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I broke my shoulder today, so I am going to be out of it for a while and I will not be able to post anything for at least a few days.  Sorry!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Zero Seperation by by Philip Donlay (Donovan Nash #3)


Donovan Nash has a secret he'll do anything to keep. But he's the prime suspect after someone steals a fifty million dollar executive jet, and FBI agent Veronica Montero put him squarely in the crosshairs. As she digs, she discovers Nash's secret -- a revelation that, if made public, would stun the world. Operating on her own agenda, Montero blackmails Nash into helping her hunt down a man she wants dead.

Powerless against the information Montero holds, Nash is forced into a situation far deadlier than either of them could ever have imagined. The man they are after isn't the criminal they expect, he's a terrorist with a plan to use the stolen jet to carry out an unthinkable and devastating act that could plunge America into the most heinous conflict since World War II.

When Nash and Montero are taken prisoner aboard the stolen jet, they will have only one opportunity to execute a daring midair attempt to stop the attack. Success could cost them their own lives, but failure could cost millions of innocent lives.
  • File Size: 2161 KB
  • Print Length: 332 pages
  • Publisher: Oceanview Publishing; 1 edition (March 5, 2013)

My review: Zero Seperation by by Philip Donlay  (Donovan Nash #3)


This is book three in the Donovan Nash.  It is a thriller to the end.  I can't wait till I read the next book in the series. There is a lot of drama, mystery ,action and danger on every page,  I was never sure where the story was going to take me to next.

As with the other story follows the action of two people Donovan Nash and his wife Dr. Lauren McKenna.

Donovan Nash works for non for profit company as pilot and basically runs the company.  They research the planet and try to understand it. They have the best equipment labs that different groups can use.
He also has a secret that only a handful know. He used to go by a different name and had faked his death.  He is also a billionaire.

Dr. Lauren McKenna is married mother of one little girl who is married to Nash.  She is smart,  beautiful and works for the DIA.

Donovan and his co-pilot Michael have flown into Boca Raton after getting struck by lightning.
While Donovan is inside the plane still Michael is outside someone shot Michael.  Which leads Nash to being blackmailed by a FBI Agent Veronica Montero.  She will reveal his secret unless he helps her catch a bad guy.

This story takes us many places before we figure out who the terrorist is targeting and why.  Nash is not sure who to trust.  He has a plan to flee if his past comes out.  He does not want his daughter to be known as his heir.

Some violence , car chases even plane chases, before it ends. Which the ending was not what I wanted but since I read book 6 first I knew some of the events in their lives had to happen.  You can read the books by themselves but I have liked reading the rest of series in order.

I was given this ebook to read by NetGalley and Oceanview Publishing.  In return I agreed to give Zero Seperation a honest review.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Code Black (Donovan Nash #2) by Philip S. Donlay

1847304As a blizzard bears down on Chicago's O'Hare airport, a critical air traffic control facility is shut down by a grisly accident. When the radar comes back up, two planes have collided. Wayfarer flight 880—half the roof ripped away—flies on. Seated amid dead and dying passengers is Donovan Nash, a pilot who fights decompression and oxygen deprivation to make it to the shattered cockpit. With the help of Audrey Parrish—a woman from his concealed past—and a handful of survivors, Donovan struggles to keep the 737 airborne. Dr. Lauren McKenna waits for Donovan, her fiancé, to arrive only to hear that something has gone awry with the flight. Lauren must convince Henry Parrish, an unlikely ally, to help her save the man she loves. Together, Lauren and Henry have to stay one step ahead of the airline, as well as heightened security, to execute a daring rescue to save Donovan and the others on flight 880.
  • File Size: 2365 KB
  • Print Length: 306 pages
  • Publisher: Oceanview Publishing (October 14, 2015)

My review:  Code Black (Donovan Nash #2)  by Philip S. Donlay


Code Black is exciting, emotional, full of drama.  It does have a lot of gorrey scenes which might happen in real life scenes of plane accidents.  This is the second book of the Donovan Nash series.

It is a week before Donovan and Lauren's wedding.  Donovan is a passenger on a Wayfarer flight 880 heading to Chicago's O'Hare and a bad winter storm.  When two airplanes collide in midair. 

Part of the plane roof is missing.  The plane is out of control, some passengers, baggage were sucked out of the airplane.  Passengers are fighting over the oxygen masks that come down.  Donovan helps and makes his way to the flight deck. 

The co-pilot is dead and captain is out.  Donovan starts flying the plane.  There is no equipment working right.

Lauren was on the phone with Donovan when he saw the plane coming at them and told her they were going to crash.  Lauren tries to get someones attention and tell them about the crash.

There is action and drama both in the air and at the airport as they try and figure what to do next.
Donovan Nash works for a science company nonprofit.  But he has a secret that few know.  He is a billionaire who faked his own death.  He does not want the world to know.

He realizes that someone on the plane was from his old life.  He is afraid that she will realize who he was.
I did like it but so far not my favorite of the three Donovan Nash books that I have read this week.  I have a couple of more books of the series ready to read.

