Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Family Lessons (Orphan Train)by Allie Pleiter


I laughed and cried in this moving story. Very clean read.
Holly Sanders is almost back home to Evans Grove, Nebraska when the train is robbed. The train robbers know that she has the gold loaned from the bank for her town on board. 2,000 dollars that will help rebuild thier town after storm and floods did so much damage. During the robbery the safe got damaged and they can't get the gold out. Holly on the train are 8 orphans that are left to help find them homes. The other orphans had found home in other towns. Holly realizes how close they are too town when the train was stopped. She sends Liam a 11 year old to town for the Sheriff.
sheriff Mason Wright rescues them but not before one of the adults trying to find homes for the orphans is killed in front of the children. Holly convinces the town to take in the orphans.
Mason does not feel like a hero in fact he tries to stay away from Holly. Mason feels guilty of past and can't see a future for himself. He is drawn to Holly but fights it.
The town has had so many funerals after the floods and taking care of the orphans brings a hope to the town.
Thier is one lady who only sees the bad side of people and always judging them. She makes me mad at how she is treating the children.
Holly as the school teacher has made the school for the orphans a place to sleep. She thinks that finding homes in Evans Grove will help the town heal. She soon convinces others to help find the children homes. The preacher,the acting mayor,banker,grumpy old women,orphans escort and Holly make up the orphan selection committee.
Someone is stealing things in the middle of the night. People are blaming the orphan boys. I want to come back to Evans Grove in the future to find out the answers to questions that are still not answered.
This is a quick read. I enjoyed it. I want to hug the children and see how they all end up doing.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
Publisher: Love Inspired Historicals (April 1, 2013) 288 pages ASIN: B00ALTWPKI

Discription below taken off of Netgalley.

Next stop: Home

After a catastrophe strands a train—and eight orphaned children—near Evans Grove, Nebraska, schoolteacher Holly Sanders sees hope in the chaos. These children are the new start her community needs. And Holly is stubbornly determined to give the townspeople, the children…and even gruff sheriff Mason Wright…the happy families they deserve.

How can anyone so petite have so much gumption? Watching Holly rally her young charges wins Mason’s admiration—and reminds him of his own failures. No matter what Holly or the orphan boy Liam think, Mason’s no hero and he doesn’t merit a second chance. Can Holly’s faith, Liam’s trust and God’s grace open Mason’s heart to love’s greatest lesson?

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