Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This Magic Moment by Patricia Rice


Magic series book 4

This Magic Moment is book 4 in the Magic series but it is the first one that I have read. This book takes place in England 1743 starts. Thier is a set of books that follows these families in Modern times called California Malcolms series.

Thier are a lot of characters that I feel that they must have been in earlier books. A little bit lost but catch up on them. I want to go back and read the ones I have missed though. The Malcolms have special powers or gifts in thier lives. They grow more into thier powers when they marry.

Lord Harry Winchester is the second son so he never thought he would inhierit the family title and lands. A accident killed both his father and brother. So now his life has changed. Instead of being in politics he has to return to his family estate and find out how it could be broke. Someone says he owes so much money against his estate and will take it if he is not paid by certain time.

Harry has been promised to marry Christina for years and they were going to wait for a longer time but he now needs her dowry to help pay the estate debts. He can not see how his father spent all the money that was coming in each year. The villagers won't talk to Harry about why the village is so badly in debt. What has been going on while he has lived in London these past few years.

Harry's father has been adding on to his home. staircases go nowhere,doors in ceiling, secret passages plus the older part of the castle is in bad repairs. It is also full of ghosts, but Harry does not believe in ghosts.

Christina believes in ghosts. When she was younger she was warned away from danger by a ghost. She tells Harry about the ghosts and he thinks she is just make believing. Christina goes ahead and marrys Harry fast but wants to be courted by Harry before she will sleep with him.

Christina's father also tells Harry if he can't find where all the money went and looses the estate he will bring his daughter back home.

This story has romance,sex scenes,danger,mystery,ghosts,angry villagers, falling accidents that seem to follow and want to harm Christina only. Plus lots of Christina's family shows up at Harry's home.

I like Patricia Rice's characters,her stories. Not a fan of all the love scenes. I plan to read more books from her in the future.
I was given this ebook from Netgalley and asked to give honest review of it when I finshed reading,

04/02/2013 PUB Source books Imprint Sourcebooks Casablanca 384 pages ISBN 9781402251962

Description below taken off Netgalley

Christina Malcolm Childe always knew she would marry Lord Harry Winchester. So when Harry shows up demanding they take their vows as soon as possible, she agrees without hesitation. And though Harry has been a stiff and bitter duke lately, Christina's magical gift of reading auras assures her that he is still good. Christina is willing to do whatever it takes to turn Harry back into the man she once loved. Even if that means befriending the castle ghosts, the keepers of the darkest secrets of the Winchester home.

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