I bought this ebook on Amazon.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blog Tour: Dangerously Dark by Colette London Giveaway; Book and Kensington Prize pack

dangerously dark large banner 640

(A Chocolate Whisperer Mystery)

Cozy Mystery
2nd in Series
Publisher: Kensington (September 29, 2015)
Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1617733475
E-Book ASIN: B00RRT323O

“Chocoholics and food cozy fans rejoice! With prose as smooth and delicious as its theme, this quality debut cozy introduces a smart protagonist with an unusual and tasty profession.”—Library Journal (starred) on Criminal Confections
Chocolate-whisperer Hayden Mundy Moore has just arrived in Portland, Oregon, where she’s about to scarf soufflés and sip cacao-based cocktails at her friend’s engagement party. Fresh from nabbing her first candy-covered killer, the last thing Hayden wants to do is mix her love of chocolate with criminal mischief again. But then the groom-to-be turns up dead before beginning his renowned Chocolate-After-Dark tour. . .
Hayden’s friends insist that Declan’s death was a freak accident, but she knows there’s no mistaking the bitter aftertaste of homicide. In the midst of habañero hot chocolate and mocha-chunk gelato, a choco-crazed killer waits to strike again. Hayden will need to use more than her extraordinarily gifted taste buds to bring this murderer to justice, but she just might have bitten off more than she can chew in the process. . .

About This Author
Colette London is the pseudonym of a best-selling novelist who’s published more than three dozen books worldwide.

Visit her on the web at, friend her on Facebook at, or follow her on Twitter @Colette__London

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My review:  Dangerously Dark by Colette London


Yummy book!  It is full of Chocolate, murder and mystery.  This is the second book in the A Chocolate Whisperer Mystery series.  It kept me guessing about who the murder was and why.

I like the characters.  Hayden Mundy Moore is the main character.  She goes to different places to help trouble shoot different chocolate problems.  She is single loves to travel and has the money to do it.  She has a financial advisor that she has to check in with Travis Turner.  She is curious about him.  I want to know more about him.

Danny is Hayden's friend and bodyguard at times.  He has met Travis and doesn't like him. Danny is hot a excon.

Hayden is in Portland, OR to attend a bridal weekend with a old college friend Carissa Jenkins.  Carissa owns a food truck.  

Cartorama is a group of food trucks that only sale food with chocolate in it.  Carissa sells only chocolate ice cream flavors.  When Hayden meets Carissa and goes into her cart she finds her fiance Declan dead and they almost die too.

Declan the more you know about him the more you don't like him.  Lots of people have issue with him.

I did not realize how many different foods have chocolate in them.  I would love to go on Dangerously Dark tour but not in that van.

You might get hungry for chocolate reading this book.  There are some recipes in the back of the book for you to try.

I was given this ebook to read by Net Galley and Kensington.  In return I agreed to give a honest review and be part of Dangerously Dark book tour.

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blog Tour: Happy Homicides – 13 Cozy Holiday Mysteries by Joanna Campbell Slan and 12 more Cozy Authors Giveaways 2; $50 Etsys card giveaway 1 ebook

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Happy Homicides Bonus Final Happy Homicides Cover Final

A holiday bonanza! A collection of traditional mysteries to celebrate the holidays, written by by thirteen bestselling and award-winning authors. Heartwarming, brain puzzling, craft-centered, and character driven reads that’ll keep you entertained for hours. Nearly 800 pages of reading material, plus a special Recipe and Craft Bonus.
Included are:
Kiki Lowenstein and the Rowan Branch – (Joanna Campbell Slan) When Horace Goldfader is accused of murder, Kiki learns how difficult it can be to maintain peace on earth—and to keep her deathbed promise to her late friend, Dodie.
Cara Mia Delgatto and the Misdirected Gifts  — (Joanna Campbell Slan) Two waylaid items cause Cara to take a break from her booming retail business and follow her heart. Can a sprinkling of holiday magic create a “happily ever after” ending for all involved?
The Christmas Dog — (Joyce and Jim Lavene) A woman running from her deadly past finds hope, and a dog, at Christmas.
and more.

 About This Author
joanna campbell slanJoanna Campbell Slan is the award-winning author of the Kiki Lowenstein Mysteries (an Agatha Award Finalist) and two other mystery series. Her stories in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series has been read and loved by millions. Her books reviving the classic heroine Jane Eyre have won the prestigious Daphne du Maurier Award. In her past life, Joanna was a television talk show host, an adjunct professor of public relations, a sought-after motivational speaker, and a corporate speechwriter. She is married to David Slan, CEO of Steinway Piano Gallery-DC. The Slans make their home on Jupiter Island, Florida. Visit Joanna’s website at

Author Links

My review: Happy Homicides – 13 Cozy Holiday Mysteries by Joanna Campbell Slan and 12 more Cozy Authors

1 Lost and Found Holiday Gifts: A Cara Mia Delgatto by Joanna Campbell Slan

I liked it. but I thought it was interesting with the title that there was no homicide in the first story.
shows a little bit of Cara and friends life and they find time to reach out to others.

2 Dog Forbid by Neil Plakey

still no homicides.  Not a happy subject either but a happy ending.

Dog is stolen while on vacation along with ipads. That would ruin a vacation.  Deals with puppy mills too.  Which are depressing.

3 Elementary, My Dear Gertie by Lori Winston

a murder finally. also a imaginary friend and A not boring family Christmas. Keeps you guessing.

