Monday, April 1, 2013

McNally's Secret by Lawrence Sanders


This was a good mystery it kept me guessing. I really did not connect with any of the characters. Thats probably just me. Every character has good faults but mostly bad qualities stuck out for me. This is a clean read.

Archy works for his father a lawyer in Florida. He is sent into find out about a clients missing US. Stamps that had been stolen.
Her safe was not locked. Lady Cynthia Horowitz has been married six times and the stamps were part of a divorce settlement. A simalar set sold for a million dollars. Lady Cynthia is not a likeable person.

Most of the suspects are not either. While Archy is trying to discover if the stamps have been up for sale he finds a body. Now instead of just a theft their is a murder connected to it.

Archy keeps a lot of secrets from the police. His girl friend is thinking about her ex who gambles and just got out of prison.
Archy does not tell her what information he has about him. He wants him to be part of theft of the stamps.
Archy finds out a secret about his father but does not let him know that he knows either.

I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it by Netgalley.
03/12/2013 PUB Open Road Integrated Media

Description below taken off of Netgalley.

New York Times bestselling author Lawrence Sanders introduces his most disarming detective in this powerhouse novel of passion, murder, and unabashed greed

Inveterate playboy Archy McNally gets paid to make discreet inquiries for Palm Beach’s power elite. But keeping their dirty little secrets buried will take some fancy footwork in McNally’s latest case.

A block of priceless 1918 US airmail stamps has gone missing from a high-society matron’s wall safe. Lady Cynthia Horowitz, now on her sixth husband, is a nasty piece of work who lives in a mansion that looks like Gone With the Wind’s Tara transplanted to southern Florida. McNally’s search takes him into a thickening maze of sex, lies, scandal, and blackmail. When passion erupts into murder and McNally must dig even deeper to uncover the truth, he unearths a shocking secret that could expose his own family’s skeletons.

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