thier have been lots of theft of stores around the area the latest he shot one of the thiefs and they caught one.
Renee tells them the other robbers name and says she was forced to be a part of the last robbery. Renee lived with her mother in a city and had runaway from home when she was 16.
Calen says he will take care of Tessie and do everything for Renee.
After a doll was left hanging by a noose in Gracie's house. Tessie sees it and says dolly mine and bad man.
Sheriff realizes that thier was a second man and Tessie or Gracie might not be safe.
One of Gracie's son's father-in-law built a house with bullet proof windows and state of art security system. So thats where Gracie and Tessie stays.
Calen has liked Gracie since high school but he was too shy and his good friend married her and was abusive to her.
Gracie's sons think they need to find a husband for thier mother and one of them thinks Calen would be perfect.
Thier is no sex or swearimg in this book . Just a nice romance with a little danger on the side.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
10/02/2012 PUB Harlequin Harlequin Love Inspired imprint 224 pages

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gold Coin by Andrea Kane


Gold Coin by Andrea Kane is now a ebook. It is a historcal romance novel that was first published years ago. The book starts in 1803.
Two six year old cousins are playing together when one fell into a puddle of mud. Breanna knew her father would be mad that she got the dress grandfather had bought them dirty. Anastaia wished she was the one dirty because her father would not get mad at all. So since everyone at times had problems telling them apart. Anastaia suggested they trade and be each other.
Thier fathers are twins and they married sisters who looked really close to each other. Thier manners are different and they wear thier hair different but they could pull it off. It worked except with their grandfather he could tell that they were being each other.
Grandfather had a conversation with them letting them know that he knew and would give them time to switch dresses. He also gave them each a coin and told them to hold onto them one had gold and the other silver. They were to never show them to anyone for no matter who wanted it.
Thier fathers never got along but now it was worse than ever. So Anastasia and her parents were going to America to open a branch of the family business. Breanna's father would stay and run the England branch.
1817 Anastasia is back home in England. She just lost her father and had already had lost her mother. Her Uncle had offered her a home with her cousin.
Anastasia and Breanna had stayed close through letters and were happy to be reunited.
When they went to the reading of the will thier were some surprises for everyone.
Stacie was left with a finacial gaurdian the Marquess of Sheldrake for three months till she turned 21. Her Uncle got left with only 10,000 to spend on presenting her to Society. He was expecting to have all control of his niece's money and the half of the company he expected to recieve. Instead Stacie's father left everything to his daughter.
Then the lawyer asked both girls if they brought the coins like he asked them too.
They did not bring them but did admit to having them still. He said if they would turn the coins into him that thier grandfather will left them fifty thousand pounds in trust for each of them.
George hates anastasia only invited her to stay with them to get his hands on her money. He owes a lot of money and is doing a lot of schemeing to get money. He has different plans how to get out of his mess.
Breanna and Anastasia make plans of their own to give them a happier life.
The characters are interesting especially all the changes Breanna can now show. Anastasia will not just be a empty headed girl she has plans for her money and ideas how to help others.
Thier are few love scenes that I skimmed over at the back of the book.
I can not wait till I read the Silver Coin soon. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
10/02/2012 Pub. Open Road

Monday, October 1, 2012

Heiress Behind the Headlines by Caitlin Crews

3 STARS This novel is hot. Lots of sex scenes in it. If you want that this book is what you want. If you don't want it stay away. I admit that I skimmed over those parts of the book. Just depends what you want on the day you want it. Its a good fast read. Larissa Whitney has a wild reputation that she worked hard to get. Now that she has changed, others don't see her changed. To get away from Society, her father and so called friends. She came to an isolated Maine island, cut her famous hair,dyed it and dress casual. She does not want to be seen or have cameras follow her. Jack Sutton sees her right off the bat. He thinks she has followed him here to play games. He has changed and tells her when the ferry will be here to leave his island. Jack gives the appearances of owning the island that is named after his family. Jack then comes to her hotel room and gets her to go to his house thier. They make love for days then go check her out of her room. Inbetween making love he tells her what he thinks of her and it is not nice. Jack also tells her that his grandfather wants him to marry a nice respectable heiress and that will never be her. He still thinks she has come to the island after him. Then he accuses her of wanting his grandfather. I really don't care about the character Jack and most of the other characters in the book I can't stand. Larissa knows that she has had self destructive behavior her whole life. After being in a coma she realizes that she needs to change before she forgets to care about her life again. I like her and admire that she is willing to change. The more you get to know her it is amazing that she cares about herself at all. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by Netgalley. 09/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Presents 192 pages

Justice at Cardwell Ranch by BJ Daniels

41/2 STARS This novel kept me guessing until the end. I thought I had guessed right but no way did I get it at all right. The power we give people from high school can be long time felt after. Dana Cardwell Savage was away from her ranch along with her husband and two kids. She at her doctors when he put her on bed rest for the rest of her pregnacy. She was having twins and they want to be surprised to thier sex. They already have a girl and a boy. Dana had inheirited the family ranch and split the profits with her sister and brothers. Six years ago they tried to force the sell of the ranch but she found her mother's new will leaving it in Dana's hands. She has not seen her brothers and sister since. Jordan Cardwell now divorced was at the family cemeatary when he saw someone on out riding a horse who looks familar. Then he realized she was a deputy that had booked him in the past. He was back at home for a high school reunion because a old friend wanted to talk about how he thought another old friend who comitted sucide might have been murdered. Liza Turner was riding a horse on her boss's ranch when she sees someone who should not be thier. Liza is Deputy Marshal and calls her boss to let him know who was on the ranch and she was watching him to see what he was up too. Hud Savage is the Marshal and father of two with twins on the way. As he is bringing home his wife and children he hears that Jordan is back. Then when they get to the ranch house a beatup car and his sister-in-law Stacy is back with a surprise. He does not trust her because of her lies in the past Dana and he were kept apart for five years. Liza is tailing Jordan when he goes and hikes by the falls and when she hears shots she hurries up and sees him over the dead body of his friend. Liza asks him what he is doing and Jordan tells her that Alex asked him to meet him thier. He did not tell him why he thought that Tanner death was murder instead of sucide like most thought. Thier are a lot of suspects of who killed Alex and was Tanner really murdered all those years ago too? As Liza tries to look into both murders she goes with Jordan to his reunion to talk to those around both guys. Hud does not trust Stacy and is looking into her past. Is that baby really hers? He thinks she is lying to them. He does not trust Jordan either. The body count rises as more questions are being asked and things are being brought into the light of just what happened at the time of Tanner's death. It kept me guessing and interested did not want to put the book down till I finshed reading it. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 09/03/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Intrigue 224 pages