There are 13 stories in this collection.  Some of the authors were familiar to me and there series I read.  Some of them I have never heard of before but I now want to read there series. I really liked A Diamond Choker for Christmas by Nancy Warren   I loved the characters and would read more about them in fact I have already down loaded one of her books.

This collection is good fun mysteries.  You can just read one if you want at a time or the whole 13 stories.  I have read most of them in two days.  I will read the others when I have more free time.

Some of the books were just too short I wanted to read more about them.  I liked The Dog who Came for Christmas by Jim and Joyce Lavene.  You could feel the terror of the main character.

I was given this ebook to read for free and in return I agreed to give a honest review of Happy Homicides and be part of it's blog tour.

Giveaway 1 ebook Happy Homicides
To enter leave a comment below with name and email address below.
starts 10/22/2015 ends 10/28 open to US only 

Giveaway 2 $50 Etsy gift card

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Blog Tour: The Corpse With The Diamond Hand By Cathy Ace Giveaway Print copy

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The Corpse With The Diamond Hand
By Cathy Ace

CORPSE DIAMOND COVERThe Corpse with the Diamond Hand
(A Cait Morgan Mystery)

Series: A Cait Morgan Mystery (Book 6)
Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: TouchWood Editions (October 13, 2015)
ISBN-13: 978-1771511445

Professor Cait Morgan and Bud Anderson have finally said ‘I do’. To celebrate, they set sail on a romantic  honeymoon cruise and, for nearly two weeks, the mystery solving newlyweds are worry-free. But then a man drops dead in the games room right in front of them and Cait and Bud can’t help but lend their expertise.
To the others in the games room, the sudden death of Tommy Trussler—the ship’s onboard card-game tutor—appears to have been from natural causes. But the professor suspects something much more sinister. With only two days left at sea—and thousands of possible suspects—the head of security is eager to solve the case and invites Cait and Bud to aid in the investigation. But the unique circumstances of an at-sea investigation mean their involvement cannot be official, and Cait must lean on her charm to conduct her own covert interviews.
Complete with laugh-out-loud moments and mouth-watering descriptions of the ship’s cuisine, the case of the The Corpse with the Diamond Hand will once again have you marvelling at Cait’s cleverness as she brings another murderer to justice.

About The Author –
2cathyOriginally from Wales, now-Canadian Cathy Ace writes the Cait Morgan Mysteries. In The Corpse with the Silver Tongue her foodie criminologist sleuthed in the south of France. The Corpse with the Golden Nose found Cait sniffing out a killer in BC’s vineyards. The Corpse with the Emerald Thumb met her when she was meddling in murders in Mexico. This time Cait is caught up in a true closed-room mystery in a classy casino restaurant in Las Vegas. When not helping Cait solve traditional, closed-circle mysteries, Cathy’s a keen gardener, ably assisted by her green-pawed chocolate Labradors.

Author Links:



Twitter: @AceCathy


 Purchase Links

My review: The Corpse With The Diamond Hand By Cathy Ace


This is the six book of the series.  Cait and Bud are on a cruise around  Hawaiian Islands than back to Canada for a belated honeymoon.  When the sudden death of Tommy Trussler right in front of Cait and Bud.

 I would really like to have Cait's memory.  She can remember everything she sees and bring it up when she wants. Cait Morgan is a Professor and had worked with Bud on different tasks forces.  This is her first marriage.   She is very smart thinker.

Bud Anderson a retired police detective.  A widower before marrying Cait.  They offer to work in helping to solve the murder.

The more they find out about their fellow passengers that were with them in the room Tommy died in they find many of them have a motive and means to have done it.  I loved seeing Cait's mind work.  They find so many things as they are making friends.  I was right about who the murder was and why but there was so much of the mysteries I did not pick up on.

There sure seem to be a lot of drinking as they meet with the suspects.  Most of the book takes place out to sea after they are on the way back to Canada.  It is a very smart mystery.

I was given this ebook to read for free and in return I agreed to give a honest review and be part of 
The Corpse With the Diamond Hand.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Should've Said No by Tracy Marsh (Thistle Bend #1)


Welcome to Thistle Bend! Perfect for fans of Susan Mallery, this charming series debut introduces a small town where old secrets are revealed—and wounded hearts are opened to new love.

A year after being laid off from the Smithsonian, Lindsey Simms says yes to a job offer as curator of a heritage museum in Thistle Bend, Colorado (population 1,519). It could be worse—and it is. Because the new museum has escalated a dispute between the Karlssons, Lindsey's relatives, and the Crenshaws, a blood feud which goes way back to a land deal that changed the fortunes of both families. Trying to stay objective, Lindsey can't tell anyone about her conflict of interest—especially not the ruggedly handsome handyman fixing up her cabin, who seems to be keeping secrets of his own.

Although he's the executive director of the family trust and one of Colorado's most eligible bachelors, Carden Crenshaw prefers getting his hands dirty in town and on his sprawling ranch. Staying busy has given him an excuse not to risk heartbreak, but getting to know the beautiful “museum lady” makes him reconsider. Little does he know, the heat between them will only add fuel to the fire—unless this unlikely couple can prove they're lovers, not fighters.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.
My review:  Should've Said No by Tracy Marsh (Thistle Bend #1)
This is book one of the Thistle Bend series.  It did a good job introducing the community and some of the characters.  It made me want to come back and see what happens next.   The town of Thistle Bend wants a museum and people are willing to donate their personal family treasures to it.
 Lindsey Simms has been laid off from the Smithsonian for a year.  She was glad when her Great Aunt let her know about this job in Thistle Bend, Co.  After Lindsey got the job her Aunt told her not to tell anyone she was related to them
When Lindsey comes to town she soon finds out that their is a feud between two families about a big land transaction back generations ago.  Between the Crenshaws and the Karlssons.  They both want their family to be proven right in the museum.  Lindsey is a Karlsson.

