Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Weaver Vow by Allison Leigh

In Weaver Vow Isabella Lockhart has left everything she knows for the sake of her late fiance's little boy Murphy. Murphy was getting into so much trouble back in New York. So she got permission to take him and move to Wyoming. Murphy has so much anger in him after his dad died.

Isabella is working at a cafe and teaching dance lessons to make ends meet. Isabella was raised in foster care and does not want the same thing for Murphy. She used to do costumes for balet the same company as her new boss Lucy.

Isabella heard yelling outside while she was closing the cafe, when she recognized Murphy's voice she ran. She found Murphy with his bat beside a man who was angry. A broken stain glass window in the back of the truck from a baseball.

Erik wants to take him to sheriff to teach him a lesson. Erik is a single man with his own ranch.
He makes a deal with Isabella and Murphy. Murphy comes out on sat. to his ranch and he can work the rest of the school year and summer to pay for it. It would not even make a dent on the cost of the window that Erik was donating to the church in town.

Erik who was given the stainglass window by a girlfriend who was getting to serious they broke up. He was not ready for marriage he said. Now he could see himself with Isabella.

Isabella was not ready to date. Either was Murphy ready for her to date either. Isabella was still waiting to see if her having custody of Murphy will be granted. He needed to be stable and not get into trouble for awhile.

I like Erik's family and would love go back to earlier books and see more of thier stories sometime. They are so welcoming to Isabella and Murphy. Everyone calls her Erik's girl and she keeps telling them she is not. Most of Erik's female relatives are in Isabella yoga class. The dance studio she works in is owned by Erik's cousin Lucy. Isabella does not know for the longest time is the cafe she works in is actually owned by Erik and his brother.

It is nice to see that while Erik realizes right away that he wanted to date Isabella his treatment of Murphy is seperate from any relationship he wants with her. Erik is trying to be a good role modle and teach him the way a man should be raised.

I like the town of Weaver and would love to come back and read about the people again.
I was given this ebook to read and asked in exchange to give it a honest review by Netgalley
04/23/2013 Pub Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Special Edition 224 pages ISBN:0373657390

Description below taken off of Netgalley.com

When Isabella Lockhart leaves New York for Weaver, Wyoming, she’s keeping a vow—to provide a loving home for her late fianc�’s little boy away from the bad influences of the big city. But trouble is this kid’s middle name, and right away his antics put Isabella on a collision course with handsome rancher Erik Clay.

Not that that’s a bad thing! The real problem for Erik is the instant attraction he feels for this beautiful Big Apple transplant. The sworn bachelor just doesn’t want to go there. But pretty soon, Erik realizes that he has a vow of his own to keep—to make this wounded woman whole again, starting with her heart….

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