Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sparks Fly With the Billionaire by Marion Lennox

4 Stars

The title does fit this book pretty good. It has warmth about it,humor,lots of animals in it. Some romance too.
Who does not want to run away to the circus? It is a fun fast read.

Allie is a circus performer who's Grandparents raised her and own the circus. Allie love's animals. She also helps them to manage the books.

Mathew Bond is owner of the bank. As a favor to his Aunt Margot he has come to let the circus know that they are bankrupt and have to be sold. As Mathew tells the owner minutes before the show. Allie's grandfather collasps but he still wants to go on. Allie talks Mathew into steping into the roll of ringmaster for the show. Mathew feels guilty so he agrees.

The circus should never gotten this loan but his Aunt asked her father for this one thing. Mathew's family all died when he was young. His grandfather raised him to take over the bank. His only childhoo he really got was two weeks with his Aunt Margot every year. She always took him to this circus. His Aunt Margot loved this circus.

Mathew is away from the bank and come down to visit his Aunt Margot who is now 80 and plans to die. Her dog died and she feels her time is up. She has quit eating. When Allie comes to ask Mathew if the circus can at least finsh out the two week booking that they have already sold a lot of tickets. Also would he fill in again till her grandfather gets out of hospital?
Margot is now interested in seeing Mathew be ringmaster and agrees to eat if he will do it and take her everyday to see the circus. Mathew agrees.

Instead of buying a cottage for their retirement his grandparents got in debt because Allie when she was a teenager asked them to retire the large circus animals. She thought that they were sold. Not being fed by her grandparents. The elephants alone eat a lot of food. The place that took them spent all of the money he had and was callling it quits. They could no longer feed all the animals and were going to have to put them to sleep no one could afford to take them.

After reading this book I want to go to a circus. Have not been for a few years. This is a fun quick read.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review by
Expected publication: April 2nd 2013 by Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Romance 256 pages ISBN:0373742363


The brooding banker and the Amazing Miss Mishka!

Banker Mathew Bond is more used to boardroom antics than circus ones. The king of emotional detachment wouldn’t normally foreclose on a loan in person, but Sparkles Circus meant a lot to him once....

Big mistake! Because feisty Allie (aka the Amazing Mishka) has more acumen than her pink-spangled bodysuit suggests. She won’t allow a man in a suit to evict her family, no matter how gorgeous he is!

Yet underneath the cold exterior, Allie’s about to discover this brooding billionaire’s heart of gold.…

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