Carden Crenshaw is head of his families trust,  runs a ranch, helps people when he can.  He wants to show Lindsey his family's story.  He does not like any of the Karlssons.

There is a rumor for generations that someone knows the truth about what really happened years ago.  Lindsey wants to find out.  She is getting pressure from both sides about the land grab.  She is also fighting her strong attraction to Carden.

I liked how it ended the conflict. Liked some of the characters and want to see more of them in the future. I did not like the love scenes and skipped over them.

I was given this ebook to read for free by NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept.  In return I agreed to give a honest review of Should've Said No.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Kate Unmasked by Cindy M. Hogan (Code of Silence Book 1)

Kate Unmasked by Cindy M. Hogan 
kate unmaskedThe mysteries of her past consume her. Seventeen-year-old Kate has never stopped searching for the secrets of her past—the secrets that began with her missing birth parents. After years of every lead drying up and every hope turning false, Kate finally lucks onto a promising lead. Determined to find the truth once and for all, Kate travels to the gritty New Jersey shore. But what she finds is worse than she ever could have imagined. She can’t hide from who she is, and now she must face the awful consequences of finding the very people she should have been hiding from. Some secrets should stay dead and buried.
  • File Size: 2231 KB
  • Print Length: 242 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: O'neal Publishing; 1 edition (September 1, 2015)

My review; Kate Unmasked by Cindy M. Hogan (Code of Silence Book 1)


Kate Unmasked is a fast paced.  It deals with adoption, finding birth parents, secrets and lies. It deals with some darker issues. Lots of teenage drama. Some violence.

 Kate is seventeen  She has been looking for her birth parents for years.  When she has run out of clues she finds some fresh ones.  Kate finds her parents are keeping secrets from her.  Kate is also keeping big secrets from them.

Ellie  is Kate's best friend.  Her whole family wants to be on a reality show.  They watch all of them.  Go on vacation to meet them. Kate has spent the past six years going with them too.
Ellie helps Kate to find out more clues and arranges it to go New Jersey and find more clues.

Kate finds more that she thought.  Meets some friends and gets into big trouble.

I would read and see what Kate gets into next.

I was given this ebook to read for free and in return I agreed to give a honest review of Kate Unmasked.

Murder on the Last Frontier by Cathy Pegau (A Charlotte Brody Mystery)


There's many who feel the Alaska Territory is no place for a woman on her own. But Charlotte Brody, suffragette and journalist, has never let public opinion dictate her life choices. She's come to the frontier town of Cordova, where her brother Michael practices medicine, for the same reason many come to Alaska—to start over.

Cordova is gradually getting civilized, but the town is still rougher than Charlotte imagined. And when a local prostitute—one of the working girls her brother has been treating—is found brutally murdered, Charlotte learns firsthand how rough the frontier can be. Although the town may not consider the murder of a prostitute worthy of investigation, Charlotte's feminist beliefs motivate her to seek justice for the woman. And there's something else—the woman was hiding a secret, one that reminds Charlotte of her own painful past.

As Charlotte searches for answers, she soon finds her own life in danger from a cold-blooded killer desperate to keep dark secrets from seeing the light of day…
  • Series: A Charlotte Brody Mystery
  • Paperback: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Kensington (November 24, 2015)
My review:  Murder on the Last Frontier  by Cathy Pegau (A Charlotte Brody Mystery)


This is book one of A Charlotte Brody Mystery.  It starts with Charlotte on the boat just  arriving in Cordova,  Alaska Territory in 1919.  Her brother Michael is there to meet her.

Charlotte is single.  She is a reporter who plans on writing articles about the women of Alaska. She is also running away from her past.  Charlotte is a feminist, strong willed and blunt.  She makes waves.

Dr. Michael Brody has secrets he has kept from his family.  He is excited to see his sister.  Some of his patients are the local whores.  He is single.

Darcy is one of ladies of night she has been feeling sick and is one of Michael's patients is found murdered.

Charlotte feels drawn to figure out who killed Darcy and investigates for herself.  Charlotte even volunteers to help with her autopsy by taking notes while Michael does his job.

Plenty of drama, plenty of local color, plenty of danger and suspects.  Some very graphic scene with the autopsy.

 I like Charlotte. would like to see more of her in the future.  This is the first book that I have read from Cathy Pegau.  I look forward to read more books from Cathy in the future.

I was given this ebook from NetGalley and Kensington.  In return I agree to give a honest review of Murder on the Last Frontier.

