Saturday, April 20, 2013

Swordfights & Lullabies (A Modern Witch Morsel) by Debora Geary


It was a nice surprise to receive this in my email today. I enjoyed this morsel. I wanted it to be longer though.
If you have not read the series this book would be confusing. But if you have read a Celtic Witch it is good read.It
lets you see how the tour is going and see how much of a family they have become. It also leaves you wanting to read more
books in the A Modern Witch series.
I think this makes a Celtic Witch ending so much better and richer.
I love Debora Geary books. I am usually waiting impatiently for the next book. If you have not read Modern Witch I would
highly recommend the series. It is a clean read.
I was given this short novella to read and asked to review by author.
Publisher: Fireweed Publishing (April 19, 2013) 301kb file size

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