Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Should never start a book at midnight! Especially one by Susan Sleeman


Dead Wrong (The Justice Agency) by Susan Sleeman

Last night I finished reading the newest Justice Agency book No Way Out. I realized that their was a Justice Agency book I had not read. So around midnight I ordered Dead Wrong and was just going to read a chapter or two. Finally around three I could not keep my eyes open any longer and first thing this am I finished reading it. I enjoyed it and had a hard time laying it down.

The plot was full of drama and action. You did not realize who or why the murder had happen. Now who was trying to kill Kat.
This is a clean read too.

The Justice family of three brothers and two sisters all took after their adoptive father who was a cop. They went into different branches of law enforcement. When their parents were murdered and the killers were not found, They all quit their jobs to come back home and search for their killers. They worked together so well they decided to go into the P.I. business together.

Kat used to be a local cop. She called her ex-partner Tommy to meet her at a client's house. The door was open so Kat went in and found Nancy's dead body. The killer was still their. He was able to tie Kat up and was getting ready to Kill her with drug overdose when Mitch arrived at the house.

Kat when she was a rookie cop had a crush on Mitch. Mitch was hit on a lot and did not date co-workers anymore. Mitch and Tommy are partners now. When Tommy could not meet Kat, Mitch went instead. He saw that the house was dark and called Kat. He could hear the phone from inside the house ring. Kat screamed and Mitch went in and the killer got away.

So Kit, Mitch and Tommy were going to work together to keep Kat safe, find Nancy's killer and maybe Nancy's brother's killer. Which is why Nancy hired the Justice Agency in the first place. Kat did not want her family involved and being in the line of fire.

I liked the book a lot and look forward too reading the last two books of the series in the future.
Published October 30th 2012 by Love Inspired Harlequin 288 pages

Description below taken off of Goodreads.

When her client and old college friend is murdered, P.I. Kat Justice knows the killer will come for her next. Her survival depends on finding her unknown enemy first…hand working with homicide detective Mitch Elliot, her onetime crush. It'll take all her professional skills to ignore the sparks between them, but Kat can't allow the handsome cop to get close. She's seen too many people she loves die, so she vows just to do her job without getting emotionally involved. Yet keeping her distance may not be the best way to protect her heart—or their lives.

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