Murder at Beechwood by Alyssa Maxwell (A Gilded Newport Mystery)


For Newport, Rhode Island's high society, the summer of 1896 brings lawn parties, sailboat races…and murder. Having turned down the proposal of Derrick Andrews, Emma Cross has no imminent plans for matrimony—let alone motherhood. But when she discovers an infant left on her doorstep, she naturally takes the child into her care. Using her influence as a cousin to the Vanderbilts and a society page reporter for the Newport Observer, Emma launches a discreet search for the baby's mother.
One of her first stops is a lawn party at Mrs. Caroline Astor's Beechwood estate. But an idyllic summer's day is soon clouded by tragedy. During a sailboat race, textile magnate Virgil Monroe falls overboard. There are prompt accusations of foul play—and even Derrick Andrews falls under suspicion. Deepening the intrigue, a telltale slip of lace may link the abandoned child to the drowned man. But as Emma navigates dark undercurrents of scandalous indiscretions and violent passions, she'll need to watch her step to ensure that no one lowers the boom on her…
  • Series: A Gilded Newport Mystery
  • Paperback: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Kensington (May 26, 2015)

My review: Murder at Beechwood by Alyssa Maxwell (A Gilded Newport Mystery)


This is the third book in the A Gilded Newport Mystery series.  It is the first  one that I have read.  It is a cozy mystery set in Newport, Rhode Island June 1896.  Some of the settings and people are based on real people.

There is plenty of drama, mystery and history.  Plenty of suspects.  While being a clean read.

Emma Cross is the main character.  She is a poor relative of Vanderbilts.  So she gets invited to some parties and balls as a reporter.  She is single.  Emma lives in a big house she inherited.  She has let a few people who need some help stay with her.

One morning she is left with a baby on her front porch.  Emma is willing to keep the baby into till she can find his family. Emma keeps it quiet about having the baby staying with her except for a few people.  She is sure that the baby is from one of the rich set.

I like Emma.  She is smart, kind, and welcoming to everyone who needs a place to stay.  Emma is curious and loyal.  She is determined to prove her old boyfriend is innocent.

I would read more books from this series in the future.

I was given this ebook to read for free from NetGalley and Kensington.  In return I agreed to give a honest review of Murder at Beechwood.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Blog Tour: A Rare Nativity by Sam Besson Giveaway $25 Amazon GC or Paypal cash


A Rare NativityA Rare Nativity (32 pages) by Sam Besson
We have all heard the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, and we have all seen the traditional Christmas crèche. Now, author Sam Beeson and photographers Nina and Terral Cochran combine these two classic Christmas icons to create A Rare Nativity.
Upon reading the first lines of the book, it is clear the narrator holds a bitter grudge as he sends his enemy crude and discarded gifts: On the first night of Christmas I gave my enemy a briar from a tanglewood tree. On the second night of Christmas I gave my enemy two rotten eggs.

Night after night the gifts pile up shards of glass, rusty nails, gnarled twigs, and more. What the narrator s enemy decides to do with each of these odious gifts is nothing less than a Christmas miracle. The photographic creation of the rare nativity at the end of the book is both a work of art and a wonder to behold.

About the Author

Sam Beeson gives himself annual writing assignments. In 2005, he wrote a poem a day. In 2007, he wrote about his wife every day. In 2015, each day he wrote a handwritten letter to someone new. Sam teaches high school English and loves reading the journals of his ancestors.

My review:  A Rare Nativity by Sam Besson


This is a good book, a real short creative story.  It uses the Twelve days of Christmas song.  I want to find it hard to believe that someone was so mean spirited to send the first twelve gifts each day.
They send gifts like broken egg shells, shards of glass.  Each night they send trash to this guy.

But what he in returns does with each gift is creative, beautiful and full of love.  He truely has the Christmas spirit.  To not only turn the other cheek and forgive but to give back a treasure.

This will be a story you will want to read with your family each Christmas.

I liked the beautiful pictures of the book.  I would love to have this book in my library.

I was given a ebook to read for free and in return I agreed to give A Rare Nativity a honest review and be part of it's blog tour.

$25 Blog Tour giveaway

$25 Blog Tour Giveaway

$25 Amazon eGift Card or Paypal Cash

Ends 11/11/15

Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an eGift Card or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Death by Tea by Alex Erickson (Bookstore Cafe Mystery #2)


Mystery lovers have descended on Pine Hills for this year's book club competition, to be held at Krissy Hancock's bookstore café. But the killer in their midst seems determined to outwit all the armchair sleuths—and send Krissy to the remainder bin forever.

Just before two dueling book clubs are set to square off at Death by Coffee, one of the competitors turns up dead—bludgeoned with the silver teapot that was to serve as the prize. Suspicion immediately falls on Krissy, who was seen skulking around town in dark clothes on the night of the murder.

To clear her name and find the real killer, Krissy turns to an old flame, Officer Paul Dalton. But even Paul can't ignore the trail of evidence that seems to point in her direction. And with Krissy's personal nemesis, Officer John Buchannan, working overtime to pin the murder on her, it will take an amazing feat of detective work to close the book for good on an elusive killer. .
  • Series: A Bookstore Café Mystery
  • Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Kensington (November 24, 2015)

My review:  Death by Tea by Alex Erickson (Bookstore Cafe Mystery #2)


This second Bookstore Cafe Mystery is a good clean series.  It can stand alone okay but has some old characters and lots of new ones. There are lots of suspects and it kept me guessing till the reveal.

Krissy Hancock owns a bookstore cafe.  She is single and likes a deputy Paul Dalton but has only dated him once.  Another deputy John Buchannan hates her and thinks she is always guilty.

