Monday, April 22, 2013

Operation Reunion (Cutter's Code #2) by Justine Davis


This is second Cutter's code book. Cutter steals the story again. This is the third Cutter's Code story that I have read. It's my least favorite story of the three. It is still a good story but not as good as the other two. I just did not connect with Kayla and the others. Also had some love scenes that I skipped over.

Kayla when she was sixteen her parents were robbed and murdered in their own home. The police think her brother did it. She has spent the past 10 years looking for her brother after he took off after the murder. She gets postcards every once in awhile saying he was okay and was innocent. She has also been in love with Dane for that long of time.

Dane lived next door to Kayla since she moved in when she was 14. They were both smart and became good friends. After her parents were killed they even got closer. They were almost always living together. He just broke off their relationship. He could not handle being second to her brother anymore. She always chooses Chad over him. He still loves her though.

Cutter brings her to Quinn at the post office after she received another post card. Hayley and Quinn tell her that they can help what ever the problem is. They promise to help her find her brother, but warn her she might not like what they find about her parents murders.

Dane is afraid they might be after her money to look for chad. He checks them out and tells Hayley that he will be there for one more try if she will give up after this and try and work better to be their for each other. Dane does not like Hayley's brother and now he thinks he did kill them.

Lots of emotional problems between Hayley and Dane. Some suspense, lots of drama. Cutter steals the show again. (he is a dog who is smart, and knows who needs his help.)

I bought this on amazon because I really liked the two other Cutter's code books that I have read. I will look for more Cutter Code's books in the future.
Publisher: Harlequin (February 19, 2013) 288 pages

Description below taken off of Goodreads.

I thought you were through with me."What does the dog know? When Kayla meets Cutter, the big, brown Belgian, she's at a crossroads. She's certain she's about to clear her brother of her parents' murder. But Dane, her longtime love, is just as sure that she's wasting her life. One man needs her. The other, apparently, doesn't… Although it breaks her heart, the choice is made.

Only, Dane Burdette isn't going anywhere. As loyal as that dog, he still loves the beautiful girl next door, even if her life has been derailed. And when danger comes back to their small town, he knows she—and their love—is at risk. Kayla has made her quest her life. Neither Dane nor Cutter will let it take her life, too

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