Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Marshall's Hostage by Delores Fossen

The Marshall's Hostage is book one of The Marshals of Maverick County series
Marshall Kirby took in foster boys and they all became marshalls too. The boys were at a group home where the manager used to beat the kids. Kirby was trying to get it closed down. He wanted to get some of the boys into his care and might have cut corners. The manager ended going missing for years. Now his body was found.

Joelle Tate was sent in by the Governor to investigate the murder. She used to live there too. Now on her wedding day U.S. Marshall Dallas Walker shows up and wants to talk to her right before her wedding to Owen. Owen was in the same home with them. Dallas wants
to ask her about the report she is sending in, especially about Kirby's part in it.

Joelle and Dallas were a couple in their teens, till Joelle broke it off. She refused to see him after he left with Kirby and she got put in a good foster home. Joelle was keeping secrets from Dallas.
She wanted Dallas to leave before Owen arrived. If he did not leave it would ruin everything. All she was hoping to do to protect him.

Joelle started to act weird. Someone had drugged her. Dallas got her out of the Church when she would not let him call 911 for her. He took her out into the woods to get to his brothers cabin and four wheeler that he had. Before he could get them out of their gunmen appeared and wanted to escort Joelle back to the church so she can get married. They told her if she does not come with them then Owen will let Dallas know her secret.
They shoot out the tires of the four wheeler.

While they are on the run Joelle tells Dallas that Owen has a knife with his prints on it and Webb's blood. Also it was wrapped in a hanky of Kirby's. She was trying to protect Dallas. Owen said if she married him he would not turn it in.

The suspense is good, kept me guessing till the end. Lots of drama and action. Things would calm down and then something else would happen. Their are some secrets still. I want to see what happens next in this series.

I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review when finished by Netgalley.
Publisher: Harlequin (April 23, 2013) Harlequin Intrigue Series 224 pages ISBN-10: 0373696868
Discription below taken off of goodreads

SECRETS HAD TORN THEM APART...AND REUNITED THEM IN A WAY NEITHER HAD EXPECTED She Is the last person Dallas Walker ever wants to see again. Still, this U.S. Marshal has no problem taking Joelle Tate into "protective custody"-on her wedding day. To save his family from unjust charges, he'd take on a lot worse than an ex-flame he couldn't trust. But Dallas doesn't know Joelle has put her freedom on the line to protect him. Now with only two days to investigate a long-buried crime no one wants solved, they must confront their past mistakes, and the shattering secret that drove them apart. Giving in to the simmering desire may lead to an impossible second chance-or help set a trap one calculating killer can't wait to spring....

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