 Her father is a murder mystery writer.  Two different book groups from two towns are reading his book and has a competition.    They really take this serious.  The whole town comes to it. One of the neighbor town book club member is murdered at the bookstore in the middle of the night.

Krissy's personal life is a mess.  Her cat included for her problems, Her neighbor is always spying on her.  Paul won't return her phone calls.  She is the prime suspect for the murder.  I wanted to see her personal life get more with it.

I look forward to the next book in the series.

I was given this ebook to read  for the purpose of giving a honest review of Death by Tea.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Blog Tour: The Color of Clouds by J.C. Whyte Giveaway ebooks

color of clouds large banner640

The Color of Clouds2-2The Color of Clouds
Genre – Supernatural Mystery
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing (March 31, 2015)
Publication Date: March 31, 2015
File Size: 3634 KB
Print Length: 313 pages

Pedro’s on a mission. But not your everyday, run-of-the-mill type mission. Because Pedro is dead.
That’s right. Dead.
Spirit guide Pedro normally busies himself with conveying messages from departed loved ones through a psychic named Gwen. But when he encounters a recently deceased teenager, the boy’s anguish just about breaks Pedro’s heart. So the spirit guide decides to try and help this boy. Yet meddling in the affairs of the living is a troublesome business, as Pedro soon discovers.
Nevertheless, he convinces Gwen to take an ocean voyage, and that’s when the trouble begins. Within days of leaving port, two passengers on the cruise ship fall into a mysterious coma. Gwen seeks Pedro’s help to restore these passengers, but natural as well as unnatural obstacles keep getting in the way. And by the time the ship docks in Honolulu, the still-living are flat out scrambling for their lives!
A playful blend of science fiction and the paranormal, The Color of Clouds offers a glimpse into the unseen world while taking the reader on an extraordinary ride. The adventure includes danger, mystery, humor, sweet romance and even a dash of thriller.
But the clouds are not what you think.

About The Author –
photo meJ.C. Whyte discovered her love for writing while still in elementary school, creating children’s stories. But as an adult, J.C. had to face the harsh reality that such writing seldom pays the bills. So she earned degrees in both Journalism and Communications, and then turned to Public Relations, where for ten years she focused her creative energies into feature writing.
After marriage, kids, several more degrees and occupations (including stints as a travel agent and paralegal), J. C. entered law school. While there, she became a columnist for the school newsletter and later, one of her humorous articles was even published in The National Jurist.
Graduating and passing the Bar, J.C. realized within a few short years that creative writing was still what made her heart sing. So now, as a grandma, she has returned to where her life’s calling began, beginning in 2013 with publication of her children’s book Karmack and now in 2015 with her first novel for adults, The Color of Clouds

GoodReads link

Purchase Links:

Amazon             B&N            MuseItUp Publishing

My review: The Color of Clouds by J.C. Whyte

4 Stars

This was a very interesting murder mystery.  Part science fiction and paranormal.  I was surprised at the different twists and turns the book took.  I hated each time I had to put the book down.

The characters were likable  and you wanted everything to work out for them.  You did not know if somethings would work out to your liking.

Pedro is a spirit guide who can get messages to Gwen a psychic .

Paul and Deanna Strumbolt Paul is a Professor and researcher in physics at Stanford.

Ernst Ostermann was in the German army in WW11  he was a mechanical engineer

Sylvie used to work in travel agency.  Ernst and Sylvie meet and travel together every 6 months.

Gwen and Jo are sisters who won the cruise.  They all sit together in dinning room.  First night Gwen gets a warning that if the cruise goes off course to avoid the hurricane there will be trouble. From Pedro.  Of course does not believe in what he can't see.

The science was believable and made sense in the story. So did the paranormal aspects of the story.  I could believe that it had happened in the story.

The action scenes and dramatic scenes in the end seemed real and scary.  Some of the humor was so funny and worked out just right.

The setting was along cruise of 21 days and crossed the international date line.  started in Sidney Australia and ends in San Diego, CA

This book worked for me.  It all came together really well.  I would read more from J.C. whyte after reading this.

I was given this ebook to read for free and in return agreed to give a honest review and be part of
The Color of Clouds blog tour.

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Revies: Jane Blond International Spy by Brianna & Stan Schatt

Jane blond
Jane Blond – International Spy
Fourteen year old Jane thought getting through high school was difficult enough with her dad in prison and her mother dating. Throw in being bullied
by the popular girl who has everything- it’s completely unbearable. But when terrorists kidnap a boy she cares about, she knows she is the only one who can save him.
International Spy, Jane Blond, must prevent terrorists from blowing up her school during the President’s visit. She’ll need all of her courage along with the help of a teen with CIA secrets, a friend with Asperger’s and a parrot with an attitude.
  • File Size: 1403 KB
  • Print Length: 182 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: Booktrope Editions (September 8, 2015)
  • Publication Date: September 8, 2015

“Please step over here,” one guard said pointing to a secluded spot away from the line of students trying to enter the building. I shrugged at Anouk. She nodded and turned to go in. I knew she’d wait for me inside. I noticed the guard talking into his cell phone. He stared at me as if I were some kind of criminal.
The guards made me sit in a chair that they placed against the museum wall. One of them started to put his hand on my shoulder, but then he seemed to reconsider and pulled his hand away.
“Don’t move from that seat,” one guard said. He kept turning back and glancing at me while he checked kids going through the line. The guard whose stomach hung over his belt turned to his companion.
“Larry, why don’t you sit with her while we wait for the cavalry?”
Larry was a thin older man who had lost most of his light brown hair. He looked at me and shuddered. “Why don’t you? I’m not going to get shot full of radiation for what they’re paying me!”
I hadn’t thought of that. I thought about all the pictures I’d seen of kids with cancer who had lost their hair and were living on borrowed time. As I sat there, bored, my mind created an Oscar award-winning movie in which I starred as this doomed girl dying of cancer. I interrupted my movie when I saw two men with black suits, white shirts, and identical blue ties heading my way. My first thought was that these men looked like they belonged in the movie Men in Black, but then I realized they had to be the FBI and they were very real.
They each reached into their shirt pockets and handed me their FBI business cards. The burly one with the broken nose was named James Robinson. He told me he was the special agent in charge, whatever that meant. The older, skinny agent with the greasy hair and pitted face introduced himself as Frank Jefferson. They led me to an unmarked car and told me that they were driving me downtown to the FBI Building. I had seen enough movies and Law & Order TV shows to know what I wanted to do.
“I’m not talking to you without my mother and my lawyer present,” I said.
Mister Robinson turned from the passenger seat and smiled at me like I was some kind of idiot. “You really don’t need to do that, dear. We just want to clear up the problem. If you insist on a lawyer, it will take a long time and we’ll have all kinds of paperwork to fill out. You don’t want to do that to us, do you?”
“Sure. The more paperwork the better,” I said. I wasn’t crazy about anyone associated with law enforcement after the way they had all treated Dad.
“Last chance. Do you still want a lawyer?” This time Mr. Robinson glared at me. I could see black hairs growing out of one of his nostrils and smell his disgustingly-sweet cologne. God, I wondered what he smelled like if he needed to douse himself with perfume. Like I was going to let this guy with bad hygiene scare me! I knew from watching Law & Order on TV that no one could be questioned once they asked for a lawyer. I also knew that they had to let me call Mom.
“I won’t say another word without my mother and lawyer,” I said, and folded my arms across my chest. I read in the body language book that doing this meant I was closed and unavailable. I silently thanked my luck for finding that book on the New Book shelf at the library.
The FBI men put me in a small room after taking my purse, including my cell phone. I decided to play it cool. I closed my eyes and pretended to fall asleep because I knew they were probably using a special hidden camera to watch me. Finally Agent Jefferson came back into the room and handed me the phone to call my mother. He stood close to me and looked over my shoulder to make sure I didn’t call anyone else.
I breathed a sigh of relief when Mom answered.
“Where are you?” Mom said.
“I’m in the Federal Building downtown in the FBI’s office. These agents took me with them after one of their Geiger counters went off.” “They WHAT?”
“Yeah. They took me with them. I told them I wouldn’t say another word to them without you and a lawyer being present.”

My review: Jane Blond International Spy by Brianna & Stan Schatt


Entertaining.   this is a exciting YA  adventure involving teen drama, terrorist plot and the President
s visit. .  Did not want to put this down. It is a clean read too.

Jane Blond is fourteen years old and goes to a private school. Her father is in jail for a white collar crime. Her Uncle has taught her skills like to pick a lock, shoot a gun in secret.

Jane is smart, puts clues together that the adults don't see.  She is determined to help those around her, especially when a boy she likes is kidnapped.

Jane has some enemies in school.  Two rich students who don't like America and what it stands for. 
They are popular too. Jane has one really good friend who has a lot of drama in her life too.

The setting is Washington D.C.

Jane gets teased by her name but comes to earn it too.

I would read more books about Jane Blond in the future.

I was given this ebook to read and in return agreed to give a honest review of Jane Blond International Spy.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Blog tour: ‘Real Food, Real Kitchens: New York Cookbook by Craig Chapman


About the book:
Real Food, Real Kitchens by Craig ChapmanAfter an award-winning career in television and magazines, Craig Chapman is pursuing his passion: telling the real stories of real food and the people and cultures that bring a dish to life. Based on his popular Create TV series, these recipes take you behind the scenes and into the kitchens of chefs who are using food to change the world.

  • Paperback: 208 pages
  • Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc. (October 13, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1462117244
  • ISBN-13: 978-1462117246

About the author:
Craig ChapmanCraig Chapman published his first magazine at the age of 15, which was a handwritten, photocopied punk rock fanzine. He moved to New York after college and worked as a television and film Production Manager at Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, Time Inc., and more. He also took time to work as a magazine Editor developing an MTV Magazine for Hearst, as a Fashion and Beauty Editor at InTouch Weekly during their inaugural year, and as a Lifestyle Editor for Seventeen.
Chapman owns OEG Media LLC which creates unscripted television, film, and multi-platform digital projects that highlight the lifestyle, drama, comedy, and challenges of real life. He is also the Founder and Producer of the national brand Real Food Real Kitchens which includes a TV series, yearly magazine, and daily web site. Real Food Real Kitchens is all about ‘Family, Food, Culture and History’; telling the story of a dish and the family and culture that bring it to life.

My review: Real Food, Real Kitchens: New York Cookbook by Craig Chapman


This is not a regular cookbook with just a picture of dish and simple recipe, It is so much more. It has pictures of New York that I love seeing.  Has lots of real people, their background of cooking and race and traditions. I love seeing the different people sitting around their kitchen tables.

I don't cook that much anymore from scratch but it makes me want too.  There is such a range of food, some ingredients  I had to look up what they were. Like oxtail  I did not know it used to be the oxen's tail now usually a cow's tail. Fuzzy squash looks like zucchini  with fuzz that is a gourd.
so many new recipes and flavors to learn about.  Too bad the book could not come with samples!
When the different people are talking about favorite dishes they remember the different family members who taught them to cook the dish and wanting to pass on the traditions.

This book is a must for people who love to read cookbooks, about people and cultures, plus you learn a little about New York.  I was surprised to learn about farms on roof tops. 

I really enjoyed learning about the people, the traditions their love of family, food.  They make cooking fun and not a chore.

I was given this cookbook to review from Cedar Fort Publishing and in return agreed to give a honest review of Real Food, Real Kitchen and part of its blog tour.

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Blog Tour The Caretakers Guide to Fablehaven by Brandon Mull Giveaway $25 Amazon or Paypal Cash


Caretakers Guide to Fablehaven (1) 

The Caretaker's Guide to Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

Caretakers Guide to FablehavenThis guidebook to the Fablehaven magical preserve is filled with everything a new Caretaker might need to know in order to survive. There are entries detailing important information about artifacts large and small, a complete bestiary of creatures (from fairies to trolls to satyrs), a guide to identifying demons, dragons, and wizards as well as valuable insights into the other magical preserves.
Immerse yourself into the secret knowledge that has been handed down through the generations by reading the updates and notes written in the margins by the former Caretakers of Fablehaven, including Grandpa Sorenson, Kendra, and Seth. Fully-illustrated, this unique encyclopedia has gathered the world of Fablehaven into one volume.
Fablehaven Caretakers

Excerpt from Introduction

If you are in possession of this book you are assumed to be the caretaker or an apprentice caretaker of Fablehaven. By now you’ve been introduced to the world of mythical and magical creatures. However, there is still much to learn. Previous caretakers of Fablehaven thought it would be helpful to create aCaretaker’s Guide specifically for those tasked with the job of nurturing, protecting, and surviving this preserve and its inhabitants. Do not be fooled. Fablehaven is an unpredictable and dangerous place. However, the collective knowledge gathered within the pages of this bestiary will give you the knowledge and wisdom needed to not only survive but to thrive. The creatures of Fablehaven are either light or dark, not necessarily good or evil. In order to be good, one must recognize the difference between right and wrong and strive to choose the right. To be truly evil one must do the contrary. Being good or evil is a choice. This is not so with the creatures of Fablehaven. What they are largely governs how they act. Some are inherently builders, some are nurturers, some are playful. Some are inherently destroyers, some are deceivers, some crave power. Some love light, some love darkness. But change their nature, and without much resistance, their identities follow. Like a fairy becoming an imp, or an imp regaining her fairyhood. Much counsel and advice has been passed down through generations and given to the new caretakers of this preserve. Perhaps the most invaluable piece of advice that has ever been given is this: Those who are careful to cause no mischief, work no magic, and inflict no harm are protected by the foundational treaty of Fablehaven. This truth alone may be your strongest ally and your only defense. One final note. The signs leading up to the front gate were not always there. In the late eighteenth century, before the guest register that controls access to Fablehaven was created, two poachers entered the property in search of big game. Needless to say, they found it. Or it found them. Many days later, the resident caretaker found them as well. Or at least he found their bodies of petrified stone. And thus the first signs outside the gates of Fablehaven were posted. As caretaker you have accepted a most noble assignment. Keep your eyes open. Obey with exactness. Take risks only as the last resort and you will have a better chance at seeing another sunrise. Welcome to Fablehaven.

BrandonAuthor Brandon Mull

Brandon Mull is the author of the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling Beyonders and Fablehaven series. Brandon resides in a happy little valley near the mouth of a canyon with his wife and four children. He spent two years living in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile where he learned Spanish and juggling. He once won a pudding eating contest in the park behind his grandma’s house, earning a gold medal.

My review: The Caretakers Guide to Fablehaven by Brandon Mull 

4 stars

I love Fablehaven books. I own hardback books and kindle.  The Caretakers Guide to Fablehaven  is great for fans of the series.  It is full of facts, drawings paintings of the different places, creatures, magical items.  If you wanted to see more pictures of things in the books or cheat sheets of the books, with personal quips from the different people about certain things or teasing you can find them in here.

I would love to have this book. Especially with my bad memory it would come in handy.
If you have not read Fablehaven and you read this first it has tons of spoilers in it. So Beware.
Also reading this makes me want to go back and read the series again for the fourth time.

I am excited about the new book coming out next year.  I know I will want to read it.

I was given this copy of the book to read for free.  In return I agreed to give a honest review of The Caretakers Guide to Fablehaven and be part of it's blog tour.

$25 Blog Tour giveaway

$25 Blog Tour Giveaway

$25 Amazon eGift Card or Paypal Cash

Ends 10/28/15

Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an eGift Card or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.

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